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Nerdy Women are Sexy: Talk code to me girl …


I know no one can tell from this blog, because I have become a smooth, billy dee like individual, capable of good conversation and expressing his mind. This wasn’t always the case, and deep down in me … there lies a nerd.

Look at the resume. Studied Computer Science & Economics, did 5 internships as a software developer (electrical engineer in one) and currently work as a software developer. Got like all kind of tech toys, computers, and the sort. While I have plenty of interests that keep a good balance … there is definitely a inner nerd.

So how does this pertain to women. Its never come up as a minus for me. I have found that women actually like someone who can fix their computer … lol. But … it affects the things I look for in women.

I yearn for a nerd. I mean a programming, really high tech cell phone, slashdot reading, computer building, 3 computers in the house, can talk compilers type of nerd. I want someone who knows what polymorphism is, can differentiate SQL Server from MySQL, and can tell me the benefits of open source. I want her to talk code to get me in the mood.

for (i=0;i < 10: i++) kissMe(); …. Oooooohh Baby

So while this is not one of my “requirements” for a woman, it would be nice.

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Alas, I have pretty much given up on this as a goal in life. Specifically to find an attractive black women who is a programmer … is like a one in a million shot. I thought I had found one … but she couldn’t even read Java. I knew of two back in College, (that counted as attractive, black, and programming) … but there were various reasons why those didn’t take off.

Luckily, there are plenty of lawyers, doctors, business women, girls with PhDs and Masters, and just general all around smart black women. If you can’t talk about some specialty that you have some deep knowledge and understanding about … I don’t know if its gonna work.

Lord … send me a Gabrielle Union Body with a Bill Gates mind … please


  1. lol, I may have taken a computer science class, but I was still loss with the things you mentioned here..SQL?..lol

    It is really nice to talk to someone who is familiar with your passion. I'm a nerd when it comes to the human body, bacteria, and neonates. Its hard to talk about thing when some people easily get grossed out. It is not my fault that no matter how much you wash your hands that you will still have bacterial growth.

  2. I would agree with you SBM but I had an experiences that led me to think otherwise. I met a professional woman who, despite holding an advanced professional degreet, will always keep the conversation "reality tv" light.

    As a recovering nerd, I realize that these convos keep things balanced for me. Otherwise, I would go into geek hyperdrive and try to discuss string theory, web 3.0, and financial engineering all the time.

    Balance is good. Another thing, I expect a woman to be ten times smarter than me because of the maturity factor – or at least think she is. Oh well.

    1. @antidater – I understand geek speak quite well and have reformatted drives, installed hardware/software etc etc. also worked in TV and Radio so I can talk frequencies, encode video blah blah blah (I do it all for my site)…and have unfortunately encountered guys who profess to want to talk about more than reality TV, but snap back in a debate.

      About a month ago at a get-together, I was told "whoa, I wasn't expecting this kind of intelligence!" And yes, he eventually got the number of the the girl that contributed to the conversation by asking anyone was PVR-ing "American Idol".

      I know many women who have come across this situation… so they now purposely "dumb down" the convo on a first date…

      Catch 22

      (sorry SBM, don't have a Gabrielle Union body though…working on it! LOL)

  3. @Malayika: Yes … its that serious.

    @Tiffany: Your telling me you don't want someone to talk standard derivatives and ROI to you?

    @YBL: Yeah … that stuff does gross me out … but tech talk seems to "gross" out a lot of people. Lol @ SQL. Its a database thing.

  4. I agree with anti balance is good, If I am dating a doctor who is talking about BSO's, CBC's and LBP's I am obviously going to hit him with the blank stare, which he shouldn't be to irritated with because my ass is not a doctor and he knew that coming into the deal, and I won't be asking what any of that stuff means unless I am A: trying to turn you on by acting interested or B: In med school about to fail a test lol

  5. This post is so funny. You yearn for a nerd. I was thinking by nerd you meant glasses and reads books. You talking about a technologicallyicaistal(lmao) nerd.lmao

  6. compiler?


    ummmm ur real special

    i know a lil DEV C++

    a lil HTML Thats bout it

    good luck on that Gabrielle Union Bill Gates hybrid chick

    lemme know how that search works out forya

  7. @Mikki: You get the best gift of all … a virtual hug from me. Make that a bear hug.

    **Hugs Mikki***

    @Brittany: Yeah, not just any type of nerd. "Technologist" is highly preferred … but I'm open. Really, I need another nerd undercover.

    @dejanae: There gotta be some Gabrielle Unions sitting somewhere in a back office coding away. Sure … I've never seen her … but she has to exist somewhere.

    @Lurker: Uh huh

  8. @CBM: How did she look? I will admit, just that short would be reason for me to approach. Lemme get the address of that gym … you can sponsor me … unless it's World's.

  9. 100% agree on an attractive nerd being something that's highly desired. My experience in IT has been mixed in just having women, more or less attractive women sitting in a cube next to me.

    At my current place of employment there's a mix of highly professional, attractive IT 'analysts' of the non-black but ethnic persuasion (mostly middle eastern if they aren't white) but no female coders at all.

    My last job there were pleanty of female coders, non of which were black and many of whom (sorry) we beaten rather violently with the ugly stick.

    When you make the discovery you let a brother know, we'll set something up for a big meet with the usual suspects.

  10. I know I am mad late but I had to reply to this one… Lol!

    Yes, there are some of us still out there (Black, *cough, cough* attractive, and programmers)… Lol!

    Now I drifted here because these darn XSLT sheets are kicking my butt, and the DevExpress controls I'm using come with NO documentation!!!! 🙂

    Now if you can help me with that, we'll be all good.


    Yup, I'm a nerd…. (a cool one though)


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