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Flat Screen or Law Degree?


I once found myself at the house warming party for a friend of a friend. It was a girl who I went to school with, but didn’t really know at school.

As the night progressed … liquor was flowing and good times were being had. We played some game “Mafia”, talked about randomness, and just all chilled. There were some ok looking girls there … but nothing worth writing about.

So … one of my line brothers shows up after I tell him there are more women than men. He is currently in law school and decided to bring one of his friends from law school. After a few minutes … a conversation breaks out.

LB’s Friend: “I just bought a 42″ LCD for my house. Its great … women love 42 inches”
SBM: “Why do you need a 42″ tv for women. Your in law school … women love lawyers”
LB (Line Brother): “I don’t know … I think the big tv would impress them more”
SBM: “What kind of bucket heads you talking to? With the high amount of golddiggery afoot … lawyers are gonna do well”
Friend: “Well … we’re not lawyers yet … just in law school”
SBM: “Hmmmm … interesting. So does the immediate showing of wealth prove to be more interesting than the potential of 6 figures? Present Value vs. Future Value”
LB: “I don’t think women are going to go for future value. TV wins”
SBM: “Lets go straight to the source. Excuse me” I say as I tug on the hostesses arm. “I got a question for you. What’s more attractive: A 42 inch TV or someone in law school”
Hostess: *turns neck as she talks* “Thats a stupid question. Who would decide a man on either”
SBM: “Indulge me. I’m drunk, your drunk (she was), their almost drunk and we need a female opinion”
Hostess: “Its a stupid question though. Who cares what he has if his ‘dick game’ is right”
SBM: *lets out heavy sigh* “He has to work his way up to sex in the first place … right?  It is a stupid question. Can you just give me a stupid answer?”
Hostess: “But why should I? What does it matter?”

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This back and forth continues for like 15 minutes and concludes with her polling the rest of the women there asking “Is this a stupid question or what?”.

This characterizes one significant flaw with the general female populous … you can’t argue over stupid sh*t. Well … I take that back … ya’ll will argue over stupid sh*t until your blue in the face if you think its important … but when I ask you if Superman can beat Batman, I’ve offended your intellect. Yet, strap vs. no strap on some Versace sandals is worthy of 30 minutes of internal struggle, a call to your sister, 3 picture messages to your girlfriend, and 15 minutes of meditation while drinking green tea.

Is anyone else tired of this? Does anyone else wish they could argue about stupid hypothetical situations with your woman? Anyone else interested in a deep philosophical debate about how the smurfs had a village with only one female smurf? Was she a hoe or were they all gay?



  1. Well I just still happen to be up from the day before. This blog is hilarious!!! To answer your questions I am must say that I have stupid debates with my friends all the time. It fun!!! Especially when we use to get drunk. Or back in college when some of them got high. So I don't see a problem with it. But I do know women who use to get very upset when my homeboy and I would do it. She thought it was so immature and we both needed to grow up. Of course she is not around anymore since she isn't any fun…lol

    Everything doesn't have to be serious all the time.

    Ok going to bed now.

  2. Long time lurker, first time poster (I think).

    To answer your questions:

    1. Law-degree over flat screen sure. BUT flat screen tv over law school student.


    A. First of all, law school students feel the need to engage EVERYONE in a contentious argument. A good debate once in awhile can be fun, but I need a break once in awhile. I would never be able to see the relationship through the end of law school if I had to argue about every damn thing. (I guess I could make an exception for a second semester 3L, they're tired of the whole thing anyway).

    B. There are no guarantees that they are going to pass the bar. I'd be willing to bet money that the television works.

    2. As you can see from above, I will engage in stupid hypothetical debates. They're fun until someone gets their feelings hurt.

    P.S. SBM I really enjoy your blog.

