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Rantings of an SBM


Its Friday … time for me to let some stuff off my chest.

  • Have I ever said how much I love those that comment on this site!  I don’t know what it is about this week … but I swear I have learned so much by reading the comments left (yes … I read every single one).  The mix of people is great, the dynamic has been beautiful, my beautiful black people are getting along and empowering each other, and I feel like I actually picked up a little advice for life.  So … for those who had something to say to me and each other … thank you … and I really love ya’ll *chokes up*.
  • I haven’t been back to my regular office in 2 weeks … why has so much changed.  They got a mini fridge … one of my favorite people left … the client seems to be in their own world … I tell you.
  • Been doing a good bit of self reflection as of late as it comes to me and relationships.  As I said … I think its time to make that jump from good to great … actually … from great to greater.  Maybe its cause I’m old now.
  • So now that I’m a year older … I walk around saying “man I feel old” all the time now.  Problem is … I date an older woman and am by far the youngest guy in my office … so after the woman who sits next to me told me “wow … my son is 7 years older than you” and being constantly called a “baby” … I guess I haven’t earned the right yet.  But I don’t care … I’m getting old.  Can’t do it like I used to.
  • How long is sex supposed to last?  Personally … 15 minutes feels like a warm-up to me … and hour seems good … 2 is better … and 4 is attainable, good, and something to tell people about.  Whats all this “I’m tired” I keep hearing about?
  • So … I got a girlfriend now (I’m sorry ladies).  Don’t worry, I’m not gonna get soft on ya’ll.
  • I read a post over at Black Femme Fatale and I might still be offended.  Has to do with the elaborate demands placed upon a man when it comes to paying and stuff.  I mean … I understand my role as the man … but the exacting standards of these rules bother me.  The best part was “My Grandfather told me that if a man wants my time he has to pay for it”.  No offense … but thats the rule we have when strippers come sit down at the table with us in the strip club.  What does that say?
  • Its not even midnight and I’m tired as hell.
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Thats it from me.  What bothering you?  What good news do you have?  Whats poppin?




  1. Today just musings no rants.

    I still gotta say God is Good even when stuff is chaotic. Good looking out, Jesus.

    1. So we are having a total eclipse of the sun today (http://sunearthday.gsfc.nasa.gov/2008eclipse/). And I love messin with my mother..So I called her in a panic and asked where my telescope with the pin hole projector was…her responses to where all my little toys, science stuff, lunchboxes are always rather amusing. Like "I have no da%n idea." Am I selfish and crazy that I want a museum at my mother's house. An untouched place where I was 9. All my Michael Jackson posters still on the wall. My little rainbow brite stuff in the corner. All my little barbie dolls (with heads and no heads) still in their proper place. My little barbie condo 3 floor condo with the elevator, and her tricked out RV. And Ken's sexy azz in the kitchen making toast.

    2. am I saying I want to be 9 again?

    3. I am also fascianted on the things people do at "full moons" supposedly a total eclipse with all the planets trining and shyt…is supposed to be good for love.

    4. Speaking of love. I had to bring Betsy Sue (my car) in for its scheduled maintance and repairs. And brakes they changed …ending up practically sticking and starting a little smoke fire on my "underwarranty" car. To which my mama said "You need a husband"!! TODAY. I have 4 men that I could have called. 2 of which would get the TOTALLY wrong idea if I asked them to "rescue" me at my dealer with this situation. I have a date with the other of the 4 tonite.

  2. 5. I do get betsy back today. I hope she doesn't get an attitude. I have a loaner thats the hottness too.

    6. Why did Nasa's website just crash. Do they take phone calls?? I wanted to actually watch it at a planetarium. Maybe meet some nerdy fly guys.

  3. My rants…….

    1. I am so happy finals are over !!! I feel like i have been attached to a book since 4th of July (too bad I have another exam next friday)

    2. Work is SLOW….intern world is coming to an end…and I am shocked to stay I am actually happy to go back to school (who knew working was so hard I mean getting up early EVERY DAY…damn this is serious)

    3. I finally made my ikea bed frame (which was stolen …long story) all by myself !!! (yea i didn't have a bed for 2 months)

    4. My 'guy' sent me a dozen red roses yesterday ….it made my LONG and TERRIBLE week worth it ….(i know it seems simple but i'm young i'm still easily impressed) . I finally realize its the little things that make life so wonderful

    5. Everyone have a BLESSED weekend. I'm off to go back home (NY) to steal all my parent's food, do my laundry, and get my hair done ! Gotta love N.Y.

  4. 1. God is good all the time and all the time God is good

    2. Have a new guy in my life and he is GREAT! Date tonight…

    3. I think I am subconcious is doing a number on me at the workplace. I couldnt do any wrong when I liked the job but now .. things just keeping getting f'd up. Still on the hunt for a new job

    4. I'm thinking about moving.. the new guy said he would go wherever I go.. (he may be a keeper)

    5. Going to the beach this weekend!

    6. Check Engine Light is on.. thats a blower!

    7. Older men .. they make me MELT

    thanks for the shout out SBM… I cant help how FeFe feels! We are friends… but we dont always agree!

  5. @SBM — I enjoy the people on this blog too! Gives me something to look forward to reading when I get to work other than work!


    1. I hate when the BF turns off the alarm in the morning, and fail to wake me up! DUH…that was what the alarm was set for! ARGH!

    2. I'm glad to hear SBM has a GF now!!! But doesn't that mean the title of the blog has to change from SINGLE black male to Taken black male?

    3. I need to hit the lottery

    4. Work is going to be hella slow today…. hmmm.. think I will go home at 1pm if not earlier

    5. I have a problem with waking up and my man not being next to me because he's on the PC. WTH do you need to do on the PC at 2 in the morning!!!! And don't tell me you're watching fast cars on youtube.

    6. Birth control pills are the devil.

    7. I'm really gasy this morning… so I probably shouldn't be drinking this Starbucks. But hell, I need something to wake me up!

    8. I'm totally displeased with McCain's attacks and tacky ads about Obama. He's a fukking idiot. Nuff said!

  6. @4 Jolie that check engine happened to me once. Sometimes its just when air gets into your gas tank. Did you screw your cap tight after getting gas???

    –a guy told me that. I need to call his azz. 🙂

  7. Ms. Freckles I vote for a blog name change too. I mean lets get ceramonious about this. Thats a new phase in your life. Single fancy free people and committed people think slightly different.

  8. @Comeback — I concur. Committed people do tend to operate & think slightly different. Hmmm… what about "Black Male on the Move"?

  9. I like Committed Black Male..he probably won't be doing regular musings about Black Men and racial profiling or Obama. Its a relationship blog right SBM????….hmmm

    I would like an inside view of Black men in relationships. Now there are a few single black male blogs. He can be the first talking soley about his LOVE and the trials and tribulations of being committed. Might not be as interesting if say she moved in.

  10. @SBM-Congrats on the g/f! The commenters here really are great. And I haven't seen one lady here comment on how long sex is supposed to last. I think there's other "scientific data" that go into it.

    @Ms. and Comeback-There should be a blog name change, although, we don't know if he's planning to be married to this chick and as long as you're not married you're still single, let's not scare him out of the relationship so soon.

    @ 6MS. Birth controls are fab. I have Femcon, can't even notice the bad points in the month plus extra iron!


    -Just because some men are devil not all men are.

    -I am sick of it raining when you have to get something important done.

    -I HATE moving.

    -I am excited to see my Momma and I hope to have my black butt there no later than tomorrow.

    -I am noticing that I buy mostly non-perishable foods based on the idea that I am NEVER actually at home to eat and if I am I don't ever wanna eat what I have.

    Not really very many rants. Eh.

  11. My Rants or Riffs

    1. I am tired of bad managment at my job. All these guys that have been here since Nixon was president need to go. Manufacturing is not the same as it was 30 plus years ago.

    2. Why am I so amazed that there are so many single women?

    3. Since there are so many single women why do cats still simp. p.s. I hate simps with a passion.

    4. Why can't my brother find a job in graphic design as easy as I can find a job in engineering.

    5. I still can't decide on whether I want to buy a new daily-driver or fix up the one I currently have.

    6. I really need to kill my addiction to shoes. Its sickening

  12. My rants for today:

    1. My boyfriend is greatest!!!…except for when he's the worse…but for now he's the greatest…it all comes in moderation I guess.

    2. I really don't have sh!t to do today…and even if I did I wouldn't because it's "i don't give a damn" Fridays…whooo hoooo!! Oh wait, I have to collect rent payments today…oh well, I ain't working hard at it.

    3. I'm on my hustle for the next 5 weeks, working 2 jobs to pay for my daughter's private school fees…lawd a good education is expensive…but I want to best for her. I was going to pull from her Coverdell ESA but I decided against it…at least for another few years.

    4. I think there's a sign on my head that says, it's okay come to me with your problems I can help. I attract people who need to talk…maybe I'm just a good listener.

    5. Damn I gotta do payroll as wel…ugggh, this Friday is gonna suck!!!

  13. @SBM – I agree about the positive vibe on here lately. Could it be because a lot of us are dating/have significant people in our lives? Congrats on the GF btw. Not sure how long sex SHOULD last but I know it SHOULDN'T last 4 mins!!!

    I have no rants for today just rays of sunshine (cause that's what's needed to make this little daisy grow):

    1. Can ya'll tell I'm in love. I mean seriously, that comment above would ONLY be made by someone in love.

    2. My boyfriend is AMAZING! My shoulder was hurting earlier this week and he woke up at 3am to rub IcyHot on it.

    3. I have date night with my mommy on Saturday. We're going to a good tuscan restaurant and to see a foriegn film. Oh how I love being an only child.

    4. It's amazing the results you get when you let go and let God.

    5. I love all my friends. They inspire, challenge, and support me.

    Have a great weekend guys!

  14. "@Comeback-Wonder if his girlfriend reads his blog? That might stop him from putting it out there for us…."

    naturally I read with my "third eye" but that doesn't get me anywhere on here. So most times I just stab it with a pencil and keep on going. LOL

  15. There will be no name changes … I repeat … no name changes.

    Whether or not my gf reads, she loves me and knows about the site … so she knows I'm a fool. Sadly, all the blatant blog flirting will come to a stop … she's a little protective of her man.

    As we discussed in a previous rant … I'm still single according to the government.

    While I am no longer single and free in the traditional sense … I can still talk about relationships. And I can promise you this isn't going to turn into one man's personal love journey and all that BS. Sure … I'm gonna grow with ya'll and you'll see it … but can I get a little more credit.

    @Humble: Another hater of simps … my man. Your right too … with all the single women, the shortage on men (go ahead Comeback & Teacia … tell me thats not the case) … why are guys still simping. Hasani used to be a simp. Now I can call him brother.

