“I think she likes me man … but I don’t know. Talk is good, but she never calls, and I gotta jump through hoops for a date. What you think?”

You would be surprised how many times I get asked this.  I also get the question from girls too (he changed to she of course).  Whenever your talking to someone new, fielding that first phone call from your future baby’s mama, or in that sometimes cloudy “courtship” period … you searching for those IOIs.

Before I go any further, I want to thank The Antidater for the coming up with IOI term in the comments of another post.  Gotta give credit where its due.

Indicators of Interest (IOI) refer to any and everything that a person does, whether intentional or subconscious, that lets you know they like you and things are going well.  Some of the basic ones that apply across sexes include:

  • Calling a person
  • Physical contact (hug, touching of the shoulder)
  • Spending large periods of time talking
  • Direct and specific compliments
  • Expressing direct interest in seeing a person
  • Nibbling a person’s ear
  • Grabbing at person crotch and attempting to stimulate their privates
  • Whispering “I want to f*ck you right now” sweetly into their ear

All these things and more allow one person to tell another that “I like you”. But wait … what if things seem funny?

  • What does it mean if you only get one IOI every 3 weeks?
  • What happens if your phone calls are always at 3am in the morning and consist of “Can I come through”?
  • What happens if every time she calls you to go out, she always wants to eat, its the end of the month, and she complains of the hunger headaches and she can’t wait until her paycheck comes?
  • What if every compliment, as sweet as they are, always reference your ass and breasts?
  • What does it mean if she whispers things in your ear, touches you all over, and puts your hand in “special places” … but when the light turns on and the song is over she says “lapdance over” and you have to pay her?
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Yeah … IOIs aren’t easy.  Every once in awhile you will meet someone who erases all doubt from your mind and makes you feel that there is no doubt about where you stand or how they feel.  Better yet, their actually honest about it!  They weren’t tricking you.

Some IOIs are universal, some only work for men, and some only for women.  Its a complicated science because no one wants to be led astray, but everyone wants to be wanted.

What IOIs did I miss?