The Ten Worst Things BET Got Rid Off


 Share on TumblrThis weekend BET announced that 106 & Park would be cancelled after this season. Shad Moss’s career is essentially over as a host and actor. Well, damn. Today I’m going to take a look at the shows and people over the years that BET either cancelled or lost. All I can say is, […]

The Absence of Black People is not the Evidence of Racism

We have bigger issues, folks.

 Share on Tumblr Let me state this simply, black people do not have to be everywhere. Yet, some people truly believe that the absence of black people from mainstream TV shows (or movies) is always indicative of racism or racial insensitivity by the creators, producers, and in some cases, the very viewers of the shows. […]

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4 Things We Love About #Scandal


 Share on Tumblr Scandal is just….  *sits down slowly* I’ve been trying to find a TV series to compare it to and I just can’t. I loved Lost and 24. I’m currently addicted to Fringe. But Scandal? It’s the first show to have me slithering from my couch to the floor after just about every […]

SBM and BadOnLineDates Want to Know: Is Your Date Made for TV?

I stopped reading 50 Shades of Grey for this?!

 Share on TumblrAs some of you know, I’ve worked with before in helping provide content for their A Man’s Point of View series. Now ABC Magazine and 20/20 have partnered with BadOnlineDates, because they want to answer the question: What makes a good date go bad? They don’t only want to hear  your stories, they […]

[VIDEO] The Majors – Pilot Episode


 Share on Tumblr The MAJORS is Fantasy Football meets Hip Hop. Executive Produced by JasFly, this new full-length webseries features three-time Grammy winning Producer Just Blaze, veteran MC Peter Gunz and Hip Hop sketch comedians Eric & Jeff Rosenthal. In the pilot episode Blogger LowKey, Journalist/MC Mr. Mecc, Entertainment Executive Jamal Jimoh, and Writer JasFly trade, draft, drop and discuss some of your favorite artists including Chris Brown, Azealia Banks, […]

Video – Family Feud answer to “Something A Pilot Holds”

TV Family Feud

 Share on Tumblr Family Feud 2011-Name something an airline pilot may be holding during a long flight?? The answer is crazy and had me in tears! StreetZ  Share on Tumblr

Video – Jimmy Kimmel Super Bowl “Unplug the TV” Challenge


 Share on Tumblr This is hilarious. Check out people’s reactions to having the Super Bowl turned off in their face during critical moments!    Share on Tumblr

Video – Key and Peele: “Obama loses his sh*t”


 Share on Tumblr Key and Peele are comics that have a new comedy sketch series airing on Comedy Central  Tonight! In this sketch, Obama shows that he does get angry from time to time, as he employs Luther to translate what he #reallymeans! This is pretty funny and I’m looking forward to this show! StreetZ  Share […]

She Smashed The Homie!

 Share on Tumblr Recently, on “For the Love of Ray J”, Brandy’s brother faced a dilemma all too familiar to brothers. He brought his last three remaining potential publicity stunts girlfriends to meet his homies, so that they could help him make a decision. Upon introducing Unique, Cocktail, and Danger to the homies, the ladies […]