  16. To answer Jaclynn question about the length of sex from a woman's perspective…4 hours is waaay too long, and 2 hours is a bit lengthy…a good hour of serious lovemaking is good enough…20 minutes of hard core f*cking is plenty!!!

    Sorry SBM it's just not happening…that's just too long…don't be surprised if your girl eventually dries up!! Congrats on the girlfriend thing though…you seemed a bit committment phobic to me…guess I was wrong.

    Jolie I'm with Comeback, check your gas cap…tighten it and turn the car back on…if the light is still on then it's definitely time for a tune up.

    Freckles birth control pills are the devil…have you tried NuvaRing, it's my bc method of choice.

    Humble simping ain't easy…lol…give those guys some credit…lol.

  17. SBM I agree with keeping the name the same…until you marry this chic you're still single…and not to wish bad luck on you or anything, but who's to say it will last.

    Daisy I've noticed as well that everyone is boo'd up these days…I guess it's because the summer is coming to an end and people need to be laid up with someone during the winter but it has surely made a difference on here lately.

    …Oh how I love my blog family so!!

  18. How come women always congratulate you for getting a girlfriend? Did I accomplish something? Male friends always give you the WTF face, or just curl their lip and say "why" … even if they have a gf. I'm just glad I can stop going to the club … man was I really learning to hate the motherf*cking club.

    @Comeback: You know you kill me … but I still love ya (like a sister … my crazy sister who hates me).

    @Daisy: Come one … u can't have sex in 4 minutes. Thats like 2 strokes. Thats just mind boggling!

    @Humble: Still so happy to have a fellow simp hater. Its been hard going it alone since my friend Anti Dater left.

  19. "the shortage on men"

    im not seeing a shortage. I guess a case can be made that since I;ve been grown there's always been one to the negative Neils and Nellys, so how would one really know the difference. Was any of the negative Nellys ALIVE when there was a surplus?

  20. @SBM – I'm glad you are a member of the anti-simp movement. We must stop and crush simping. Simping has totally ruined the game. I don't if you are aware of how bad simping is here in Detroit but not to long ago if you were an average dude you to compete with the drug dealers and 18-20 year olds making $50K+ a year. Did you meet your girl in the club?

  21. @SBM: I so happy you have a companion. That's great!!! Black LOVE!! 🙂

    @SBM's GF: I am going to continue with my light flirtations with SBM. It's fun and harmless and it's the innernet and I live in Houston. Let's be realistic. LOL!

    Question for all: Why do men constantly aim too high for chicks that ain't checking for them and ignore chicks that are????? I had to school someone on that this week. *sigh*

    I'm feeling mighty fly right now!!!! Have a good weekend!!!!

  22. @Jaclynn – I'm on Femcon FE too! I started spotting yesterday (although my period is due next week). Not sure if it's the pill or what.. but I'm assuming it is.

    @Teacia – I do agree SBM may be a little scared. Hmmm…

    @SBM – Sex should last as long as the two people involved can go for it. Sex w/ my BF lasts depending on what we're doing. Quickies… eh 15 min. Making love… hours or sometimes a hour. Rough dogging it sex… as long as my kitty can go without getting too sore to walk. lol

  23. @Teacia-not even KY will help either….it's like the vajayjay says no more no more no freaking more! And NuvaRing…hmmm….kinda scares me.

    @Humble-You have a shoe obsession too? Hmmm….tennis or other wise?

    Furthermore, I think there's a shortage of single brothas trying to do right and because by the time they come along we are usually jaded we mistreat, misuse and abuse them until they either hate us or switch to another color team…at least in this city.

    I HATE moving….

  24. @SBM: Congrats on finding love . . . must be nice to not have to deal with commitment issues (like myself, ugh!)

    TGIF!!! I cannot wait to go the live music spot tonight.

    @Tiff in the “H”: You should check out Libra Lounge if you have never been there on a Friday night. This dude Anzeo (was on Making the Band 4) is fire!!

    Thank God for another day, because it could have surely been my number to be called next . . .

    I have a quick question for the women on here. Have any of you ever been in a position where you’re not really digging anyone you meet? I feel like I meet men, and they are cool to hang out with, but NONE of them captivate me. I literally have 3 to 4 dates on average per week since I moved back to Houston in May, so it’s not like there is a shortage of men who are attracted to me or anything, but . . . no one makes me get “that feeling.” Like I never walk away from the date or wake up in the morning thinking “dang, I wonder what he’s doing,” or “lemme call him to see how his day is going, “ or “man, I can’t wait to see him and hang out again.” I’m kind of either here nor there when it comes to men. I think I have even been feeling like this since the spring of 05. I think I have only REALLY been interested in 2.5 men since then.

  25. I don't know…I guess I don't count because I have never felt that there was a shortage of good men out there. I still meet them everywhere I go, it's just a matter of what you're open to, what expectations you have, and whether or not you can toss aside your rule book for a chance at happiness.

    Love doesn't always come prepackaged the way you envisioned, but when it comes you'll know it…you just gotta decide if it's worth the leap of faith.

    …oh and maybe, just maybe you have to start being open to the possibility of something new…something different than what you're used to…change usually brings about greatness…usually.

  26. Jaclynn and Freckles: You'd be suprised, it doesn't hurt and regardless of your partners size you don't even feel it. It doesn't get stuck on his tip either…lol…it's like a flexible little ring that you don't even notice…AND you don't have to remember to take it once a day.

    Renegade girl I was like that…actually I was like that 05'-08' as well…then one day a few months back I decided to embrace the possibility of a stable relationship…all of a sudden my interest changed and the men started to appeal to me more. Maybe you should cut back on the dates to one a week, spending more time alone will allow to realize what it is you miss. I was perfectly content being single and dating and had no desire to committ to anyone…well there was this one Running Back who will still give my bf a run for his money…but for the most part I was content…until I wasn't.

    You just gotta want it I guess…it can come no sooner than you wanting it. Good luck lady!

  27. @Teacia: I feel like I am being extremely open. I pretty much have been dating men that I would have NEVER said yes to 6-8 months ago. LOL!! Don't get me wrong, I won't "date down (white tees, gold teef, etc)," but I don't see where I can possibly be allowing any doors to be closed before they are opened. There isn't all that much interracial datingout here in the H, but when I was living in MIAMI, I would say that half of my dates were "others."

    One thing I WILL not be open to is dating someone who is not fit, living a healthy and active lifestyle, etc. That's not an option for me.

  28. Wait, I think I just posted a response to the wrong comment . . . oh well.

    @Teacia: Perhaps that's it. I LOVE being single, but I love stability. Conversely, it's difficult for me to see myself being obligated to someone right now. I think it has alot to do with me being back in Houston . . . there's a schmorgasborg (SP) of men out here, and they "play me close like butter play toast" (LOL-Biggie lyric). I think I just need some more time to consider all this black fineness walking around as normal, then maybe i won't be so excited about it, and sit my arse down somewhere and be in a rela.

  29. It's funny the women are talking about expanding their choice of men they talk to while I am SERIOUSLY considering narrowing the field of women i will talk to.

  30. Yeah I had a thing for really fit men…I'm not in the best shape myself so I can't really hate on it like I want to…but if Jason(my new trainer) whips my ass into a better me, then me and the bf might run into a few roadblocks…but he understands my emphasis on "pride in oneself"….we'll just see where the shallow road takes us.

    But you gotta go with what makes you happy…and I'm sure you've been open..my initial comment was actually for Jaclynn…and she knows why…and SBM ol' hating ass(negro gets a girl and loses his damn mind)…there is no shortage of good men out there!!

    I still think you should decrease the number of dates you go on…kind of makes you appreciate the time you spend with them more.

  31. I have one rant…so to speak…

    If I say, "I don't feel like talking to you right now."

    You really shouldn't call me back to back a dozen times.

    I mean… you trying to force a conversation is going to be much worse than just letting me cool off and call you. "cause all your going to get right now…is "leave me the fuck alone."

    Rant over.

    But I do have a quote from the bible…and I realize I swore up top and am now about to quote scripture…but so what…

    A friend of mine left this stain behind on another page…

    "Set me as a seal upon your heart, as a seal upon your arm; for love is strong as death, passion fierce as the grave. Its flashes are flashes of fire, a raging flame. Many waters cannot quench love, neither can floods drown it…"

    -Song of Solomon 8:6-7

    Now that is love!

  32. I will have to catch up on all the rants on my lunch but for now this is what I have…

    – is it really that hard to replace the utensils/plates/cups in the kitchenette when you use the last one?

    – is it really that hard to put the cups in the CUP DISPENSER instead of just setting them on the counter?

    – it really bothers me when people are too busy to talk but they answer your phone call, only to say "can i call you back" it drives me even crazier that i do that to people – you see your own faults in others

    – i have only been to the bar two nights this week… this is really an abnormal feeling. I havent decided if it's a good thing yet or not.

    – the dog REALLY needs to learn how to stop barking at 9am. it is not what i want to wake up to

    – is it really only Friday today? it feels like it should be Friday next week…

    and last but not least…

    you tried to set me up with someone who has met me multiple times both sober and drunk, someone who cant be a man and have a conversation with me himself, someone who had you tell me that he just wants a booty call and someone who cant remember my name – and you wonder why i have chosen to not speak to you all week?

    okay i'm off to get ready for work now. :o)

  33. Hello everyone…you guys are all really freaking hilarious! I just love his rant Fridays, it keeps me pretty entertained over here.

    Yes I read his site, and I'm aware that he's a fool. It's kind of what 'did me in' in the first place.

    Flirt away ladies…although the internet isn't as harmless as we'd all like to believe. But I trust him and trust that I won't be disrespected, so it's cooler than a polar bear toenails…as long as he doesn't show his ass of course. 🙂

    I'm sure he'll be shocked by my post but he'll get over it…ain't that right baby.

  34. @Teacia-Thanks for the advice love. Funny, I find more and more good people in my life as I get older and after only two days I am quite grateful to have a little blog family.

    @Humble-Skirt and heels female here, but today you'll find me in sneakers or flip-flops and jeans….this is going to feel so good! Now as for narrowing your dating pool, I narrowed mine and things have gotten better with the caliber (to some degree) I have to find someone who can be honest with me and themselves.

    @Blah-Song of Solomon is beautiful with it's references to love.

  35. @Jaclynn – don't know anything about skirt and heels. It seems that whenever I am honest with women I take a L. It seems like the more B.S. a dude can spew the more love and chances he gets from women.

  36. Oh and I almost forgot…there's no need to change the site name. He's on a 90 day probation…so let's not get too excited.

    I still love you though babe. 🙂

  37. @My GF: You know your a fool … Right. Lol.

    @Humble: I like to think honesty is the best tactic, but sadly your right. When its about getting women and building them numbers … dumb BS and games seems to always win. Damn shame really …

  38. @SBM's GF-U r @ much. Lol. So cute.

