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Rantings of an SBM


***NOTE**** Black Weblog Awards People … Nominations!  I win … Cream of Wheat for all … and I’ll think about a bowl of grits for those southerners.

Its Friday and its the rants you have come to expect and a chance for you to let some things off your chest.  But this week … there is a twist!  Taking some advice given to me … I’m going to end this by ranting positive things … you know … my blessings.

  • I’m shocked how serious this Friday ranting thing is getting.  I’ve noticed a few other bloggers taking this fine day to rant themselves, often even throwing me a little credit.  Since imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, I love them for it.  I’ve spotted Seven Strangers and Black Femme Fatale ranting too.  Lets start a movement!
  • I’ve started my hardcore study regime for the GMAT.  I remember hating studying for these standardized tests.  Worst thing … I do good on them.  It gives me this false sense of security.  Can’t play those games this time around though … *sigh*
  • I just started watching the Olympics.  I coulda swore I wasn’t a huge fan … but now I’m sitting her yelling USA every time the woman’s beach volleyball team scores.  Something about them winning is making these scrawn, breastless, and assless women seem attractive.  Oooohhhh … skinny white chicks.
  • I really do love great breasts.  Thank God for the existance of great boobs!
  • How come most women with good breasts don’t have an a$$.  And A lot of women with nice a$$ don’t have breasts.  Actually, I thank God for keeping the number of these “women with it all” very low.  How would I focus on anything?  Society as we know it would crumble.
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Now some positive

  • Uh … I managed to have a day of no arguments and nothing but good fun in the comments section (Wednesday with my boobs post).  Who thought titties would unite us all?
  • I finally made it to the Melting Pot this week.  It was real nice too.  I was told it wouldn’t be filling … but it was.
  • My car got a flat tire … but I have a motorcycle.  It proced to be a virtual non issue.
  • Last weekend I successfully rode my motorcycle to Philly from DC and back.  I feel like I have accomplished something with my life … finally.
  • Everyone has just been extremely supportive of this site and what I was going through personally.  I open my doors to new writers, and they came in bearing gifts.

Thats it for me.  Everyone else …




  1. 1. Having haters in the workplace is so hilarious! Just b/c I do my job well and I'm barely in the office certain people find it necessary to whisper and gossip. I think my "Hi Haters" post it I left on my office door got a few laughs.

    2. SBM, you think women confuse you?? Some of yall men are just ANOMALIES. Yall don't know what yall want.

    3. I'm heading back to NJ this weekend, damn I can't wait to get out of this area. I'm officially tired of the MD/DC area. First thing on my to-do list, WHITE CASTLES, 2nd? Heading into NYC for a real slice of pizza.

    4. Went to the post office yesterday and the clerk asked if my hair was a weave…I don't even get offended any more, especially after she made a point to say she's jealous b/c she spent $200+ to get a weave similiar to mine…So I left her with some of my hair growth tips and she was quite amazed when I mentioned monistat.

    5. One of the people who knows me better than anyone, including family, made a reapperance in my life. I didn't realize how much I've missed him.

  2. I created a .com site yesterday (the day I called in sick) and after spending over 8 hours trying to get the thing to work, I still failed!!

    Does anybody in blogger land know what the fliP I need to do?? I have googled everything imaginable from, mysql, how to host a site, to php's and dvd's, and you tube. I still can't fix the ish!

    oh yes and fellow black americans can we please start a money movement up in here?? I went to vsb's site the other day and saw over 600 comments, I am not sure what the topic was but seriously I have tried to get people talking about money and frankly it seems like yall don't give a damn!!!!

    I must be the only broke black person alive and if thats true can someone loan me a dollar!!!!!

    I love black engineers, thats positivity for ya

  3. Oh yes and fung ke blak, you care to share those hair growth tips? I have been working on growing my hair and its going well but it takes a while, I know one thing I did that made a big difference was that I stopped putting a lot of heat on it.

    I wash and condition it a few times a week and just wear it in a pony tail. I clip my ends once a month too and stay away from perms. I think I will have the whole perm grown out by this time next year if i keep doing what im doing.

  4. Mikki ponytails weaken ur hair strands and causes breakage…so step one stop wearing pony tails sweetie.

    …and I agree with u on the money movement.

  5. Mikki aka AnitraClark… I've cut my hair A BILLION times and what always makes it grow back is a twist set. It's a wild look but I love it… you keep heat and hands out of your hair. Try that.

    Positive Rants: Uhhhh, why is it so hard to think of positive?

    1. Today is payday.

    2. Moving into a bigger place to house me, my shoes, and clothes. *smile*

    3. My boss hasn't said anything smart aleck this morning (except making fun of me for talking low…. DUDE, that's just ME! but I can take it)

    4. Oh, guy in my apartment complex stopped me this morning and told me one of my headlights was out. THANK YOU BROTHA!!!!!

    5. Bopping that Lil Wayne, "Comfortable." Babyface and Lil Wayne, who knew?????

    6. Labor Day is coming up, which means WE ARE OFF WORK! Thank JESUS for small vacations.

    7. My Miami birthday trip is coming up!!!!!

  6. @SBM

    "How come most women with good breasts don’t have an a$$. And A lot of women with nice a$$ don’t have breasts. Actually, I thank God for keeping the number of these “women with it all” very low. How would I focus on anything? Society as we know it would crumble."

