Cheating …



Roaming around youtube I found this clip.  After I died laughing … I actually started to think for a minute.

Was this relationship doom to failure?

Was his desire for a tall woman to beat him with a whip justification for cheating?

Had he brought his fantasy to his wife/girlfriend … would she have understood?

If he didn’t sleep with her … was it cheating?

When someone is into something … but afraid to tell their mate … what do you do?  Does it say something if the person you love doesn’t love you back enough to do that for you … or should you compromise?

And to imagine … all that from a clip from Cheaters …



  1. Hmmm… I cannot view the video from work… but if it's the episode from Cheaters that I think it is, I've seen that mess before.

    In general, if you don't feel comfortable telling your mate what type of kinky madness you're into… it may be time to re-evaluate your relationship and why you're not comfortable sharing that side of you with the person you claim to love. There is NO EXCUSE for cheating. I don't believe cheating is simply physical — there is a thing called mental & emotional cheating as well.

  2. This video is very strange on so many levels. I haven't been able to even fully est. if homegirl/boy with the peridontal situation is a man or a woman or in some type of transgendered holding pattern.

    Yes the relationship was doom to fail, particularly when fetishes cross the line (why the hell am I pontificating a festish on Weds morning). And whatever line that might be is relative to the couple.

    I'll enage in fantasy within reason (naughty nurse/housewife/librian) but some men need to keep uping the anty my personal lines are anything that appears you have a perchant for other men and this lady up top in the video counts. Extreme S&M ????? I don't even understand the concept ??? You get off because i just beat your azz??? I'm so confused.

  3. First, that's a man. "She's helping me work on intimacy issues"…He meant to say 'HE'

    LMAO @ You mess with a guy who wears turtlenecks and leather..LOL

    I'm sorry but I cannot seriously process this video.

    I can't stop laughing..but then it's pretty sad, b/c I dealt with a similiar situation with an ex, his fetish was big fat women from adultfriendfinder.

    Options…give a person options in whether to deal with your 'lifestyle' and the fact that you nee/want to deal with another man or woman.

  4. usually cheating is so cut and dry but this one is not.

    If you are married and into something sexually deviant your mate should be down with it… if they arent… then you shouldnt have gotten married to that person in the first place… if you cant except EVERYTHING about your mate… ya know richer or poorer, better or worse, sickness and in health.. then DONT TAKE THE FUCKING RING.

    There is no "line" for fantasy roleplay.. whats normal to you may be extreme to others.

    Comeback; its not just men who have fetishes… wheres all the anti male stuff comming from in the morning? guys our age just want to put it in, bust and go to sleep… women our age however…. you cougars need it twice per session and two sessions per day. that shits nuttier than a heath bar but somehow men are the deviants?! any stats or more personal skeletons we need to know about?

    please.. stop the madness against men on every topic and every thread!

    anyways… ya…. each person likes their sex in different ways, I gotta say Im mostly willing to compromise with any woman im serious with and do what she ahem…"needs" as long as its reciplicated and everyone is happy.

    Im not too sure how to judge this. If theres no sex and no intimacy and no romance.. I cant convict him of cheating and I am a very anti cheating person…. obviously. cheating is playing against the rules. a fully clothed woman beating you with a paddle is now worse than going down to the local go go and having "Cherokee" grind all over you fully nude and leave a "snail trail" on your thigh?

    both would have the same result… you get turned on and go home and fuck you wife.

    Cough (come check out my masters blog )

  5. funke black chick… your ex was into big fat chicks from AFF.. THAT shit is cheating… not a fetish. Now if you watched him while he handled his business with the fat chicks… thats legal and therefore a fetish.

    I wouldnt have a problem with a woman who wanted to be "taken" by a guy and me watch. if it was her thing and it made her happy and she did my fetish of wearing the pigtails and the little swiss miss girl outfit! conversely if I saw the same chick go out to eat with a male co worker? ya id break my foot off in her ass.

    According to the swingers they have the lowest divorce rate and cheating rate in america.. they must be doing something right.

  6. HNIC, yes I realize it was cheating, but after going through his computer, and viewing photos, it looked as though it started out as a fetish and then he found an alternative outlet.

    Let's not start on the swingers..I've mistakingly walked into a Swingers event at this lounge in DC…at first I didn't realize what type of party it was until some woman introduced me to her husband. Needless to say, I've never been back to that lounge on that particular night.

