A Chat About Online Dating: Tinderonis, ‘What’s Your IG’, Instagram vs TwitterDMs, and Quelling Thirst


 Share on Tumblr Let’s chop it up quickly about online dating, I’ll throw out a couple of opinions/ramblings and you’ll respond. Some thoughts might be out of the place, but the gist is that we should have fun today discussing online dating and the trends we all see or either aren’t aware of. Tinderoni’s So […]

Verified accounts, like the VIP of the online world


 Share on Tumblr Its already starting to happen… and you knew it would (or at least I knew it would) You know what its like, your in the queue for the club and some small outfit walks straight pass you and your friends. You look at them and go back to your conversation with friends. […]

5 Odd Things the Internet Does When Famous People Die


 Share on Tumblr 1. #Hashtagging. When writing out phrases like #RIPSoAndSo #GoneButNotForgotten and #YouWillBeMissed, doesn’t it feel a little icky? Are you trying to pay tribute or create/be part of a trending topic? I don’t mean to be a stickler guys, but it’s scary that we’re only a few steps from featuring hashtags in eulogies. […]

So When Is The Right Time To Share Social Media With Relationship Interests?


 Share on Tumblr When mixing and mingling with potential love interests, you find different ways to get to know them better. In the old days, you exchanged numbers and conversed on shared telephone lines hoping that your mom didn’t hop on the phone to toss salt on your pimpin’. In 2013, you have a plethora […]

Karen vs Samatha: Is it really easier for men to find a wife?

Karen and Samatha

 Share on TumblrYesterday, two photos hit my Twitter timeline (@WisdomIsMisery) that had “other Twitter” in an uproar. This happens from time to time so it wasn’t much of a surprise. The exercise, which called for men and women to choose from two anonymous men/women based solely on their photos and vague descriptions, started off entertaining […]

How Private Should You Keep Your Relationships Online?

relationship status

 Share on Tumblr On social media platforms across the internet there is a fine line that is walked daily by people who are dating and/or are in relationships. How much should I share with my timeline/feed about whom I’m dating? Should I say anything at all? All my friends ask me why their facebook status […]

Forever Young: 5 Tips for Improving Your Lifestyle Before It’s Too Late


 Share on Tumblr Howdy, you might know me as the guy who wrote such memorable post as From Elegant to Elephant: When Your Woman Gains Weight and the remix When the Woman You Love Gains Weight. When you write post with titles like these, you kinda sorta have to put your money – or weight, […]

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I Haven’t Been Fully Honest with You

nathan fielder

 Share on TumblrI woke up this morning to find out that Nathan Fielder had come up with a hilarious new relationship-related prank last night as described in his Tweet below. Here are some of the funnier (or disturbing) responses: @nathanfielder well fuck. twitter.com/NotSoAir_Jorda… — Jordan Sauceda (@NotSoAir_Jordan) May 29, 2013 @nathanfielder Rapid fire replies will […]

Examining The Onion’s Tweet, Quvenzhane Wallis, and Comedic Tact – How Do You Know When Your Joke Has Gone Too Far?


 Share on Tumblr Pretty rough day for The Onion. I don’t want to give the story too much more play because I think it was actually a publicity stunt that they knew would incite this reaction and drive a ton of traffic their way. I’ve always said, the best way to treat situations like these […]

Should You Ever Delete Facebook for Your Relationship?


 Share on Tumblr Yes. Last week, a number of people were debating if they would ever delete Twitter for their significant other. Some people, including yours truly, didn’t think it was that big of an issue. Others vowed passionately that they would never delete their Twitter for anyone, for any reason. Their main point of […]