Til Death Do Us Part: But, I’m no longer physically attracted to my partner

We often talk about Love in a marriage in terms of “forever,” but we rarely talk about what that means. How do you get to forever? Many of us haven’t even been with the same car insurance company for over a decade, yet we automatically assume we all posses the loyalty necessary within us to truly Love […]

Ten Reasons to Hate Being Skinny

From the author of Naturally Thin, a drink for Skinny people. Please pass me some Henny, sorry, White Remy, must watch my weight.   My favorite comedians are the ones who are “equal opportunity” comics.  You know who they are; they are racists towards both whites and blacks, sexists towards both women and men, prejudiced […]

From Elegant to Elephant: When Your Woman Gains Weight

I thought the time was right To ask her for a dance – she said, “Naw, that’s alright” I played it off, walked back across the flo’ F**k that ho! Didn’t wanna see her no mo’ But about 150 pounds and 10 years later Seen her at the grocery store She tryin’ to holla at […]