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***Commenter Peace Day***


As suggested by the lovely Ms. Devereaux, I am officially declaring this (drum roll please) …

Commenter Peace Day

For those of you that read and follow the comments (I love you all, as long as with my readers), there has been a lot of fighting, fussing, feuding, and pent up sexual tension (a lot of that) over the past week or two. Even to the point where I took a hiatus from commenting on my own blog (I know … nutso).

So … as a result, we are taking one day to just not say anything mean spirited and really hit the Kumbaya and have positive discussion.

Honestly, as Black People … this is important. We are never going to band together and rise if we can’t get along with each other. Do it for me.

The days post is coming soon!


  1. SBM & Blog family,

    I hope everyone enjoy their weekend. I will be taking a summer sabbitical so I won't be online as much (I will still be on every now and then. I'm a computer junkie, I can't resist the whole summer…besides I have to check email because that's how my agent reaches out to me and updating my blog for my readers…a sista still got to make her money even while on vacation…LOL). I hope that everyone continues to have a good summer. I'll be more active here in the Fall, so in the meantime, stay cool in this sizzling summer heat and while you're at it (sorry SBM, this is a shameless plug) be sure to get one of my four books and relax and read a little 🙂 I'm just an email away.

    Peace and Love


  2. NOOOOOOOOOOOO. SHELIA YOU are the neutral voice of reason…can't you stay near a kinkos or something and check in???? I actually meant to get one of your books at b&n a few months ago. I had to drive FAR. but I will get it, maybe i can interview you?

  3. In honor of peace day, I would like to say thanks Mystery girl for those sandals, the went really good with my dress today.

    Also Shelia we will miss you this summer but have fun. I got the book but I am ashamed to say I haven't finished reading it. I will dedicate a part of this weekend to finish it.

    peace day rocks!!!

  4. Yeah this peace day isn't all that peaceful…all you did was force the chics on here to be a little more creative with their jabs…way to go SBM…progression at its finest!

  5. I went on the best date lastnight.

    Shes half pakistani and a professor with. fabulous long hair that she highlights with a reddish brown hue. Just an absolutly divine woman to be around and I am so happy I got the chance to take her out. I first met her at a local hospital and she later told me she thought I was the "most beautiful thing she had ever seen in her life" which I think is a rather powerful thing to say, but I believe her every word.

    I got out f the gym and picked her up at 5 and surprised her with flowers and an appointment I had set her to get her nails and hair done at a fancy salon downtown. I figured since I was going to be taking her out for a social function, I wanted to make her feel comfortable and be happy so it only made sense in my mind to treat her to it. sitting in the chair holding a purse isnt the most manly of tasks but after a few hours she emerged from the back room and came out looking more stunning and twice as happy as she had before. I got a very warm hug, which was all the reward I really needed and made the wait all the better I must admit.

    7:30 was the cocktail hour at the event we went to, and I must admit we looked so rather dapper comming in together in matching cream linen. She is a very gracious, and works a room with me very well. I feel we made aot f friends in just a short time out. Sat thru a play and went out to a nice dinner afterwards. I was amnazed that every person she met and came accross she was respectful and made them, and myself feel at ease. To say I am in love would not be an overstatement. sh has great qualities about her, comes from a good family and I must say she has GREAT genetics. nice hair, nice jaw line and a really goofy nose thats just too cute.

    it was a 375 night in total, an entire weeks paycheck once you include the gas…. but worth very penny. It was a better investment of time than any money I put out in my simpish ways towards Miss may or anyother half bit chickenhead rwanna be spinster in the past 10 months.

    this was by far the best and most classy woman I have ever been on a date with. I feel other women pal in comparison to her… but then again I am biased….

    since shes my mother 🙂

  6. awww Hasani that was the sweetest thing ever!! *tearing up*

    I will say (in hopes not to get cyber shot) I was in shock before you said it was your mother and I still would have gotten teary eyed had it been a woman you just liked. Because never have I had a man pay for me to look nice on our date, let alone hold my purse while waitin in the salon while i get my hair and nails done. If I could get a man to do all that well the post SBM just wrote would be no problem!!!

  7. I was about to say that it was a really nice comment as well, even without the mother thing…peace day or not you were about to get the hi-five from me…especially since technically I'm not doing peace day…you still get the hi-five. I was going to say be careful of the trends you will set spending cheese like that…but since it was on mommy dearest it's not needed, mothers are by far worth every penny in the bank.

  8. The Comeback Girl, my laptop will be near but I promised my nephews/nieces I would spend more time with them when they get out of school so I'm planning outside activities. I think I told some of you about me and some of my family members doing our road trip thing too. So I'm getting ready for it…Fun…Fun…fun. I'm a computer junkie, so it'll be like going through rehab or something. I'm having withdrawals already.

    You too Ms. Devereaux.

    Mikki, girl, I know you've been busy. Hit me up offloop and let me know how you liked it.

    lol Teacia.

    Hasani, that's sweet what you did for your mother.

  9. something inside me thinks Comeback girl may have skimmed my post yet again…. what does everyone else think?

    and i guess you ladies have not been reading my post as well. long before I got into a daily war of words with Tecia I was always chastised because I was "too nice" as the above poster used to call me. Ive been paying for women to get their hair done and holding purses for the past 16 years…… but conversely I have always gotten an equal amount of love in return. a missing feature from today.

    this however was by far the best date I have had. I must say… we do look damn fine together all dressed up. we some good lookin colored folk.

  10. Hasani is right actually comeback acting like he just woke up and paid for hair and nails. I think she got sticker shock when he for the first time actually described the details of such a wonderful date, now it doesnt sound so simpish it sounds sweet.

    I told yall I crossed over to the Hanasi side and since its peace blog day im invincible so yall suckas can't touch me!!

  11. Hasani I do have to say that is very sweet to take your moms out like that. You know they always say you can tell how a man will treat you based on how he treats his mom…

    did i really just say that? can i puke now?

    but seriously that is very sweet of you. I bet she loved every minute of it even more than you did.

  12. @Hasani: I'm glad it was your mom. My blood was starting to boil as I read you describet the date and I began to string together "words" for you.

    Don't listen to these other folk. Only mom's and the wife deserve anything like that!

  13. I agree too SBM. only moms and the woman who shares the mortgage with you can ever get that treatment from me ever again. but in all seriousness it was so much fun I almost forgot how charismatic my mother can be and how good she is at working a room. Its one of my strong points and I guess I see where I get it from. we had a good time and like she said it was better to spend money and time on her than some random.

    and its amazing a 65 year old woman can turn out a better date than any of the tryfe woman I have dates this past 10 months… shows how far we and they have fallen (peace day is over)


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