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I am a firm believer that where you grow up plays a significant role in terms of your personality, expectations in life, dialect, accent, and even what you want from a man or women. Some might argue … but trust me … its undeniable

Going to a big state school brought in people from all over. Also being minutes away from Howard University and living in the Washington DC area, a mixing pot from all across the nation (and world really), I have dated, talked with, yelled obscenities across the street at (hey you … in the pink … with the ass), and courted women from all over the country. I am far from “full coverage” of the spectrum, but here are my findings so far.

So … here is SBM’s handy guide to dating from different regions.

*disclaimer*: This applies only to Black Women.

Washington, DC & Prince George’s County, MD

Figured I would start with home. People now call the area the DMV (for DC, Maryland, & Virginia), but things can change up big time when you cross the state or county line.

I personally have enacted a ban on all women who were raised in either of these areas. I can’t stand them at all! I have only dated one for a significant amount of time, but have grown up around them, and they have some of the worst attitudes I have ever encountered. They expect a lot, usually have a streak of hood rat in them, no matter how good the pedigree, and love to get mad over the stupidest sh*t ever. The B* word comes to mind as I write this. Also, if your not from here expect to spend a lot of time in my glossary trying to understand her.

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Quick tempers, “unique” style in clothes, high demands, disproportionate love for thugs, and an undeserved sense of “I’m the sh*t” even when she isn’t, characterizes this one. Proceed with caution.

I will say … we have gorgeous women though. PG is nicknamed “Pretty Girl” county and damn it if we don’t live up to it. I mean even going to church turns into a mental test of concentration.


I don’t know what it is, but two things Baltimore is filled with … Big Girls and Rollers (women of a promiscuous nature). One of the few place I know that still has a red light district with hookers and strip clubs. Be careful of an STD though, they flirt with the #1 spot for AIDS every other year.

The stories my friends have of some Bmore girls are just nuts though, especially those who went to school up there. One guy got approached by a girl who said “I wanna f*ck you tonight” and then walked off. He didn’t think anything of it, until she found him at the let out and took him home. Damn.

New York City

Sometimes it shocks me how quickly this city can ruin good women. I don’t know if I’ve ever met a New Yorker I liked. Because of the general “don’t trust anyone” attitude of all new Yorkers, they can be crass, rude and obviously distrusting. Nowhere is like NY, according to them, and everywhere south of Philly is
the “South” (so stupid). Everywhere is slow compared to NY, and expect to work for anything with this women. Also, don’t expect favors, kind words, or not to work overly hard … for anything. I hear if your a fellow New Yorker … its all much easier.

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New Jersery

They provide balance to the NY area. They are a lot nicer, strong lovers, and usually well balanced and good catches. Accents can get annoying (I swear if I hear “caw-feee” instead of “coffee” one more time in my life), but a small price to pay for a well rounded individual.


A varied bunch with the recent growth of the city and the extreme increase in them number of implants (people moving there from some other city … not titties). Generally, really big into getting married and settling down, but overall seem a little crazy. Country but progressive. Expect to truly deal with the “hybrid” (old school chivalry mixed with new aged independence).

Texas (based on Austin, TX)

They say Austin is a lot different then the rest of Texas, but I have visited Houston & Dallas too. Generally, Texas women are so nice … I mean makes me feel special nice. I mean, there just aren’t bad attitudes. I’m talking about a girl actually apologizing to me because her feet hurt and she doesn’t want to dance!

They seemed to be slightly under par in the looks department (sorry) … but made up for it with their personalities. Texas based women still hold a special place in my heart (plus how many other women can do “My dougie” and know about Chamillionaire back in the “Color Changing Clique” days and Slim Thug when he was a “Boss Hogg Outlaw”.

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A lot of variance, so haven’t made any across the board observations except one … never have I met a set of women so comfortable with sharing exactly what is on their mind … no matter if its hurtful or mean … as long as its the truth. Its kind of refreshing … unless she f’s around and hurts your feeling by saying something.

Actually, these women also love hard! So far, they intrigue me. I’m gonna add a few more to the roster and see what happens.

Seattle, Washington


I was there 3 months. Saw like 5 or 6 and they seem to not want to acknowledge the fact they gotta compete with millions of white women with a sweet tooth for chocolate. I did not enjoy Seattle!


No across the board observations … but I’ve never had anything with any of them work out at all. I’ve had guy friends from Chi-town, and them n*ggas are wild. I mean every single one acts straight like Bernie Mac. Loud, arrogant, cocky, and quick to blow up. Never dated anyone from the chi, but I can only imagine what living in a city of Bernie Macs does to a woman.

