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Rantings of a Single Black Male


Every once in awhile I need to vent and get some things off my chest. So … here is my rant.

  • I think my hatred for simping has increased. I understand “different strokes for different folks” … but f*ck that. It has ripple affects throughout the whole “dating economy” and I don’t think there is a stimulus package that can fix that one.
  • I heard someone say “spitter’s are quitters” in relation to women and head. This is utterly random that I remember this … but maybe there is some truth to it. Think about it.
  • I rarely meet new women. Not that I am trying to right now, and maybe its because I didn’t go out much during the winter (I hate the cold) … but most women I have dated I met under special circumstances or were friends of friends.
  • There is a lot to be said about dating a friend’s friend. You get all kinds of inside information you wouldn’t usually get. Also, they can usually give you the heads up if this person is crazy or not. The true problem arises when you like the person but your friend deems her “undatable” … or even worst … your friend already beat.
  • The motorcycle season is starting up … and I’m itching to get back on my baby more often. What is it about motorcycle riders that some women love? And why is it that a woman on her own bike just looks so damn sexy to me!!!
  • Someone mentioned its good I got a bike while I am young, because no woman is going to marry me and let me keep my motorcycle. Hmmmm … let me keep it. At the time I agreed … but really … would I be willing to give up something I love (at least for now) so much in order to appease her? Is this a question I should add to my list of things I need to know before I propose?
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As usual … rantings aren’t spell checked or proof read. Feel free to disagree, agree, or curse me out …

Update: 11:00 am – 5/2/08

  • I forgot to mention … Xbox can really trump p*ssy in some cases.Β  It willΒ rarely trump fellatio (because I don’t have to stop playing the game … lol … jk) because fellatio is a double winner.Β  You get sexual satisfaction and you feel appreciated all at the same time (plus you don’t have to do any work).Β  This is in response to a comment a few days back.


  1. Spitters ARE quitters. If a woman likes me enough to give me head, she should like my baby gravy too.

  2. my ex loved the whole brotha on a bike thing. as soon as she "owned me" i wasnt allowed to do alot of things. you gotta understand your an investment to the woman you couple with and she has lots of stock in you. (time, future, emotions) your not gonna let your mutual fund ride with a guy who is risky… she dosent want her stock riding on a dangerous motorcycle.

    spitters are for quitters? I never let a woman swallow I think its nasty. but then again jake steed and justin slayer make it look cool when they do it….

    I agree simpin ruins the economy but wait til your 30 and all of the women are "damaged goods" from the men they have dated in their 20's, it gets worse because they want to be treated better. and we ALL know money means better treatment….. right? (sigh)

    think about it like this… if 24 year old sista who is a L2 makes 35k wants you to take her to dinner and a movie for $40, what do you think 32y/o sista who is a L5 and makes 65k wants to go?

  3. @SBM: WTF were you thinking last night/this morning? Spitters are quitters…put that sh!t on a bumper sticker. Me, Shelia and Comeback will be doing a root cause analysis for today's rant. We WILL get to the bottom of this crap before the work day is over.

    @Hasani: You got my attention today.

    "your not gonna let your mutual fund ride with a guy who is risky… she dosent want her stock riding on a dangerous motorcycle."

    Now, because I am demanding of my man (taking over continents and universes) I wouldn't want him to give up his passion; however, I don't want to be changing a 20 something or 30 something year old's diapers.

    "all of the women are 'damaged goods'"

    You are cracking me up. That's a cop out way of saying they are not longer naivee to bullsh!t.

    "if 24 year old sista who is a L2 makes 35k wants you to take her to dinner and a movie for $40, what do you think 32y/o sista who is a L5 and makes 65k wants to go?"

    Well….you know πŸ™‚

  4. SBM – What are you looking for from Miss Right Now? Give us an example of one of these dates deemed undatable. Are you also dating the friends who introduced the two of you? And when I say date those friends, I mean…allow them to dictate what goes on in that relationship?

