Are Men Responsible For Round 2 in the Bedroom?


Most times when I begin to write, I listen to a song or two just to get my mind right. Today the ipod was on shuffle and “Tap Out” comes on. How fitting, right? Maybe it’s more ironic considering today’s discussion. Last week I wrote a post entitled “Ladies, This Can be Why Round 2 […]

10 Reasons He Can’t Stop Being a Bachelor


These days a lot of us are choosing to be single. We’re throwing away the mentality that by a certain age we should “settle down.” I mean, the concept never really sounded that great to begin with. However, I think that society has afforded us a new opportunity to live fulfilling lives without letting go […]

Why Some Men Fear A “Church” Woman


  I tread on thin ice today. By the end of this post I am sure to ease the minds of all religious people. The title of this post isn’t exactly what you might think. Allow me to preface my post. I think if you’re a woman and you’re spiritual that’s great. I believe in […]

For Some Men Dating and Paying for Sex Are One In the Same


Last week an old classmate of mine wanted to know something about us men. She really wanted to know why guy’s were so interested in going to strip clubs. This young lady is not a fan of that industry and saw those who participated in it as lowly. So for this week’s post I was […]

What’s a Mom Friend and Why Should Every Single Woman Have One?


Until today who knew the importance of a “mom friend” or exactly what a “mom friend” was anyway? Over at Men, Myself, and God, Patia Braithwaite tells us about this woman’s importance and the great experiences you could potentially be missing out on, if you don’t have one. Here are a Few of the Reasons Every Single Woman […]

What You Should Do If He Won’t Commit


We know all about those guys who have a fear of commitment, it’s nothing new. You can either decide to leave or stay and try to make a relationship out of it. Either way, these are couple things you should know if you are sticking around: Taking the initiative to be in a committed and […]

4 Reasons Why Being A Nice Guy Sucks


It’s no secret that men who tend to be labeled as “nice guys” go through their fair share of sh*t. Many people actually believe that most dogs were once nice guys. Due to many women treating nice guys like a snotty nosed stepchild, I wouldn’t be surprised if many men rebelled. Today I’d just like […]

A Reflection on Kevin Hart's Latest Movie


My best friend and I saw Kevin Hart’s new movie, Let Me Explain last weekend. When it was over, we kept the party alive as made our way to the bathroom still cracking up and openly admitting our insanity. Oh my God, I totally do that thing where I get hype and then get all […]

Why Women Fail To Get Asked On Dates Part II

Upset young woman shouting at a man

  In the first article, I gave a short list of five things that prevent women from being asked on dates. In reality, the list was much longer but I didn’t want to ask you all to read a long post on a Friday. I told y’all I would post this back at the end […]

What Single People And Free Agency Have In Common


It’s that time of year in the basketball world where free agency is upon us. A recent conversation with one of my cousins led to me explaining that free agents and single people have a lot in common. Today I’d like to share with you my long ass analogy. If you’re a sports fan like […]