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Laffy Taffy [Video]


There has been a decent amount of talk about my personal taste in music … so I decided to take it back to one of the classics … a true great in the history of ignorance music.

Not only did this dance have scores of people doing a simple dance that consisted of looking from side to side and snapping, it also managed to coin a new slang term … “Laffy Taffy”. It also stands as one of the best strip club songs of all time.

Another thing I never hear anyone talk about is the copious amounts of sexual references.

“Girls call me Jolly Rancher cause I stay so hard”
“You make it skeet skeet skeet like a water hose”
“I’m gonna toss it, flip it, and stab it”

Enjoy for now … I promise … no more ignorance tomorrow!



  1. look….. they calling that a "classic" you may as well get us rocking chair and a bottle of ensure at this rate 🙂

    I had a kit tell me will smith wasnt a real rapper he was an actor trying to be an actor. I told him will smith wasnt hood, but was very much a rapper and gets credit for such as he made one of the best rap songs of all time. response? "Welcome to miami was a hit but I wouldnt call it an all time great"

    do people not remember that summertime was his song or do they just think it made and was sung by itself?

    I just love how being "hood" and being "black" have become synonymous

  2. I have to admit…I am one of the ones who loved this song everytime it came on in the club…I even bought D4L's CD and I never buy rap albums. I'm from the South…so I guess I contribute to the pure [email protected] down here…lol.

    I'm a huge fan of Summertime and as soon as June 1st gets here it will be my profile song. They hated on Will b/c he was a feel good rapper…idiots…I don't know, I guess Black people are more comfortable embracing the struggle these days, while our grandparents did everything in their power to ensure that we didn't have to…again I say we're idiots.

    I don't think they're synonymous anywhere but in the hood…idiots!

  3. mornting all….

    sometimes I wonder where these artists come up with the lyrics 2 these songs..got to admit the beats are all that. but the verbiage? good lawd!

    but 2 each his own…

    summertime is an all time classic right up there with round the way girl.

  4. Thanks for breaking the lyrics down SBM…took be back to English Lit when we would examine prose and debate meaning and relevance. I'm sorry but this sucks ALL the time. So besides Lauryn Hill and Lafy what other great moving classics do you have for the ladies.

    dont you have a caribbean background could we at least get some Bob erry now and again

  5. side note…. I said once that foriegn born black women shouldnt be included in our stats on dating and sucess because, well its dragging them down.

    one of the african doctors I have been out with passed this along for me to check out….

    of ALL minorities in the US, Nigerians (which is a country in africa) are the most educated

    37% of them have masters degrees and 4% hold doctorates compared to all other minorities who have 17% and 1% for batchlors and PDH's respectively. (from census) as of 2006

    and they have the same views of Marriage and family. So if I can ever find a way to separate africans from blacks in census statistics I would love to see what the marriage rate of black american women are without foreign borns "padding" their stats.

    sorry, went on a tengent there… ummm ya summertime… good stuff!

  6. Complete randomness:

    Have any of you listened to the words clearly in a Janet Jackson song???

    [a chorus taken out of "Would You Mind" by Janet Jackson]

    Cause Im gonna

    Bathe you, play with you, rub you, caress you

    Tell how much Ive missed you

    I just wanna

    Touch you, tease you, lick you, please you

    Love you, hold you make love to you

    And Im gonna

    Kiss you, suck you, taste you, ride you

    Feel you deep inside me ooh

    I just wanna

    Kiss you, suck you, taste you, ride you

    Feel you, make you come too

    And the only nasty jam you could come up with SBM is Laffy Taffy??? Really? lol

  7. @Ms. Freckles: It was more than just finding a nasty jam, it was about the ignorance too. Janet can't really be put in that category. And since I never listen to R&B … I've never heard the song.

    @Comeback: Song is great, and all of my friends gave me so much sh*t for liking this song. I once made a statement about it at a Lupe concert … wow … never again. And my tastes really aren't as horrible as you think, but since people like Kanye & Lupe are well accepted … I need to introduce you to my racier side.

  8. @Hasani: Thanks for the geography lesson. Once you seperate the blks from the Nigerians, let me know what the do with those master & PhDs. How they define themselves, use their "degrees." Perhaps this will keep you busy while we have an uncivilized conversation about ignorant music. I would like a thesis in my inbox by Friday, May 30th.