So what cities did I miss? Any females available to co-sign with my regional descriptions (or argues as I know someone will)? The west has generally been unknown to me, so anyone can fill it in for me?



  1. this is why you have TWO main black male posters on this site…..

    MY young educated cuzin can serve people with that intelectual view of the world and what he has experienced

    Slightly less educated and more seasoned HNIC can serve you with dumb numbers. Yes SBM's makes better entertainment thats why hes Carson and Im ED McMahon.


    This is a site that shows the breakdown of male to female ratios by STATE.

  2. Yo SBM… I got this Dutches who likes Cawffie and chawklet so to cop them both I go to the friggin SHOO-AH (not the beach) …..capisce?

    Some putz get schmootz all over my linen suit! . Im bout to whack this muttafudda, yaknowwadImsayin?

    Eh numbnutz, theres tcree(3) bawses (Bosses) in jerzy:


    Gotti (god bless the dapper dons soul)

    and Schiano!

    Im from exit nine, best recognize… thats New Gunswick my Ni

    LOL long live the way I tawlk" man, everyone on TV sounds like US so fuggin fogetabout it… aight "mah Doo"?

    [Ahem] back to sounding like I type and not like I talk….

    Jersey women arent "nice". Everything else is an excelent. our women up here are just as powerful as women in nyc. As a guy who grew up in CNJ, I know the real jersey gal. (And YES…. everything south of philly/Trenton is "the south" cuz I view maryland as country and YES you can call me ignant) ya know, the ones JBJ sings about in the songs and the one the boss (no not Gotti ,god rest the dons soul) is in love with.

    Jersey gals LOVE their club life. See Im almost 31 years old. I tall you guys I have been on 43 dates in 10 months and most are like "OMG YOU WHORE!!" but up here there are so many single 30somethings there are tons of 30somethings lounges popping up all over. remember…. the COUGAR is a jersey thang shawtie.

    This is why I laugh when women on the site are like "all men run around, NO men wanna get married… all women wanna get married" cuz when I hit the lounge Im not even all that and I get goonhanded quite often.

    if I meet another woman whose story is

    "Well I was living with a guy for 3-5 years… he still loves me…… but he only had this job and he never wanted to go out anywhere and do anything, and he never really tried to move up..huh what? No we didnt fight about anything major…but I "deserve" more so I moved on.(hello mya is that you?)

    so Im lookin for a guy who likes to travel (AHEM has money) and will go places wit me. But will give me my space so I can go out to the club wit my gurls on the weekend.. and do palodies, work, and watch SITC during the weekdays. how bout I text you in a week and we talk about when you gonna take me out….ok?

    ya Im gonna shoot myself next time I hear that. lol

  3. Iwould say your assumption is somewhat accurate about the females in different demographics. But what's up with not knowing anything about the West? Never been or never ran across anyone from there?

  4. HEY! I'm from NJ and I don't say "cawfee"! Actually, I think b/c of my parents, I don't have an accent at all..most people assume I'm from somewhere in the midwest. But I do think you are pretty on point with your observations…and I can say after living in the MD/DC area, most of my male friends say the same thing about women here.

    Being that I also lived in NYC later on in life, I've grown accustomed to the 'attitude', but, I will say this…most family and friends from NYC, are some of the most blunt and upfront people I know..there's no sugarcoating anything..which I can appreciate.

  5. I totally DISAGREE. And I take particular offense to DC & gorgeous prince georges. Really the same can be said about our "diva" men. I think generally when you have a city of educated black people (and the richest black county in the country second to dekalb ????in GA) you're gonna have black people with certain quirks.

    but I'm not falling for the bait BUDDY, this is a firecracker post.

    I also take an offense to the NYC post. Of course I'm not from there, but I can name at least 5 NYers who are some of the best people I HAVE EVER MET IN MY ENTIRE LIFE. There exterior is hard and often not easy to penetrate. But most of them (including women) would give you the shirt off their back. I can't really even name a new yorker that I didn't like.

    I think there is something said about a man (even a person) who can't find the gems even in the rough.

    The only thing I partly agree with is Seattle. I was in Redmond for work and I think I counted two black people in and around the local area. But they do have a hood somewhere in Bellvue, not sure.

  6. SON? LOL! You got jokes, I see. To answer your question, Hoboken…college in New Brunswick & NYC..currently living in MD.