    @SBM-Honesty yay!

    @Humble-Means I prefer to dress feminine. Is it just a southern term? I prefer honesty. The more honest you are I feel the closer we can get and the more intimacies we can share. To me that provides the foundation.

  39. My rants…

    – God justs keeps blessing me even when I don't deserve it. I couldn't have imagine my life like this 2yrs. ago.

    – Today started out exciting. I interviewed one of my favorite black actresses for this website I write for. It was great. I love what I do!

    – SBM has a girlfriend!!! and she commented on his blog…LMAO!! Hello SBM GF.. Congrads to you both, I think he is a great fella. I don't flirt with him just because that would be weird…lol

    – Chicago has a lot of great stuff going on this weekend. So I need to pack everything up today so I can party all weekend.

    -Yep I am still talking to him and it doesn't seem like its going to stop.

    -Thanks to myspace, my crush since I was in the 1st grade through high school found me and we have been talking. Its like we never lost contact. He is asking me some interesting questions… I wonder what he has in mind.

    – I no longer want to play the game and date around, I want a real relationship were I can grow with someone and I am closing the cookie shop(celibacy has begun) …thanks SBM for the inspiration.

    -I love my grandma and so glad she is still here.

    – My sister keeps blocking me from talking to my mother. Every time I call she answers my mothers phone and not give her the messages… I hate playing with her sometimes…but I still love her.

    – Hopefully I will get sometime to read back over all the comments from the post this week.

    – Welcome all new ppl, I know I am late…better late than never.

    – SBM…you better not go soft cause you have a girlfriend… I am going to get in that ass if that happens…lol I like this site so don't change!!!

    -How come women always congratulate you for getting a girlfriend? Did I accomplish something? Male friends always give you the WTF face, or just curl their lip and say “why” … even if they have a gf….LMAO!!! That is funny as hell and true. My friends and I usually do that when someone says they were getting married…bad huh?

  40. Ms. Deeeeeev hey there lady!!! Yeah SBM has a girlfriend…so what, that negro still didn't make his way down here to Florida to hang out and I'm envious as hell…lol…but not really…cause my man holds it down like no other. Congrats on the job, the new place and all of your current happiness…you've come along ways chic and I couldn't be happier for you.

    Uhhh Belle sweetie…that does NOT make you a cougar…there has to be at least 10 years between you.

    SBM so does this mean that I won't get the personal house party invite when I'm in town…*quietly sobbing*

  41. @SBM/Teacia: thanks for clearing that up for me. 🙁

    forgot to add my rant…. Texting is for kids!! childish! I like to hear the bass in my mans voice.

  42. Yes baby I'm aware that I'm a fool. I think you've rubbed off on me in more ways than one.

    Ms. Devereaux thank you kindly for your words of encouragement, although this really isn't a big deal.

    SBM is there something that I'm missing, because I'm confused as to why everyone is so happy for you…and us for that matter. Are you missing a testicle or something…just kidding babe.

    It's been a lot of fun guys but I have to bid you all farewell…'til next time.

  43. @Ms. Devereaux – i've met a few women that said that and they were usually lazy when we had sex. I am not implying that you are like that.

    @Jaclynn – Yeah I've never heard that before. I totally agree with you on the honesty. I want the truth even if it hurts.

    @Teacia – 10yrs difference to be a cougar. Wow my ex was almost 4 years older than me and I kind of thought she was a cougar.

  44. Belle you say this…but yet you date a 23 yr old…then again you're only 26…maybe you should look into older guys…they are the bomb diggity…you can take that one to the bank!!

    …but sadly grown ass men also as if their lives depended on it. Good luck with the texting thing, I'm not sure men ever outgrow it…unless it was something they were never really into to begin with.

  45. Teacia, my bf doesn't text me like that I was just ranting that because my sis and I go back n' forth on the issue. She says texting is the cool thing to do. I'm not buying that. I'll let her accept dates through text.

  46. @Ms. D: That sounds like a resonable time. Someone told me an hour was crazy recently. WTF.

    @Teacia: I hear there is nothing to do in the part of FL ur from. My GF is real jealous, so instead of the usual flirting … I'll keep it as a simple no. Got a few recommendations if u come to town though but no"house party".

  47. @Teacia…Hey there chick! Thanks! Yeah I am still laughing SBM has a girlfriend…not sure why its funny to me. I think you were right he did come off as a little scared of commitment. But Im glad it settled down. Maybe they can both come to Florida and see you…lol.

  48. @lovely ladies-sometimes i feel texting is a method of avoiding having to hear, hurt, pain or disappointment.

    @Humble-hmmm….I must ask if there anything a woman can't say to you, because when I am honest men tell me I am hurting their feelings….

    @SBM-Florida is nice. Someone asked me to move there recently 🙂 and why no house party? Those are the best kind!

  49. Damn SBM! I don't have anything to say.. 1st time in while. I'm shocked over your Friday Rantings… you seem calm. Did ya get the wang-a-dang put on ya? Oh yeah…i actually met a female who said 5 min sex was the way to go.. I had to take her picture and hang it on the wall next to pictures of the cassette tapes. ( she looked good..but was pushed into retirement by a new updated model)

    ok.I had a little bit to say. Enjoy the weekend!

  50. SBM I think an hour is a decent amount of time to do the do…it's when a man pasts the 75 minute mark that I'm kinda just like for real…cause really I don't need all of that…not for the first nut anyways…if we're working on multiple nuts at that point then bring it on…otherwise I get bored with the whole thing and would rather sleep.

    Negro I was here…oh well, such is life. And I guess I have to respect the gf, I wouldn't want anyone disrespecting my relationship…karma is a b!tch named Sally from the alley.

  51. I text! I text a whole lot. In like 10 days into my current billing cycle, I had already used over 2500 messages. Honestly, I just don't care to sit and talk on the phone. I have to be in the mood for that. Plus, it's hard for me to pay attention to whatever is going on on the phone if I'm on my laptop, so, since I'm on my comp alot . . .

  52. Humble just because you don't want to get into marathon sex doesn't mean you're lazy…it just means that after a while the vajayjay starts to throb and not a good throbbing either. Yeah you still feel good and all…but dammit man, seriously our walls are sensitive and when the faucet runs dry it's officially a WRAP!!

    I agree with you Belle, texting for no reason is childish…pick up the phone and call, unless you're in a place where you can't talk and you just want to keep in contact. But NEVER will I accept a date through text…NEVER!!! Please talk some sense into your sis, this can not be the new standard of male/female communication.

  53. I was talking to my friend who has large breasts, even bigger than mine. I'm a 38 DD and she is like at least an F. She said she wears keeps her bra on during sex because the dangle and aren't perky and I was thinking, "How could she do that?" Then it got me to thinking, if she is that self conscious then why even be with someone like that who can't appreciate her fully.

  54. @ChicaCanella-My boobs are even bigger than that and I be absolutely damned if I keep a bra on during sex. NO NO NO. Besides, having them out allows for some…let me stop.

    @Humble/Teacia-I co-sign with Teacia. Once I am dry I need you to please give me like 15-30 min to get it together. Our bodies are not built for endless sex like others I know…and even you men need a break after you "finish"

    @Renegade-Damn and I thought I was bad.

  55. @ Teacia… I love to text. I text about hanging out all the time. I multi-task to much to be sitting on the phone talking. I rather you text me the preliminaries at least and we can talk on the phone is necessary. Texting just work really well for me.

    Yeah that whole go dry thing is not fun. I was with this guy and we were going at it and then just randomly I dried up…of course I had already gotten mine, but I wasn't selfish he had got 2 already (older men shouldn't be able to go that long) but I was telling him you have to stop. No don't use KY, don't go down.. just get off me and lets go to sleep…damn!! But I said it in a nicer way. The next day you feeling like someone stomped you between your legs. We are very sensitive so I don't like being real sore, just a little sore is nice to remember the night.

    @ Renegade: I am like you I probably send about 4500 text msg a month.

    @ ChinaCanella: I am a 42DDD I would never keep my bra on during sex. That is insane. I love my breast being pleasured to much. Of course they are not going to be perky like a woman with a 34C because they are larger. She is tripping, she should just relax and enjoy the pleasure.

  56. Ok so check it, last month I sent 5239 text message, I am 5 days into my new billing cycle and I already have 742…and this is with me not texting as much.

    I say all of that to say that texting IS convenient. I mostly text while at work during the day, but if you want to see me then a text isn't going to cut it. My girls and I text to make plans all the time, as well as my male friends…but if you're emotionally interested in me then you MUST pick up the phone and call. It's a lot easier to send someone a text and have no feelings about it one way or another, it's another thing to hear someone's voice and still have the nerve to ask them out. You just don't get off that easy in my book.

    But I'm a phone whore…I'm already 848 minutes into my new plan, which started over on Monday…so I kind of do the phone, it's my thing. I can hear the lie in the your voice…I have no idea what's true over a data exchange.

  57. @Jaclynn – I don't think there is anything a woman can say to me that is truthful that I don't want to hear.

    @Ms. Devereaux – I understand that we can be lazy at times with sex. But I have encountered a few women that talk about 1-1/2 to 2hrs and they just lay on their back while I am trying every position I know while she is on her back.

  58. WOW what did I miss, what did I miss. Hi, SBM's gf…I think we all are looking forward to a kindler gentler SBM, kind of like how Bush the elder said it was supposed to be. Or was that Reagan….

    There's def. alot of stuff going on this weekend in the DC metro area. Make him take you to Kennedy Center. Jay Z, John Legend are headlining in an Africa Rising tribute.. .http://www.kennedy-center.org/calendar/?fuseaction=showEvent&event=RIXCK. It should be a pretty fab event. Afterwards you should hit up the Palm Restaurant.

    Ms. Dev

    "@Teacia…Hey there chick! Thanks! Yeah I am still laughing SBM has a girlfriend…not sure why its funny to me. I think you were right he did come off as a little scared of commitment. But Im glad it settled down. Maybe they can both come to Florida and see you…lol."

    calll 911….my pencil got stuck in my third eye.

    happy friday yall…i got tons of work to do.

  59. @Humble_One…LMAO! I get your point though. It just depends. I don't mean that long every time. I mean sometimes I am tired and just want a little bit so I can rest better. Sometimes I am fully engaged. Other times I am laying on my back while he is trying every position…lol. It just varies between you and you mate. But if you have time and its been awhile and your not in a rush then that is a good amount of time.

  60. @ Ms.Devereaux&Humble-There are times when I'll just lay there and be looking at you like seriously but there are other times when I'm like oooh ok right there…no right here…ok ok right there. I will gladly move and groove however to get the right feeling for me and usually because of that he ends up seeing stars.

    @Teacia-I am sure you will understand when I say I am laughing so hard I almost have tears.

  61. SBM congrats on the GF. No name change needed for the blog until you say "I Do." 🙂

    I have no rants this week only raves–thank God for A/C!