  3. you can look on this BLOG just to tell women prefer money over potential. the last part of the last blog ended like that.

    you measure a mans worth by how much money he makes.

    and the type of woman who is single is not going to put up with waiting on her gucci sunglasses for 4 years (between schooling and clerk status) to hit her payday…… hell most of these people cant even date past a YEAR much less 4 times that.

    todays woman is VERY aggressive. They make too much money and have too many options.. such as staying alone til 35 and having 2 cats insted of dating. So they are not going to wait on potential. its an era of immediate gratification.

    you really gotta HAVE to impress. you dress nice when you go out right…. you could wear just a t shirt and kakhis. women will judge you based on how you look now… not on how well you would clean up. you also put on the nice clothes because nice clothes = well taken care of = $.

  4. making a 2nd post so people can minimize its sillyness

    now as far as stupid debated based off hypothetical situations…. I love nothing better as a half crazed negro philosopher that I am 🙂

    SMURFS are magical creatures. this is why they possess the potential thru alchemical means to be transformed into gold (hence why the old white dude and the cat chase them) Because of their magical nature they do not possess a need for reproduction, but, are not concitered Asexual because they have 2 separate genders. smurfs dont age much and are eternal/immortal also due to their magical nature.

    but because they are creatures of love and nappyness (yeah I always believed smurfs were based off black american culture, vanity is a nupe and hefty is a "Q" they are poor but work together to make a living and always have a white guy trying to oppress them) they still possess the ability to love as seen when all of the smurfs become smitten by smurfetts appearance.(even pappa) So they will go through the actions of needing to reproduce and fall in love but because they dont actually need to do so it dosent become all encompassing. lets not forget that smurfette was created by alchemical means by the old white dude. they didnt have females prior to her.

    the smurfs do not have a sex drive due to their magical nature or lack of need for reproduction… so their sex drive will never corrupt into them needing to turn homosexual. they have an ability to turn their love outwards which is why they can hyperfocus on one passion/ability and thus differentiate themselves from their peers.

    Thus my argument ends (yes im a silly mutha fuka)

  5. holy hannah. comeback can you even take a non combative post and be non combative with it? your such a wet blanket. damn that explains alot.

    I DARE your overly wannabe prissy black ass to attempt to debate the smurfs with me. …. DARE you. come to my level for a day and talk about something other than how much you hate me because of my good morals, "cute" looks, yet moderate income and happy disposition….. smurfs = Tiffany… SMMUURRFFSS.

    and no.. you people cant take the silly way out and say the oh so cliche "neither" or "both" its an either or not a fill in. i swear yall colored folk dont know how to follow directions….. ugg!

  6. I wouldn't chose either …either. And it is a really dumb azz question which suggests that there are some men (and I know this to be true) who are educating themeselves and buying flat screens primarily for women. My bottom line is are you good at what you do. Do you have a passion for that has NOTHING to do with me or any other woman for that matter. Contrary to popular belief (most people scrape by don't understand the notion of passion and confuse it with some form of golddigging) but to me its never ONLY about money.

    And only a foolish woman is going to suggest she'd marry a man and not know his financial situation, initiative and fitness to EARN a living.

    But pre-marriage I want to know what wakes you up. What drives you. And my observations are always to gather if he is proficient at it.

    Most annoying and indicative on this blog are posers. Certain men who talk big big shyt, ride underwear of others, and constantly reference other people being better (masters and whomevers).

    Maybe I love confident men (not arrogance) who can demonstrate being great. Someone who can inspire me.

  7. and for the women who would answer and pick a lawyer over a flatscreen should deserve getting a rather noble one who would rather be a public servent and may can't even afford a damn flat screen by the time he passes the bar. Professions don't ensure 1) he's great and he's good at what he does 2) that you would even like his azz to begin with 3) that he didn't just do it to impress other people thereby doesn't really LOVE the law.

    there are tons of lawyers, I'm related to one…who HATES the law, who did it to impress our family. And once I asked her to review a contract for me. And she WAS NOT GOOD AT IT (as a contract atty who specializes is business aquisitions, mergers etc).

  8. "Get silly" –

    blah, blah, blah…I would want it all – law student/potential lawyer, flat screens, and good d.

    BTW: I think all the smurfs except one were gay. How else do you think the little smurfs got there…hehehe

    "Get real" –

    I'm cosigning with Comeback's 9:32 comment.