  5. @SBM: What type of women are you dating? Why do you guys always complain about women? Have you ever wondered what is it about you that causes you to attract these type of women? You have women like me who is very easy going who can't find a decent guy to save her life. I dont get it!!!

    'Spitters are Quitters'- I never heard this phrase before…LOL!

    'would I be willing to give up something I love (at least for now) so much in order to appease her?'… Something like riding a motorcycle I don't think is something you should give up, it's not that big of a deal. If her concern is you might get hurt…well you shouldn't drive a car either.

    'Simping' is something you have to grow out of or eventually learn the game…lol!

    @Hasani: I agree with you today!!!

  6. You are cracking me up. That’s a cop out way of saying they are not longer naivee to bullsh!t. "

    no, it means exactly what I say it means. you should have learned by now I speak realness from my own eyes and not something that I dress up just for my internet ego. Women of their late 20's and early 30's are very guarded and jaded…. period. notice the females around you… they will have less total close female friends at 32 than they had at 22. more sinister and quicker to slice anothers juggular makes this happen.

    but take away a mans passion? if your mans passion is riding his bike… then no you cant take that away. but if he is doing it as a reckless recreation then thats a huge seperation from a passion.

    When I commited to my ex I gave up extreme camping and "hangin in the streets/club" some things you just have to phase out of your life as you start to have another persons heart and fate tied with your own.

  7. Hasani – So you admit that you do have a left feild internet ego? I'm in my mid-20s and I wouldn't consider myself guarded at all. I've learned what characteristics that I like and don't like in relationships; therefore know the 'signs.' I cherish the few close friends that I have and can't imagine them next to the chopping block.

    I would never take away my man's passion (as long as it's not done reckless), even if it's extreme camping; I'll even buy a bottle of OFF and camp with you a time or two. Hanging out in the streets and going to the club is a different story. We can put together a suitable action plan to phase that out or done in moderation.

    Otherwise, I like your thinking today. You must be so excited about those upcoming dates.

  8. @ Neonnea "Spitters are quitters…put that sh!t on a bumper sticker." GIRLLLLLLL that is a good idea. instead of SBM doing all this Google adsense stuff he could be coming up with actual merchandising. I think men would love that.

    @ Ms Dev-"What type of women are you dating? Why do you guys always complain about women? Have you ever wondered what is it about you that causes you to attract these type of women?"

    Please don't believe everything you read. I have figured out that SBM and Anti are actually NICE guys. Hasani is too but his logic is SOOO off. Its like his never had a philosphy class in his life. You know where they show you how a premise should lead to a conclusion (and the nuances of deduction and inference).

  9. "your 30 and all of the women are “damaged goods” from the men they have dated in their 20’s, it gets worse because they want to be treated better. and we ALL know money means better treatment….. right?"

    this is the one of the most craziest things I've read this week (aside from the DC madam killing herself…). First of all most people are who they are fundamentally going to be by 17 or 18. Your ideas, values, etc are honed, validated and solidified during your 20s. Please believe I am looking right now at a picture of myself at 26 1/2. Guess what I'm much of the same woman at 33-I just make a little more money. Hasani would like EVERYBODY to believe that there is SUCH a drastic difference between 26 and 29 or 30. Are you kidding me? I guess that makes himself feel better. What makes them different from Hasani are other fundamental differences that have nothing to do with age: education, income, perspective are all chief among them.

  10. SBM – Spitters are quitters– You must have been in a zone when you wrote that one.

    Man on bike, woman makes sure she has insurance–don't see a problem with a man owning/riding a bike…tell your future wife if she has a problem, to up the insurance premium…that'll make her feel better.

    Dating a friend's friend might be okay if all goes well but if you start having problems, everybody is going to be up in your business.