    @ The Comeback Girl—It really amazes me how PG is the richest black county, and but yet in still..it's also one of the areas currently going through the highest foreclosure rates in the state. I know alot of people in PG who try to perpetuate that 'baller' status, but are living from paycheck to paycheck…and then let me not mention the 'Villes & Heights of PG County, District Heights, Forestville, Capital Heights…etc..etc…PG County is the only place I know where you can go from $600K+ homes to subsidized housing in the matter of a few blocks drive.

  7. comeback…. SOrry to dowse your flame girl but im born bred and raised here in the shadows of Gotham, and the kid is pretty dead on for the most part, give him his due. Your doing the same thing to SBM that you guys do to me. you take a statement thats true, Streatch it to be a law, thus making it invalid.


    Statement: Black men die early son!


    Now we all know whats going on in this country. and we all know that black men die in the hood, and black men die outside the hood as well. its a generalization…. not an plenipotentiary decree.

  8. "@ The Comeback Girl—It really amazes me how PG is the richest black county, and but yet in still..it’s also one of the areas currently going through the highest foreclosure rates in the state. I know alot of people in PG who try to perpetuate that ‘baller’ status, but are living from paycheck to paycheck…and then let me not mention the ‘Villes & Heights of PG County, District Heights, Forestville, Capital Heights…etc..etc…PG County is the only place I know where you can go from $600K+ homes to subsidized housing in the matter of a few blocks drive."

    It amazes me too…but Dekalf and PG have been neck and neck since the mid to late 80s. The housing bust is an obvious and recent phenom. And probably is a throw back to Franklin Frazier's examination of black folks and conspicious consumption along with the market doing its 7 year hiccup. 2001 remember? early 90s and late 80s savings and loan debacle.

    I don't really consider District Heights, Forrestville, and Capital Heights apart of the PG's most wealthiest places in the area. Northern PG county really accounts for most of the black counties wealth and education and when you drive a few blocks you still see the same homes and gated communities that have been there for at least 15 years.

  9. Son is a slang term of endearment ignorantly used at the closing of statments by those of street level of urban comunity in the north jersey nyc metro area. it is not directly used to correlate with gender or paternal lineage.

    Hoboken?! Exit 14 or 14c?

    when I was single… (no they didnt have DVD's or CD's back then) I used to hang there. I didnt really think many black people were up there, seemed like a wannabe yuppie/college grad first stop type of town. Lots of party party going on at the Cadillac lounge eh?



  10. Tiffany, school me to what makes a black county a black county? and how did they get to be a rich black county?

    (since I seriously dont know)

    I just always ASSuMEd that the most expensive place in the US to live was in the north jersey suburbs and inside manhattan and the further south you went the less housing cost?

    oh and If I was going to be a dick… (which i am)

    I could point out that you didnt list sources or links or numbers to back your claims… but since I know love and honor you wouldnt have a reason to mislead us, I take your information without worrying about it.

  11. Well I have to agree with SBM's post for the most part…having gone to a HBCU I have been friends with a chic from every place mentioned…except Seattle of course.

    New Yorkers are quick tempered with bad attitudes for the most part. Yes they make some of the best friends b/c they have your back ride or die. But I don't know how I would feel about dating them if I were a dude, but I'm not so I guess the point is irrelevant.

    As far as pretty goes, I have yet to meet a gorgeous girl FROM D.C. I know of many who have flocked there after school or for work, but I don't any chics from D.C. that were just banging…and there were hella chics from D.C. at Fam. But I'm not from there and have never been so I can't cast judgement on a whole based from a few.

  12. Now the A' is something I can speak on since every friend I have is either from the A' or lives there and you got one thing right, they may be the biggest on the hybrid theory…and that's b/c the A' just may be one of the most flossing behind cities our there. In D.C there's a big emphasis on political connections…in the A' it's geared more towards the entertainment industry. They breed video girls in the A'…and in my opinion I think they may have some of the baddest chics this side of the Mississippi, but that's just my opinion. And they are BIG on settling down, mainly b/c of the absurd ratio and competition out there, once they get a man they keep him…even if the relationship is going nowhere.

    Ahhhh, and now to my kind. I was born in Louisianna, lived there until I was 10 and then moved to Florida, where my ENTIRE family resides…lol. So it's safe to say I'm a Floridian. And being that our state isn't very progressive, we are moderately conservative when it comes to most things. Despite what some think based on what I've written in the past I am actually a closet Republican, just as most blacks are here in Florida. Yes we are a state where sex is open discussion, hell it's hot down here…and for the most part we're barely clothed. We aren't ashamed of it, we speak on it, we embrace it, and sometimes we even capitalize from it.