    @Ms. Feckles: "Bathe you, play with you, rub you, caress you" Initially I thought, bath tub, rubber ducky, lil boys. I know she related to Michael. 🙂 No, I haven't heard the song but I like how sexual and seductive Janet's lyrics can be. Anytime, Any Place!

    @SBM: I wouldn't consider this a classic strip club joint. However, just to bring you up to date: "Money make me…..money, money make me…"

  9. @SBM: I quietly have the biggest crush on Lupe.

    @Hasani: Really dude…come on now…why u always gotta bring the conversation down by trying to define us black women…let it go!

    @Freckles: I happen to love this joint, it's one of the best if not THE best foreplay song out there!

  10. "Lupe Fiasco on the other hand is some G shit"

    –Yeah a man rappin about his skate board just really sets my panties on fire…no seriously though he is very artsy/fartsy to be a rapper.

  11. "I need to introduce you to my racier side"

    no thank you, but this does make a case study for great social behaviorial theory. These are artist who on a normal day YOU would have NOTHING in common with (even given some of the "old school rappers" Eric Sermon, a couple of members of Wu Tang, keith Murray etc..who many know was going to private school in the burbs, but tappin their penny loafers to "who shot ya"). Or some of the guys I knew at Howard (sons of Doctors and Lawyers) who found themselves slangin' ramdom RX I guess for the sheer thrill and acceptance.

    I already know what my Social Psych PHd (calm down Hasani) dissertation is going to be about.

  12. Neonnea you don't know who Lupe Fiasco is…wow…Kick Push…Superstar…he has this new joint out "Dumb It Down" which I am sure that even the great Ms. Comeback can appreciate…his lyrics are not just about his skateboard, although Kick Push was a metaphor for skateboarding and his sociopolitical stance on the current plight of America.

    ….yep it's safe to say that I heart Lupe.

    oh here's the link to Dumb It Down, this track is tough now, lol:


  13. I've heard the song Kick Push, yet haven't paid attention to the lyrics to identify his sociopolitical stance. Perhaps it was because I didn't like the beat…

    After I finish listening to Tye Tribett and Byron Cage, I'll check out the links compliments of Comeback and Teacia.

  14. It's actually a socioeconomic perspective of Black America….my bad, I guess I got politics on the brain.

    How can you not like the feel good beat of Kick Push…lol, man I love that beat.

  15. "yet haven’t paid attention to the lyrics to identify his sociopolitical stance" me neither. He's just taking what (black star) Mos, talib, the roots to another level and gettin credit for what they weren't able to. I'm not hatin' just stating the obvious. Its nothing REALLY new and fresh..just more pallitable to white kids who buy more music (a la skate board and graphitti)…

  16. @Comeback: could it actually be that he LIKES skating. This is something non-destructive that he grew up doing, so he's relating what he knows to what he sees in the world. I'm a huge fan of Mos and far past a crush on that one, Talib is also the truth. You are indeed hating on the man by minimalizing his message to just skateboards and grafitti. If you're not feeling him you're entitled but you may want to listen to more than one song before you categorize him…just a thought from educated sister to another.

  17. The beat is fine but the lyrics I can't get with. As far as rap goes I like TI and Ludacrious. I can't see what the fascination is with Lil Wayne. He always sounds so doggone high to me and sadly the song Lollipop grew on me because that's all they play on the doggone radio. Lollipop is another song where I like the beat but hate the lyrics. Another stupid song is "A bay Bay"…I hate that song. I get flack from some folks for saying it because he's from here. I got a whole list of stupid songs so don't get me started. Laffy Taffy is in the top 10.

    One thing I can say about us folks in the south, we'll make a song out of anything.

  18. @Sheila: We sure as hell will…there was even a song made about Food Stamps…and I think it was the title of Trick's first album…so sad…lol.

    @Comeback: I do what I can.

  19. There is something oh so sexy about Lil Wayne…"5'6, nice size…, long @ss hair you can pull my sh!t" I don't discriminate on a short man 🙂 I listen to too many mix CDs too 🙁

  20. Neonnea I like his complexion…he just seems like with all that extra stuff he would be kinda cute…but he really did turn me off when he got on stage with a bass guitar after his 2.5 lessons. I LIKE the IDEA of a rapper playing instruments, but he was just tryin too hard.

