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My Introduction


Single Black Male … thats me.

I picked the name because that is what someone like me would have listed in a single’s ad. If I decided that the newspaper was the optimal way to find Mrs. Right (who exists very clearly in my head) … I would lead off with SBM … a Single Black Male.

Will I forever be single … I hope not. But while I’m out here searching … I have come up with a lot of theories, ideas, concepts, and thoughts about the state of dating and relationships for African Americans. We face a lot of interesting challenge and … nuances that have made the topic a very hot one. Books have been written, barber shops fill with theories, beauty shops buzz with philosophical debates investigating every nook and cranny of the current state of Black Relationships.

Just to give an idea of some of the things I think about … here is a small list:

  • Baby Mama Drama
  • No Good Baby Daddy’s
  • Interracial Dating (and the allure of white women)
  • Money
  • Emasculating Females
  • Class differences (the professional with a hood rat)
  • And so much more.

I personally love to talk about this stuff. I have even made attempts before in my life to share my thoughts with the world. I’m a lot older and mature since the last time, so I think I will be able to present a better and more adult exerience.

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*Disclaimer* … I’m not a doctor, I have no PhD, I have no formal training in this arena, and I’m not a professional writer. I am in the computer industry (sort of) … am in my Mid 20’s … and reside in the Washington DC area. I’ll type what I feel and try and keep it interesting. Someone told me I have a very animated style of writing, so lets see if anyone else agrees.

Thats it for now. Expect to see more information from me personally and check back regularly for interesting commentary


    1. lol @ the animated question.

      Ah, my life. I had ne'er a single interest in blogs, but I've found myself blogsurfin' over the past couple of days. Now here I am. Ugh, thanks a lot… 2007-2010; guess that personal statement is going to have to wait awhile. From the little I've seen thus far, though, this will be time well wasted.


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