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What Women Want From Men? … That’s Easy!


What do women want?

A question that has plagued many males. A question debated and argued in barbershops, dorm rooms, strip clubs, and in psychological circles across the country. The basis of a few movies, at least one doctorate thesis, a couple case studies … and a memorably episode of “Save by the Bell: The College Years”.

When it comes to what women want from men, this question gets complicated some people … especially guys … but not all guys. There are plenty of us who have discovered the answer to this a long time ago, but sadly, right now there is some guy who just can’t get a date or is crying over the girl who just dumped him (the punk … where they do that at?) and looks to the sky and crys out to the heavens … “WHAT DO WOMEN WANT FROM ME!?!?!?!?”.

Well, to this sorry brother I will help him out and spell it out for him. I also might educate someone else in the process. You would think one of his friends would have sat him down a long time ago and had a conversation with him about it … but guess not everyone is that lucky.

You might be thinking … “this is going to be deep” or … “this is probably some complicated information” and you need to take notes. But honestly … its so simple. What do women want from us men … Everything.

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Yeah … thats it … Everything!

OK, so I will elaborate, because some are probably mad right now (“Whatever … we don’t want everything! He’s talking out his ass”) and some are probably confused (“Everything … thats impossible … what is he talking about”) and then you have those who are already in the know (“Finally … someone said it”).

A woman needs a man to be strong, caring, emotional, distant, hard to get, easy to talk to, available, not too available, funny, serious, smart, cool, “hood”, professional, sexy, good dressing, able to dress down, high class, normal, moral, freaky, clean cut, a little rough, etc., etc., etc. Basically, he needs to be a jack of all trades and master of none.

But here is the thing … its OK. I understood and came to this conclusion years ago. When “talking” to any girl I’m interested in, its easy to provide “everything” (or at least as much as I need to). Any guy who is even half capable of getting women can be all of these things (and fake what he’s not). He’s funny, but not always the comedian. He shows interest, but isn’t blowing up your phone. He is educated, but doesn’t use useless big words. And even if he is not every single thing on the list … he’s damn close.

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I’m gonna end this one with a plea to all women. Realize that your perfect guy has everything. Realize that providing everything is hard. We can do it for short periods of time (the courtship period) … but its like sprinting … that sh*t is tiring … and sometimes you just need to walk (after maybe a month in). Also, if you don’t get everything … your not settling … your being realistic!


  1. Good post.Yes, we may want a combo meal, of course one to our liking…but not everything. There are the right combos, values, traits that every woman/man desires…i guess the key is to have priorities and don't sweat the small stuff.

  2. I like the combo meal analogy … but where can you get a combo meal with a burger, chicken sandwhich, steak, shrimp, some pork chops, oysters, chicken wings, mambo sauce (DC thing), ham, mashed potatoes, macaroni & cheese, lasagna, and egg roll, fried rice, french fries … all server on fine china and handed to you in a cloth bag woven with 24K white gold threading?

    Why is it my combo meals come with only three items, with one substitution allowed, and is handed to me in a pretty, but unimpressive brown bag? Yet … I'm good and really don't need more … hmmmmm.

  3. OMG, chill! Combo meals come with 3 items, meat, side and veggie, oh yeah and a drink. That's what i'm talking about! Prioritizing luv. You guys think we want it all, but we don't, we want what fits, that's it. And if it don't fit, don't force it…hear me….because in the end, you will be looking for more…why else would cheating even be considered?

  4. Finally something I can disagree on, I was starting to get irritated having nothing to argue about lol, I don’t think women want everything per say, I think there needs to be a balance. Every woman is different, contrary to popular beliefs. Sure we have a lot of characteristics that you clearly don’t need a magnifying glass to see the similarities, but there are some. If my man was all those things you described I still wouldn’t be satisfied. I want my man to come with some faults of his own no man is perfect and if he was that perfect I would question that too. You know what they say when something looks to good to be true it normally is.

  5. Lol @ miki. SBM said that women wanted "everything" and you confirmed that by saying if you man did in fact have everything you "…wouldn't be satisified." thus proving SBM's point.

    You went on to say that your man shouldn't be perfect…is that so you can find fault in him? And if he was perfect you would " question that too."

    It sounds like a case of the "I want everything" to me…

  6. Thank you antidater for speaking out before I got a chance. I noticed the same thing. Mikki … looks like you want so much … that even everything is not enough. He's got to have everything, then go have a problem on top of it.

    Mizrepresent: 3 pieces … thats all you want … HA! How come it seems that it takes a lot for something to "fit"?

  7. hey hey now yall taking that outta context, everything is too much, because who has everything??? when I was writing I was thinking sbm approches women with the intentions of if i do all this the way i think she likes I can get her in otherwords playing mind games, which leads me to believe your a player. I don't need you trying to read me and figure me out. I rather you have fault to insure me that your not perfect, and yea i may pick at you about stuff but thats normal lol. and antidater you hush i have a bone to pick with you anyways. smh lol

  8. Me … a player … couldn't anything be farther from the truth. I'm not saying I just play with a woman's mind … feed her what she wants to hear … that would be misleading. Didn't you see the post on honesty?

    Instead, I just realized that I must be a "Jack of all trades". I can't be the super professional … he's boring. I can't be the super hard guy from south side … cause he lacks potential (and I wasn't born on the south side … of DC that is). Also can't be the ultimate club head … becuase he is too wild. But when you do everything (yes … everything) in moderation … suddenly there are significantly fewer complaints.

  9. LOL! Men want the "everything" milkshake too. It just has a different flavor. You want a lady in the streets, freak in the bed, cooking, cleaning, 24hr sex machine, that just knows how to be a freak straight out of virginity (because she can't be a hoe), with a crazy ass, a tiny waist, the best face, that smells like roses, that has just enough sassy attitude, that is balanced with sweetness, that will go to bed looking like a dyme, will wake up looking like a quarter, that craves the opportunity to give YOU head, that pays for herself, but still lets you provide, that looks like a million bucks, but doesn't put effort into doing so, that doesn't want to irritate you with her desires for cuddling, but that makes you feel wanted…

    and so on…

    Oh yeah, and she gotta do all this in heels.

    What I'm slowly learning is that both genders resent each other for their desires. Mayhap because we feel anxiety about not being able to fulfill all these desires from the opposite sex…

    Call me sappy, but I think that when you meet the right person, the excess stuff doesn't seem as important as keeping that actual person in your life is.


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