Oral Lovemaking For Dummies


Tweet Any sophisticated gentleman well versed in the art of the climax usually boasts a very strong face game.  They have to possess intangible skills that catapults them into the realm of making women believers and enthusiastic h*ad givers.  During the well publicized drought of good black men, having impeccable linguistic talents will make you […]

Men know Women, Women Don’t

Everything Men Know About Women

Tweet I’ve always had a few females friends. I used to think they were good resources for back when I was socially awkward and lacked the ability to talk to women.  I figured “girls know what other girls like.  They will lead me out of this awkward phase”.  Man … I was kidding my self. […]

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility


Tweet One good thing about Single Black Male is that our cast of writers have the ability to think outside the box. We present age old arguments and dilemmas in a fresh and updated light for our readers, in order to adjust and relate to current times. I’m heavily influenced by sports, literature, pop culture, […]

Its My Perrogative: Let a man want what he wants!

I can do what you wanna do!

TweetMy homie Midtown Mo and I had this discussion the other day, which prompted me to write this blog. We wanted to get to the bottom of a question he had concerning women. It seems like women in the last few weeks were criticizing him for his tastes in women. After I heard his ordeal, […]

5 Reasons You Should Give Her (More) Face Time : The Love Below

TweetI did a post the other day over on that condescending prick’s my buddy Slim’s blog the other day about the top 5 reasons women should enthusiastically “baby sit” her SO’s kids.  According to the old saying, sometimes it’s better to give than to receive.  And honestly, sometimes a lot of men don’t receive all […]

“I like the way you comb your hair and the stylish clothes you wear…”

TweetI’m sitting at my desk jamming to a 90’s hip hop mix when Wreckx-N-Effect’s infamous “Rump Shaker” came on. As I was shaking my rump at my desk, my mind wandered back to a question that a girl I mentor asked me, “what type of men are you into?”. This is such a good question. […]

What Women Want From Men? … That’s Easy!

TweetWhat do women want? A question that has plagued many males. A question debated and argued in barbershops, dorm rooms, strip clubs, and in psychological circles across the country. The basis of a few movies, at least one doctorate thesis, a couple case studies … and a memorably episode of “Save by the Bell: The […]

The Prelude: The Husband Store

TweetThought this funny email would make a good introduction to my next post. I almost fell out laughing when I read it … but its SO true! A store that sells new husbands has opened in New York City, where a woman may go to choose a husband. Among the instructions at the entrance is […]

One Thing Women Don’t Know … Women

TweetI’ve always had a few females friends. I used to think they were good resources for back when I was socially awkward and lacked the ability to talk to women (sadly … this wasn’t that long ago). I figured “girls know what other girls like. They will lead me out of this awkward phase”. Man […]