  62. @Mikki – what up doe

    @SBM – for the first 3 years I was with my ex people laughed whenever I said or they found out I had a girlfriend. So I understand what you are going through.

  63. LMAO Ms. Dev

    That joke right there is going in my book, I am dying laughin on the floor cuz you totally have me pegged. Made me feel all warm n fuzzy…

    nawl im not back, I just saw that comment that Humble_One made about the drug dealers and it kinda made me laugh enough to make me say something.

  64. @Ms. Devreaux and Jaclynn – Ok that is a lot more realistic. I do think 1 1/2 to 2 hrs is enough time. I dont know anyone that goes for 2hrs everytime. I mean if you get in the morning before work or at someones house visiting it's not going to be that long.

  65. And for the record I don't date drug dealers never have never will, honestly I can't even tell you the name of a drug dealer in my city, shame I don't even know where the weed man stays at….

    *hanging head*

  66. Mikki I really hope you decide to come back…we're all a family…and I'm not sure exactly why you left.

    Come to think of it, I kind of miss your commenting…besides SBM has a gf now…i'm sure we can ALL be friends again…lol.

  67. Nah Teacia I think I will just stick with my one day visitors pass, I actually am not to fond of this Jerry Springer gone Montel Williams type of vibe, all the fussing and fighting musta rubbed off on me or something lol.

    But I do hope everyone is having a good summer.


  68. @Mikki: The fighting has pretty much ceased. People are calmer, blood pressure is low, and haven't had a heart attack in a minute.

    Now come on back home and have u a slice of pie …

  69. …ah well not everyone likes peace…some need a little destruction to make it through the day…hope you reconsider though.

  70. Normally I am a sucker for food being offered but I just can't, blogger feelings seriously hurt and I am forever a scorned black blogger (sarcasim). Besides It seems like everybody round here is getting some *SS (which could be why everybody is being so nice). I am to far away from that ever being my case so I can't hang around all this lovey dovey, it just makes me feel icky….

    But I still love yall, you guys hold it down well with out my 2.2 cents


  71. @ Mikki

    "Besides It seems like everybody round here is getting some *SS "

    not me. I'm new here so maybe some of whatever everybody else has will rub off.

  72. *crying* awww Mikki so you not going to come back. I don't have anybody but that doesn't affect my attitude. I was born chill…lol

    Who hurt your feelings… you know I don't remember what happened.

    Ummm I am little slow what is SS?


    Speaking of cougars, I guess I am one because a 26 yearold (infant..LOL!!) hollered and I gave him the digits. He's so funny and nice to play with.

    I'm 35 so I guess I'll represent my clique!! LMAO!!!

    @Renegade: I've heard about the Libra Lounge, I'll have to make it by there next week.

    I see SBM isn't speaking to me today since I made my comment. *hmph*

  74. uh OHHHHHH…..people it is an eclipse ANYTHING is possible PARTICULARLY where love is concerned. And lord knows Hasani probably got married. Praise Jesus thank you father. Aint nobody heard from him all day. And this is rare.

  75. lol @ Humble I would stay if I had a guarantee it would rub off on me too lol.

    Hey Tiff!!! girlfriend how iz u??

    Ms Dev I think not getting any does affect me to some degree, while I know it doesn't rule my every thought its still there and I tried to ignor it but yesterday it threw a pop can at my head, lucky for me I ducked but I dunno about next time….

  76. Well …back in the day some of SBM bruh's would post. And Hasani blessed us with his presence. And then most of the men bounced. And then you and Lion came on around the same time.

    I'd like to hear more about black men in the "D" …i wasn't getting a very good impression from all the residents. and there are tons on here. I think Ms. Freckles, Neonnea, Mikki…all from D town. I think Im missing somebody.

  77. LOL…Humble…good observation…there are a few others, Eathan and Lion…B. Price shows up errnow and then…and there's a few random drop ins but the fellas are scarce on this here blog. I think it was all of the arguing that use to go down before SBM put his foot down.

  78. @Humble-I concur. I want it to. I think they are the only males. And no not two hours everytime…but now does this entire act have to be all penetration….can there be some….licking and sucking? I sure hope everyone is 18+.

    @Teacia-Girl, I been packing away. Moving guy just turned like two blocks away everything we don't take is either trash or going in what little luggage I have left.

    *Just groovin to Raheem DeVaughn looking at the warmth in this blog!

  79. I was actually going to say something about Hasani's absence but I didn't want to start anything.

    …and for some reason when he does arrive i'm sure he's going to attack me for this statement…it's just how he rolls.

  80. @ Tiffany in Houston

    "Question for all: Why do men constantly aim too high for chicks that ain’t checking for them and ignore chicks that are????? I had to school someone on that this week."

    I asked a few dudes this question and what they told me is that if they believe that if they keep trying one of them will give them play. These guys are usually simps. They also don't have any pride and will usually

    chop off their foot or swim in a pool of sharks just off of a pretty face or big booty.

  81. "I asked a few dudes this question and what they told me is that if they believe that if they keep trying one of them will give them play. These guys are usually simps. They also don’t have any pride and will usually

    chop off their foot or swim in a pool of sharks just off of a pretty face or big booty."

    ….sounds like someone we know….hmmmm, i just can't put my finger on it.

  82. Oh and Comeback I would like to know about black men in the D too I live here and i still don't know. Maybe Humble can shed some light on the subject, cuz i need closure, or maybe i just need to move to another state lol.

  83. @ComebackGirl – Its funny you say that. When I've gone out of town I've met a few women that had issues with guys from Detroit. All cats here ain't bad but some dudes here women need to run from as if they were Jason or Freddy.

  84. Off the subject…

    I have never had a problem calling any guy I wanted to talk too. I never play the let him call me game- Im not going to call him bullish. If I want to talk I will call. This one particular fella makes me nervous and I just realized I don't call him ever…damn thats not good…Whats wrong with me? I never get nervous I am always cool. What did he do to me?…lol I like him waaaaaayyy to much, officially losing control of the situation. Weird!

    I need to go pack!! I hate it…

    Uhh oh his (different guy than above) girlfriend said she wants to break up… do you think she knows we are talking. I doubt it has anything to do with that. Damn that sucks for him…:-(


  85. oh Comeback shut up…there i said it.

    …now moving right along…Ms. D I thought you would happy about the news…his girlfriend wants out, isn't that what you said you wanted 4 rants ago(check for accuracy…lol). New dude sounds interesting though…got you sweating all, now that's a good luck. Anyone who can unnerve is worth an extra look at.

  86. @ Teacia: I didn't want her to break up with him I wanted her to be comfortable with us…LOL( not realistic) I like to let things flow naturally. I don't think she is serious though.

  87. (comment by Tiff)

    "Speaking of cougars, I guess I am one because a 26 yearold (infant..LOL!!) hollered and I gave him the digits. He’s so funny and nice to play with"

    I can't believe you called him an infant!!(choking on my water) I will be 26 in 2.5 months I am a grown *ss woman ya hurd meh!! lol.

    represent MY clique *throwing up gang sign*

  88. @Humble: Only the wifey gets licked … really? Yeah … thats the one simpish thing about me. I love giving head. Something about hearing my name, watching eyes roll back, feeling the whole body tense up, and then the twitch in the leg … man … what was I saying? Done worked myself up.

    But really … how bad is simping in Detroit?

    @Tiffany in Houston: Girl … she watching us! Gotta use them code words. Bojangle of the flippy doe … the flippy doe girl …

    @Ms D: *SS is like a** or a*s. Basically … she aint getting no ass!

    @Mikki: Apparently the calming affect of commenting here is getting people laid. I'd like to take a little credit.

  89. So…I've been on a major hiatus from posting comments because I am working on launching my company. After reading that Black Femme Fatal error post…I have to jump back in the fray. The attitude is just wrong. Why should men have to show how they can be "providers" when we are trying to be "partners". Some women just need to "grow up" and let go of the idea of being the spoiled trophy wife. You can't take provide for a grown ass adult with a job…that's unreasonable.

  90. Simping in Detroit?? where??

    "Bojangle of the flippy doe … the flippy doe girl …"

    too too funny

    too bad my pass ends at 4pm, I hope Humble answers my question before I leave…………

    oh yea I don't want to get laid maybe thats the problem…….

    *signing up for nun school*

    anybody seen my smock?? robe/head tie lil thingy???

  91. alright good people my time is up yall know how we do (leave the office 20 minutes before its time to go) I had fun this last hour, glad everyone is doing great. Catch yall on the flippy doe side! (man that was to funny I gotta get that posted on my desk someplace) imma be saying that forever.

    *big hugs*

  92. This eclipse is zoning my AZZ all the way out. I'm in my groove and feeling good, cause there was a time I would have really gotten urban contemporary.

    "oh Comeback shut up…there i said it."

    Ok Teacia…I will.


    Welcome Back Anti- I really like Fe Fe and Jolie's writing. I feel like they're kindred spirits. I mean really there are two types of women who believe the hype. 1) is on a very self-grandizing take take hustle (with a little intellectualizing thrown in to make it all sound legit. 2) the other is grounded in chilvary. To me its not about money. You could take me to a swap meet and say we pay for our food with fruity pebbles. Its about what you layin those fruity pebbles out on the table represents. Its what it says about you as a man.

    Its not like you OWE me. Its you're showing me that you are the guy. You are the navigator so to speak. Its a hard "sell" to look at. But I think the women who get what they want with quality men, aren't on the take. After we've established a relationship I might brook brother a ninja DOWN. Fix him food where he is licking his elbows. I wouldn't even be opposed to buying my HUSBAND a ferrari (with "our" money that was once just "mine" pre being the Mrs.) Champ said it best over there. And I think he gets it. It really is about recipriocity. I think men get confused in that they can't tell when they're being taken…so they use absolutes instead of their intuition.

  93. @Mikki – Thats a hard question to answer. Me and my friends (the good ones) go to clubs and cabarets whatever. But we don't hang out everyday. Some weekends we dont do anything. I mean we work or go to school or do both. I can give you a better answer if you get back at me. I know you are gone at 4pm.

    @SBM – yeah thats strictly for wifey you cant do that for any woman. I can tell you some incredible simp stories. Its crazy because Detroit is stereotyped as having pimps and players. It hasn't been like that here since the 70s. Aint no pimps just huslters.

  94. @Comeback: Some things never change. Lol @ your simp-like view of chivalry. I wish there was a graph that showed the amount of chivalry required over time before there was reciprocity…

  95. "@Comeback: Some things never change. Lol @ your simp-like view of chivalry. I wish there was a graph that showed the amount of chivalry required over time before there was reciprocity…"

    I have my scientific calculator right here….I'm drawing the coordinates RHAT now.

  96. @ The Eclipse: Oh…so I guess there a huge shadow has been cast upon Reason. Shall I expect the return of Reason after the Eclipse?