    Hasani – I agree with NeonNeo after a certain age, a woman's tolereance for BULL is not just low, it's NIL. Come correct or don't come at all. And you shouldn't have given up the camping…the clubbing yes, but not the camping πŸ™‚

  11. Hasani PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE with sugar on top clarify this statement you made on the flipside post: "I am a princeton native and hang at the hospital alot with my “old heads”"

    So you are FROM Princeton NJ (not a graduate of Princeton) and you hung out at the hospital???? Was that the hot spot. I'm just asking. maybe it was the strobe lights on the ER sign. Please let me know. This is giving me great insight. And Im going to have to tell Shelia to take pass this time. And Mik to sit tight.

    I must say that you do meet some interesting women. Black Russian. I read about them thats cool. But you don't go into NYC much so all these eccletic people are hanging out in Newark??? wow wow wow.

  12. @Anti: Baby Gravy though … lol

    @Hasani: I date older women, but I'm not simping. Its perfectly fine that a woman expects more from you when she is older and used to better things in life, but she shouldn't expect you to provide her with everything, and nor should you think you have to. When you really like someone, life is about way more than a nice date and diamonds!

    @Neonnea: Don't fall into the comeback syndrome of taking two words and blowing them up. Some of the girls were undatable … I don't know what the big deal is. In one case, she was extremely selfish and self-absorbed. It happens. I'm not making any blanket statements … this time.

    @Jazzy: What kind of gravy you talking about? Thats one of the great "injustices". We always get some "gravy", but most women refuse to take any themselves … I tell ya.

    @RawDawg: I've actually been behind reading blogs … this job is trying to kill me … f*ckin deadline.

  13. @Jazzy: I would gladly wear the "glazed-donut smile" and "squirts don't hurt" if you can do it πŸ˜‰ So, once again, what's wrong with swallowing?

    I've had friends who were married tell me about how the 30+ year old woman has everything mapped out. Moreover, due to experience in dating and the corporate world 25 year old and the 30 year old have much different outlooks on life. You can get very jaded in just 1 year and with 1 failed relationship. Also, a 30 year old woman is 110% self-sufficient and stable by this time (most of them). She doesn't really need a man. Everything is set for her. Sounds like an up-hill battle.

  14. "I’ve had friends who were married tell me about how the 30+ year old woman has everything mapped out. Moreover, due to experience in dating and the corporate world 25 year old and the 30 year old have much different outlooks on life. You can get very jaded in just 1 year and with 1 failed relationship. Also, a 30 year old woman is 110% self-sufficient and stable by this time (most of them). She doesn’t really need a man. Everything is set for her. Sounds like an up-hill battle."

    thats an over generalization. I think you have to be jaded to GET jaded that doesn't get birthed into you at 26. Thats usually been with you all your life and you take that warped way of thinking into adult hood and cement it all up by 30.

  15. SMB I would would let you keep the bike *smiles*

    I will say tho im mad you blocking my date with hasani, its all good you can have me to yourself (sacastically speaking)

    comeback im just trying to get the "simp experience" is that so wrong? I mean at this point all Hasani's talk is from his own perspective, I mean I wanna know what these women are thinking too because there is always another side of the story only way to find out is to get it from the women themselves or get my own hands dirty!!! and I like clean hands myself but I don't see nobody else offering up to find the truth, I'm just trying to take one for the "team"

    I seriously doubt SBM is going to let up on comment space so good luck with that girlfriend!

  16. Also since I am a former habitual poster I would like to say that the "space limit" doesn't work when I can simply post 2 times to get my point across, 3 times if i want to have an essay so to speak so SBM your problem is only solved temporarily. Maybe there is an option to limit the actual comments pepole can make, just an idea

    trying to gain my points back is like trying to get my boss to believe I stay off the internet at work impossible!!


  17. Mik so you doin an inside investigation, Hasani is an interesting man. Hanggin out in the ER over at Princeton and aint a student or graduate. He does meet ALOT of women. I think he does have a clue on the "dollar cost averaging" to dating. He is a numbers man at 40 dates since last fall. thats pretty damn good.

