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The B*tch Breaker: The Guy That Doesn’t Get Turned Down


*Disclaimer* – The name was developed a long time ago at a different point in my life.  I have already introduced the BB moniker to others and don’t want to change it … so if your offended … don’t be and stop crying
                                                                                   – The Management 

To start this one, I have to talk about the percentile ranking. Every guy can be judged in a relatively absolute ranking system that should put us all on equal footing (kind of like the fallacy of APR when shopping mortgages). Its relatively simple, but I’ll explain.

If your in a club (average run of the mill) … how many girls out of 100 would actually entertain conversation with you based on looks.  That number … is your percentile ranking.

Now, its a little more complicated than that. Most guys are instantly hit with a 10%-20% drop which he isn’t responsible for. Not every girl wants to talk. A lot of females go to the club to enjoy the music, or because its her friends birthday, or maybe she has a strict “I don’t meet guys in the club” policy (I agree with her). Simply stated … there is going to be some female who just doesn’t want to entertain conversation with you … that is … unless your a coveted B*tch Breaker!

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The B*tch Breaker (BB for short … and forgive the vulgarity of the name, I came up with it back in college and I was a “different” person back then) is the guy who is not (or rarely) affected by that inherent drop. Something about him … his look, his clothes, his swagger … allows him to approach practically any girl and get at least some attention. Married, Dating, committed man standing next to her, gay … doesn’t matter. He is the fabled person who can see a group of girls dancing with each other … utterly obsessed with turning down every guy that approaches them … and break this group of … females.

Everyone should have a BB in the crew (guys that is). He will open doors once closed, he turns impossible mountains into tiny foothills, he is the key to the once locked door. And if he knows of his power, and has decided to use it for good (easing his search for Ms. Right, helping his friend to enjoy their night) instead of evil (living an endless string of one night stands, breaking hearts) … he is also a great friend.

I guess this can apply to females also, but its significantly less significant. Us guys are dumb … and we’re downright imbeciles for an even moderetaly attractive woman. Damn near any girl above a 6.5 (out of 10) is a female BB.

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Does this fabled figure exist? Can you (females) think of the time you were determined to not talk to any guy … yet that one person still managed to leave with your number? Are you that BB?


  1. Yes! We do exist. These BBs or mPUA (Master Pickup Artists) are skilles in the Art of Seduction and Attraction. Its not about looks – but the overall presentation. mPUA know how to demonstrate higher value once they enter a room. A skilled mPUA will have a wingman or better yet a wingwoman (or two) to further increase their value. I stress – I don't think its all about looks or money – it's the demonstration of higher value that makes women go crazy. This includes wardrobe (sharp and trendy), smile, level of confidence, entourage quality, etc.

    You didn't mention what happens after the BB (i have to admit the term is a bit offensive) approaches a woman. I guess I will leave comments about that for a future post. However, there are a few seduction books that I highly suggest:

    The Art of Seduction by Robert Greene

    The Game by Neil Strauss

    Mystery Method by Mystery


  2. I was a victim of a bitch breaker. He was new to my college and all of the girls loved him. I refused to even look his way, and then one day he caught me in the cafeteria. He looked at me, I tried to turn away but I couldn't. Next thing you know we are having relations for the rest of our time in school (2 years) and for about 5 years after that. I moved to another state but we still keep in touch. He broke a bitch down. LOL

  3. classic post.

    Shout out to the BB of the world. Powerful men indeed. Can't front seen this a gang of times. I got freinds with this kind of power. They can make magic happen. One of my freinds is clearly one. He makes a point to stay single, sets up the trains, and looks out for the team. Great guy.. the right kind of man got that kind of talent. Not selfish.. doesn't make a big deal about it.

    Than I gotta another freind that already has "issues". He kinda abuses his power. When we go out, it turns into the "Watch me bag show" . These chicks really fall head over heels for this guy. No game. Just looks. And he gets them all, plus money, clothes, they let him borrow the car… but he can't say no to them either. Constantly cheating even when he said he is done with that THAN HE CONFESSES. Messing with his boy's ex girl freind's and our family members. Crosses all lines. He even did one of my 'special' exes and kinda hurt me (I shook it off). I have seen being a BB at its best and its worst.

  4. Excellent! If I could write like this I would be well happpy. The more I see articles of such quality as this (which is rare), the more I think there could be a future for the Net. Keep it up, as it were.


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