  97. LOL @ how long sex should last. yeah if your chick can WALK after 10 minutes of sex your doing it wrong. theres totally no need to waste time for ego's sake. I used to draw sex out back in the day, but I just play to my stregnths. I think Im average with the pipe game so I usually get that over with (unless I have to prove a point) and work my strong area which is the all important… but totally missed by the youth… post game wrapup. Now you can do that for 2 hours…. but pounding away like a jackhammer for 2 hours? seriously…. thats not pleasurable for anyone. Cleaning up the goo off the bed is a once per 20 minute thing in itself… so you mean to tell me you are both laying in the puddle for 2 friggin hours?????!!!

  98. @ Anti–no you SHANT…being that 25% of all eclipses are actually total eclipses…if we go with your logic you'll be waiting a long azz.

    anyway..Im sorry that your fearful brotha's haven't attuned their third eye, one you don't have to shoot everyday.

  99. As the only person on the blog who has slept with the same person for more than the amount of time they have spent in school…..

    I would say the longer you sleep together the more efficent you get. Sex in my household was doable to completion by both parties during a commercial break of "Desperate Housewives". Sex year one however was an hour and 2 sheet changes ordeal.

    1999 No head…. 2000… Head, but couldnt finish…..2003.. She finally got me to finish, only takes 20 minutes… 2008 Ol girl could polish off, make the toes curl and have me sucking my thumb in under 2 minutes.

    Miss Alaska tried the head game lastnight…. yeah Im at step one again she was at it for 30 minutes… sigh.

    seriously if your having sex right….. the human body cant physicaly sustain the loss of fluid to go for 2 hours… much less 4.

    I am at my 2nd job atm…. I got such a rant for when I get home, I have to type small stuff at this job.

  100. Teacia: I couldnt Imagine anyone lasting over 6 minutes with you… that looks too lethal, it fukin SCARES the sheet outta me 🙁

    Wouldnt even wanna die trying that one.

  101. rant continued:

    6. Ok so I'm been an Asst. Prop Manager at both condo communities and section 8 housing…and for some reason I can't wrap my mind around not paying your rent when it's only $52. Damn the government is already footing the bill for the other 97%…what more do you need. And since when is it okay to pay this shit in cash…you don't know me from boo boo the fool…protect what little you do have folks…damn black people, let's get it together.

    7. About to leave one job and go to the next…5 more weeks to go at it like this…damn this private school better be worth every penny.

  102. Hasani my baby holds it down…too long even…I be praying for that nigga to finish…he's kind of done a number of my sex-esteem…i'm just not use to negroes being able to hang in there like that.

    Oh well, I got something for his ass…I'm been practicing this new trick where I spin…oh nevermind…let's just hope it works. *fingers crossed*

  103. Humble cabarets? clubs? That really doesn't help me much, I can't go to the club or cabaret (which i dont do often) attempting to seriously check for Mr Right and think I will find him. Those just aren't my type of places even on a good day.

    School? I don't think I want my Mr Right in school unless its for something other than undergrad. I am 26 and of the working class, so unless you holding down school part time and a full time job (actually making some kinda living) that isn't going to work either.

    I guess I just better keep doing what im doing, working and coming home curling up in the fetal position maybe a *good one* will knock at my door…………

  104. @Mikki – I only have a few friends in school but they work full time jobs and are good dudes. The friends I have that just work. You dont want to see those dudes. The other good ones are in relationships with dependent women. Do you approach men or do you wait for them to say something to you? I ask this because a lot of women sell themselves short waiting for a man to come up to them. And from my experience the dudes that ain't sh*t have no problem talking to women.

  105. Well I am not complaining at the moment just because I been working so much I haven't had time to REALLY go out and enjoy the summer, but when that wasn't going on…….

    come to think of it i just dont get out period lol.

    neva mind

    next topic.

    damn gotta leave for work already I didn't even get my cat nap !! argggggggggg Ok I will be back in 30 minutes!!!

    I don't approach dudes, stuff just goes wrong when I do that.

  106. Scary for me too. Miss Ex and THROW it… but she shure cant take it. I usually never try to drag it out or hurt someone but we got in such a tiff and I had to bang the angry black woman out of her. I make more money than her, I am taller, I weight more and Im damn sure meaner. I wear the gawd damn pants and sometimes she forgets I can exit the situation much easier than she can. She complains to no end, which lets me know shes knows what will happen if she crosses me again.

    yo Im totally with you though. this two job thang is hard. Im actually working Day 13 hours at one job and nights 13 hours at the other. So they overlap on wednsday night to thursday morning with a 26 hour day 🙁

    But…. bought Miss ER a Michele Urban watch which droped checking down to 300…today payday… I somehow have 1,900…….. BAWWWLLINNNN!!!!

    heres a start to my rant. Does anyone else notice that every brotha that makes a bit of money seems to have himself a white or asian chick?

  107. Edit… "miss EX and throw it" should read Miss Alaska can throw it…. but sure cant take it"

    damn you SBM…. bring the quote and edit post feature in this site already!!

    brotha gets a lil bit o pussy and he starts slackin on the site improvements … jk

  108. Mik so I see Imma have to do some type of inside investigation on where the black men are in Detriot. I just did a quick google. They have black professional organizations. Ann Arbor has tons of stuff too. Dtown was having some black wine tasting-that sounds fun. And they have a few black historical societies. Film festivals.

    You make it sound like aint no black professional men NO where in site.

    If push came to shove I would hang out in Canada too, your not far.

  109. Black women often have such a hard time finding us black men… but when I go out I never find any… I mean ANY black women.

    I have more 37+ year old white cougars come up to me or my buddy in a night… than black women we both will visually SEE (between the ages of 22-35) that arent FAT… out on any given night. Its like you guys forget to go to the mall, movies, and lounge for some reason. like.. hello… we are HERE!!!! >:(

  110. Mall men, unless their in the suit and tie section, or maybe coming out of that cigar lounge/tobacco store in tysons corner…are not the ideal meeting places for women. I can't see nothing in the movie. But most of me and my friends are going to sci fi flicks, and most men aren't going to foreign film alone either.

  111. @HNIC: Good gift selection!

    @Teacia: You should've taken the cash, and count it as a lesson tough those people. LOL!!

    I know this is wrong, but when I'm done, I'm done. I can stick around for a few more minutes for you to do you, but by that time I'm spent. I wanna just roll over and sleep with my hand sandwiched between my legs.

    Funny that this topic comes up, because I have felt like this since i was a teenager! I would tell my friend who was a Kappa (he was pretentious and shallow, so he would get a kick out of it) in undergrad about all of these dudes who would come at me, and the 1st thing that would come to mind is, "ugh, dude, do you not know your level?" Regardless of what people say, we all know what is in our range, even though I guess you have to at least shoot for the stars to each the clouds. It's kinda like applying for a job. You're not going to apply for a Senior Accountant position when youi don't even have the required CPA. Come on now!

    In general, I typically date 7's in the face and 10's in the body, so I guess the man who doesn't look like Boris has a better chance snagging me anyway. Regardless, KNOW YOUR LEVEL…

  112. Damn comeback wtf how you google that?? Step into my office…….

    U really need a side hustle like the "Cheaters investigators" I think u would make a killing doing that.

  113. "U really need a side hustle like the “Cheaters investigators” I think u would make a killing doing that."

    …girl don't let me break out the detriot piston stadium seating chart, do they have a bar at the top level…my work here is done for now.

    gotta go.

  114. what about the bar?? pistons aint even playin now and the "palace" is no where near me girl…

    your fired!!

  115. @Renegade: Oh no … your one of those girls … sigh.

    I'm saying … how u just gonna roll over?!?! There are some balls to be jiggled or hummed on … I mean … you did get urs. And man u kinda strict with the looks demands … I'm starting to wonder what this pic Hasani kept talking about is looking like … cause u asking for a good bit there …

    @Mikki: Come on now … it can't be that hard to find good dudes. U already got half a love connection going on here already (go head and send Humble some pics with the good draws).

    @Hasani: Man … if u experienced what I had … you would be forgetting all kinds of stuff!

  116. @Comeback & Mikki: I'm going to need you to take this personal conversation to email. Finding available men in the Detroit area just doesn't appeal to everybody!

  117. Renegade said "In general, I typically date 7’s in the face and 10’s in the body"

    oh oh how about 8's in the face and 8 in the body?? With a 10 in totally cuteness in the personality and give you the warm fuzzy feeling type of guy….. like ME 😀

    Ill totally move to Dallas for a beautiful ebony mate .. yall think im playin!

    SBM… not tryin to sound old again… but I prob have experienced most things you have.

    oh trust me brotha.. you know I have decent taste of black women from the neck up…. Renegade is hands down the finest sista on the blog….. shame your not single any more CBM.

    Now Im the only Over 6'1, Under 30% Body fat, No kids, educated,No criminal history, Working, ""rather Not bad to look at"", Single black male .. .on the blog… yay me!

  118. @Hasani: You forgot the newcomer (and anti-simping) Humble. Ya got competition bruh …

    And I can promise you have experienced what is currently mine

  119. daaaaamn SBM…sounds like she got you SPRUNG!!!

    …and look at Hasani, negro sounding all hood and shit now that he has some chic(or 6) riding his nuts…lol…one time for progression up here in this piece!!!

  120. @Humble One:Do you approach men or do you wait for them to say something to you? I ask this because a lot of women sell themselves short waiting for a man to come up to them….PREACH!!!

    I say this all the time. There is nothing wrong with striking up convo with a man..you never know where it may lead. Most women and some on this blog thought I was out of my damn mind. Now a man finally said…THANKS!!!

  121. "Renegade is hands down the finest sista on the blog….. "

    ….treachery at its finest…i see how you do me Sani baby. *over in the corner sobbing*

  122. Seriously SBM can anybody have a conversation without being hooked up dang *rolls eyes* I said hi to the man and here you go……..

    I didn't say it was hard, I just realized that I need to venture outside my bubble. Right now I work 2 jobs the second one is almost damn near full time just like the first hell im at work right now! when i get everything tight just like I want it, I am stopping in NY, TX, LA, TN to find my boo. Detroit just aint popping I don't care what anybody is trying to tell me

    this is me

    *ears covered* la la la la la la la la

    Oh yes and let me tell you what I think of the men in my city

    1. The weed slingers (can't say drugs cuz dont nobody do drugs they just all smoke weed) is that even a drug?

    2. The wanna be DJ'S and producers steady trying to get on making beats and not getting a 9-5

    3. Baby making machines – my girl just meet a dude with 4 damn kids wtf…….. no no no no no

    4. Living at home ones…… I dunno the motive behind this

    5. Uglies in big trucks who seem to think they can get girls just because they have a nice ride

    did i leave anybody out…….

    oh and all these *professional organizations* have membership fee's? why do I need to pay to know you??

    ok that musta been my rant

  123. @Ms. D: You don't know the half of it. She got me waking up in cold sweats when she aint around! Woke up this morning with her looking at me … then realized she wasn't there and I was dreaming. Wanted to curse the world …

  124. Simp is a derogatory term used by men towards other men who are overly weak and supplicants in their relationship status with females, thus ruining the normal and sometimes volatile balance of power between men and women.


