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This isn’t a full post as much as it is a request.  As always … depending on the collective wisdom of you … my peoples.

I am in the works of conducting a thought provoking and interesting experiment in music and social behavior.  Well … I think its all those things.

Anyways, as a result I need to fill my ipod with good, emotion provoking, and non sex based (read: Jodeci) R&B music.  Since I don’t listen to R&B (I mean I can barely tell you what R&B is on the radio at this point) … I am looking for suggestions, recommendations, and the “OMG … you gotta get this”.

My collection so far is limited, but includes:

  • Lauryn Hill – The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill (My favorite R&B album of all time … maybe because she is a rapper)
  • Alicia Keys – The Diary of Alicia Keyes
  • Alicia Keys – Unplugged
  • Beyonce – Dangerously in Love
  • Mya – Moodring
  • R Kelly – The R in R&B
  • T-Pain – (IDK the name)
  • Brooke Valentine – (IDK the name)

I think thats all the major ones.  I know what my first recommedation is going to be by my favorite person making a “Come Back”, so I got one.

Also, anyone with access to the screwed and chopped “Sux Action” series or the Swishahouse “Srraight to the Room” series of slowed & throwed R&B … hit me up … we need to arrange a transfer.

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What should I get?  Who’s Hot?  Whats classic?  What should I delete and never listen to again?

Ya boy needs help …




  1. First all, take that bullshit T-Pain and Brooke Valentine off your ipod!!!!! Do not admit that in public ever again!!

    You need some Marvin Gaye, Isley Brothers, Earth Wind and Fire, O'Jays and Rick James in your life. Not to mention Luther, Chaka Khan and Diana Ross (post Supremes). Get you some Doobie Brothers and Brothers Johnson too. I'm sure I am telling my age with this comment. I haven't even gotten to the 80's real good yet. I'll be back.

  2. Earth, Wind and Fire have an album entitle "Illumination" that released about 3 years ago. It has nice collaborations with various artists that even SBM may know – does Big Boi ring a bell?

    Love Marvin. Various artists remixed his songs in on an album entitle "Marvin in 60." Worth listening to.

    Carl Thomas – Emotional

    Dave Hollister – Chicago 85

    Lauryn Hill – Miseducation definitely a keeper. Unplugged was hard to digest.

    Old Erykah Badu i.e.: Baduizm and Mama's Gun. Worldwide Underground is an aquired taste. Can't really get into New Amerykah

    Common "Be" album is nice. I didn't really get into him until then.

  3. Lordie what is this sudden interest in expanding your musical tastes ???

    I say stick to some of the R&B staples don't stray to far away from home..dont go tettering around with Cold Play, Linkin Park, Jack Johnson…instrumental jazz, funk, fusion.

  4. I forgot my boys Anthony Hamilton "Comin' where I'm from" and Lyfe Jennings "Lyfe 268-192". Big UPs to the soulful sounds of the "raspy" voice.

    If you looking more for a "thug" R&B fill, check out Tank "Sex, Love, & Pain." I would give it 2.5 stars. Being that you live by the "thug" chicks, they may dig it. Also Jaheim "Makings of a Man."

  5. Yes SBM, pre-tell…why the sudden change…your not expecting a lady friend in your midst soon are you?!?!?

  6. Dwele – "Some Kinda" and "The Subject

    Jill Scott – Anything she EVER sings

    Lupe Fiasco – not really R & B but not Swisha House either!

    Musiq Soulchild – very smooth and mellow, like a nice cognac

    Robin Thicke – "The Evolution of Robin Thicke"

  7. I will co-sign on that Robin Thicke "Evolution" CD. I forget the name of his first album but I need to dig it up and listen to it.

    I like Musiq Soulchild but the more I listen to him lately, the more it sounds like a hangover after taking shots of tequila – Beefeater. Yuck.

    Raheem DeVaugh "Love Experience" is nice.

    Syleena Johnson have a few seductive tracks on her "Chapter 3" album if SBM is trying to show is lady friend of the weekend that he has good R&B exposure.

  8. And since so far you haven't really been getting any real selections I'll input my 2 pennies.

    Ledisi-i can listen to it over and over again and never get tired

    J.Holliday-people are sleeping but his album IS the shit!

