Sadly, I found myself participating in a cardinal sin earlier … I was watching BET.  Luckily, it wasn’t the usual videos of no substance, poor man’s black version of hit MTV shows, or midget devils popping out of toilets (although I do love “Hell Date”).  Instead, they actually had gathered some rappers, Black PhD’s, tv “celebrities”, reverends and whatnot, and attempted to have a series of discussions about men & women in the black community.

Amongst this group … “Deelishis”, winner to Flavor of Love Season 2, was on the panel (for some odd and strange reason) and she made a very memorable quote … here is my attempt to paraphrase:

“We [women] were going for those good, honest, church based men … but then we found out they lie and cheat like all the no good ballers and players … so its like … why not go with the money if their going to lie and cheat anyway”

WWWWOOOOOOOWWWWWWW (*said in Flavor Flav voice and look of shock*).

I guess she just gave justification to any and all women who date for money … the golddigger.

So … obviously I have a lot of problems with this statement and it has also earned her a permanent place on my “buckethead” list.  Rarely does someone sum up such a ignorant and destructive mindset in so few words.

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Why is it that all men have to be liar and cheaters? Why is her world such a cold and lonely place that there are no good guys out there?  Why did she think she would find love with Flavor Flav (thats the real question)?

For anyone who subscribes to this philosophy or knows of anyone who subscribes to it … swiftly smack them in the face (kill yourself if its you).  I’m going to take a page out of a the “book of Comeback” and say (this time) your gonna attract what your worth having.  Its not a problem with men … its a problem with your men … which means its a problem with you. Stop slumming … do better.

Am I right?