    Normal Man: HI! Id like a date, lets go dutch and hit a dinner and a movie.

    Simp: Your the greatest thing to ever happen in life… I will beg you forever for just one date and ill pay and take you to she whities! heres a dozen long stem blue roses from Italy! let me rent a car to show you my affection!

    Joe thug: Yo im commin ova to smash… not even gonna take my tims off cuz I got places to be.

  125. Teacia: Well your not "FINE" You have huge amounts of sex appeal, which I cant see any guy saying NO to you. You can say no to fine chicks… I do it every weekend… the women with the high sex appeal however will bleed me dry which is still a huge weakness for me 🙁

    You seriously have to see renegades picture. Im about to ask her for her myspace page and get at her behind the scenes! According to her im her type… cept Im a tad doofy.

    Me sound hood? Oh surly you jest… Nothing cracked me up more than when TIffy called me on the phone…

    "OH… you sound….. not like I thought…."

    "Like a 6'ft black guy?"

    "No …. its just…..you……. dont sound very….um…….. urban"

    "Cuz princeton is the hood now?"

  126. lol…Hasani when did you get so funny…man I'm happy you're not sweating Comeback anymore…i think it has done a wonders to your personality.

    …yeah and i kinda hate the "forbidden fruit" vibe i give off…has gotten me into trouble on many a days. fine would be nice though…guess i gotta step my game up…hopefully Jason will be my savior.

  127. rants continued:

    …what's the fucking point in having a boyfriend if i still have to spend Friday nights alone with no one to talk to…this shit BLOWS!!!!

  128. @Teacia-That used to be my life that negro had to go. But your boo sounds fab…maybe he'll do better.

    @Humble-I saw what you wrote about only going down on the wifey. I can respect that. I ain't saying everybody gets it, but those that do are truly worthy. It's funny though because I have a thing for doing it…sort of knack.

    @HNIC-Thanks for the full definition of simp. I kinda had it but not really. So basically Kwame Kilpatrick is a simp?

  129. Hey…………..ya………..

    Do you realize that milk taste way worst than before……………..really.

    NOw they want to keep us. Black people and the hood that is………….


    my rants.

  130. @Jaclynnm – you know that is a skilled trade. lol I know a lot a dudes that look for women like that. I prefer the backshots though. Yeah Kwame is a simp, trick, whatever. He is a school boy out of his league. He kind of represents the black professional crowd here in Detroit. I really don't care for that crowd.

  131. Humble how could you possibly peg what one mayor did into a whole group of professionals: lawyers, engineers, doctors, government agency people, etc etc….so they all are low lifes too.

    wow and wow…

  132. Like… I guess to the angry haughty black woman types who think everyone is supposed to be below them…. All men are supposed to sound like ignorant thugs or 16th century english peasants.

    I sound like Im the son of a professor and sound like where I was raised. cept if I get angry… then I sound like an angry north jersey Guido… since im Italian by Osmosis 🙂

    who said I didnt sweat comeback? I just think Renegade is better looking and a better match for me, but my type dosent have a problem matching with Renegades type… my type has a problem reaching comebacks type. So I still feel the need to handle comeback and go out with her on one date, just to see what type of progress we can make.

    Miss Alaska is similar to comeback though…. and we see whats happened to her….

    gawd her neighbors give us such looks. We walked outside this morning to take out the trash, the neighbors wife looked at us and cuddled with her husband … I guess the walls are thin and they liked "the show" lastnight 🙂

  133. "who said I didnt sweat comeback? I just think Renegade is better looking and a better match for me, but my type dosent have a problem matching with Renegades type… my type has a problem reaching comebacks type. So I still feel the need to handle comeback and go out with her on one date, just to see what type of progress we can make."


    Hasani dear…I am so very happy that you have found a better suited more attractive match. I never positioned myself to be everyman's cup of tea nor would I want to be. I'm content with one man believing that I am the best (if only in his eyes).

    You see all that you talking is so very relative. You have women who would break their neck to be everyman's ice-cream sundae and that is so very idiotic to me. Because great men know that no so great men are going to ALWAYS "find" something better, even to give them the out that they've should use in the beginning: "IM NOT READY FOR A RELATIONSHIP WITH ONE PERSON".

    in closing i find it so ironic that you buy delicate wonderful michele swiss watches (that are fab and totally remind me of cartier and david yurman) for Miss ER.

    but your bangin the angry black woman out of Miss AK. does she not deserve delicate gifts??? Or is she more content with you making house calls with chinese take out.

  134. @Humble-Forgive my inability to comprehend but what is a backshot? I can understand what you're saying about Mr. K. I mean here you are the mayor whose supposed to bring change and you repeatedly mess up. Come on once burned should have made him twice shy and yet nothing (no pun intended). Now as for the professional crowd in Detroit I'd say in general birds of a feather flock together which makes it easy for me to see why you'd generalize them, on one hand. However, on the other, aren't you a professional in Detroit? There is at least one good apple in the bunch. You seem alright to me. Non-simpish, pretty smart, good behavior damned near the black man's trifecta.

    @Comeback-Come on don't be so harsh! There has to be some group out there that you don't care for?

    @HNIC-Wow….simply wow. I mean you sound like you might be the type to wanna tame a shrew….

  135. @Comeback-I don't believe you can make a housewife out of a ya know….and maybe she's just needs a little of Hasani to warm her up 🙂 As for the watch for Miss ER didn't he say something about giving her a watch that she basically bought? Well the best of both worlds!

  136. Miss ER i believed helped him get a job at the hospital..I took it to mean that it was more of a thank you gift). She also happens to be white. Right Hasani????

    I just notice (because again I read with my third eye) that he treats his ladies rather differently. I assert because he's coming at them with a varied perspective).

    just my thoughts or maybe I should take that pencil to the third eye again.

  137. Wow…that's a hell of a gift for someone who just helped you get a job. Whoa, whoa. Stop all the presses…the one that you're "loving" can't get a watch? Is there a true interest in Miss ER or is it the black man attempting to "rape" the white woman. Like me get her to fall for me then I'll break her little heart?

    You're third eye is seriously acting up.

  138. Ya… shes just angry… thats why we still tryin to reach her.

    I guess you can look at it in regards to how good of a woman you are if you want to compare women (a task you should never do really kids)

    if your reading and keeping up with your studies in HNIC101…..

    Miss ER is the longest running and most seasoned veteran of our camp. I have yet to have a single argument with the women. Nice , sweet, and is a very VERY respectful woman. short story…. Her parents threw us a party last month, all their friends and family.. quite huge event and lots of fun. Im talking about something and I am totally wrong so her friend tries to correct me. She cuts her friend off and tells her shes a "fucking moron if she believes what she is saying" and basically tells her to go back to school.

    She undressed ol girl so thoroughly I actually thought… I may have been right. Later she brought me over to her laptop and showed me an article thus proving me wrong but said she knew I was wrong but didnt want me to look bad……… damn thats loyalty.

    I just wrote SBM a letter on friday. I was telling him how I had to attend a social function for scoutmasters and local community heads, alumni and such. I worked 80 hours this week and 80 the week before but Miss Alaska insisted on seeing me. Not a problem.. Ill kill 2 birtd with 1 stone and bring her to the event. She dresses up BEAUTIFULLY (god I love her figure) and we attend. But at the event she proceeds to get upset about something I did (took a picture with a young lady) and proceeds to cus me out INFRONT of all of those assembled. Keep in mind theres children here, my former scouts, my niggas who run with me… the whole 9 and she decides now is the time to put me in my place….. well that shit worked. I acted like the lap dog I am for the rest of the night and apologized til we got back to her place.

    when you compare the two reactions to being in public… one will dive on a grenade to defend the man she is with …. the other sees it as her job to go above and beyond to check me over taking a picture with a kid/young lady from my town.

    One gets me a job and the other complains "I cant be seen driving around in your damn car"

    One never argues with me, the other argues with me almost every single time I see her.

    one says I am the best catch of a man ever and the other , lets not forget class DUMPED me after our first date and told me at one point I was "barking up the wrong tree" in my efforts to get her to go out with me again. sista didnt want to go out on a date wit me till she saw me out with "black mans cryptonite"

    and yo have the nerve to ask why would I buy one an $800 watch and why the other one gets flowers grown from my garden?

    And you blame is on RACE!?!?!?!?!? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAH

    do you know how classic angry black woman you even SOUND bringing up race in this topic?

  139. now dont take this as me putting down my snowbunny….. err snow bunny meaning the eskimo not the doctor.

    I feel she has a great passion for me and is. educated,a great lover, hard working, elegant, passionate, a great lover, and is very good to me. Home girl will never let me leave her house without fixing my clothes and without trying to fix me something to eat… I swear shes tryin to make me fat.

    I dont mean to compare her few flaws to another womans because thats not fair. I shoulda deleted that post.

    but seriously ya cant question why I would feel the need to buy a woman one thing and not anything for another, thats totally classless on you guys part.

    Its not a valleygirl Vs Eskimo thang… your worse than chicken little. dont you ever get tired of bein ABW/Single 35 year old spinster with 5 cats gettin fat(er) on the couch eating ben and jerry on saturday nights?? stop being so damn negative

    Me and my eskimo are all good. she givesme good luvinz and cares for me, we just are not models and perfect so I guess its a growing and learning process… which is why we all date …. right??

    if she makes it to Xmas, Ill let comeback pick out Miss Alaskas gift… deal?

  140. Well Hasani I have to go with Comeback on this one…if she's good enough to sleep with then she should be good enough for a gift. I'm not blaming it on race, because disrespect is disrespect regardless of race…but what I do find funny is what you don't see. Miss ER is using you…yep I said it…she's using you. Any woman who would argue for her man knowing that he's wrong just to save him a little face, has alterior motives in mind. She's grooming you to be her trophy sweetie and that has nothing to do with loyalty and everything to do with perception. You're her big buff beautiful black man, who was barely making ends meet before you met her…she's be damned if she allows you to be stereotyped.

    The fact that you lose all logic and spend an ENTIRE check on some broad just because she makes you feel smarter than you are is…well it's just stupid.

    Again I'm not BLAMING this on race…but in her eyes it most certainly plays a part. Hasani sweetie, let's be real…you're a funny guy, you got the gaming world down and you know how to look up statistics(even those that don't apply to blacks)….but when it comes to intelligence…uhhh…errr, yeah you don't shine that bright.