  7. HAHA…that show is funny and since it's a staged show here in dallas…it's twice as funny. Cheating is what ever 2 people set as boundaries. There are times you don't even have to ask.. you already know ya girl don't like you emailing or chatting with on the phone. To her that's cheating.. and if you agree not to.. and then do it anyway… that would make you a cheater..and a liar. Every one has their own ideas of what cheating is. Some more detailed than others.

  8. So check it I agree with EVERYONE this morning…ahhh man, the sky MUST be falling…lol.

    Freckles is right, you should always be upfront and honest…if you're hiding something then maybe this isn't the person for you. Comeback is right, sometimes men do push the envelope, not all women are the kinky type…and last i checked no woman was begging for anal(future post i'm sure).

    But Hasani also has a valid point. I have a friend, a close friend actually who enjoyed it when her man slapped her during sex…crazy i know…but you had to be there when she told the story…she had the gestures and sounds down…and we were at ruby tuesdays at that…rolling on the floor laughing at the thought(ok, enough rambling). But there are no lines when both parties indulge in a "fantasy/fetish."

    Ahhh swingers, we need a post on that alone as well. This friend I mentioned above actually suggested we got to a swingers bar…it's was the oddest shit ever!!! I could not wrap my mind around watching someone I love get down and dirty with the next woman. I think she made a contact or two though…he future husband is definitely going to have a lot on his hands. And finally to co-sign on Eathan's point, cheating is defined by whatever boundaries are set by the couple. If he likes it and I love it…then we're cool. If one person is getting something in disagreeance of the spouse then it's blatantly cheating.


  9. LMAO @ blak chik!!! Girl I know exactly what lounge you're talking about and I have made a conscious effort to not go on that particular night! LMAO!!!!! Too funny.

  10. Is that swingers club in DC on U street. Back in the day it used to be a great place to hear live music. It looks like a house of mirrors up in there.

    I think we need a post on how a grown azz man refers to another as his Master (outside of the confines of maybe Karate practice). Does he call you his little grasshopper?

  11. I have dated two chicks in my lifetime who were into a type of swinging or voyeurism.

    Tall lawyer girl was very much into the swapping and things like naked poker and all, but had a rule about no more than four people at a time.

    I thought we were going to be a cute couple for a bit and she droped that one on me. I have to say I wouldnt have had much of a problem with it (I mean.. come on now.. she was 6tf tall do you know how sexy that is?)

    I just couldnt tell if she was into it as a form of expression (which is great) or a form of promiscuity (which is bad)

    to me whatever you want to do in the bedroom.. and I seriously mean whatever…. as long as its between a consenting man and a woman of legal and breeding age…. i have no problem wit any of it. When it came out that marv albert lost his job because he liked to wear womens panties and bite his girlfriend of 15 years during sex….. I thought that was rather wrong of NBC to do.

  12. Tiffy…. trust me, if we had to go a few rounds you would call me master as well 🙂

    you seem like your not very "active participant" type and would get and usually do get "served" and "tap out"

    not saying im a Czar or anything I know my limits… I wouldnt try and say the same thing about Teacia she looks like shed make me cry and curl up in fetile position 🙁

    (unlike her writing and debating skills)

  13. I am pretty aware of who I am sexually. Also, pretty open to just about anything that two people can do to eachother…but the minute he decides to bring in a third person…all bets are off.

    Also…I may try it…budda Broham, if I say no…then belive that and don't try to turn that no into a yes…'cause I will fuck you up!

    The fact I am 5'5 makes that last little rant sorta funny… Budda-rum, don't test me because this little piece of deliciousness can turn into the Tazmanian devil in a heart beat…

  14. Remember what my reasoning is for steering away from white women is right? ya ok… just process that.

    dont confuse me bein a nice guy with an inability to absolutly wreck the likes of your premadonna deadfish typeself. I make you sweat them tracks out yo head dont get it twisted.

    what… did you think I keep women so long because of my brains?? ….. interesting…..

  15. Hasani, now did I come out here today bothering you today…noooooo, but you just had to call me out. Do you need a hug Sani baby…mama got ya.

    And yes sir IF I were interested and I most certainly am not, not only would you be balled in a fetile position crying…you would be…ah hell why even bother.

  16. This ButtaRone mess must stop! This n___a Hasani gets Sani baby … and I'm regarded as ButtaRone. BUTTARONE! Let me not talk about it anymore and go be easy for a second.