    Musiq Soulchild- I love all of his albums

    Jill Scott- you can't go wrong with Jill

    Raheem Devaugh-in my CD player ryt nah…waiting for you to hit up the FLA *tapping my watch*

    Floetry-any album but my favorite is Floetic

    Hill St. Soul-seriously you may want to look them up if you have no idea

    Dwele- BEE U TEE FULL music…he definitely makes the panties drop but with his songs have so much love in them

    Cheri Dennis- kind of an aquired taste but i love her

    Syleena Johnson- i think i may just imeem Slowly just so i can hear it right now…man that song just does it

    Carl Thomas- Emotional is a definite must have

    John Legend- his compilation CD is the best, cause it has his heavy hitters on it

    Chrisette Michelle- beautiful voice and music

    Erykah Badu- her new album is the shiznit, but any Erykah will do

    Giel- yes she's my college roommate BUT her album is also hot

    Anthony David- his album is hot but my favorite is Lady

    Jazmine Sullivan- new artist working with Missy Elliot but her singing skills are unmatched

    …well that's all i have for now…that should be plenty to get you started. 🙂

  9. OK … this might be too much. Damn … gonna take me a minute to go through all this.

    Daisy, I use BitTorrent nowadays. I get pretty good swishahouse albums off there, but I feel like their not keeping up. The last Sux Action I got was from 2K4, and I'm pretty sure they dropped a newer "Straight to the Room" than the last one I got.

    Teacia … stop jumping to conclusions sweetheart. This is for science.

    Comeback … don't worry … the screw and "My Dougie" are going to stay a staple in my music library. Not looking to expand. Just an experiment. DOn't worry … ya'll will get the details.

    TIH … stop hating … lol

    Neonnea … Please … trade in the bike … if someone was bringing about this change … she wouldn't want me to sell my girl on the side. Who knows what I would have to replace her with …

  10. Jazmine Sullivan has that Lauryn Hill vibe.

    Chrisette is on my media player but I haven't listened to her; perhaps I'll play that today at work.

    Floetry – 5 stars – that's in the ride now!

    Angie Stone – Mahogany Soul

    Vivian Green, you know Emotional Rollercoaster…

    Heather Hedley

    Kindred – vibes talking about love and family

  11. @SBM Um…I'm sure you have the backup right there in your living room. Can we say xbox?

    And didn't I say if you type "My Dougie" again, I'm gonna scream! AAHHHHHWWWWWWWWWW!!???!!!

    @Comeback: Didn't know Sullivan's history. About to google her now…

  12. Yeah she was signed at like 13 i think. then dropped. She was doin alot of black lilly stuff when I lived in philly 4 years ago. She does alot of writing for people too.

  13. Jazmine has been out but not really…she's been doing the small circuits but is JUST now the getting fame and attention for her skills. She's been big up north b/c she performs there all the time, but she's never performed down here.

    @SBM: uh huh i bet…i feel you on the selling the bike thing, any chic who makes you do that may not be the one for you…good luck with your little "experiment" mister.

    Heather Hedley…how could I forget about her…and oh my goodness MAXWELL…you gotta get some Max on the IPOD…and I am *crossing my fingers* that his recent performance on BET = new album release.

    Also I LOVE Tweet, I don't think she gets the credit she deserves, but her CD's are hot.

    And Anthony Hamilton, his voice is kind of addicting…like crack addicting…u know it's bad for you but you just can't get enough of the good ish.

    hmmmm, let's see…that's all for now.

  14. yeah Jaz is big in Philly…one of my friends from there turned me on to her a few years back. She wrote Beyonce's Resentment didn't she?…or is it not an original?

  15. Devil Driver: theres nothing wrong <— my personal favorite

    Devil Driver – Knee deep

    Rammstein feuer frei

    Hallelujah – Rammstein

    Gucci Mane- Big Cat Laflare

    Razor & Guido- Do it again

    RA- Do you call my name

    slipknot- My plague

    Type-o negatove – Everything dies

    Rage- pocket full of shells

    Rage- People of the sun

    whats R&B? I cant Train and hit weights to "I dont see nothing wrong" and "Your body's callin me" 😐

  16. Eric Roberson

    Robin Thicke



    Raheem DeVaughn

    Conya Doss

    Chrisette Michelle


    John Legend

    Angie Stone

    Jill Scott

    Just to name a few.

  17. lol…eathan's site reading the post huh, well i don't think his site was necessarily the right forum…but he asked, so hey give the people what they want.

  18. you skimmed Big t… I dunn listen to R&B so im lost in the conversation.. but trying ot add what I can.

    I feel like a fishy out of the waters 🙁

  19. @SBM – Evolution: change "head" talk to "family values." Give up screw for instrumentals. Trade bikes for big body things. These things aren't being forced. What's your hypothesis?