    To just add a little sumum sumum…If he is a law student, buying 42" flat screens, either 1) he has a NICE part-time/full-time gig 2) he has like 12 roommates 3) he is living with his parents. Bottom line, it's nothing wrong with having nice things. Trust, he isn't doing it for the ladies; he may have mentioned that to you to illustrate "masculinity" to a certain degree but I'm sure dude is a little self conscience. Instead of waiting to be that 6 figa n!gga, he needs it now – self gratification.

    I have a 13" at the house, no cable. I don't want to consume my time watching TV; or watching him play xbox on a 42"

  9. all these cop outs and no real debating…………

    tiffany your the FIRST woman in line to check out a mans wallett, dont try and make yourself sound sophisticated by saying your interested in spirit or morals. hell you never listed that stuff in past blogs or in your own blogs unless under attack for being a snob.

    Only a foolish woman would marry a man and not know his financial future…. so your mom knew what was up with your dad? Cuz my mom married my dad because he had cute light eyes and was 6'6. she had no idea that he was going to earn the money he did when he got back from the war. hell nobody did.

    So I guess all of our mothers and grandmothers are fools… ok thanks for the history lesson Tiffany.

    But know this… your generation is plotting on men based on financial prowess…. our grandmothers based it off who they loved… which generation was happier and got married and had relationships and kids more?

    ya that being 35, single, bitter, hagendas icecream eating on a saturday night alone on the couch, 3 cat having, "but hey I got my gucci sunglasses and tiffany braclet", angry black woman type needs to be cured. the estrogen levels from wasting of ones sexual peak must be making the condition worse.

  10. Papa Smurf was banging Smurfette. The other smurfs were her mooching relatives and few kids from her previous marriages. She was trying to kill off Papa Smurf and get his village by having her brother (the baker smurf) make all those muffins but he soon found out and hired Gargamel and his trusty cat (what was his name?) as his bodyguards. Ever notice how whenever Papa Smurf got caught he "escaped?"

    Oh and I don't care about no stinking TVs or Law Degrees; neither one is supporting my lifestyle. Plus I already got my own 42 inch flat screen!

    Finally, Batman is clearly better than Superman. He had a dope ride AND a butler. All superman had was a wack job and a phone booth!

  11. I'm about to seriously BOYCOTT the hell out of Hasani. I can't take the long comments. If I wanted to read dull "literature", I'd go to a bookclub meeting for people over 60 yrs old. Geez!

  12. @Daisy: LMAO!!! Thanks for the in depth analysis of the Smurfs. Batman is the SH!T. Black Knight – July 18

  13. I'd much rather one of the ladies on here post in the guise of a dude, than read Hasani's BS. And I love how he ages me every year every week. Pretty soon, Imma be 40. But oh well, I guess I can make 40 look good.

  14. " dont try and make yourself sound sophisticated by saying your interested in spirit or morals. hell you never listed that stuff in past blogs or in your own blogs unless under attack for being a snob."

    I think its because you accuse others of what you do best. SKIM. You and the resident psychic who decided to make her magic ball debut yesterday, don't know me. My code is simple. If I'm going to wake up everyday, I'm going to find meaning and proficiency in what I do. Anything less is rather boring and depressing. How is expecting my man to bring the same, anything less than attracting a well paired mate.

    I've dated men like you before (actually in a relationship too once) with a man who just seemed unhappy ALL THE DAMN TIME and just wanted somebody to love him. Its a curious sight because it really is a rather reversed gender role. And i had to figure out why I kept attracting weak SIMPs. And I think it was because I was happy in being the sterotypical black superwoman action figure. And thats when I realized that I actually LOVED, ADORED, LUSTED after being the woman (the soft and pink woman) and I started to attract strong men who were the ying to my yang.

    And I haven't looked back since.

  15. When you are shitfaced drunk, you are liable to say anything. LOL!!

    Real talk, many people I know who went to law school went because you can make mad loot at a big firm (that's if you get hired there), bill mad hours for a few years to pay off those MASSIVE students loans and then bounce to a indusrty job so they can have some semblance of a life. If they didn't get on with a big firm, they end up in private practice or working for the gubment, so they just end making regular people money or worse be broke as hell.