    Teacia, I think you might turn a poor boy liek Hasani out … therefore an upstanding guy like me is better suited. Still planning that trip to DC … right? Ready for that private tour …

    Comeback … I mean … I have been hit with a whip (too much liquor and friends with spar money at a strip club … long story short) … and while its not me, who is to say that its "too freaky". Some women consider head "too freaky".

    Funky Black Chick … I need the address, rules, secret knock, name, and any other information about this "swinger's club" in DC. I swear my friend told me about it, but never got the details. You said Saturday … right.

    Honestly, I think I wanna be a swinger when I get older. I have really thought about this a couple times in the past, but I got a lot of time to decide anyway …

  17. DTP baby(how's that) you paying for that trip to DC…yeah that's what I thought. But I do have a nice warm bed down here in Flawda whenever you're ready…and I do mean warm. 😉

    *ahem* move along folks…nothing here to see.

  18. Teacia … Disturbing The Peace? Don't Trap P*ssy? Dicked them properly (like that one)?

    Send that plane ticket and I'm good. But I think TIH might be jealous because I promised her a trip to Houston months ago (still waiting on them dates … ).

  19. Teacia….DC would LLLLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE to have you. Buttarome could show you all the spots…the tickets are rather cheap into IAD. Buttarome's pockets are deep.

    Grasshopper..i just ran out of homekey momentum to even continue….

  20. Comeback … I get out. I know that I know the place … but which place.

    Got an idea in my head … just need a lil validation.

  21. ummmmm…yeah, didn't you say you had a b-day coming up soon?!?!? *checking the records* I got this thing that I do….and uh yeah…birthdays are my favorite…lol…trust me it's worth the trip.

    but since I don't want to upset TIH, I may randomly be hanging out in D.C. this weekend for the…uh festivities…yeah festivities if my hookup at Northwest comes through. we should definitely ALL hang out, that includes you too Comeback.

    Comeback ButtaRone is a tad bit cheap…he won't even buy a chic a drink…I seriously doubt he has it in him to pay for travel(prove me wrong Rone baby)…even though he publicly confessed his undying love for me over a month ago….*sighing*…is it all JUST talk?!?!?

  22. ahhhh man ComeQuat, when are u coming back? if i'm come it's going to be 4th of July weekend no doubt…remember i'm a tourist, gotta see all the festivities…but if Rone baby invites me back then we can invite Grasshopper down as well and all hang.

  23. Seriously though, I'm not coming to D.C. this weekend, I did think about it though. I've been neglecting a few of my fellas and I need to redirect some of my restlessness towards them…I have a goal remember. I did get a random invite to join one of them to Canada next month, and then there's Kentucky the second weekend in August…I'm already tired and jetlagged just thinking about it. Honestly though chic, I really don't think I want to be bothered with any of them. I've been focusing on one person lately…well maybe two but that seems to be more than enough these days.

    But when I do come up there I'll let you know…oh and ol boy from Virginia finally made it down this way last weekend…and uhhhh, I'm just happy that chapter is closed. I don't remember him being that lame when I met him homecoming weekend…oh well…*dun, dun, dun…another one bites the dust*

  24. Thats funny how Buttarome just disappeared…haven't heard from Grasshopper either. I guess he's with his Master (I can't even wrap my mind around that but to each his own)..Anyway I digress…Canada??? for Caribana??? you'll have fun. You should spice it up and dress in costume, that would be hot. Like maybe you could rep Jamaica??? But I know they start preppin kind of early in the year.

  25. Lol…naw his uncle lives up in Toronto and keeps begging him to come, so he just kind of asked me out of the blue to join him. I didn't say yes and probably won't…I don't really like him like that and don't want to lead him on. I like that we've just been friends for the past few years and I'm not looking to take it any further…but he is my airline hookup…10 cent/mile for any flight…you can't beat that with a stick…lol.

    I know nothing about Caribana…but I could have passed for something…people think I'm from the islands all the time. I don't think shit is exotic about my look…maybe it's the complexion, but errthing about me says NEGRO…lol.

    Niggas disappear when you turn the heat on…SBM and Hasani are no exception to that rule.

  26. "but he is my airline hookup…10 cent/mile for any flight"

    don't you have to go standby or can you get right on?

