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I was sitting on my balcony looking at the frozen lake behind my condo, sipping on a concoction of vodka and orange/mango juice, listening to screw.  As usual, chilling, embracing the cold in my North Face, and just thinking.  Here is a few points I thought I would share.

I really want a girl who listens to screw.  The slowed down music made famous in the Houston region is my ultimate vice.  Don’t care if a budding black proffesional should be bumping Common or something conscious … gimme Mr. Michael “5000” Watts all day.  Any girl who can tell me the original members of the “Color Changing Clique”, the “Boss Hogg Outlaws”, or can quote some classic Chamillionaire … please hit me up.  We might have a love connection.

I’m glad I’m a moderately successful black male. With my pickiness and ability to lose interest with no warning … I’m glad there is an abundant of successful and available black women.  Don’t mean to throw it in ya’lls faces … but damn it feels good.

I really do like older women.  Its like wine.  With age, the mental process strengthen, you know what you want, and your no longer held to some of the dumber “rules”, and your honest … and that honesty is often beautiful.

I want to write a book.  I’ve always wanted to write a book.  A computer scientist writing a book on relationships … its so ironic its beautiful.  There will be an intro chapter explaining basic economic theory (I also studied economics). You would be surprised how well basic supply & demand apply to dating.

I probably shouldn’t write posts while intoxicated. Hopefully it doesn’t show.  You tell me.

After listening to Webbie’s  “Independent” a lot more … its not as empowering as I initially thought.  I mean … Boosie sounds like he just wants a sugar mama.  I still hold on to my dream though.

I believe in prenuptials.  I’ll be damned if I’m getting married without one! As someone just told me … did Ms. Basketball player earn 50% of the 80 million?  Did she shoot a free throw? Was she up at 6am doing suicides?

Thats it.  Forgive any typo’s … not proofreading rantings … lol


  1. I was wondering when you were going to figure out that Webbie was on that bullshit. I realized that the first time I heard the song.

    Micheal '5000' Watts used to have a screwed and chopped show Sunday nights on 97.9 The Boxx here in Houston (google it for the site). You might see if it still comes on.

  2. Yeah … in regard to Webbie, I think I was just excited that an "ignorant" rapper had made such a "non-ignorant" single. Also, if you heard his first album ("B*tch ask me for some shoes … and I reply … all you get is a big d*ck … thats circumscised" and other colorful lyrics) you see how big of a step up this is.

    And since I knew you were from Houston … I had hope that you might be able to feel me on the screw. Was tempted to actually mention you in the post, but thought it might be a bit much.

    Mad I got took 2000 watts from Michael. He mentions that show a lot on his CD's. Hopefully I can stream it. Want to record it for me and send me some weekly MP3's?

  3. SBM – If I knew how to record it I would do it for you..Just not that tech savvy…:)

    Also regarding your second point, I'm hoping that you aren't verbalizing that in the public because that might limit your dating options. Arrogance (even if the numbers are in your favor) is never a good look. I'ma chalk it up to that vodka…LOL!!!

  4. Its not that bad. Just get you a USB FM attenana or a nice high end video card with an antenna. Then a little recording software … see … simple. LOL

    In hindsight (and sober) … the second point does sound a little arrogant. Really, a female associate was complaining about the slim picking for Black Men and how she feared being single forever, etc. While I don't think things are great for us … after the vodka took hold, I did have to agree with her.

    Also, when I say I'm picky … its not over superficial or stupid stuff … or looks. Its just that ADD.


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