    That being said, don't get caught up in a law degree or an MBA for that matter. I got one of them and so do all my friends. Whatevs.

    Smurfette was the head of a matriarchal society, which is quite common in parts of Africa.

  16. *Ahem*…let me get in on this here conversation now that I'm done phone caking my sweetie at work(shout to my baby).

    *sidenote* It looks as if my August deadline may actually be here before August…let me find out that I'm about to settle down…damn he better be worth it.

    Ok now on to the topic…ummmm, give me a lawyer who has a flat screen and i'll be set. Yes Hasani money is an important factor to me…shit I like money…but why can't I have love and money…oh wait I can, well shit then give me both…thank you kindly. I am however not one who needs the flashy indicators of success, but I do watch hella TV so that's the one thing I don't mind having as a luxury. Give me a flat screen or give me death!!!

  17. Daisy I LOVED your answer…lol, good stuff.

    Hasani…man you need some head.

    Comeback I think you need some ass well…yall are too stressed on this here blog…shit I think I have an idea…naw nevermind. *sighing*

    Freckles boycotting is about to commence b/c those comments are driving me insane as well…and they've run away our fearless leader SBM. *quietly sobbing*

    Batman is the shit and he has a hot ass ride!!! Oh and the butler is definitely a PLUS. *note* must have a butler

    Still trying to figure out why Smurfette was a dumb blonde…but oh well, I guess that's not that significantly important.

  18. Batman is definitely the cooler superhero and has never had a continuous love interest (a true player and an iconic bachelor) … but he had no super powers. If you shot him … he bled. If you cut him … he bled. Sorry … Superman could fly too. You know how much gas is nowadays!

    Hasani these long ass posts really gotta stop. Don't make me exercise my authority out in here (proceeds to break the table yet again!).

    Is everyone forgetting there was a baby smurf in te village! Who's baby was it? This crushes the theory that they never did or needed to reproduce. Also, they had all kinds of enemies. Somone had to die. My main thing, was smurfett f*cking everybody. Were there some huge gang bang sessions? Did she do smurf porn that every other smurf would smurf themselves too?

    To answer my own question, I would take a chic with a Flat Screen. I used to have a serious infactuation with lawyers, now I don't care. I have a 46" myself and like to watch TV. How am I gonna come spend the night at your house on the 13" after watching "The Office" in its 1080i glory?

  19. @Comeback: Getting my LBs on here is a good idea … but only a few I would want saying anything. Them n___s don't know tact and might put one too many stories out there for public consumption. Besides, they have heard my rants for years already.

  20. Well I still would like to know how other men think besides you the moderator and Hasani. I don't think Hasani really represents the black man's consciousness. There's too many pathologies floating around unaddressed and its throwing things off. And some woman is liable to stumble upon is "musings" and think its legit on a broader scale.

  21. do a word count on comebacks responses and do a word count on mine… I use more spaces, but the word count is similar.

    so whats the problem? like I said, I posted the smurf comment in a seperate post so you could skip it… if you read it you obviously wanted to….. and if you wanted to … ask yourself why?

  22. Another post to minimize

    Batman and superman have fought 2 times ever. and dispite batman being a normal person, he has won BOTH fights.

    the reason is pretty much what everyone described. batman is willing to go further across the line than superman. in otherwords hes a bad mutha….

    the last fight they had superman was winning until batman pushed lois lane off the top of a building. Superman being a "simp" stoped fighting batman and flew as fast as he could to save lois …. thats when batman lowered the boom on him. kinda like how black people will always be more successful because we are willing to go further across the line to get what we want because we came from less and have less to lose.


    We cant count baby smurf or the kid smurfs because they go against the smurf books and the original run of the smurfs sat morning cartoon and the sunday comics. But if we did, baby smurf was brought by a magical stork and nor conceived via sexual reproduction. so my theory that smurfs are magical creatures that have no need to reproduce is still valid.