    And I'm not angry, I have no need to be…I gets mine and there are no shortage of good men knocking at my door and I know how to embrace them wholely…but it needs to be said. You're delusional…Miss Alaska wants for you to step your game up, she wants for you to live up to your full potential and not just for image sake…if you're insulted you should bounce…but you can't because of your obsession for woman who are of a better "class" than you are.

    Granted that chic was dead ass wrong for playing you out in public…WRONG…no excuses…but why are you sticking around…who exactly are you trying to save…and who's trying to save you. I know you're going to curse me out but I don't care…go ahead…show me what you working with…the truth is what it is.

  141. Jaclynn…Comeback and I may not agree on much, but if there is one thing we agree on it's Hasani's delusions. He in the past has constantly compared us to other races, making an effort(failed mostly) to paint us as less worthy.

    And as much as I hate to say it…and I mean really hate…Comeback's third eye is usually on point.

  142. @Comeback – I did not mean to stereotype or generalize all professional blacks in Detroit. But I went to school and church with a lot of them and a lot of them have the same characteristics. They are fake, arrogant, clickish, and impressed with status. I KNOW THAT ALL OF THEM ARE NOT LIKE THIS. But a good percentage of them are.

    @Jaclynn – I voted for the mayor 2X. I am just tired of black people in prominent positions in this city being typical politicians. I see all the problems around me and I see selfish bufoons in positions where they can do something. With all the problems here I just don't see how you they can do what they do without a conscious. Its not all on the mayor, city council, and church leaders. The some of the people here are so apathetic. That apathy keeps the wrong people in power and as so-called leaders. Oh and backshot is doggie.

  143. THat has to be the stupidest thing ever said… go back and re read that statement again

    Here let me put this in bold so the other 3 men that actually read this blog can laugh their asses off

    if she’s good enough to sleep with then she should be good enough for a gift

    like…. seriously… do I even have to respond to a statement like that? can you guys step outside of ABW and culture to see how absolutely retarded you sound?

    I dont need to curse you out, I just need to copy and paste your own words…

    Im gonna wake up in the morning and re read this, .. lets recap…

    someone does you a favor… dont thank them…

    someone shows loyalty…. they are using you…..

    a woman has sex with a man….. she deserves a $700 gift…..

    A woman disrespecting you and arguing with you is wanting you to live up to your potential…. how silly I was to not see that taking a picture with a pretty young woman from my town was such an egregious offense that it was somehow limiting me from my true potential… im an idiot.. and here I thought it was just an angry black woman being insecure and shallow because she saw the guy she was with standing next to a thin redhead with big boobs.

    and Im somehow.. knowledgeable with computers…. writing…. gaming…. humor… diet& nutrition… statistics… and loving…. but Im somehow stupid and not that bright??? If I wanna call myself a big dumb brute, thats all fine and dandy but Ill be damned if you can hop on the wagon as well.

    but after the any woman who sleeps with a man deserves a gift… comment… I gotta let alot of what your typing tonight slide. Ya know.. just because you CAN extort money and gifts from men for sexual favors.. dosent mean thats exactly the law of the land. speaking of laws.. isnt there a law and a word for women who exchange money or gifts for sexual favors???

  144. lol…case in point…hit the dimmers…yes please re read in the morning..and next time try actually comprehending my statements.

    …silly rabbit.

  145. …i was going to let it ride but decided against it.

    yes my statement above stands. i'll be DAMNED if a negro thinks that he's going to sleep with me, but i'm not worthy of anything monetary. you can fuck me sideways but i'm not worthy of a watch. since when did giving my body to you become something that has no relative value. that's the problem with men and women today. they think that it's okay for a man to demand sex and even expect it, but you're not supposed to expect anything in return. damn that!! that's the most backwards ass thinking i've ever encountered. and this shit is running rampard these days…not in this house…never will that be the case.

    and since you're so big on your grandparents and how they did things…you think your grandma gave it up to granddaddy without him showing a little monetary appreciation for her time and attention first. i think not!

    and let me quote: "I feel she has a great passion for me and is. educated,a great lover, hard working, elegant, passionate, a great lover, and is very good to me. Home girl will never let me leave her house without fixing my clothes and without trying to fix me something to eat…"

    …is all of THAT not worth a freaking watch. yeah she showed her ass in public but you stick around for this dumb shit…and yes she's TOTALLY WRONG, yet you allow her to undermind you…now here's the point i was making earlier…and i'm going to give it to you kindergarden style…pay attention or you'll miss it: if she's so bad for you, then why do you stick around…if we're ALL so angry then why not shoot up the deuces and KEEP IT MOTHERFUCKING MOVING!!!

    And please don't give me that rescue speech…we don't need YOUR kind of help…nor do we want it.

  146. oh yeah and:

    "and Im somehow.. knowledgeable with computers…. writing…. gaming…. humor… diet& nutrition… statistics… and loving…. but Im somehow stupid and not that bright??? If I wanna call myself a big dumb brute, thats all fine and dandy but Ill be damned if you can hop on the wagon as well. "

    …not only am i hopping aboard, i'm conducting the damn band.

    i said ur funny(which we know most idiots are), you're good at gaming(uhhh, not much brain energy required there), never mentioned anything about writing(in fact, you could use a class or two)…knowledgeable with computers(uhhh, in ur words ur "unqualified")…diet and nutrition(any idiot can read the label)….statistics(uhh yeah, i'm going to just ignore than one altogether)…and loving(ha, ur the meanest sumabitch up in this piece).

    so sleep tight Sani baby….it's a rant!

  147. Hasani please stop the maddness and the back tracking. You are sleeping with BOTH women (and a one or two more that I've forgotten about at the same time) period amen. I was only being facetious when I wrote that you had given her a "thank you" gift. Those were MY WORDS. Your's were "she practically bought the watch".

    Both wanted you to step your game up, one had better connections.

    In line 82 you wrote: "I dont mean to compare her few flaws to another womans because thats not fair. I shoulda deleted that post."

    Sure you do. And the bottom line is. Its ok. I think its totally fine for men to sleep with whomever they want at the same time, in the same bed, on the same pillow. I wonder about penis/mouth coodies. But thats your pleasure and hopefully its a "safer" sexual one.

    I have two issues namely when you delude these women into thinking its only you and them. And you got Miss Eskimo so wide open I hardly think she KNOWS you're sexin' other women (aint that right "Sani baby")

    secondly, is when you pee on my head and tell me its raining. I'm an angry black women because I peeped your steelo along with another man (B. Price) do you remember when he put you on blast??? I don't need you to save MY soul. No earthly man can do that for me. Why not start with working on your own.

    You still haven't fully grieved your loss. You have yet to learn that you can't replace a person. No one will ever be good enough for someone's loss you have yet to come to terms with. Nor can you justify your preference for dating white women by deciding that you can't save the black ones.

    Please go out and find you the best white woman you can. And stop your charity dating. You're not even good at it-nor equitable in the gift department.

    now Im off to church.

  148. Comeback… your a |edited by moderator|. I cant put it any more eloquent than that.

    Your so angry about being the avatar of angry black women you cant ever really be happy can you? no wonder your so old and such a failure. Yes… please toss around your pedigree and make pretend it keeps you warm at night. We will put it on your tombstone. Dont worry, Ill take care of your cats for you.

    But at the rate your destroying the body god had blessed you with, we may need two caskets to bury you in.

    You dont actually DO anything. You dont have that great of a education…. you dont do any type of charity work/community work (since the only thing you care about it yourself) you dont have any nieces nephews or friends you raise, you dont have a 2nd job, you dont date and are admitedly too broken to date one person… but for some reason if a black man dates more than one person hes the anti christ (re-read your OWN shit son) you dont have that many friends OBVIOUSLY or much of a social life, your overweight but not because of genetics (talk about someone who is not getting over a loss… pack on the lbs much since your doctor decided to upgrade to his white woman?)

    Do you remember when SBM put you on blast? How about when Teacia did it? How about any of the other zillion people who you have either pissed off or pissed on? you cant even get along with us.. what da fuck do you DO in real life other than generate money? hell you dont even really generate that much. if you were nicer you would get a promotion. Even better you would have combined income with an actual man and be able to do shit like the rest of the world.

    but no, your single,your bitter and your wondering why the world is passing you by. others could help you, but you clutch so tightly to your angry black woman moniker. let that sheet go girl, its tired.

    you want me to step my game up? I make more money than you.. how do you sound? but my corporate game dosent matter to me, work is something I do… not something that defines me.

    we here.. your SBM family,all want you to step YOUR game up. stop being a bitter old spinster and be nice to everyone…. try starting with being nicer to your body. I upped my income… now why dont you try getting down below your current sloppy and non curvy size 14 and fit that fat ass back into the size 8 dress Ill buy for you when you.

    starts by putting the bag of pork rinds down and not craming them in your fat face anymore… and getting out into the world thats not your cubicle and running.

    trust me, you'll thank us later my silky haired beauty.

  149. Teacia. I think you and me are on separate wavelengths.

    Your pussy is obviously not made of gold and your not a prostitute. men shouldnt pay money to sleep with you… do you know how insane you sound? Like… seriously… do I need to drag others into this?

    we are just lookin at it differently. problem with giving your opinion is you have to take yourself out of the womens shoes thinking its you. Thats not advice nor an opinion your telling me how you want me to treat YOU

    why not keep it moving? cuz Im dating?

    but the buying a woman who I have been dating for 3-4 weeks a $800 gift.. for no reason… other than that she gave me sex and a few meals has got to be the most mind boggling thing I ever heard you say.

    I give her just as much dick as she gives me pussy… wheres my $900 watch? see how silly that sounds when you turn it around?

    and you turn it into a thing about race? so am I supposed to go back and start making out checks for any of the white women who used me this year, sleped with me once and kept it moving? should I find those maranda wanna be's and mail them a watch now or should I do it later? or because Im black.. and by your calculations they should send me a Rolex? first sista I sleep with and all of the sudden a few weeks into it Im supposed to turn into a simp or something?

    Im gonna cut this short… My Eskimo is hung over from her night out, watching tommy davidson lastnight. When will you mid 30's sistas realize you cant drink, leave the poison alone!!!

    I'll bring flowers from my garden and hope I can score breakfast… Im fukin HUNGRY!!!

    be back later all!

  150. Hasani its obvious from all you wrote that you are the broken one. How could someone so angry and misinformed want to date me???

    Why would you even want a "cunt to date", you can do so much better.

    I was out last night actually on a date, he seems to like 5'7 size 12 (as of two weeks ago dear) 33 year old women. Where were you at 2 am?????

    oh let me scroll up LOL

  151. Wow Hasani…I can't believe you actually wrote that…that was completely unnecessary. You owe Comeback an apology, she didn't say anything that deserved a response like that.

