Is the Internet Creating a New Generation of Racist?

Yes, this is the new face of racism in America.

 Share on TumblrRacism still exists. I hope this isn’t breaking news to anyone. If so, I apologize for the spoiler. This week in racism has to do with an article Jezebel ran exposing a number of Tweets from teenagers around the web on the eve of Obama’s re-election, Racist Teens Forced to Answer for Tweets […]

Free or Foolish Speech: Chris Rock and the July 4th Tweet Controversy

Bringing the Pain

 Share on TumblrAmerica has  survived an astonishing 236 years now. In my opinion, that’s a blessing. Let’s consider all of the strife we have endured: a war in 1812, the solemn fratricidal war of a north that rejected a peculiar institution and a south that so desperately depended on it (we all know that there […]

Be Easy Bruh: Roland Martin Under Fire for Super Bowl Tweets


 Share on Tumblr Apparently there’s no country for jokes that even vaguely hint at sexual orientation — particularly if your name is Roland Martin. The CNN and TVOne staffer  is under fire from The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) for a couple tweets he sent out about an H&M ad spot during the […]