    But we don't do fake, we don't do fake friends or fake boyfriends and we can't stand fake men. I'm going to always telling you what's on my mind if the matter needs adressing, even if it hurts. But we love until our bones ache, and every friend I have is either married, engaged or have been married or engaged at some point(actually i don't have any divorced friends). Maybe it has something to do with the fact that we're not as progressive so we look for generic qualities in our mates to make us happy. We're happy with our palm trees and our beaches, you can keep your traffic and your smog. I'm not a chic who needs money, or fancy cars to keep me happy. I live a modest life and would be content building a comfortable and secure future with my husband.

    Oh but we do LOVE us some shiny rims…lol!! And we are some of the vainest creatures out there, there is a beauty salon, hair store, nail shop and gym literally on EVERY corner.

  13. @HNIC…I know exactly what you meant by 'son'…lol…For some reason that's the first bit of slang people want to throw out at me when I mention I'm from NJ. Well, Hoboken is not the most diverse place to grow up in..but Jersey City was right around the corner, so if you wanted diversity, that was were to be….but I enjoyed every minute of it…not to many people can say that they had a view of the World Trade Center from their bedroom window as a kid.

    @Comebackgirl: Those areas of PG county may not be part of the wealthiest, but they're part of the county…and when you speak of a county, you can't forget about the people who actually live and work in the county…b/c as I'm sure you know..most people who live in PG county, don't work there. The 'lower class' who live and work in PG are the people who are providing the economic growth, but people fail to see that. Who else would work in teh restaurants, malls, fast food places, movie theaters..etc..etc..? It wouldn't be the people living in the McMansions, that they really can't afford.

    The disparity in PG to me is repulsive and I've lived in both areas. From when I first moved to MD and living in Forestville, b/c it was close to my job in Upper Marlboro, (See..I lived in worked in the county), to when I actually figured out Forestvilel was a little too hood for me, and then got my little McMansion and still continued to work in PG. Also, besides PG being one of the richest black counties, it's also on of the most corrupt.

    All I can say is, thank god for Howard County.

  14. @Teacia, Nazerine is from DC and she is quite beautiful (she was the love interest in Tank's Please Don't Go Video). I'm aware that is only one example, but I remember lots of other pretty girls at FAMU from DC…and all over for that matter.

    I'm from Florida and yes, FL women are amazing! LOL and most of us do love hard. Florida has the privilege of being a tropical state situated in the south, the result is a hybrid "exotic-southerner".

    I currently live in Atlanta and the women here are about their business and either a. trying to get married or b. trying to "play the field" the way men do, there are so many women here sleeping with dudes and never calling them again it ain't even funny. Teacia was dead on about the incredibly crazy ratio and unfortunately it has breed quite a few desperates or at the other extreme -jaded women who have completely lost faith. I fall in neither end of the spectrum as I am and will forever be a Florida bred Exotic Southerner.

  15. Of course I have to disagree with your assessment of the great state of Texas. You need your tail whipped for using AUSTIN as your baseline of comparison??? WHAT THE F*CK??? Austin is good for the University of Texas and good live music, not checking for black chicks.

    If you want to check for the sisters go to Dallas or Houston. Better yet go west on Hwy 290 and go visit my alma mater Prairie View A&M University. It's the oldest HBCU in Texas.

    Go hang out at the Galleria in Houston on a Saturday afternoon. Then come back and revise your assessment.

    And you are correct, Texas gurls have fabulous personalities!

  16. @ (fŭng'kē) [blak] [chik]

    I agree I've written before that its much of the service sector that keeps the economy technically out of a text book recession. I get a little annoyed by the disparity too, but this country was founded on the principles of such: the prolitariate and the bourgousie, We are coniditioned to believe that one essentially needs the other to make this country go. I believe that EVERYONE deserves a livable wage. And for those who can figure out how to leverage "liveable" well God bless them. As for the corruption, its everywhere. Everyone is in bed with everyone else. Its just how it is. But I do believe in the invisible hand, not just of trade, but also of LIFE.

    Everything self-corrects, markets, behavior, karma….