    Teacia I think I said in another post I dont like head much. Especially now that I am single and trying to date black primarily black women it dont look like its gonna happen. But I actually started sleeping with my first black woman in 12 years this past weekend, I must say theres a huge difference between sleeping with skinny blonde 22 year old white girl from the gym and sleeping with my 35 year old angry black woman… I think I cried one time………

  23. "I must say theres a huge difference between sleeping with skinny blonde 22 year old white girl from the gym and sleeping with my 35 year old angry black woman… I think I cried one time………"

    @Hasani: HA HA HA HA. Damn … man you made my day with this one. It was that good? Aw man … you might have to tell me about that one offline.

    And what the hell did Batman do to beat Superman. Like I said … Batman is cooler … but unless he somehow bought a Kyrptonite factory, he's not beating Superman … even if he is a simp.

    And your smurf theory is flawed. Why would a magical stork bring one child, yet all the other smurfs seem to be around the same age. You have one old smurf, one young one, and a bunch of 20 somethings. Thats crazy. Smurfette was smurfing all of them. She was like a Queen Bee or something.

    @Comeback: I would love more male opinions … but apparently I just attract females. Hmmm … wait … is that a bad thing? I'll send Anti a text …

  24. "But I actually started sleeping with my first black woman in 12 years this past weekend, I must say theres a huge difference between sleeping with skinny blonde 22 year old white girl from the gym and sleeping with my 35 year old angry black woman… I think I cried one time………"

    LMAO!!! Now that was funny…I remember when I used to laugh at your comments because they were funny…oh for it to be May again.

    Way to go homie…giving you that cyber *hi-five*

  25. Did he buy the 42" or is it rent to own? I couldn't pass that up.. cause that's how I got my 1st big screen back in the day. Ya gotta have some bling while ya gettin everything together. Women don't always see the potential. I hear women friends brush men off because of the hear and now isn't where they like it to be.

  26. Uhhh Eathan maybe white women don't see potential…but as a black woman we base our love on the potential of the man we're dating or admire. Some may get on their soapbox about middle class black women yada yada yada, but since the middle class only comprises a small percentage of blacks altogether the theory is bust. The reality is that most blacks are struggling, maybe not in DC, Houston or Atlanta but the rest of the country is feeling it, and if there's one thing that keeps black women remaining loyal it's the potential we see and believe our men to have. There are even times when let potential override our common sense…but that's an entirely different blog in itself.

    Yeah we all scream flat screen TV but I doubt anyone actually outlines it as an indicator of happiness. Despite all the golddigging themes you hear out there, the main consensus is that most women want to build a foundation, future and wealth with their mate.

  27. SBM, I sent you the story of my full weekend via email. only thing I dont like, it was my goal this year to make an angry black woman happy and attract her by doing everythign EXCEPT being corse/cold to her and tryin to whole loving thing. I dont care how many dates I was going to fail on I was going to find one. Ya, after not dating for 3 months….. ahh just read the email. But I dont like that it had to come down to that. I will go back to being super simp, but I get so mad sometimes at being treated bad. its retarted that as soon as I do something like "that" I get not only some luvinz but oh my lord if only I could give you details. ya I took a very rare "L", but I would call it a draw because I wasnt the one who had to call out of work!! going from "I h8 you your a scrub nigga" to letting me cum over and meeting your mum is a long way.

    my poor gym snow bunny, I feel like an asshole but I just dont feel like returning her text this week 🙁

    @batman Vs superman

    Superman will never hit you as hard as he can because he is principled and dosent want to hurt anyone. Batman would blow up a building filled with children if he thought a badguy was in it… he crosses the line MUCH further and is much mo pimp than mr kent will ever be. He pushed supermans wife off a friggin building. when superman was distracted he made him run into a major powerline and while distracted by his wife and shocked by 1000000 volts batman hit him in the noggin wit a ring made of cryptonite. you know you gotta be one pimp ass mofo if you got a 3 finger ring made out of that shit! I gotta look closer at the comic but I think superman has "UNITY" on his forhead

  28. but since the middle class only comprises a small percentage of blacks altogether the theory is bust

    ya but theres too many factors that go into being lower class that I cant identify with and dont know about thats why I make the seperation between middle class and lower class… and I could give a rats ass about upper class blacks.

