Dawg … I think I’m hooked … she got that essence!”

This isn’t anything new … its not groundbreaking … but I’m here to give it a name and let it be known to those who simply don’t know.  Also, I feel it needs some clarification for all of you out there overdoing it.

Girls like guys with confidence.  Often this is called his “swag”, “swagger”, or “swagger factor”.  Its the way he carries himself.  Its the way he approaches you confident that he is worth your time, but not arrogant as to think “this girl is so lucky to be blessed by my presence”.

Well, a similar thing holds true for females.  My good friend dubbed this term to refer to his girlfriend (their both gonna read this and she is going to hate me because she hates the word) and initially described it as simply … Female Swagger.

The Essense … its that sense of self confidence in a girl showing you that she knows who she is, flaws and all, but revels and cherishes her strengths.  She knows she looks good, but doesn’t ever … ever … call herself “The Sh*t” because, she knows she is imperfect and has FCF’s, and also because … sh*t stinks!

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Arrogance ≠ Essence 

This is so … so … important.  Let me just say it again: Arrogance does not equal Essence. Its a very fine line every person, male or female, must tread lightly.  Arrogance is pompous, annoying, and anti-seductive.  An arrogant person will almost always think they are better than you, and they won’t be willing to admit, acknowledge, or work on their faults.

This arrogance runs rampant amongst females (well in DC it does)!  A lot of girls feel they can treat guys anyway they want. They embarass, emasculate, and humiliate us in front of friends, family, and that random dude on the street, who now clowns him everytime he walks by (“Look at that ol’ p*ssy whipped sumbitch.  I wouldn’t let no girl talk to me like that. Punk ass ho!”). It has also given many women absolutely no leeway in the 2 million things that her man must posess, because she knows that she can’t “settle”.  No one should be with someone they don’t like (i.e. settle without quotation marks), but when the the size of his shoe, length of his penis (down to the quarter inch), and the make of his car are all things you can’t “settle” on, your setting yourself up for failure.

To my ladies … Do you have that essence?

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To my guys … Are you looking for that essence?