  17. @ndenise – Perfect? You too! 🙂

    I'm from VA – tidewater region

    Attended school in the RDU area (which is a lot different from the Greensboro and Charlotte metropolitans)

    Resided in Houston for a short period of time

    Currently residing in Northern Kentucky

    With an accent as if I was born and raised in NC and a disposition that stands out in all these places.

    @SBM – The general discription of DC, MD, & VA seems close to accurate. However, just as you were able to define just Baltimore, a more broken down analysis can be conducted for the 7 cities located in the tidewater area.

  18. Sorry Tiffany, when I would frequent the Galleria, I tried to avoid the snobby white women who assumed I was a Katrina victim and the metro-homosexuals…

  19. @Neonnea: LOL!!!! I have to laugh at that because there is a LOT of that there too! But I reject that notion that Texas has subpar looking black chicks! SBM was looking in the WRONG places.

  20. Honestly though, I hate when people think they know me or can define what kind of person I am because of where I happen to have lived for some time.

    Granted, how you're raised plays a big part in who you are. But I am a person of many experiences and influences. Being from new york does not mean i fit in your "box" of women from new york.

    That's ridiculous. And if we met and you acted like you knew me because you heard where I was from, THEN you'd really get some NY coming out. Meaning that you've already pre-determined how things will go between us. That's lame.

  21. @ Tiffany…Hehe. The culture, men/women in Houston is dynamic that I too reject the notion that Texas has subpar looking people.

    @ndenise: WOLF PACK!

    I section the motion on your 11:40 comment. People tend to do the same thing when it come zodiac signs; althought it's a generalization, people may define themselves by those brief descriptions.

  22. I would say that you are pretty on point from the women I know and met. But hey, I am from TX and my looks are on POINT. Since I am not from Austin, but Dallas I am going to say you weren't talking about me…lol

    I met at chick at school who was from DC and I remember you saying once before that you were completely done with DC women for their attitudes. I assume you were being dramatic so, I asked her…" Is it true DC women have attitudes?"

    Her response as she rolled her neck… "Yes we do, we expect alot, ain't putting up with no bullsh*t and, we can handle our own biz and don't need these tired men for nothing. So they need to come correct."

    My roommate (I was telling her about your feelings toward DC women) and I just were standing there like 'deers caught in headlights'. We couldn't believe her response. We both walked away like I wouldn't date her ass either.

    I think you are correct about growing up plays a significant role in terms of your personality, expectations in life, dialect, accent, and even what you want from a man or women. However, it can alter slightly as you move around but for the most part there are core things you want based on your location.

    I will be back with more thoughts…

  23. So where in the US can I go to find non combative women who like beta males? and the workplace and police are favorable to african americans? and IT is not being outsourced to India?

  24. I'm not understanding how calling Teacia a 'fat ass' is going to make her engage with you further. But then, that's just me…

  25. Hasani, sweetheart…you can't pose a link to collection of data that has nothing to do with the forum. This site has mostly black participants if I'm not mistaken…so you can't use data collected from white people to make a statement about blacks.

    Now I broke that down as kindergarten at possible…please do better in the near future.

  26. @Hasani: My vote is North Carolina…Durham…you should find exactly what you're looking for. You just gotta be willing to slow it down a bit when you come to the South.

  27. Tiffany, I lived in Houston for a while and I practically LIVED in the Galleria! While I agree with you that SBM is wrong in his statement about the women there, the men were HORRIBLE! I thought I'd find southern gentlemen who'd prove that "everything is bigger in Texas" but all I came across were rude men who were too full of themselves to try to approach a woman in the appropriate manner.

    Side bar: Can you send me some Frenchie's? Oh and some Pappasitos?

  28. I agree with Teacia, I think really anywhere but the north and mid-atlantic, since its not really working for you. I would also have to agree with SBM (first of all firsts), that DC women are pretty much undatable, it appears the ones of us who are finding men to date are actually dating aliens with two heads. We pretty much take all the reject extra terrestrial beings. I found when I went out with ET last weekend that there are certain "beings" that just bring out the best in you.

    The diva men in DC want it both ways. They want a hot chick, who is SUPER nice, ie, willing to buy anything that is being sold. They dupe women into believing that the educated successful well adjusted black man is a dying breed, so he bags the unsuspecting ones who may be willing to lay over and play dead. But luckily for the men that "can't stand us" ….there are "aliens" who happen to WANT TO DATE us, with a checked attitude, like often attracts like. When a man steps correct, its a wrap with a great attitude.