    "SBM and Hasani are no exception to that rule."

    aint nobody turn no heat up..we just convasatin'…

  27. he's a district manager…so if the flight isn't booked there's no wait, he just books it at the discounted rate, but if all the flights are booked then i go standby…but at the top of the list…my ticket to D.C. this weekend would have been $70 each way for a $500 flight.

    u know negroes don't like talking about money…but i think i hurt SBM's feelings by bringing up the others…u know since he's publicly in love with me and all.

  28. "…but i think i hurt SBM’s feelings by bringing up the others…u know since he’s publicly in love with me and all."

    Awe Buttaromey rome…its ok….:( Get out more. Hit up a few "unknown" swinger's joints you'll be ok.

  29. girl it's Bike night…you know he out running in the streets.

    …but i may end up in Tallahassee…my homegirl wants to go to Panama City…which is always fun…airline dude lives in Tally along with Mr. Avalance…airline dude's family reunion is this weekend and his cousin is Tweet…my absolute FAVORITE singer…lol. so i may end up there…but he wants to fly up to Memphis on Saturday to go and view the MLK memorial. all i want to do is lay in bed up under a negro i actually like…why the hell is that so damn hard these days.

  30. Oh yeah folks…I wrote my very first blog post and it will debut tomorrow on Eathan's blos as a guest post. Interracial dating from a black woman's perspective…well actually my perspective. I'm a little nervous about the shitstorm that it may create, but I'm also a little anxious b/c I've never written anything for anyone before.

    And no I didn't ask to write it and actually had to be coerced…lol…but it will be up…so look out for it…and of course the dialogue to follow…dialogue that i plan to stay miles away from.

  31. yeah, but he doesn't do it for me…never have like that. funny little story, i met him in Walmart in Tally like 5 years ago…he chatted me up for a bit and we went our separate ways, got out of the store and lo and behold we were parked next to one another and happened to get to our cars at the same time. he went on about fate and some nonsense and i eventually gave him my number after declining the offer inside…lol i was still attached to my daughter's father who surprisingly shares the same name…so it was a definite no go. he became a good friend and when i moved we would catch up on the phone like every few months and that was back when i stayed in a relationship so his timing was always off. i just don't feel a connection with him at…don't know why, but the chemistry has never been there like that.

    i guess i like him well enough but not to be flying up to memphis on random trips and planning to cross border lines with him ya know…but i do love me some Tweet(who is super tiny btw) and her album release party is in September…YAAAAY!!! but i just want to be friends, if he was inviting me as a friend and not a love interest i would definitely go…it's not like he has to pay for the flights, it's free for him and a friend…and i would foot my bills while we're there. i'm just afraid that if i tell him i lose everything. damn conscience.

  32. Thats cool about your blog post. Eathan is cool. I like that he likes what he likes but doesn't use that as a platform to down other black women. And he did think that Kenya Moore was hot …so he's not blind. Grasshopper sure could take some pointers from him.

  33. OH im sorry I was "out" tonight at a mixer. you DO know princeton hospital got all of their new residents in yesterday and there was a huge mixer at the princeton inn. did you two miss me or something?

    I know I said I was "steering" away from white women for the most part but I didnt say I wasnt going to date any at all. Two women I met tonight were very VERY forward. I started out trying to make nice with this light skinned sista who had blonde hair (omg sexy) as a mutual friend told me "theres someone over here who I think you would like" after making a joke about why do people always wanna assume the minotiries all want to know eachother, I played the basic questions 101 game with her. After finding out I was a "townie" she seemed to be very disinterested in talkin further and even turned to talk to another person. ok I can take a hint not interested.

    So I met two other ladies tonight, actually they met me. one 34 and actually NOT a doctor and the other is younger I think she was 27. Actually spoke to both at the same time for almost 30 minutes before I moved on. Both came back to speak with me at separate times in the night indivually and both made sure they came by and gave me their number before they left.

    I didnt feel like I was throwing it out there, so I was a bit shocked I guess.

    When the sista with the blonde hair decided to leave I walked over and asked her where she was parked so I could be nice and walk her to her car since ya know "Im parked in the same area"

    I got my hat and we started to walk to the door, thats when the 27 year old grabed my arm and gave me the "I dont usually do this buy heres my number" line. As I was making small talk, blondie huffed and walked out the door.