  18. but the success rate is mighty damn low even 1 in 40 is not a good return. might be going to hardware store for milk. I don't think he is clear on who he wants and the type of man he is. He is a feminine relationship man. THATS NOT BAD. You just have to know who and where to find your type and its NOT AT TARGET.

  19. @Mikki: I don't want to start policing the comments. I love that people feel comfortable saying whatever crazyness they imagine (I know I do … LOL @ myself for Spitter are quitters). Also, forces you to think harder … post a million comments if it makes u happy.

    @Antidater: WTF … glazed donut smile. No comment.

    I feel you on the short change in a few years. As someone who has gone through some extreme changes since I graduated high school a few years ago (less than 10), I agree. Also, the "self sufficentness" of a 30 year old is pretty spot on.

    @Comeback: LOL. How are you going to get on Anti for generalizing and then proceed to make a generalization across all people (not just women) about what age you know yourself and about being jaded? The hypocrisy … its so blatant.

    Also I feel you on the pain of these limits. I might raise it, but if you and Hasani can give me something in writing about cutting out the 20 essays, I think I could let it go. WTF 99%.

  20. Its not policing comments its limiting the actual number of comments I mean your doing the complaining about "Essays" and you haven't solved the essay issue, they still exist in my eyes but instead of 50+ comments now it will be like 100+ but hey don't ask me, what do i know…… nobody visits my blog so imma just shut up.

  21. @Comeback: Stop hating on Target girl. She sounds like a solid contender.

    I do agree though that Hasani is very capable at meeting women but his conversion rate is deplorable. I can't help but think it related to the strong simping. He could find a woman who wants that … but its like a crack head looking for someone cool with dating a crack head. Maybe you should just get off crack first.

    Also, you might not hit the comment limit if you cut down on copying and pasting quotes to attack. Think about it.

    Also, expect the full line of SBM clothing coming out soon. Including the "Stop Simping" Collection in time for fall.

    @Mikki: Why are you a former poster? I'm sad you left … *sigh*

  22. SBM aka Hitler–why are you telling me how I should post-and I don't always quote, sometimes I go straight off the dome. messing around with yall now I gotta delay my happy hour to like 9 or 10. I got too much work to do.

    I agree with miki you aint policed NOTHING. Just cut the character lengths. and resulted in more back to back "essays". of which you have become your own victim too.

  23. @Mikki: What I am doing now is limiting the comment legnth, which I don't think is that serious. I don't want to be some comment Nazi going through extreme measures just to stop the "essays". If your really really dedicated and need to make 50 posts … more power too you.

    Besides … am I the only one that just thinks its cool how it counts how many character and updates. I think its hot … but then again … I want a girl to talk xml to me in bed.

  24. Comeback

    SO your saying 6 years makes no dif in someones life. you as a 26 year old have the same values of the 20 year old who is haning at the bar getting drunk on cheap beer all the time?

    The 25 year old grad student who is pouring in his time studying for the classes he is paying for…. why is it he is not skipping those classes like he was when he was 19 as an undergrad?

    why is the 27 year old corporate sista, who pressed so hard to get ahead in her office spurning person after person and love after love in pursuit of her brass ring as the cost of everything else not the same when she reaches 34 and comes to terms that she dosent want to be a spinster?

    What happened to me at 28 to make me throw down 70 hour work weeks to secure more money for an impending house and child that was not there when I was a 22 in the bar scene?

    6 years ago I could care less for anyone cept for #1, now I know what its like to love another and build for a family. time means ALOT sista

  25. @Comeback: I'm not trying to police anything! Its just a limit … you'll live.

    And about telling you what to post … I find myself checking you 15 times a day … whats any different about that one?


  26. @Hasani: Your so right. Especially someone as young as me, 6 years seems like an eternity ago. I've gone through like 2 transoformations in the past 6 years. I can promise you … there was no Billy Dee like game 6 years ago!