    Problem is most swagg doesn't phase a lot of DC women, because what a diva man has…the DC woman usually has it times 10. So when he wants to step with "you don't want this (bull shyt game) ???" its met with similiar energy "hell nawl".

  29. @Hasani: I done warned you yesterday. Lemme here one more "fat ass", b*, etc from you. Teacia, Comeback, and Tiffany don't need no random personal insults (as well as anybody else).

    And you were doing pretty good today.

  30. OK…wow….so I am moving to PG county by end of summer…and if there are single men that won't talk to me because they think I am from there…then chances of me loving someone are slim….what do I do…a VA man?

    You haven't been over to my post today…I let him know he was a beautiful black man…and that he made me smile.

    …budda I am from California living in New York. Will remain a Cali chick til the day I die regardless of where I live…

    Oh lawd, let me here what you have to say about us…

    I should do one of these post…I have dated from coast to coast…and I will say this… NY men are a lot softer than Cali men, regardless how hard they pretend to be. Wait, don't tell anyone I said that…sshhhhhhh

  31. "@Hasani: I done warned you yesterday. Lemme here one more “fat ass”, b*, etc from you. Teacia, Comeback, and Tiffany don’t need no random personal insults (as well as anybody else)."

    SBM are you high???? You have never defended any woman's honor on here EVER. I mean did you smoke something before you went to work. Or are you getting high off of the PERL and SQL.

  32. Hey Sheila…we do miss you so. Hope the writing is going well. I tried to pick up "Platinum" at Borders last week in Bowie and it was SOLD out, after the online thingy said there were copies available there. let me find out we have a NY times bestseller on here chile.

  33. @Comeback: Its that good stuff. Like super hydro. People talk about that purple … well I'm on that color changing stuff. You hear of that Bin Laden … well I got that Iran.

    I just am trying to keep the peace. Best believe it wasn't a woman or man thing. I'm be quick to bust your head too next time you get out of line … still love you though.

  34. Tecia: something wrong with yoru internet? I know bell south is bad but .. seriously. nobody said WHERES THE MOST BLACK FOLK AT SON?!?!?

    The item in topic was about women in seperate area codes. Black men date ALL types of women … so any data of what types of women are in those area codes.. AND our competition for the women in the area codes is always relevant.

    this is a blog, not a magazine.

    You spent so much time trying to shoot my post full of holes, you forgot not everyone HAS TO think like you do. And in the same time we coulda had you surf the net for the numbers that you wanted to see posted.

    My race works hard for everything they do!

  35. comeback: Texas is where I should go? OH please dont tell me that. I have someone who wants me to move in with them in texas, and its becomming a very tempting offer. I went down to visit a few weeks ago and I didnt like the fact that everyone had normal jobs. Not enough corporate jobs down there compared to being in jersey where I am 45 mins from manhattan and 45 minutes from philly. Im a black male in IT… I know the pains of losing a job and being unemployed/layed off and never want to move to a non job friendly area.

    If I could find me a nice thing darkskined lassie like kelly rowlands I would be down there oh so fast! (swoon)

  36. Hasani….man…the more you type the less attractive you appear. Just off the dome I know that Austin is one of the most innovative IT towns in the south. DFW area is also a HOT telecom sector, if you know software design and have an interest in telecom, I'm most sure Nortel would scoop you up FAST.

    Your priorities are all fyked up. Why not try on working on some personal development, basic skills, reading comprehension. Learning about this interesting country we live in. Hell you just might find something lucrative to do and not claim "scrub" all the damn time. thats where your focus should be right now, not finding a life mate.

  37. and you did say you weren't "qualified" to do your IT job now…I mean work on being proficient in that first before you move. get some self confidence and stop going around telling people that, much less on a damn blog. If you can't even get your professional hussle on, no woman is going to be that interested ANYWHERE. You have a long list. I really do suggest you get crackin. Time is money FOR REAL.

  38. Ummmm, Hasani what the hell are you talking about? The only time I addressed you today was to point out that North Carolina has some caring chics and maybe you should move there since you asked…and to inform you of this:


    This is a site that shows the breakdown of male to female ratios by STATE"

    only shows white male to white female ratios….and ummmm NONE of us are white, so I stated that you needed to read your sources before you post them…which also leads me to believe that none of your sources are accurately representative of this participants on this blogsite.

    I didn't read any of your long posts so I didn't reply to them…again mister PLEASE do better.

    @Tiffany: Damn girl, you got me wanting to move to Houston!!

  39. Now I know why you are single… never had a Louisiana Woman( no offense ladies…I love all my sistas)…LOL…picking with ya though.