    I ran to catch up to her after saying bye to 27 year old…. and said "aww dont want to wait for a brotha"

    she gave me the "you looked too busy playing in the snow" and said it in a very condescending tone. I decided to let this chick walk to her car alone I had tried enough with her short ass, she can take her and her bottle of bleach and go screw herself.

    but seriously what da FUK!? I try to be nice to someone on 3 seperate occations in the night, and even offered to walk her to her car and buy her a drink but met with resistance (which is cool) but then I get made out to be an uncle tom because two other women are interested in me? I dont understand why the hostility when I was just trying to be nice happy and silly towards her, im still trying to figure it out.

    I dont think it was out of line to take a the number and make her wait 20 secconds was it?

  34. because….?

    I wasnt on all day? Boxing wednsday and Friday…. I do work nights so sleeping during the day is a good thing… and I am trying to be active in dating still, so I have to actually LEAVE my computer sometimes.

  35. No, it's perfectly okay for you to disappear. I don't do you because you actually hung out at a hospital mixer hoping to meet the next great doctor and had the nerve to get upset that one of the first two chics you met wasn't a doctor…lol…negro neither are you…lol

    ….oh well…i digress.

  36. I say that if your going to be a golddigging grasshopper at least be good at it your Master doesn't talk about being proficient in things? Oh yes that is rather obvious.

    Firstly, Princeton is highly selective as an UNDERGRAD institution. Its teaching hospital DOESN'T EVEN RANK. And as you know anytime women start to enter a profession it loses its much of its prestige, people aren't becoming doctors anymore for the money honey. In most cricles its looked upon as a glorified nurse and your totally hangin around at the the WRONG hospital.

    Future foward set your sites higher Cedar Sinai, Hopkins, Yale-New Haven, UCLA. And stop messing around with residents at 40k. Go for the gold, get the docs who are already practicing and paid down the average 400k debt (for a ranking med school).

  37. Unlike you money isnt my motivation in life…

    I guess the motivations of the stereotyopucal sista are not the same as todays brotha?

    I cant even get a date without you trying to criticize THEM and ME? wtf is wrong with you? sheesh you reallY DO need me… not for the date, you seem to be rather anal of late. someone needs to fill you out like an application and loosen you up some. (HAH mind the pun there)

    T: Im no gold digger! OMG I h8 u to say such a thing. Unlike either of you I actually will date people who make below my "checklist" in income. In theory "miss may" had no job and was a full time student for the past 30 years of her life and I had no problem dating her the past 6 months. And "Miss Target" wasnt exactly ballin either dont confuse what nice guy me is like… with how evil ol you guys think!!

    and Miss ER actually is going to Sinai if that makes you feel any better miss…

    where did O go again? ya well future forward set your sites on a man who actually will do his fellowship by you because he wants to be with you more than he wants to pursue his career specialization. also try and find someone trustworthy loyal helpful friendly curtius kind obedient cheerful thrifty brave clean and reverent…. insted of "about to be balin son".. combine that with love and most of all RESPECT (something you lack) and I promise you with effort you will have blisful nappyness like we all want…. well at least those of us who are sane.

  38. Just asking because you again are TOTALLY OUT OF YOUR LANE. You hang out at hospital socials??? NABJ (NATIONAL BLACK JOURNALIST ASSOC.) doesn't have any?? or how about NSBE (oh wait your not an engineer, at least not today).

    You know NOTHING about science. You know nothing about scientific research. I'm just asking because you never "brag" about the "bloomberg socials" (btw bloomberg again is known for their financial news reporting, not the state of the black marriage reporting).

    It just seems laughable. Oh btw O is home doing rotations most likely at GW. But money has never been my SOLE motivation. All that you speak of doesn't impress me because I outearn most MDs (non-residents) today. My issue with him was compatibilty.

    but i forgot your looking to BUILD together.

    love peace and nappyness dude.

  39. and if you REALLY cared about meeting people period, you would beef up on the social grace thing and you most certainly wouldn't start with hospital mixers. Your like a fish out of water. You cant even represent the stats here well with basic causation of black marriage and family. I mean what about when men come up and chit chat, that can and does happen since hopefully you aren't OBVIOUS in your quest.

    btw, you can meet a woman anywhere since you arent really concerned about what she does, Starbucks, a lounge, super market, music festivals..oh wait …that would require more social grace and apptitude.

  40. compatibility… money… respect… same thing in your case.

    Ive never met a women who liked me and said what I dont know about medicine or any of her fields of study mattered.

