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What do YOU have to say?


If most of you haven’t noticed … I often take Thursdays as my day of rest … but I hate the fact it leaves this whole in the week.  This site often keeps me going through the day … so these thursday lulls (although I kinda sorta get more work done) aren’t desirable.

So … I want to hear from you, your friends, your lovers, your cousin with the funny eye, and fellow bloggers.

Ever had something you wanted to get out but had no site of your own?

Ever had a really good conversation with your friends about dating that you wanted to get the opinion of another coupe hundred people on?

Ever think “This b*tch ass ninja SBM aint sh*t!  I could write way better stuff then him”?

Well … here is your chance (and it better be some hot sh*t if your the last one).  I want to start highlighting other writers and blogs on thursdays.  If you have something out there you already wrote and meshes well with the site, tell me and I’ll put the post here and a link back to your site and content.  Got something new and original you want out there … send it in and I’ll give you credit and links back to your home or business.

See Also:  5 Things Good Writing Can Teach You About Your Job Search via @IAmRichJones

I have already gotten some stuff and just gotta shift and work it out.  But Ima get around it … stop pressin me!

So … [email protected] is the email address.  Let me know what you got and if your interested.

Generally looking for about 300-500 words and it needs to be based on dating, relationships, marriage, and all that good sh*t.  I am a mean sumbitch … but I’ll try and be nice if I can’t use it.  Try …

Comeback tomorrow for the world renowned (YEAH … WORLD!) Friday “Rantings of an SBM” and come share with the family.


  1. Well I ain't got nothing to say…but if I ever do muster up the energy to write that highly thought provoking piece that you once requested and I once had the desire to do I will definitely let you know. 🙂

  2. wow! I'm in the top 5 today! WOOO HOOO! I think I might do a Chopped up and Screwed Remix of Pop song… hmmmmm. Maybe the chopped & screwed version of I kissed a girl. Damn I hate that song! But I can't stop watching the video!

    Ok my celebration fantasy is over.

    @ Teacia I'm ready to read another one of your thought provoking posts.

  3. @Jolie & FeFe: I'm gonna need ya'll to start putting names at the end of the posts. Its hard to remember who I'm mad at!

    @Eathan: Congrads … lol.

    @Teacia: Been checking my inbox for liek 2 months now … and NOTHING!

  4. we put our names at the top of every post. i also put mine at the bottom as well. and shame on you for not recognizing my positive blog of the month "Why I Love MY Black Men." you only like controversy. sighhh

  5. @FeFe: To be honest … post wasn't that positive. I saw it more of a list of what you want from a "good" black man then why you love us. I was just trying to keep things positive and not say anything about it.


    BTW, I'm gonna look into the pingback. I haven't gotten any in months, but I have been getting linked too. It used to work …

  6. Can't wait until tomorrow to rant!

    SBM: I hope your spirits are higher than last Friday brutha. You were acting like…something that begins with a S and ends with -IMP. 🙂

  7. @Neonnea: For real though … really … its like that!

    @FeFe: Fixed it … pingback away. You might be able to resend the old ones and have them work too. Not sure … but worth a try.

  8. @Jolie, FeFe, La Baiu, Jamakala … whoever: Yes … I need blatant name tags. Like big bold ones.

    Can I just call ya'll the Fatales as a collective?

    @Humble: I know man … I tell ya … not even my boys hit me with that label yet!

  9. Once upon a time, I read that you were a reformed…uh humm…

    So maybe you need remedial classes or a cyber PIMP SLAP!

  10. Wow Neonnea…just wow.

    Damn SBM I suggest you not express your love for anyone in the future. I think I may have learned from your mistakes…these folks will tear you to shreds for actually giving a damn…but isn't that what we complain about ALL day on this site…negroes not giving a damn about us.

    …well you're damned if you do and damned it you don't. i don't know how you men do it.

