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Weapons in the War … Advantage: Women


“Man … she looks good. Her figure is on point, them breasts are looking lovely, that ass got me hooked, and the legs are soooo sexy. Man … I could go on all day about why she is just gorgeous.”

“Girl … He’s sexy. He’s … swole and got a cute face.” … thats it

When it comes to attracting the opposite sex, men got the crucial short end of the stick. I’m talking only about physical attraction and looks, but thats a extremely large part of attraction. Really, we just don’t have as much to offer. Lets explore …

  • Breasts
    • Women have em … we love em. The closest thing we have is a chest … and we know that a chest really doesn’t compare. They don’t have as much “personality” as breasts. A low cut top doesn’t accentuate anything, and one the top comes off … can’t motorboat a chest.
  • Butt
    • Sure, guys have butts too … but no guy has a “booty”. And booty is so much more than a butt. Men have asses … as in “got your ass kicked” or “he’s a tight ass” … but we our asses are not phat, juicy, vicious, or any of the other adjectives used to describe “booty”. Women also have thongs, low-rise jeans, boy shorts, and million other ways to make us want booty.
  • Face
    • Here things are kind of fair … kind of. We all have eyes, noses, smiles, and skin. They can help a person or hurt them, and they seem to have equal weighting for guys and girls generally. The reason women have it better though is because of make-up, something every girl is trained in. Guys … we got what God or the plastic surgeon gave us … thats it.
  • Legs
    • We both have legs, but how many girls have you said “look at them legs”. Nice calves or definition will earn us points, but their not providing the “wow” factor that a pair of sexy female legs can get.
  • Feet
    • There is a reason girls get pedicures and have their toes painted. There is a reason every female I know owns at least one pair of high heels or open toed shoes. Women’s feet have the potential to be a very sexy component in the total package. Some guys have developed full-blown fetishes. Cant think of a single time a girl has said “he got some sexy ass feet”.
  • Private Parts
    • The p*ssy can be a thing of beauty. It can be trimmed and prepped to look enticing. Also, there is a reason for all-nude strip clubs and strippers … its because a lot guys just really like the look of it (not me!). Never heard of a sexy penis. I have female friends that literally tell me that our “things” aren’t anything to look at … they just serve a purpose.
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Even when you think about the male body vs. the female body, the female body is a work of art. There are curves, and natural lines that come together, in the female form, like a beautiful symphony that when performed right, can make the strongest of men babbling idiots. True beauty (not just an ass now) has caused me to lose my train of thought, rubber neck so hard I almost sprained myself, and do or say things so stupid I can’t mention them in a public arena like this.

On the other hand, the male body is built for function. Even the things that make most men look good (muscular physique) show that this guy can lift heavy things and do work. Purely utilitarian.

I will admit, the great equalizer is the our mouth piece (ability to talk). Sure, good conversation with a girl can instill attraction in them … but few of them can wield words like us. We can instill love, hate, and sometimes instantly make up for and hide all of our physical shortcoming just by saying the right thing. Its out one trump card.

So … am I right? When it comes to physical attraction … don’t you agree women have it better?


  1. All this is correct I'm even starting to wonder why I'm not gay….. help me out here!! Oh yea I know why ''THE D BABY BABY!!"

  2. Women have the upper hand when it comes to looks and so much more. As a man, I hate to admit it but they are also more intelligent than males having learned to walk, talk, and potty before guys – the basic signs of intelligence. Women choose men and never they other way around. They have the first right of refusal (withholding goods). These facts definitely tilt the scales in the women's favor in dating and relationships. Gentlemen – let's face it – we don't have any weapons in this war other than money and the "L" word. Oh wait – they got money, too. 🙁


  3. I've actually always agreed with your post. I'm straight and I do realize that women do have more weapons and I do feel bad for guys who have bad skin or just a not-so-great face. Men don't have the option of wearing makeup or even getting a hairstyle that can hide parts of their face that they are uncomfortable with. For example, girls can get bangs to cover up the acne on their forehead.

  4. This blog is not good for people with self-diagnosed ADD (compliments of webmd). Imma say this and then I'm back to work!!!!!

    The issue as I see it is: Why are men looking to compare his apple to her orange. I agree women do have a lot of physical attributes so much so–that when a woman puts on her finest gear-its rarely ever for men. Its to impress other women. BUT so what? There are things that I adore about men. Its why I'm not gay (to Mikki's point).

    There are things I notice in men that I don't see in a woman even if I'm diggin her DVF or JC's. Maybe he has dimples. Maybe his butt looks cute in Lucky jeans. Or he has great pecs in his slightly fitted (not tight) rocker print long sleeve tee. Or maybe he cleans up really well too. Does he have great teeth?

    I like accomplished men who are chill. They don't remind you constantly of what they do and who they are are or who they know-but they can make a dollar out of 15 cents. Love that. And I have seen a man's body who was a complete work of art. but he was dumb as rocks. Go figure.

  5. @Comback: You said it yourself, when a woman decides she wants to get fly … there is no competition. I mean cities have crumbled, people have been shot, and empire's lost over beautiful woman.

    I know good D can make ya'll crazy, but when was the last time you heard of a thousand year war (Trojan War) over good D or some pecs?

  6. you make a good point here except i do have to say there is such a thing as a pretty penis. and it's a rare and beautiful thing. it's true most penises are nothing special to look at, but every now and again – if you're lucky – you come across the pretty penis and have no choice but to just….stare, mesmerized.

    the other way men have women beat is the back. it's true that if a woman wears an open-back top 99.9% of the men she speaks to will find some reason to touch it, but that's more about exposed flesh than the esthetic value of the back itself (in my opinion). but a dark-skinned man with a well-defined back (and no bumps or pustules) is a thing of beauty and a joy forever.

  7. You most certainly are. Men very rarely turn my head, but I steal 3rd, 5th, and 8th glances at a bangin' female body. No homo. Well, maybe just a lil' bit.


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