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Economics & Dating: From Antidater


My good friend (blogging and outside of blogging) The Antidater has wirtten a new post entitled The Economics of Dating, which has some good points.

I’ll save my personal economic analysis of dating for other posts, as I have a lot to say on that, but wanted to talk about one of his analogies.

Sunk Cost – A cost that has been incurred and cannot be reversed.

Dating equivalent: A date

One thing he forgot to mention is this only applies to men.  I don’t care what price you place on your “2 hours” or the cost of “bad conversation” … women rarely if ever incure any costs for a first date.

Now for a guy, dates really can be a waste of money and time (I got a little time to waste though … my money though … ).  But … I do think that a good date can be though of as a good investment, or if it leads to sex, a necessary barrier of entry.  Also, with the level of independence that I enjoy (and antidater loathes), you may even get a good ROI (return on investment).  Your casually coffee at starbucks, may lead you to being treated to Ruth’s Chris.

Anyways, keeping this short (its Friday).  Read his post.


  1. You know one of my boys Clipperman always told me I liked trickin my money on dates, but he did make an interestuing point what if you go on the date and you and that chick don't have the necessary chemistry to make shit jump off..So he advised me to keep a woman on the phone for at least a week before you go out with her.

    If your verbal skills are tight. You'll find out all you need to know and will be able to make a decision whether you still want to take her out or not…

  2. Slish:

    Good phone convo is a pre-requisite. I got out of the habit of taking any and everyone out or dinner or something a long time ago. Problem is, even that can't guarantee anything. She might talk up things really well over the phone, then get out in public and just pull Ms. Hyde out.

    I say this because it happened to me. Over the phone she was great, funny, interesting. When we met, she wasn't that cute, was shy and barely talk, and was overall a significant disappointment.

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