    Speaking of trying too hard..oh nevermind.

  21. did someone seriousy ask me why am I always talking about women and dating on a blog called single black male??!?!?!?

    I feel so lst in this conversation otherwise. I dont listen to this music. Im a happy person and play Disney classics and showtunes on my ipod 🙂

  22. oh and Im jst all stiff in my jeans thinking about a radiant moonlit evening. I have my shirt off and am holding comeback with my corded arms and am playing with her silky hair. Yes its such a rmantic and intimate evening we share as we relax and let our spirits intermingle and sway the night away while listening to the oh to alluring sounds of YOUNG JEEZY

    god fukin god…whats wrong wit you

  23. Hasani….I have a private question to ask you. Everyone LOOK AWAY…

    are you ok? Do you have any special concerns, medication..any childhood traumas…where maybe somebody did something.

  24. nothing a little bit of love and affection couldnt fix 😉

    typical corporate sista.. I sweet talk ya, and you retort by throwing insults and get flustered and stuff.

    and then we wonder why we are all single…

  25. Oh you are SOO banned from my 2 chairs and a blanket cllubhouse slumber party Teacia. esides. if yu knew me I think you would love me like a man and not like family. granted I would have to teach you how to love again, but its OK, I have time. I need to "buid" my queen before I can build my empire right 😉

  26. Hasani, your queen will already come assembled. All you have to do is compliment her; show her how you are the king she's dreamed of and build that empire…together. She's your helpmate and your equal.

  27. LOL…uhhh I got my love game on lock…that must not have been meant for me Hasani. Remember my first post, I know how to forsake all others for my mate…just gotta find someone worthy of the cause. 🙂

  28. Neonnea

    Doll Im seriously thinking about giving up and grabbing one of these mexican immirants to start a family with.

    They are us, onlly 3 generatins back before we lost our way. Value family, they all work tgether to help eachother. they all love one another and work with what little they have to be happy at home. I can take "juanita" pay for her to go to community college and get her associated. then throw her int a nice office job thru a temp agency. take her to the salon every other week and keep her looks straight and Ill be all set!

    shame I have such a crush on black wmen currenty though 😐

    cant seem to shake it either, you guys are like spiked crack. you may kill me …….but I want more :O

  29. Hasani: Silly guy. I didn't realize, with your Kadeem Hardison swagga, liking dark black women was a phase for you. Who said that the black community doesn't value family and hard work. My grandmother, who just received her PhD, postponed her dreams to hold down three jobs as a single parent and put my aunt & mother through school; my uncles had other aspirations that did not require formal education. If that's not the epidome of value and hard work, I don't know what is.

    Now, after you help Rebecca get her PhD and send Juanita to the community college and the salon every other week…please don't come my way or Keisha's way with your scars and bruises – with the inabilty to afford to even pay us attention. We don't have time for that song and dance. We have companies to run, books to write and trips to take.

  30. "I can take “juanita” pay for her to go to community college and get her associated. then throw her int a nice office job thru a temp agency. take her to the salon every other week and keep her looks straight and Ill be all set!"

    Sounds like my fair lady Dr. Dolittle. Do english lesons come with all that ur offering ? Do you think someone could tame your shrew azz ??? LOL

  31. Are you seriusly asking if a woman can tame…. ME?!!!?!?

    is that a trick question?

    Neonnea, once again a $$ answer for a heart and community based question. you can have your company and your trips. I will take children and everyday love. No black women arent a phase… Im an equal opp dater, I am just currently OBSESSED with finding, dating and making happy a black woman again. an AMERICAN born black woman I must add. Im not having getting found by all of the African and Caribbean born single women in the area though 😐

  32. "Neonnea, once again a $$ answer for a heart and community based question."

    so there was nothing materially and superfically based about keeping Maria Gonzolez-D.'s hair tight at the local dominican spot every other week

  33. Hasani, In a perfect world…I would want a man 6' something, dark, bald, with a football player build. The leader of our household who loves and cherish myself and our 2.5 kids. Provider – and that indirectly applies to money. That's wasn't a money answer just a lack or tolerance for weak and indecisive men, who ruin good women like me. Forcing me to be the provider and father figure to my children…because now, they are only his part time (maybe a weekend out of the month) while he spread his wings to find the "next best thang." Building a castle elsewhere and forgetting about the little family he left behind.