  11. Damned if you do, damned if you don't is right. Luckily for SBM, hearts poured out to him, the fam encouraged him to fight for his love, inspired him with suggestions…I just hope his lady had just as much moral support.

    I do find it charming that SBM was willing to change for the person he cared about…

    The question is…is being a SIMP, generally defined by SBM as "weak", such a bad character trait to have? Maybe simping aint as bad as it seems.

  12. @Neonnea-I have been wondering the same thing. To me, a little simping every now and then is not necessarily a bad thing. Especially, if the situation calls for it and you do care about the woman. However, it is important to show the woman that while you are being SYMPathetic and that you do get it, you are nonetheless a man.

  13. @Neonnea & Jaclynn – Simping is never good. A dude thats willing to give his pride, dignity, money whatever just to smell some p*ssy is wack. You tellin me you respect somebody like that?

  14. No, I'm saying I respect a man willing to change, stand up for his woman. Show a little SYMpathy by listening to his ladies elevated rants and massaging her after she's got off work despite his LONG day at work because he knows in return he will get some good good in return and I'm not just speaking physical.

  15. I put on for my city…on on for my city…I put on for my city, on on for my city….I put oooooon.

    Yeah SBM did the admiral thing by saying he was willing to change for his chic…but do we know if he really changed at all, or was he in captured in the essence of what change stood for and embraced just the notion.

    We all say we're willing to do things for someone and then when met with the task the flame dies. That's what this blog is all about…taking it to the rim, dealing with the challenge and going left instead of right. When do we know when to go left…sometimes we don't….sometimes we do and we're just afraid of being let down and disappointed…sometimes we just don't care and hope for the best. Ain't nothing never said anything about love and relationships was easy.

    I think any man who isn't afraid to show and profess his love for a woman is a great man…but professing your love isn't where it stops…the profession has to be followed by action, otherwise it's just words.

    @Humble: Is simping really just that clear cut…is it only p*ssy that a simp is after or could it also involve a little unconditional love and devotion?

  16. Teacia, I'll drink to that….Roomie, more cognac and coke PLEASE.

    Love and relationships are not easy. I've been involved with a man that I argue with more often than I care to argue. I've put him through a lot of sh!t; not intentional though. However, despite my flaws, I pride myself for being good to him. As we grow and get to know each other, there are times…after an argument, that I think I wouldn't want it any other way – it's worth the 'struggle'; I'm thankful for his patience.

    @SBM: did you walk that walk?

    @Humble: Still waiting suga…respond so I can lay it down…

  17. Yeah…so what I meant to say in my ebonics voice, "ain't nobody never said nothing about love and relationships being easy."….lol…yeah i really need to proofread…it's like my fingers are faster than my brain at times.

    Neonnea boy do I feel your pain…me and mines fuss and argue all the time now…it's sickening at times…and all we both really want is to be understood and loved. one minute we're writing one another off never to speak again, and the next minute we're making reservations for dinner. it's like a whirlwind love affair. we try to slow down but that only fuels the desire even more…it's INSANE I tell ya. I just hope we either get it together or let one another go.

  18. @Neonnea-I concur.

    @Teacia-I concur.

    Why do the men here think that simping means that you're doing anything for pussy? Why can't it just be that you're being sweet because you know you're getting something good in return? Humble/SBM? Any answers? Is simping that black and white? Is there some gray area? I mean at what point does simply being romantic turn into simpism?

  19. All I got to say is since I have been catching up on my month worth of SBM reads he seems to have slipped on the grammar and spelling ;o)

    Also, check out http://www.minusthebar.blogspot his has some good works too. Maybe y'all can collaborate one day in the future.

    I hooked up my e-mail subscription too so maybe I won't be so far behind on my SBM reading ;o)

  20. @SBM: Hey, will I be able to post on here using the e-mail subscription thing? If I haven't said it enough, I am so mad at my job's IT people! Those dicks blocked this site!!!!


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