I was gonna take this day off and go relax … but comments yesterday forced me to say a few words on the subject.  If there is one thing the “blogoshpere” is not lacking … its some woman begging, pleading, and compaining about chivalry, the lack of it, or why it has degnerated over time.

*irritating brain rattling mentally drained quadruple sigh*

I have already talked about how Chivalry is DEAD … well … Mortally Wounded, so I won’t go into depth about it this time.  Chivalry is dead and its untimely death can be attributed to a healthy percentage of women robbing us of the desire to be “chivalrous”.

I always hear about why us men must be more chivalrous, about how every woman deserves these extreme acts just because their a woman and why we are “not men” because of changes in societal norms.

I think my biggest problem is there never ever seems to be any talk of what women do to deserve such treatment.

Apparently you don’t have to earn such treatment … apparently having a p*ssy garuntees it.  *sigh*.

Well … I am a kind soul.  I treat people in general with respect and kindness and I will always treat deserving women with the utmost kindness that they deserve.  But I will not promote, condone, or support this ludicrous notion that your special for just being a female.  Your not allowed to be selfish and self centered and still expect treatment reserved for the good ones.

See Also:  Chivalry is Alive, But Accountability is Dying.

Good people are special and deserving because of the size of their hearts and the actions they show the people in their lives!

P*ssy != Special!

Mom … I know your not reading this … but I love you.  Your soul and generous spirit is what I base the prototype on … thanks for giving me a good basis to guide me in my search for a good woman.