How To Keep Her Happy


Tweet So a few weeks ago, I wrote an article on 5 things women need to do to keep men happy. We had some great participation, and some feelings were hurt. I received a few tweets, Facebook messages, and comments by some who were offended by the title or the notion that women NEED to do […]

Is It Easier For Pretty Women To Get Married?


TweetI catch the Metro everyday to work.  There are a few things that I typically spend my time doing; reading everyone’s new blog on my phone, listening to hype music to get me through the day, and people watching.  For some reason, I always notice the pretty women on the train.  Why?  Because there’s typically […]

Do Black Women Know How to Take a Compliment?

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Tweet  A few days ago, I was watching Kanye West’s new music video; you know the softcore porno he shot with his wife and baby mama, Kim Kardashian? I hit up my homegirl on gchat and said, “I feel like doing a post about women over 30 who look damn good.” Now this was via […]

5 Unrealistic Expectations Men Have of Women


Tweet Do men ever admit to women that they’re slightly crazy in the things that they expect out of women? Not really. I think that’s the way the game works though. Women don’t tell men about all the things they’ve got going on and we don’t tell them either. When it comes to expectations that […]

5 Reasons Why Women Cheat

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Tweet For whatever reason, I’ve often found the explanations behind why women cheat to be far more sophisticated than why men cheat. So, when I saw that the “experts” over at COSMO had parsed the reasons down to a simple list of five, I decided to take a read. My three favorite are below. 1. […]

My Experience Dating a Bisexual Woman

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Tweet Based on a few comments I received on this particular post, I will add the following context. I agree that someone who identifies as “bisexual” is no more likely to be faithful or unfaithful than anyone else. To cheat or remain faithful is an individual choice people make for themselves, regardless of sexual orientation. […]

Nine Lethal Words Women Use That Men Should Look Out For


Tweet Here’s a list of nine words men should look out for that women use. These words might be an indicator that you’re in the hot seat. Read the list and be a step ahead of the game: (1) Fine: This is the word women use to end an argument when they are right and you need […]

I’m a Man…But Does That Mean I Can’t Be a Feminist?


Tweet On the surface, I portray many characteristics and mannerisms that are associated with manliness and virility (my twitter handle is BrazenlyVirile). I drink my whiskey neat or with two ice cubes, I like working with my hands, I love a nice steak (medium well porterhouse), I drink dark lagers, and I love basketball and […]

Why Aren’t Black Women Getting Married


Tweet Right now the current state of marriage in Black America is not all that bad. It’s not great, but it’s not time to start reading last rites. I’ve told people that I rarely share my opinions on marriage because it’s a real depressing outlook that bothers a lot of people. When I tell people […]

Does Submission Give Women Power or Make Them Slaves To Their Husbands?


Tweet I know a lot of women shudder at the word “submissive”. They think that it gives men the power to treat them like a slave. They have these visions of women back in the day being knocked over the head and lead around by their hair and not having the power to do anything […]