    I was pissed at someone last night when I wrote my response, although I stand behind it completely I want to apologize if I disrespected you in any manner. I do agree that you shouldn't lavish gifts on someone you've been dating 3-4 weeks, but I also stand firmly behind the belief that if they're good enough to sleep with, then they should be good enough to acknowledge monetarily.

    Oh and for the record, I do buy my man gifts…whenever the moment touches me….but I'm a giving woman. I have yet to hear you speak of Ms. AK in a positive light, other than the one blanket statement you made a few posts up. I just don't understand why you even bother. If the chic is so mean and angry, and you got another chic who's nice and loving, then what are YOU doing? It sounds like you're exploiting her. Are you being honest with homegirl, because something tells me that IF she is an ABW(which you so eloquently stated) and she knew about the other WOMEN(yes plural) then you'd be out making your own breakfast.

    *sidenote* i'm hungry as hell now…

    Hasani seriously though, you should apologize to Comeback…both on and offline…that was just totally uncalled for.

  152. Teacia yeah I figured that but I couldnt believe he said that… and I just checked out your page/pictures and you are by far not overweight. If i had your body…. okay who am I kidding if I just had a damn booty I would be happy.

  153. rants continued:

    8. i'm starting to think it's not going to work out…we're just too different that the distance may do us in…kinda makes me wanna cry.

    …but i digress *sighing*

  154. Greetings SBM

    So since you have a GF ( I hate how that sounds) since you are in a relationship (sounds better) will you be closing your blog or posting about not so single topics?

    From my experience sex should last at least 15 minutes no longer than 30 this doesnt include four play right?

    The "I'm tired" can be many things you are hearing….It could be (I'm bored), (I'm tired of this position) (I'm getting dry can't you tell) it can mean many things…perhaps next time you hear it you should say… What do you mean by that…LOL

    Whomever initiated the date should pay. If he asked her out he should pay and vice versa. Now once in a relationship the woman should pay ever now and again 🙂 But then she can always just cook that's not the weirdest thing you know. LOL

    I did my rants already via my Weekend News-Stud post so I won't take up too much space today…

    But my only complaint is …It's almost Monday already.

    Go b.

  155. Of course the men are all offended and the women are not. The reality is that precedents are set in the beginning of any courtship/relationship. And although I think she was being a bit bourguie with her requests I think the underlying premise is not offensive at all.

    I don't believe in women asking a guy out, but if for some reason I did, he's obviously a friend and we would go dutch. If in a relationship picking up the check should no longer be an issue, I do believe it should be a joint effort at that point. But initially upon dating, men should carry the load. It' just my opinion, it's how we do things down here in the South. I've come to find out recently that it's a regional thing.

    I don't know, we have a simple principle down here…men take care of the financials and women take care of him and the home. Yes we work, but who pays for what is never an issue…especially in the beginning.

  156. @HNIC:That was very disrespectful what you said to Comeback. As I have lurked on this site for a while disrespect seems to be right up your alley. Which might explain your problems with dating and your affinity for white women. I think at no time especially on a blog does it call for you to disrespect anyone in that fashion. I think that all of this probably stems from your inadequacies which therefore lend you to search for things to say about others who intimidate you intellectually SUCH as Comeback. I say all this to say.. "Please grow up!" I don’t think SBM wants this site to become a place where people can be disrespected and attacked in such a manner. Just disgusting…

  157. @Jolie please trust that I am not standing up for HNIC but can I please know exactly why disrespect being right up someone's alley has anything to do with an affinity for white women?

  158. Hmmm so black women can go on for 5-6 post talkin smack to black men but when we hold up a mirror … its disrespect…. amazing.

    I care about everyone. If I hold up a mirror and tell her shes getting fat… its the truth. she can fudge the numbers all she wants, but people who are getting fat SHOULDNT TAKE PICTURES OF THEMSELVES ON THEIR BLOGS. Makes it a little difficult for your credibility there miss puffy cheeks 😉

    and heres the amazing shit. the ANGRY BLACK WOMAN dogs me out for not making enough money…. now keep in mind my RANK at my job and my success at my job are high… screw doing well the ABW says… you not making enough M-O-N-E-Y. You cant really fix what the white man wants to pay you, you can just try to work harder one day and week at a time. But Im wrong for talkin about a chick fallin the fuck off??!?!?!? Guess what….


    can fix their weight. but not anyone can whip up a 70k per year salary. see the difference between what an angry black chick will complain about and what sensible people will? If abw is depressed.. fukin talk to us about it. I have offered to talk to anyone who wants to, I am here to listen. Or… you can talk to someone with a phd/psy MD or a certified counselor. Truth be told this chick is intimidated by anyone who has more knowledge and higher degrees than her. could be why she wont talk to a therapist… and why she hated me going on dates with smart professional women…. go figure.

    Trust me, if you stop eating and start running you will feel much better. endorphines help you mood and you will appear more youthful because currently your lookin much past your actual age. I know you think pork rinds and cheezy poofs will help you feel better. but that rumor about it being "comfort food" is just that.

    I applaud you for being on a date… now buy the man you went on a date with a $800 playstation 3 because obviously this nigga deserves it AND a medal. while you out… do us a favor and get laid… that will help your mood too. Your in the prime reproduction years of your life…. actually… scratch that… your PASSING the prime reproductive years of your life. you need to screw. your body is telling you to stop putting ice cream in your mouth and insted put something else in there. someone needs to bang the angry black woman out of this chick, and theres pleanty of brothas out there who like them roomy in the waist.

  159. damn, kick the girl while she's down Sani baby…lmao!!!

    wow…ok, so i can't condone this kind of disrespect but dammit if these are the most well written posts you've ever written…i humbly take it back, you're a good writer.

    it's not nice to talk about people's weight or salary…they're both off limit topics…they're just mean targets. i don't know…yall are officially hilarious. i guess comeback had it coming, she HAS been going hard on your salary for a minute. who the hell is this new Hasani…daaaaamn, i'm kind of shocked, missed with amazed, missed with disappointed and ummmm kind of proud for you standing up for yourself.

    WOOOOW, "your body is telling you to stop putting ice cream in your mouth and insted put something else in there."

    ….you wouldn't be talking about a dick would you…lol…ok i'm done….*scolding*…this was mean Sani baby…lol…*regaining scold*….you should apologize….lol…ok i can't pretend to hold it in any longer…that shit was funny as hell.

  160. @HNIC: Hmmm so black women can go on for 5-6 post talkin smack to black men but when we hold up a mirror … its disrespect…. amazing… That is REAL TALK! You are not lying.

    – Name calling is not necessary

    – She does dog him out on a consistent basis.

    – Stop talking about peoples weight…thats not right

    @ Comeback: Don't talk about him damn salary! That isn't your concern.

    Ok now that is enough going back and forth, this is a dead issue now. We get you all points.

    @ Jolie : Comeback and HNIC have been going at it forever and she has said some foul shit to him. So you might need to fall back on your comment. Understand they have been going at it for months!!!

    Honestly its about time he grab his balls and stood up to her. She has been getting into his ass for months!! Don't let that go to your head HNIC. But don't talk about this shit all week cause again…ITS NOT THAT SERIOUS. Of course Comeback might have something to say.

    Now remember SBM said he didn't want fighting so end this shit by Monday morning. Respect the man's blog and his request.

  161. rant revisited:

    9. Ok so I soooo love my boyfriend. He pisses me off to no end at times…and I mean NO END, but he really loves me and is really trying…and I can't fault the man for growth. Love you Babe!!

  162. Jolie

    thank you for also reading with your third eye, I think it takes some courage to see through some of the clutter. He has been disrespectful to and about almost EVERY woman on this blog who has not agreed with him. And I appreciate SBM for editing his posts.

    I also appreciate those who have seen the parity in wanting to "save" me and my requests to first working on "saving" yourself. I've spent all of my day and my yesterday out and about and living in joy.

    And I'm angry. I have only ever asserted that if your interest in anyone is not geniune (and after all the smack you have talked about me today-how could it ever be).

    So at my fattest (which is the size of the average woman by the way) you at this point find me too fat to date??? I am a cun$T? I am an angry black woman???….for God sakes Hasani set your sites a little higher. You can do SOOO very much better than this me?? You talk about all this community service. But I got out of church 4 hours ago. And one thing I know for sure. "You don't talk about it, you BE about it".

    You shouldn't have to remind people how great and of service you are, its in your language, its in what you talk about, its the NAMEs in which you address the women you want to "save".

    I only contend that your time would be of better use really developing and working on your own salvation. That means finishing college and working on your own personal development. I gurantee the next woman you might want to save- just might take you up on your offer when YOU appear to be the best you can be.

  163. Teacia is it a prereq that yall types piss us off and make us want to clober you and then make up … all on a consistent basis? I love it and hate it at the same time? Cuz she says I infuriate her yet wouldnt let me leave today.. I so dont get it.

    This food thang is a serious issue too. Like she suckered me in with good food and today made me fix her sink and said she would THINK about cooking dinner. Like… wtf is that yo (yeah I ran to home depot… but only after we fought about it)

    I somehow wound up fixing the sink by replacing the ENTIRE drain but managed to break the lid off her toilet seat with my overgrown lummox feet 🙁

    the way to make an angry black woman scream is not by hitting her Gspot…. its by breakin her stuff.

    I didnt get dinner, or a kiss goodbye……… now Im hungry……………..

  164. @HNIC was it really that big of a deal to fix her sink? seriously! the woman has cooked for you, put up with you, and had sex with you and it's that big of a deal to help her out and fix her sink? While I don't agree completely with Teacia about the monitary thing I do think that asking you to help out shouldnt be a big deal. While I may have always paid for my dates in my past i have never had to ask a man twice to fix something in my home, take out my trash or any of that helpful stuff around the house. Even when my ex and I were hardly speaking but still living in the same house when I asked him to fix the screen door that I broke he did it without blinking!

    if it's that big of a deal to help this girl out then stop stringing her along b/c you obviously don't care about her.

  165. Hasani it's kind of weird, even in our anger we want you near. It's like even when it's bad it's never bad enough to be without you. I don't know…I have my can't let you go even when though I can't stand your ass moments…there's no explanation for it.

    Well I hope you plan to replace the lid on her toilet seat…lol.

  166. @Comeback & HNIC: Ok … so that was good to read initially … but still breaks my heart. I hope both of you got that out … but


    If there is anymore off this pussy ass bickering tomorrow … find somewhere else to comment.

    I sure did pick a side and thought they argued their points well … but I'm your unbiased peacekeeper … for now!

  167. Let me find out that SBM is not only upgrading his life(having a companion and all that is)…but also his site…way to go SBM!!!

    oooooooh, it actually works…i was a skeptic too…good deal mister!

  168. Excellent blog right here! Also your website a lot up fast! What host are you the use of? Can I get your associate link in your host? I want my site loaded up as fast as yours lol


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