    To me if your a middle class black person you have pretty much the ssame starting base as most white/asian/latino so in theory you should do about the same as them (not just in money) the thing that seperates the races when we are all middle class is mostly culture. (cept the whites) we can change culture… thats why I bring it up and I think its important.

    we didnt hate eachother 20 years ago but we do now, I admire the black race of 1980 but hate how far we have fallen in comparison to what we once were. seeing blacks work against eachother, have poor family and act like snobs is like seeing america as a non warlike country with only one religion and one race allowed.

    I want to change our culture, but im not sure how and where to start.

  29. so again if the middle class only comprises a relatively small percentage of all blacks then most of the arguments made here by the commenters are warped and incorrect and don't truly represent our race. granted our middle class status is steadily rising while others are rapidly declining, it would be irresponsible to be a spokesperson for blacks if you're only concerned with a small portion of them.

    and not understanding something isn't a reason to exclude it. if anything it's a reason to learn more about it….especially if what you don't understand is a part of who you are. when people see us they group us as a black man/woman and not a middle class black man/woman…unfortunately society doesn't distinguish the two so it's kind of stupid for us to…*sighing* just a thought.

  30. I think the comments are not too too warped.

    I know I speak about higher divorce rates, lower marriage, rates higher STD rates and a general feeling of contempt between factions of black men and black women….. those arent warped or overblown at all…. they are everyday life, especially for us blacks in our late 20's early 30's.

    I know Im scared stiff about being single and the STD's/coodies. I mean Ive slept with more people in the past 3 months than I have the last decade… thats not a very safe feeling. and I know other brothas out there are equally as afraid of disease. and pregnancy with the bottom chick as well.

    those are relevant issues to me, and all of us.

  31. NO, you just failed to "hear" your black man when he was talking. I have a separate view from you but you dont want to hear me… which is what im on my soapbox about anyways…. the irony of your timing is amazing 🙂

  32. I think id have to take the Law degree over the flatscreen. I never had money so why would I care what goodies a gal has? I also know I can keep my dick in my pants and make any sane woman happy… so waiting 4 years isnt really that big of a deal to me, I can do fidelity that like cons do prison time.

  33. Ummmm law school is not 4 years…but again i'm not surprised that ur golddigging tail didn't know that. And this my dear sir is a prime example of why I choose not to hear you.

  34. Hasani…I'm going to say a special prayer for you tonight. I'm serious. If you want change. If you love all of us misguided black women like you say you do. BE THE CHANGE. EXHIBIT THE CHANGE.

    Nobody is holding a gun to your head when you slept "with more people in the past 3 months than I have the last decade". It seems to me that you are searching for something that a woman can't give you. You want unconditional love and validation. But to me those are the things that you should have gotten as a child. And as a young adult on some levels you should be giving yourself those things as well.

    But yet and still …you never speak ill about the 10 year lady. Its like obviously she left you for dead, but she walks on water…why???? because she's white??? You love black women enough to find all our faults, but what about the white woman who broke a 10 year committment? what do you say to her?

  35. 1st question: I have a 46'…so if your shit is smaller than my shit then no…it's not impressive. I guess if I was a dude, I'd be looking at your dick thinking that…my shit is gonna get more pussy then yours is…then laugh at your little dick self.

    Lawyers fucking suck. They will argue a point…that has no right or wrong answer. But they need to make sure that they have convinced you to their way of thinking… as if I were a jury. Every lawyer I know, didn't like their job.

    SO with that said, I wouldn't date a lawyer despite the potential for a higher income later. As you may have noticed…money doesn't drive me to make silly decisions…like choosing a mate.

    But I am not gonna lie… money is all sparkly and whatnot…making things look all good and shit…but all that glitters ain't gold.

    By the way I hate glitter. You have to scrub yourself down with a brillo pad to get that shit off.


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