  27. SBM, as a reader/commenter I want to feel loved and apprieciated. how can you show the love when you can't even keep up with comments of 2-3 folk. speaking of folk mia what happen to your love interest geegee??????

  28. I think the post restriction is hawt son… how did you do that so it updates as you type?

    Now if I have a 2ndary thought I put it in the next post insted of making it one long…well… blog.

    Yeah if only I could find me a tall thin dark chocolate gal to talk HTML to me in bed, I agree with you brotha.

    Looking Objectivly I think simping aka being very nice is related to my low conversion rate. My gal pal says I am "everything a girl tells her PRIEST she wants in a man" but dosent actually want. My conversion rate would astound you, its lower than you think. I have only had like 4 third dates.

    Im on my 10th date with my pigmentally challenged surgeon right now at her computer. other than her I have only had 2 others make it to 10. one revealed she was married, after getting me in bed, and the other was the model/hemotologist that just dumped me last week. 3 out of 34 is not good πŸ™

    I'll help you with meeting them if you can help me with netting them!

  29. @Mikki: She found a man … I think our days are done. Besides … I haven't been giving everyone else the attention they deserve. Hoepfully I can catch up this weekend … so can't be mad.

    @Comeback: I initiated a limit … stop crying. Someone called me and told me to ban you and Hasani. Someone else said I should start moderating everything. I refuse to silence anybody, but the people spoke … so … its not just me. And honestly, only you (and your sidekick Mikki) have said anything. I got some tissues and I can bring them by. I'll even hold you while you cry about it … just because I'm that nice of a guy (bet you thought I forgot I'm so nice!).

  30. @ SBM :Spitters are for Quitters, huh. New and interesting term. Once you're all about reciprocity my brutha, you shouldn't have an too much of an issue.

    As for the bike: I love a man on a bike so I have no issues there. They're risks with all vehicles, she'd be silly to pass up a good man over this issue.

    As for Simpin: Hadn't even heard that phrase before this site but I get that its pretty on par with "bitchish" behavior. And I agree with you.

    @ Hasani: I think I just may have to agree with SOME of what you said today. Yes, SOME of us late 20's women are indeed guarded and jaded. HOWEVER, there are still those of us who are able to decipher what's a good thing when we see it, we're not that daft.

    I'm not for individuals giving up what they love to do just to be with another person. Curtailing the frequency may be more appropriate, but to stop him from going to the strip club or camping, nah. Hell I might want to tag along, you never know.

  31. @Hasani: Its funny … I was about to make the powerful tag team with one of my best friends using the same method. My intro's usually suck and I hate going in cold (absolutely nothing to talk about because I know nothing about you) … but when it comes to drawing her in and keeping the convo good (and getting date #2, #3, etc.) … I excel.

    Sadly, I think we won't work for the same reason me and my friend didn't … different tastes in women.

    @Comeback: Hasani likes the comment length and feels the same way. I think you and your sidekidk are solo on this one.

  32. if you want a womans perspective on why the dates with me didnt pan out I will throw myself out there and ask one of them to give me an explination and tell her its for a my editorial (I tell most people im writing an editorial about dating when I am finished which is why I keep such stats)

    Ill post it and you can tell me how true or not it rings to you all. but not like any of you would admit to thinking in such ways, but im gonna ask one via text right now if she will write

  33. Hasani why do you feel like women are so one dimensional one feeling doesnt really negate another. It is possible for a high acheiver to also want the house kids maserati jimmy choos vegtable garden 6 multiple streams of income and Martha Stewart as her neighor …(i took out the commas for you because you don't respect punctuation.)

    i think you need to stop fakin the funk. 70 hour work weeks???? You were probably doin it all for the wrong reason. This is probably going to sound very very Foreign to you because you are out of your lane. But I want a man who might work 50-70 hour weeks because HE is passionate about his work, not because he's trying to pay for a nursery to be outfitted and a years worth of diapers and a mortgage. i want a man with that hustle in him from the GET GO. Not because he thinks i might want a house. what happens when you azz stayed up too late playing xbox. 70 hours turns into 15.