    You see, I've given my all to a man who couldn't be JUST my man. I supported and uplifted him thru a time I should have been upgrading myself. Get your shit together before you approach your next obsession victim. Make sure your mind is right. I can't love you if you don't love yourself. Is that a heart enough answer for you?

  34. @Neonnea: PREACH!!!

    @Comeback: lol, lol…the rain in spain falls mainly on the plains

    @Hasani: maybe one day you'll realize that your problem isn't us…it's you…who could honestly love a man who is constantly comparing them to someone else…take us as we are or keep it motherfucking moving! (with a coke and a smile of course)

  35. totally agree with Neonnea. You need an intervention and since I'm not licesened yet to give out this kind of advice. I really think you should talk to someone Hasani. This lack of self love (that should be a chapter in your book) Black men don't talk about there own self-esteem enough. I refuse to try and put together broken men. My next man will be fully Whole to My Whole. Why not work on being the best you YOu can be. That other person be it Juanita/Mable/Bertha whoever WILL show up. But I guarauntee the type of women you like are not in the business of "man repair".

  36. denail its the first step….

    your ire thouh aimed at me, should start with the figure in your mirror.

    The problem is NOT me.

    yes I know its very shalow to say so and nobody wants to ever think that its them.

    but in this case…

    What was it… 30% of black women are single but only 45% of black men are or something? Get a grip. todays (not 8 years ago) black man is more compassionate and family/ love and nappyness based. we are out here ready to be loved and have someone let us love them. the problem obviously is not me and my brothers. we are still getting married and movin in with women and starting households and raising children and dating and loving and having sex with the same person day after day and week after week.

    Refuse to put together a broken man? may be your problem. nobody is perfect. the problem with you and alot of the women out here is your looking for a 100% complete package that ADDS to your already brilliant pedigree. your supposed to build whats supposed to be perfect together (gasp)

    and please… should the women who are complaining about money and how much a man has every other paragraph really be pointing fingers at who has charachter flaws? charachter has to do with personality and other intangeables …. not monetary remember 😉

    I refuse to let you all slide this situation down into oblivion especially you comeback. I will sit here everyday and be just as sweet and flirty to you and say the same things about love and honor and devotion and family over and over until you ither cave in and accept my proposal or…….. shoot me.

    yes it is possible to live life wearing my half karat solitare on your finger and still be happy for the rest of your life.

  37. Oh and there are more single black females than males because black men have no qualms about packing up and venturing outside of their race, while we sit here waiting for our men to realize what they have in us…all the while stereotyping us with every statistic they can find readily available on the web…and they do come back, even after 10 years of being shacked up with a white woman who fell out of love with the mediocre man that he is whom she never really understood.

    don't blame us for sticking around and waiting it out, blame yourselves for packing up and leaving before realizing that what you've always wanted we encompass by sheer default. i am you as you are me…nevermind…why even bother. ur not a listener, u aren't really trying to understand us, which is why ur met with resistance at every turn. you will never be able to convince a blog filled with intelligent women that we're not good enough…that something is wrong with us. we've always been here and we ain't going nowhere…u on the other hand will bounce when you get the itch of your next great obsession…my bet is on the Asian women.

  38. I'm here … it was a serious day at work. I mean … still got a 9 to 5

    Also … Laffy Taffy anyone … ?

    @Hasani: Your my man … but damn are you bitter. Sure, Comeback demands too much and borders on the line of undatable at times. Sure plenty of black women are earning a lot of money (sorry … but its hard to earn more than me … not bragging). And yes … we have higher rates of marriage since we will marry outside the race.

    But man … give it a rest. How long can you be mad. Your simpish ways are your biggest downfall.

    @Comeback: I'm glad that I have helped you formed your future sociology thesis, but I just don't understand why some of my choice in music is so shocking. Just because I can speak eloquently and express my ideas and opinions with a hint of intellect, why does that mean that every facet of my life must follow suit. Also, you really ignore my age. I'm mature and grown … but dick just aint that old.

    @Neonnea: What the hell … you don't know who Lupe is!!!

    @Sheila: Do I have to state my dominance again? Not sure I can just keep going around breaking tables!