  40. As a fellow Houstonian, thanks Tiffany for repping us hard!

    I share my time between Austin and Houston and I can definitely say that Austin is very different from other parts of Texas. 6th Street probably has something to do with it.

    @SBM I agree with you that Texas women are kind/all that, but I don't know if I should be offended that even though we lack in the looks dept(not true), our nice-ness makes up for it. nice post, something different.

  41. I love how supportive you guys are…

    also love how I have to prove my facts with links bar graphs and black and white.. while you can just fire them off the hip … LOL double standard much. well fuck your graphs. I have been applying to jobs since september in dallas ft worth.

    and you guys are very near sighted…

    Dallas ft worth has X number of jobs… but is twice the area of manhattan. Infact the dallas ft worth area takes about 45 minutes to get around. I can get to BOTH new york and philly from where ii am now. SO if I say … and I quote


    Not only are there a ton of jobs but its in a small area.

  42. "also love how I have to prove my facts with links bar graphs and black and white.. while you can just fire them off the hip … LOL double standard much. well fuck your graphs. I have been applying to jobs since september in dallas ft worth."

    Oh Hasimeister we still love you…but you're just too extra sometimes. Also just for the record I did give you a heads up on DFW and it is poppin. But you made a blanket statement ABOUT THE WHOLE DAMN STATE. Some things people know off the dome, they don;t need to site. Its been written many times and in many places that Dekalb and DC metro area rep the richest and most educated blacks. This has been a fact since the mid to late 80s. The later Mayor Barry had a lot to do with it. I tell my friends all the time that he help to create the black middle class in

    "ward nine" which is known as DC. http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_m1077/is_1_… "In the real Prince George's County, the people are just as intriguing. The county ranks [for blacks] in the top 2 percent in the nation in income level, and in people who are employed in executive jobs". Dekalb GA runs a close second according to census data 2004.

    Now for illustration purposes do you see what I did. I made a statement, backed it up with data and made a logical conclusion about what my premise was, ie PG is the richest black county in the nation…I also made a statement about quirky behavior of DC professional black women. Its not a totally logical deduction, but it is safe to say that SOME professional black women have less tolerance for BS when she can bring what a "diva black man" may hold over her head. I didn't say ALL black women. I just used data to substantiate SOME behavior.

    You bring in random stats and then talk about how unworthy and at fault black women are for a phenom that touches a broad population. The marriage rate is lower amoung people say 23-35 than it was 25 years ago. But they are getting married, the cenus data suggests later.

  43. Once again you skimmed. DFW has no jobs compared to HERE

    I know you like to always try and think your right and im wrong… this is what makes this board interesting after all…

    but are you seriously trying to compare New york to any city in the WORLD for jobs… much less the 45 minute cone of Manhattan Newark Princeton Philly??? That cone decimated any metro area in the world for TOTAL amount of jobs. "some things are just known off the dome"

    Ok, now you just have to do what you did up here with yoru last post… as many times as I have and ALWAYS of the same quality. just like our sex life… doing it once dosent impress me much 😉

  44. I have training camp every year in San D. I could never live there.

    Its too nice. Every day I wake up and its overcast, then by 8pm its sunny… no humidity… no rain… and always a slight breeze. Thats some erie stuff right there captain!

    Brothas like to garden too much to live out there anyways, all that lack of rain and humidity cant be good for much. but that darn lajolla cove is the "gucchi lady" captial isnt it?

    I like my love life simple and happy but need my weather to be harsh… not the other way around!

  45. see we have alot in common and cover eachothers faults rather well…

    almost… nah… its almost like god actually created us to compliment eachother insted of you tearing me down for how little financial resources I have and how happy I have been in my life.

    Id like to make you happy. Id like to make anyone happy. THere are men who love to argue and who love passionate women, Im not one of them… like most middle class black men.. I want a simple life and peace and quiet. (and a pretty gal with silky hair wouldnt hurt either)

  46. haha… I gotta laugh at this one…

    But i'm not sure where in Austin you were… but you gotta get out. Texas woman are the best. I'm not just saying that cause i'm from here…I'm saying it cause I've traveled all over the country. Texas has every kind of woman ya can imagine.

    I have to agree with Seattle… no Black women there.. very sad.