  34. SMB do I go around hating on your sidekicks?? seriously l just wanted to simply state the fact that you haven't changed anything, I personally could care less if there is a limit because I don't write essasys. This is what happens when you try to help people???

    Excuse me I think I hear my cosmopolitan calling me……. Bye!!

  35. just wooosah comeback you will be fine. did you ever get thos n"G meditations/chants together? we could use some right now

  36. I'm cool Mik bout to go across the street for my cup of joe I should probaly take my laptop and stay there and work. But ususally me and somebody usually get to yappin over there too. I'm putting myself on punishment PRONTO.

    SBM in all seriousness I do think its rather childish (and boarderline simp-ish) to take something that all in all is rather light hearted "to the phone" and then bring THAT BACK TO A BLOG. If you hollerin at folks here it should be a jumpin off point to take things from virtual to the acutal-and not find reasons to conversate over something as stupid as who disagrees or agrees or got off topic AND THEN WHO YOU SHOULD BLOCK as a result. peace out.

  37. which phd? I was thinking the model/hemotologist who i dated for 6 months. she owes me. and we ar enot on speaking terms because I am a bitter vindictive, childish sum bish when it comes to my emotions. I am just got an email from a gal who dated me, screwed me… dumped me… then called me back after a while. i asked her "why does she like bad men… I want to know for my book and i want it from your own eyes the reason"

    but I want the ok from my man SBM to post it because its very off topic.


    direct those 30something non bitter, non hostile, corporate sistas with no kids no need for drama but still want a man as an equal not as a luxary item……. in my direction. Hurry before SBM and anti are finished corrupting me to the dark side of the force


    I dont feel women are one dimentional. you take everything you see and still fail to read only what you want. if women were 1 dimentional I wouldnt date I would be finished after one. silly girl

  38. @Hasani: Post it here or email it and I'll try and turn it into a full post for the weekend if its that good. Maybe it will be your breakthrough.

    @Comeback: I'm surprised your so emothional and hurt by the publics rejection of your "essays". I honestly didn't know you had feelings. Learn something new everyday I guess. Don't blame me if my friends read my stuff. If it makes you feel better, they don't always like my stuff. I've been told to delete posts before (which I never do).

  39. how many do I have? is that a trick question? there have been 34 total since last September.

    I am on a sleep over date right now with my pigmentally challenged surgeon. shes at work Im waiting for her to come home. I have a date tonight at a salsa club.

    and I just got off the phone with a 6ft indian mammi and Ima take her out saturday.

    still awaiting to hear back from the 6ft russian lady, I just called her.

    SBM, we can join forces like wonder twins. I cant get a date past the 2nd. women tend to love being treated nice at first but hate it after the dates are done. its almost like the women I meet are self destructive.

  40. From the woman I shal dub eye doctor. since I have dated too many african women who are doctors (random I swear)

    she was the FIRST of the 3 women to dump me while crying on my couch that she didnt know what was wrong with her and why she dosent like "good men" but will "seek out bad men"

    I ""wish I had a satisfactory answer. Some feelings are hard to verbalize. I can only speak for me: I realized that I am not ready to date now. -period- It makes me a little sad, cause sometimes its lonely… but I think its for the best. ""

  41. I think i am done dealing with the doctor/lawyer/consultant women – particularly the super-career-driven ones. I don't know how you do it Hasani. I am an entrepreneur with a day job and i just don't know about trying to kick it with another "empire-builder".