  39. @Tecia: While I bring myself to agree with Hasani's extreme views … he has definitely brought up some valid points and I do take offense when us as the black men are blamed for the degradation of black on black relationships. When I look for relationship blogs for blacks … 60% of them are a black woman trying to convince their cohorts that they need to leave all of us alone and strictly date white men.

    As someone who yearns for his queen, but has been spurned at times by the same things that Hasani complains about … I can't help but feel that there is a lack of self realization and ludicrous demands among a lot of women that is hurting things all around.

    I will admit though … the idea of settling down has definitely gone out of style for the SBM.

  40. @Neonnea: Yeah … you kinda heard the song I gathered … but you didn't know him just by name … sorry … but doesn't count … lol.

  41. @SBM: Take it how you like it…but it is what it is…nothing more, nothing less. We look to our men for guidance…hell isn't that what a man is supposed to do. And if you as a man can't even take responsibility for leading us astray, well then it is what it is…no more, no less.

  42. I have to agree with hasani, I mean there must be something about those other women that makes them stray away, Maybe I should take a lesson.

  43. "Sure, Comeback demands too much and borders on the line of undatable at times."

    touché. but um getting dates and closing deals has never been my problem. All that I told Hasani I AM doing……self-reflection and all, thusly I deserve EVERYTHING i ask (not demand) because I bring it. And a man has first right of refusal. If Anti was here (in addition to smelling Neonnea's neck) I would have him draw you a graph relating to price (what I ask) market conditions and demand. And you would see that if I wasn't getting what I asked–I probably wouldn't be dating AT ALL. And please enlighten me on my "too many demands"..is that how the poll got up here today…I don't acknowledge texts unless Im late and we're suppose to meet, airport etc. It is not a SUBSTITUTE for expressed interest.

    And WHY do you always reference being a man to your penis. A man is more than what he can't break (or NOT break) a table with. Its also his ability to maintain control OVER a situation, to diffuse a situation, it doesn't mean that your grown enough to go to the strip club and "intellectualize" it on your blog.

  44. Black men marry outside our race because we are compassionate by nature and nurture. its just who we are. The black female is solodarate. That whole "oh we are waiting for a brotha to come by but they are all with spanish women" line of thinking is BS. How many brothas do you shoot down a day? how many brothas d you approach in a month for a date? if the answer to question 1 is higher than question 2 than your the catalyst of your own dilemma.

    Take me for example. Im a "scrub" as far as pedigree and what 90% of you actually want. but as far as what you tell your priest you want in a man, I fit all f that 🙂 I never said "oh let me go find a hot white chick" and found my ex, i just happened to stumble upon her and she allowed me to love her. during the 6 months it took for me to win her over, I was never approached by any sistas and nobody made a play for my affections. the result? I spent 10 beautiful years with a wonderful woman and had a happy life. but that could have been you had you been pro active and actually wanted to be with a man.

    You cant blame the black man for why your not married. obviously we are valuable if EVERYONE ELSE IS MARRYING US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Trust me, most of the sistas I run into are more ike comeback. and most will allow me to take them out just so they can be entertained by a "single tall black man with no kids" but nne ever really want to commit or put themselves out there emotionally. (thats the biggest part) and in the end the line I hear most?

    your to nice.

  45. I must be a hard guy to figure out.

    half think im a snob and too good for them… half think I am not good enough or polished enough for them

    half think I am bitter and jaded…. the other half say I am too doofy and happy

    half say I doont know enough about dating… the other half say I date too much

    half say I need to be more stern and distant to the women I date but the other half say I need to focus on one.

    Half say if I focused more on making money I would be a better man to date…. half say I need to focus more on "loving myself"

    Half say I sound like I am in the 3rd grade and the other half say I need t use smaller words.

    Half say "I must love white women" and the other half say "must love asain women" when really I said a zillion and seven times I love black women and espcially dark skinned ones… to a fault actually hence why Im called "simp"

    Half say there are no good, educated, articulate, tall, in shape, well dressed, compassionate, loving, sharing ,non selfish or self centered brothas out here who want to settle down….. then the other half say the same thing… and it makes me wonder.

    what are we doing?