    I sure as hell know Im not looking for a gal to talk to unix about when I get home. Im lookin for someone I can cook dinner for and sweet talk while the veggies simmer, and sit on my lap and let me brush her hair before we go to bed, and someone to be my best buddy morning and noon as well as night.

    I guess if I was into bling bling and a goldigger like youself… err I mean "self preservationist" … gold digging is such a 90's word I know…. I guess I would have to have all of the fake drivvle about someone whom i wanted to dates education and life.

    Its amazing how a woman with as little education as yourself wants to sit there and speculate how actual women with higher education think and feel. Im no einstein myself… but then again I never claim to know everything nor do I speak for a social class I dont represent … LOL. while your speculating on how you think other people are thinking…..

    want to let us all know how it feels to be a prisoner of war next? how about letting us know what its like to be a mother of two? Your theory on nuclear fission in relation to subatomic uranium particles? how about your take on the current state of Call of Duty 4 for xbox live? Oh wait .. I got a streatch for you… how about whats it like to be a happy and well liked black woman in modern america?

  41. I have no social grace and I am out of my lane?

    Sheesh and here I thought I was a nice guy 🙁

    oh well, guess I should give back those numbers that two gals gave to me last night… ya know… the numbers I didnt ask for and was shocked that I got…

    hmm musta been somethin I said……. howd your double date on the couch with BEN AND JERRY go miss sunshine?

  42. make it do what it do!!! I wasn't getting an advanced degree BECAUSE I WAS OUTEARNING everybody with them. So what would have been my motivation 8 or 9 years ago!!! The point is NOT that you can talk about medicine the point is that you have the COMPREHENSION to discuss it. So your not a journalist today?? back to the Unix thing again?

    Anyways yes Ben and I are headed out to NO and then off to NM..

    I'm so pitiful. And nobody wants me. 🙁

  43. I love how I say Im out having a good time and you tell me im "un inteligent"

    I bring up that I date one or two (or a score) of women with advanced degrees and you get all defensive.

    you have NO CLUE what a woman who is highly inteligent would think so dont speak for them. If you want to CALL ME AND SPEAK TO ONE OF THESE NICE YOUNG LADIES AND GET A CLUE…. Im sure you could have a nice conversation with miss ER. last thing any REAL woman…. and I mean REAL woman, not someone insecure … wants to talk about when they get home is what they do at work. talk to him about the 80's and other fun stuff, talk about how good he looks and bolster his ego, sweet talk him and turn him on so he feels a like you like him to… talk about deep things in your own personal heart that way he will feel a rapport with you.

    Hell I know I dont want to talk UNIX… why do you bring it up… do you SERIOUSLY bring your unix work to the dating table?? seriously homegurl, we may need to talk about your social skills. Its already the stereotyope that black women arent very sociable come time for office networking (not the TCIP kind.. I mean the kind where you talk to and be nice to people) and your just further kicking that stigma.

    Next time your on a date, talk to ol boy about who he is and what he's wants to do for fun. … DONT ASK HIM ABOUT MONEY.. DONT PROBE HIM ABOUT AMBITIONS TO MAKE MORE MONEY…. for christs sake leave that shit alone at 34 we can spot that gold diggin shit a mile away. Talk to a man like a MAN and not a prospect investment, or a mark that needs to be "conned" by having "comprehension" of his work and holding out on sex til the 17th date and what not.

    I know I treat any woman I take out like she could mother the next emperor of china… shouldnt you treat every brothas you come accross like we are the Kings that we are descended from?

  44. let it go Sani baby…just walk away and joint us over in rhythm nation…i mean really doesn't this just get old at some point.

  45. spoken by the two women who had an entire day long conversation about me with not a single post from me in the day?

    yes I do love you both too, but then again I love all black women.

  46. actually we were just chatting it up…you know we love you Hasani and would be devastated if you left…but please bring it down a notch. ok snookums. 🙂

  47. You guys are interesting! I just stumbled across your little piece of heaven.

    The video depicts a typical couple: a relationship without honest sexual communication. Couples are too often afraid to openly and honestly talk with their partner about what REALLY turns them on, and, or the desire to engage in sexual practices the partner may consider too freaky. Usually, it's a religious conviction that keeps too many of us from SAFE sexual exploration.

    Therefore, too many go seeking outside the relationship which always places one at high risk for numerous sexually transmitted infections. So, keep him or her home by liberating the mind and sexually exploring. In reality, nothing is too freaky!


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