  47. I will check DFW again. But Every kind of woman?

    Jersey/NY has Paki, Indian,Bangalori, RIcan, Dominican, Mexican, Los TIco's, Portugese…. down there you just have "some indianish lookin people" and "spanish speaking like type people"

    I was down there for 2 weeks and got really tired of seeing black and white. I came home , got off the plane at newark and huged the first philipono I saw.

    Im still thinkin about moving down there. but the job situation has been brutal. I would need to make at least 40k to leave the setup I have here. Not enough data centers down there, or jobs that fit me period.

    but the most important thing is how the women are. SO I perhaps need to stop bitchin about the traffic, lack of jobs and move my ass down there and find my Kelly Rowlands!!

  48. I will have to say that you were rather accurate about the "niceness" of a Texas woman. However, Texas produces some beautiful women! Of course everyone is beautiful (or atleast should feel they are), but I have observed some very beuatiful women in my daily life and have some gorgeous friends (myself included) with personalities and "niceness" to match. Though we Texas ladies are not all perfect, maybe you should take another visit to the Lone Star State to see some of the physical beauty that corresponds with the great personalities you have already noted. This is my first visit to your blog, and I must admit that I find it to be an enjoyable read, hearing things from a young black single man's perspective.

  49. I believe your assessment of Tx was incorrect. There are beautiful black women in Texas-Houston and Dallas fa sho'. I have lived in DC, and I did not see a lot of 'Pretty Girls' in PG. There was some fine (body) sistas, but pretty…negative, you need to raise your standards. If they were pretty, most were gay though. Baltimore definitely has a rack of bustdowns…but when you're young, handsome, with money, that's like an equation for consistent coitus.

  50. SBM, I think you are the only man I have ever met that has said such about Texas woman. I have lived in Chi, Mia, Detroit, Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, and Austin, so I think I have experienced a nice sampling of the lay of the land when it comes to men and women in those areas. When I lived in cities outside of Texas, I would always get people asking me where I was from, because I didn't look like I belonged around those parts. And as for men who aren't from the Texas/Louisiana area, they say we have the absolute best women here, thick, thin, all shades, all hair types, hood, ghetto fab, bourghie, educated, etc, etc, etc. I lived in Austin for undergrad and the only time there may be a favorable or at least fair number of women that are a true reflection of Texas women in that city is during Texas Relays. Austin is mostly hispanic and white. If you wanna see a good buffet of sistas, hit up the H or Dallas. Oh, and please believe that I know all about chopped and screwed, Boss Hog Outlaws, Paul and Cham before the divorce, and you better believe that I do the dougie on the regular!!! 😉

  51. You mentioned Seattle, but I would encourage you to venture south a few hours and visit the lovely town of Portland, Ore. While there are certainly some hoodrat-types, there are just as many caring, polite and intelligent young women who hail from the Rose City.

    But I might be biased …

  52. Oh god I can't believe that they let you people have your own websites. It's bad enough I have to see you on the streets, now you are all over the internet as well. I guess I have to move somewhere like the old South Africa to get away from you…

  53. You men you were hanging around Texas RAPPERS????Texas rappers are like rappers EVERYWHERE-UGLY,IGNORANT AND THUGGISH!!!!

    Why ddn't you try to meet some black Texas cowboys,who are likely handsome,courtly and(if they're REAL cowboys,LOVE Country music,dancing and rodeo?)Sorry,but it's true:IF YOU'RE A BABE,STOP TRY-


  54. In short,Baltimore is full of fat,fugly,b***hy b

    roads and hos.Hmmm…..Not much different from most in-

    ner cities.(Well,they seem to have MANY more STD's.)

  55. I may be late but I have to say one thing about the mid west. I really hope you didn't base your opinion about all of us (I'm from Detroit) off your experience with Chicago people. You are totally right about then though. I have a lot of family in Chicago and can say your description is dead on. Black people in Chicago can also be very weird. Chicago are often two extremes as well; either super ghetto or super oreo. No in between. Chicago and Detroit people are similar in a lot things but personality wise Detroit people tend to be way more laid back, more flashy but without the "big city attitude" and more down to earth. Chicago dudes tend to love Detroit girls and Detroit dudes can be the same with Chicago girls. Detroit often say Chicago girls are more aggressive. It end up being either a good thing or bad. One thing Detroit dudes say about their hometown women is that we are crazy! lol but if you get with the right one she will definitely be worth it. They say we stick with our men through thick and then; good, bad and the ugly. Its often said that we don't run in hard times because we are used to it and can adapt and do anything to help. Just stay away from the shady ones and you'll definitely find a winner with Detroit women


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