  42. @anitdater there is absoutley nothing wrong with a wom an being career driven, I don't know what kind of women you all have where you are from but out here a woman can be career oriented and hold down the house too. Sounds a bit like intimadation. Women that do this right like Comeback stted on her blog know how to check the d*ck at the front door

  43. I think we are fooling ourselves if we think that a couple can work 70+ hours a week and maintain their home, kids, etc. let alone their relationship without help from maids, house managers, nannies, and counselors. I am CEO of my own company but I have a day job as well. I want a mate who can be understanding of my schedule and be there for me. I am sorry but one serious career per couple at a time. You can't have two all-stars on one team for long, e.g., Kobe and Shaq.

  44. I dunno about the other parts of the country.. byut in the NYC/Jersey city area the corporate woman is a machine. like the girls from sex in the city/ cashmir mafia.

    I guess back in the day our moms would actually lower their guards to get to know our fathers, and mom would actually work hard to maintain their relatiuoinship and not do anything silly. why? because mom knew she couldnt afford a house and 2 kids in the burbs on a womans salary.

    but now? coporate sista makes MORE than you, and has TV to keep her entertained. IMO 70% of the women who date me, only do it because I fit a profile and they want to "SAY" they got out of the house…but not actually involve a man in their lives much less their hearts.

    I am thinking about starting to date authentic mexican chicks from the bario. I paid for one womans education I can do it again. get her an online degree and an office job and her "hair did", I can cook all she gotta do is not yell and let me love her. Good idea eh?

  45. too bad I dont have a hood pass πŸ™

    I guess I will have to meet "Juanita" another way. perhaps I should go to the roman catholic church in the mexi-hood.

    I think Im on to something here fellas

  46. @Hasani: STOP SIMPING!!!

    You literally described saving a girl. When will it stop!!!

    BTW … if you can't fit that woman's response in the comments (sorry …) you can email it to me and I'll try and get it up for the weekend for everyone to read and comment on.

    Can't speak for everyone … but I'm eagerly anticipating what was said!

  47. @ Anti I think you fooling yourself too. Because nobody said that both people needed or should work 70+ hours a week. The life that Im choosing will require (with a dyck check-thank you Jazzy for getting that) me WHO wants to be soft and pink in my household have a few financial things going on while I sleep. I am a competitive person but I don't want to be on the daily grind when I'm 40 with a 5 year old and a husband working 70+ hours. Which is why I am building a flexible and automated life now. Hence also why I am mastering the art of working from home with 7 months in.

    I'm a feminine (with a checked penis). Hasani is a feminine (with an unchecked penis) He needs a masculine woman which is why he gravatates to surgeons/PhDs etc (with super flexible schedules …i never seen a surgeon work a 9-5 but he has found somthing special. Work it.

  48. If I wanted a woman with a penis I could find the Pregnant Man. Yeah…that $h*t is just weird. Will the pen*s-less women PLEASE STAND UP?

  49. I been telling negro's male and female alike that you need a balance, yet people still wanna fuss n fight with me womans wants to make 6 figures and raise babies like john and kate plus 8, and men want to jay-z it up 99 problems but a bitch aint one. I just need us to be harmonious and get along and agree to have a happy medium what happen to the martin and gina days ….


    SBM hurry up n post that text message gosh u work to much!!

  50. @ Mik: I feel ya! I am really beginning to think that the 7 figure couple (each) idea only works for actors and business partners (and political couples that "pretend").

  51. * singing * Ebony Eyes (Rick James and Smokey Robinson) followed by Have You Seen Her (the Chi-lites)

  52. 1) What is simping?

    2) I do love to swallow, but then again I don't know any girls who spit.

    3) I have not met any new men except for online in months and I think it is entirely winter to blame. I often meet partners through friends as well. I like it that way, references are a good thing, right?

    4) Motorcycles are awesome! Especially Harleys. I have yet to be on a Harley but they sure look sexy!

  53. @Mikki, Comeback Girl, Hasani, and Antidater… You all kill me!! I feel so bad for you guys. But I completely understand and feel the same way. I wish I could find a guy like you Hasani cause my tuition and fees are kicking my ass!!! Like yourself Comeback Girl I am building a biz from home.