  20. RIP Gerald Levert "G" album

    LSG "My body" single

    Eric Benet

    Joe "My name is…"



  21. Wow, lots of good suggestions.

    Let me throw in a few of my own that weren't already mentioned.

    Sade – Best of (Covers it all)

    Maxwell – Urban Hang Suite (You MUST get this album)

    Stevie Wonder – The Definitive Collection (greatness)

    Amel Larrieux – Discography (Yes, you should really listen to all of her albums)

    D'Angelo – Voodoo (Neo-soul at it's best) & Brown Sugar

    Donell Jones – Journey Of A Gemin

    Vivian Green – A love story (her voice alone is enough to make you fall in love with her music)

    Isley Brothers – The Essential Isley Brothers

    Marvin Gaye [almost anything really] – [but start with] I Want You (March 16, 1976)

    Maxwell – Fortunate (the single)

    all I can think of off the top of my head, and i'm surprised most were not mentioned already.

  22. Oh yeah, take Mya off of your list man. Her albums are sub-par at best.

    Also, add Babyface – A Collection of His Greatest Hits, and Brian McKnight – From There to Here: 1989-2002, oh and Kim Hall….she's not mainstream but she's a very talented artist.

  23. "and i’m surprised most were not mentioned already"

    this is a man who is still stuck on Screw and Chop. You have to ease him into alot of this stuff. Thats why i didn't even drop my ipod. So sometimes you have to throw reminders of the "throw back" before you throw the throw back.

    Like Raheem Davaghn (sp) and Dwele before Marvin Gaye

    Mambo Sauce before Chuck Brown (well most people love chuck but you get the point)

    Glenn Lewis before Donny Hathaway

    Maxwell before Al Green

    Mint Condition before EWF, GAP, Ojays, Temptations etc etc.

    Musiq before Stevie

    Joe before Jeffery Osborne

    Ledisi before Chaka Khan

    Emily King before Nina Simone

    I think he needs more young bucks then slowly transition into the classics, the legends, the orginators.

  24. Please let go of the Brooke Valentine (there is a reason you do not know the name of her album)

    Go with these in addition to what others have suggested:

    Chriisette Michele- I Am

    Jill Sott- all albums, but if you are trying to stay away from sexual songs you may want to avoid her last album The Real Thing (even though it is a must buy!)


    Corrine Bailey Rae- same name

    Anthony Hamilton- Comin' From Where I'm From and Ain't Nobody Worryin'

    Musiq- all of his albums thus far, though I am a bit skeptical of what he may be coming out with next after hearing the song "Radio"

    Dwele- Some Kinda

    There are some other must haves, but I am trying to stay away from suggesting the baby making music, as a part of your "scientific experiment" and eveyrone else has made some great suggestions.

  25. So do you think he should have exposure to Frankie Beverly & Maze before or after he explores Kem, Will Dowing, Rachelle Ferrell?

  26. My goodness! Now I need to hit a music store up. How could Charlie Wilson/GAP Band? Mint Condition! Al Green (make ya do wrong…make you do right). Pebo Bryson.

  27. I think he needs more young bucks then slowly transition into the classics, the legends, the orginators.

    LOL @ Comeback, good point. I guess I didn't really think about that.

    SBM – Hold off on Marvin, Isley Brothers Mr.Wonder per Comebacks comment which makes a lot of sense. You have to crawl before you can walk.

  28. A lot of great selections have been suggested.. So here is my short list

    Eric Cire- Love Vowels that song wow

    Liv Warfield- Embrace Me- amazing voice

    Corinne Baily Rae

    Joy Denalane- Born & Raised- she has a song with Raekwon for Wu Tang Clan

  29. Ahhhhh Corinne Baily Rae…yeah, I can't believe I left her out considering what an advocate I was for her music before she even hit the states….way to go Rena.

  30. OK people … ya'll know this is the crucial overload. I will admit, reading all the suggestions has reminded me of some artists I have liked. So …

    Musiq Soulchild

    Anthony Hamilton

    Floetry (I actually remember rocking their first CD hard)

    John Legend (He never seemed to be into that love BS. Hardcore cheating, and we're breaking up to instrumentals)

    Jill Scott … I think. Don't remember any albums I got of her, but remember thinking I like her.

    And for anyone who hasn't heard R&B chopped & screwed (not screw and chop as Comeback said), then you haven't REALLY heard it. Listen to Michael "5000" Watts do Musiq's "Teach Me" … had me choked up for a second.