  46. @Hasni: Well I fall into 2 of your conflicting halves. You need to focus more an be stern. Stern has nothing to do with having a team of women. What women want and what they say they want are two different things (I wrote on this). Stop listening to them tell you the laundry list of things they claim they need (I made this mistake in my youth), and just be a good man who knows how to take a stance, can make them laugh, and make them feel as special as they really are. When Anti gets his sorry ass back here (I'm working on it people … but ya'll done run all the men off) we will start the lessons.

    @Comeback: We have had this talk before … your expectations are really high … there is little compromise with you … and you have yet to spell out what makes you this super wonderful catch (besides the fact your very attractive and probably hold good conversation)

    @Ms. D: Lemme know when you trying to go. I'll even get u a dance. And I promise … we'll go to an upscale one. The one me and my friends go to would scare you … lol.

    @Tecia: Damn … can't we get some credit for the gains we have led in?

    @Hasani (again): Sorry … but I can't agree on this women not wanting relationships thing. Most women I encounter want one good man and to be bunned up on the couch watching movies (or a nice dinner which I can cook). We need to work on your gold digger radar too. M*therf*cking Anti wants to disappear … damn Kappas

        1. How is it concieted SBM!!!!!! I think when a woman knows her worth, it actually inspires better behavior in men-the converse is equally true. Being a doormat isn't cute.

  47. SBM, your in another reigon and anther phase of life from myself. so your assessment of women as a whole I disaggree with but can see you making one type of point, but when I see stats and see my friends and see myself in the dating scene week after week I can only make but a few assumptions.

    I need to start carrying a mic with me and playing WAV files of different women telling seperate men or their friends that "they dont date" or "they arent going to look for anyone " and are waiting for mr perfect to swoop into their lives and they wont date anyone less than him.

    anything less than 100% is unacceptable somehow… but when why did I get married came out every chick in the theater stood up and cheered at the 80/20 rule.

    but yeah I think my main problem is is wreak of badboy so I am attracting alot of women who want bad boys. (or do all women just have a serious problem and dont like men to treat them like women?) a sista that came to my cookout this weeknd pointed out that I "looked" like a man who relationship hopped and couldnt settle, and I had a woman today (yes I just inked date #43 for friday lets pray for Hassi) tell me she didnt want to be "another one of my conquests" and "said she wanted to go on a date but was afraid of getting hurt by a man like me"

    I dunno why or how I ive ff this vibe but I seem to hold a womans respect for about 22 minutes and then they could care less. which is a shame cuz im so lovable 😀

    1. Hasani you can't hide who you are….if you're giving off this vibe to us online, what makes you think that women can't see how little faith you have in us in person. Not all women are super confident like myself and fear nothing. I guess if I was the concerned type you would definitely fall into that category.

      Nothing about you say, "I'm so lovable". You base everything you've said to us off of a compilation of statistics that you didn't compile yourself. I don't where you're meeting all these women who don't want to be in a relationship b/c every chic I know is always on the lookout.

      And seriously maybe you're reaching a little high, if everyone of Comeback's stature makes you feel like a simp, maybe you should bring down your search a little to someone who is not as high strung(sorry girl). You obviously don' think that highly of yourself b/c you're constantly reminding us of how unsuccessful you are, which also shows that there are some serious esteem issues…which is probably another reason you rely so heavily on your body being super fit.

      Oh and the thing about the 10 years of happiness with the white chic…yeah it couldn't have been too great. I'm sure you put her through school, she used you and dismissed you…otherwise you would still be happy and not online blaming black women for your bitterness. Black men are not compassionate by nature…where the hell do you live, black women are the compassionate ones…even still we've tried not to just write your sorry sad ass off but it's becoming more and more difficult to keep that from happening…way to go!

      1. Unsuccessful I am? your skimming again. I swear you ladies need to open your hearts and minds, we need a serious intervention for our community.