    I love this blog!!!

    @ SBM: Why are you not responding to comments?…*crying*

  54. MS. Dev: I have anopening for a date…. should I pencil you in? I mean I already paid for one woman to get her phd and go on vacations… I klnow I can do that shit again and improve on the situation.

    Side note: beward of any woman who refers to men she meets as "partners" in the above context…

    comeback: your views are mysandric and archaic as they come, especially for your age, you in the south? I guess your trying to pick a "fight " calling me femme, but I know when the lights go out I would work dat mutha fukin ass over…. dont get it twisted sista. … then id fix you lunch afterwards and do the laundry πŸ™‚

    SBM: I got another response of "why I cant date good guys.. sorry I dumped you" emails. Ill fwd it to you. can you edit out the names to protect the guilty?

  55. ps:

    update about my dates (for anyone who gives a hoot)

    The 6ft indian gal is a divorce lawyer and arbitrator…. oh the IRONY of her "looking for a serious relationship" at 34. I cant stop laughing about it. she was very VERY nice, a bit scary since I am not used to it. I tried to pay for dinner and she laughed (a bit rude and yes I count that against her)

    A few too many drinks afterward, I drove her home let her in and she fell asleep in my lap and didnt touch her (sorry fellas πŸ™ )

    She claims she likes me and wants to cook for me……. if only I had 1 share of VMware stock for every time I heard that line in the past 9 months 😐

    My 10th date with "miss ER" was nice. she gave me the "i really like having a man like you around" line so Im expecting her to dump me within the next 4 weeks but hope I am wrong. I must step up the simping to make sure I dont get the boot!

    Miss Moscow stood me up , no call no show πŸ™

  56. @Ms. Deveraux: Long weekend. I'm still here/

    @Hasani: So much work we have to do. If you see the dump as eminent, don't accept it and don't simp to fix it. Its like throwing gasoline at a fire to stop yourself from being burned, it will only make it worst. Also, this nice girls may have hope. I always believe that if you are too nice in return though, it will cause problems. If your overly passive about making a move, you'll be labeled either uninterested, or just soft. Grab a tittie!!! (assuming she is not real drunk … there are laws against that stuff now!).

  57. well she IS a lawyer 😐

    but on the note of simping to fix things. Im just being NICE to the origional 40 the next 40 I am gonna be a bit darker and colder like you anti and my fellas are suggesting.

    I dont belive its like throwing gas on a fire, I just want to prove collect information more than I want to "win" at this point. if I change up and treat her bad just to keep her thats not showing that treating a woman nice only drives her further away.

    Seriously I have gotten all the "skinz" and types of action that I wanted in life already. im out here dating to 1) get it right 2) to collect data and information to help others get it right.

  58. pigmentally challenged surgeon? miss er? Is it the same person your're talkin about or do you just happen to attract doctors? If you had to pick one of the trillions of women you are currently dating, who will you pick to continue being with "long term" being that you're a playa and all. And do these women know about your dating life. They must be very stupid, especially the so called doctor. What if she finds out what do u think she will do? Do you think she is that desperate and scared to be alone

  59. ^^

    yes its the same girl. and Yes I just happen to attract Doctors and phd. I think its the area or just how women are today. the only women without men who actually want a decent guy at 31 years old are people who have spent 18-22 in undergrad and then 23-29 in post grad working on their phd and hop out now and are working and figure they want a guy?? Im just guessing but I have dated lots of doctors/phd's and lots of Africans in the past 10 months. still dunno how I attract either, but I do like dark skin women so .. yay me?

    playa? oh god you have NOT been reading have you? I am going to go out on a limb and guess your a woman because you are skimming. a guy whould actually read and be rational before reacting(posting)

    Im just being stereotypical…. so I guess your gonna prove me wrong and say your a brotha?

    But most women as soon as they find out I am trying to be nice and treat them like platinum they usually split and try to go find MR badguy πŸ™


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