Who Hurt You?! – Why You Should Stop Caring Who (S)He Dates

I appreciate and admire the SBM comments section. We have some of the most interesting, knowledgeable, and entertaining people in our community. You all impart your wisdom on readers and writers alike. Once in awhile, we will get a comment that’s so left field, that it will cause people to #REACT, and invoke a plethora […]

Cuffing Season: from Marvin’s Room to Honeymoon in 7 easy steps!

The pages on the calendar have turned once again to reveal the month of September. Summer is winding down, school is starting again, and vacations are ending. Days are shorter, nights are colder. Soon you will feel a primal urge for companionship engulf your natural senses. You will feel compelled to seek out new yams, […]