  31. Oh yeah I have Beyonce's CD chopped and screwed and it is the shit…hey, i lived in Tampa…they're the screw capital of Florida…Texas orginiated, but Tampa definitely duplicated…and HARD!!

  32. Hello,

    Usually I just lurk, but wanted to contribute.

    I mostly listen to female R&B.. one of the best albums is Christina Aguilera's STRIPPED. It touches on so many emotions one can have…and girl. can. SANG.

    Also worth checking out – OLDER Mariah Carey (butterfly, rainbow, the emancipation of mimi)

    Mya was a good look

    If you like things with a neo twist to it, PLEASE check out Goapele! Love her.

    Dwele is also good ish.

    Nelly Furtado's most recent joint can be fun but also has some good slower stuff..

    Justin Timberlake! yes! especially futuresex lovesounds

    Usher – Confessions, 8701

  33. WOW!!! Ya'll have brought back some jams. I pretty much have a similar collection as suggested but I have found a few good songs to add.

    Great suggestions FAM!

  34. I like chopped and screwed music sometimes but I have never been able to get with R&B chopped & screwed, but I am going to listen to the Musiq "Teach Me" and see if its as good as you say…lol

    Try this…

    Brian McKnight- Here With You

    Teedra Moses- BackStroke

    Kenny Latimore- Never Too Busy

    Kloud 9- Can't Be Love

    Sean Simmons-Slow Glow

    Ledisi-Its Alright, In the Morning


    Choklate-Incredible, Thank You

    Algebra Blessett- What Happened

    Earth. Wind, and Fire- Anything by these guys

    Dells- Love We Had Stays On My Mind

    Chrisette Michele- If I Have My Way

    The Four Tops-It's the Same Song

    Dee Harvey- Leave Well Enough Alone

    Marvin Gaye-I Want You

    H-Town- Special Kind of Fool

    Donnie Hathaway- A Song For You

    Rome-Do You Like This

    Noel Gourdin-Like A River

    Ok I think I gave you too much…lol

  35. I'm going to talk about new stuff since most people here went back in the day with albums you have to have in your collection

    almost all the major players in R&B released albums last year, TANK, JOE (who is in the works with 2 new albums,,one being released in september and one in feb next year… I've listened to both… got a little inside track… and both are classics), Jaheim, and Ne-Yo (who also has another album coming out next month that is going to be a banger)

    Dwele's new album that just came out last week, I cant take it out of rotation

    For the females… I must have is Algebra's CD

    Teedra Moses if you dont have Complex Simplicity by her… its classic

    That's all I can think of right now

  36. I am so glad at least one person named Sade and D'Angelo. If you wanna go waaay back, you should listen to some Al Green, Gap Band, New Birth (Wildflower & Been a Long Time), The Moments(Sexy Mama), LTD, etc.

  37. My thoughts for combining music and social behavior equate to social consciousness. Some up tempo Afro Cuban mixed with R&B is great. So, here's my 2cents:

    Afro Cuban Groups/Artist:

    All Stars

    Buena Vista Club

    Celia Cruz

    Tamia – "Me" ( should've got much more air play)

    Nina Simone – "Mississippi God Damn" and "Strange Fruit"

    Billie Holiday’s “Strange Fruit,”

    Curtis Mayfield and the Impressions’ “Keep on Pushing”

    The Staple Singers "Respect Yourself"

    Dion “Abraham, Martin and John"

  38. I'm late to the party but…i've been on lockdown over the 4th weekend…

    So what!

    Otis Redding – I've been loving you to long

    Nina Simone – Here comes the sun; I put a spell on you


    Peabo Bryson

    Roberta Flack & Donnie Hathaway

    Rose Royce – I wanna Get Next to You

    SOS Band – Tell Me If you still care

    Tech and the Effx – Perfect Match (Skool Daze)

    Tyrese – Lately

    Meshell Ndegeocello

    PM Dawn – Id die without you

    Brian McKnight – Crazy Love; Everytime you go away

    Montell Jordan – What's On tonight

    Lizz Wright – I idolize you; My heart

    Lenny Kravitz – I'll be waiting


    Janet Jackson – Moist

    George Michael – one more try

    Erin Boheme – What Love Is

    Chico Debarge – Sexual

    Cee-Lo – basehead jazz

    Az yet – Last night

    Al B sure

    Biggy – Fucking you tonight!

    SO what's the experiment?

  39. Olu, "Soul Catcher" … it's probably leaning toward neo-soul, but it's still a great piece of music. And very nice with a glass of wine at the end of a stressful day/week.

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