        I have never said I was unsuccessful. I have said I dont make baller money. I am ultra successful. If I died today over 200 people would be at my wake. thats how you measure a mans worth, not by how many people come to the reading of your will and divvying up your assets. to me makin money is a back seat to having the whole love/household thing. no dont give me that bullshit about you need money to be cumfortable as we all have grandparents who will tell you differently. I come from a 10 year lving and very fufilling relationship. most people can say they were never in love at all and alot of people are married for 30 years and cant say they have been in love more than 10 of them. I built a home, owned it, maintained it, protected it and made it warm and happy. darling THATS success.

        yes it was great and even hindsight we would both say as much. not everything is as it happens in your romance novels my dear. NO the majority of black women are not compassionate in this generation. your sitting here calling me sad and a failure and trying to insult the thing I am most proud of. thats not compassion. I still love you dispite your hostility. Comeback and you can attack me every damn day if you want and I still will be here to try and help you love me.

        oh and yes I have self esteem issues. Im a realist I know I have flaws and have no problem admitting my shortcommings on a blog where I am asking others to do the same. But no.. its not why I rely on being super heavy fit. but it sure does help your happyness when you lift for bulk because you have higher serotin levels, and the better your cardio is the more endomorphism you body releases. oh and lets not forget the other reason….. you women tend to like us fit. theres a reasn why "Untitled" was the most watched video on youtube 😉

        and no comeback is not out of my league. "Miss may" is 9 times higher on the scale than she and we had … an interesting relationship. not many swimsuit model/doctors running around. oh and miss may is in the movie sex in the city comming out this friday.

        miss ER is a doctor and a whos who all american. my little pimentaly challenged sweetie lves me to death too. she dosent think herself too polished for me and she constantly afirms everything I say on this blog. we need to love more, fight less and help our next generation as our primary goal… not ourselves.

        1. I didn't even read the entire passage…and you know why b/c I'm convinced ur full of shit…oh and let's not forget self-hate. You throw around this and that as if it makes you stand out in our eyes and wish and long for a man who's able to pull in a miss this and miss that…but you know what…WHO CARES!!

          No one on this blog does, no one is on ur side…not even the moderator of this blogsite…so maybe, just maybe it's not ALL of us…maybe it ALL OF YOU! Everything that makes you who you are is annoying, and not because you're right but because you're so far from being right and yet you can't even see it. Who does that, who goes on 44 dates and have yet to find one person who can stand them past 22 minutes…come on now, get a grip already.

          Oh and there isn't anything hard to figure out about you…you are indeed a walking contradiction every step of the way…and please don't ask me how, b/c at this point I'm not even interested in answering.

        1. That just means I have a filthy, stanking, dirty potty mouth…nothing about saying fuck every other sentence makes me high strung…if anything it's the exact opposite.

        2. Girl Fight!!!

          And BTW … your high strung as all hell Comeback.

          And Tecia … I would call you highly excitable … a close cousin to "high strung".

  48. oh and I think theres no helping me with the gold digger detecting skils. even the women on this blog will tell you they would take any man for all that they can and whenever they can. Im sayin… my 30k a year makin ass took our a woman who makes over 110k and she made me pick up the tap for her drinks and appi o_o its in their nature i guess.

    So date update! I threw a cookout monday. I didnt get a chance to speak with miss moscow. And she didnt want to speak to me tonight and was evasive when asked about date #3.

    Got date #42 on sunday and we are going out tonight. Jewish girl (ducks for cover) her man left her a month before er wedding so I feel like a kindred spirit to her. I never had a clue I could date her since she was more in the friend zone before and now something just jumped off when I looked at her. A bit excited since its the first time Im going out with someone whom I didnt meet and initially arrange to date.

    Date #43 is a woman I met tonight. wel she met me actualy 0_O! ethnic origion unknown because she is adopted. but she thinks she is Inuit black white combination. divorced and 34 but keeps calling me a kid. I get the feeling already she will be using me and is going to take advantage of her looks and age. she already preped the relationship by saying she was looking for casual dates and "dosent always have time for small talk"

    but we shal see how things go with miss alaska

    I also have a date with certain people on this blog if she will take the time to call a brotha back and fit him into her schedule! and yes Im talkin to you gurl!!

    1. "even the women on this blog will tell you they would take any man for all that they can and whenever they can."

      Hasani, I would appreciate it if you would not try to speak for me or any of the other women on the blog because it's obvious from statements like that you don't know a doggone thing about me or the other women here. You think you do, but sadly you're way offbase.

  49. ummm SHelia did I strike a nerve?

    do i have to tell you to stop skimming too? I belive i did not use the wording ALL women on this blog. if it dosent apply to you you shouldnt take umbrage to the statement. but then again if it applies to you… ……. …..

    if you took pace in the "omg a man should pay if he asks me out on a date" topic… your guilty. thats taking what you can get. we all make the same money now.


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