    I am still trying to figure this out. I think I can count on one hand how many women I've seen with both. I think there is some hidden remote island where they keep all the women built like that. Something tells me that island is near Brazil. I need to go to Brazil.

  7. My Rants for Today

    1. I am muthaf***kin damn tired of my ex's bill collectors calling me. She is not here and has not been here for almost a year. You are in your mid 30's why can't you be responsible.

    2. I have finally decided to keep my 11 year old car and semi-restore it. I have 2 other cars so I have a scratch for whenever I am itching for horsepower. The money I save in insurance and monthly payments can go towards starting my business.

    3. Now they are trying to swift boat Obama. It amazes me how people can appeal to the lowest common denominator.

    4. Why is it so hard for me to wake up early to go to the gym? It's easy to workout in the evening but then I can't fall asleep at night.

  8. Im insulted you are hating on my type of woman SBM. WOmens beach volleyball is like watching porn to me.

    My favorite part on a woman now is her back and shoulders. Those gals are hella defined and ya just gotta love the tanned skin and fact that ol girl is 6'2.

    And lets not forget indoor team volleyball… watching those dark skinned cuban girls in the short shorts the other night was like watchin a sir mix-alot video in the 90's!!

    I brought up the ass and tit dilema the other day. Im running into so many sistas with b cups its not even funny. I remember when we claimed in the 80's white chicks were flat chested. Now everyones missing something.

    any woman can have a decent lookin booty if they work out their lower back and squats. Working your lower back draws in your sides and makes you look more curvy. Defined hamstrings make your ass appear to jutt out further than it actually does. but not havin boobs, is just not havin boobs.

  9. Tourists in Brazil. It's scary… They end up befriending this Brazilian guy , who "show them around"…. well, he ends up not being their "new friend" and basically, they are in the run for their lives for the entire movie. Most of them end up getting killed.

    You know what, seems like white folks are too willing to trust anyways… maybe that's why they got killed!!!!!

  10. @HNIC – I beg to differ. There is no amount of excercise that will give you a lower half life Serena Williams. Either you are born with it or without it. I agree with you on the indoor volleyball. I can watch that all day. The only thing that compares with that is women's track. Cats don't feel me when I talk about women's track.

  11. *Okay… before I go back and read everyone's comments*

    My Rants:

    1. I'm so sick and tired of people who cannot multi-task to save their lives trying too while they are behind the wheel of a car & driving in front of me! Why are you text messaging and braking with NO ONE in front of you!?!? Are you serious?!?

    2. People who ride bicycles should only ride on the sidewalk. I promise the next one that swurves in front of my speeding car is going to be the next hit & run accident on the news! ROAD KILL!

    3. As good as 3am sex is in the morning… only part of me is awake at that time. Nuff said.

    4. Why do people call and just breathe on the phone? Have absolutely nothing to say… just want you to sit on the phone with them.

    5. Why is boxing class so freaking expensive????

    Now for my Blessings and Good Commentary:

    1. I have my life, health and strength. Through all my trials.. I am BLESSED.

    2. SBM, you give me something to look forward to in the mornings when it comes to blog discussions. And I love how it's not overly crowded in here.

    3. It's nice to forgive people who have hurt you and move on.

    Aight… ENjoy your weekends!

  12. Thanks for the hair tips gals.

    comeback the domain name is anitrasplace.com

    I didn't use wordpress to upgrade because I already had godaddy as a host, it says to download linux which I did and I downloaded wordpress into the ftp section and it still wont go!

  13. @Nicki Sunshine – I think that is white folks. You should know that when you are out of town that some of the locals are looking to take advantage of you. Where I from that is the rule of law for some cats. You had me scared for a minute. I thought you were gonna tell me all the women were dudes or something.

  14. LOL @ Humble_One…The whole movie just had me scared to death because they were trying to get away from people UNDER WATER and I can't swim (yes, I'm the stereotype.) I blame that on mama, she would never let me get my hair wet.

  15. @Nicki Sunshine – You gotta learn how to swim. It's fun and damn good excercise.

    @Mikki – We black engineers love you too.

  16. I am seriously thinking about giving up this 2nd job.

    I can feel comeback salivating for the moment she can start kicking and degrading me again for being a black man without money, but I feel like a hyper hypocrite for doing this whole exporting american jobs to india.

    Now dont get me wrong I love the money and I love being able to buy gifts for people and save for a condo… but the 3 sistas I speak to here at work have such a look of disgust with me.

    I always say a black man without principles is not a man. but I am going entirely against this everyday just to have a phat check. Im also the guy who talks so much smack about how money is not as important as relationships and family….. yet I have not seen my godson in 4 weeks. I went to see him last night and the little negro sat on the potty!! I was proud of him for trying to go on the potty but he forgot to tuck his wee-wee down and went all over the floor. See his mommy wouldnt know about tucking but I would. me not being there is such a desertion of duty.

    but as many strings that got pulled to get me on this project and as much money as I am making should principles be enough to pull me off of it? theres a huge separation between bringing home 1700 a week and bringing home 400. and between bein dat scrub nigga and dat uncle tom nigga. I would feel less of a traitor if I was on the bloc workin a package than to do what I am doing now.

    How did I let myself become this way?

  17. Humble…

    theres NOTHING more erotic than womens track…. now thats a body. I like tall thin white women with suntans but I like highly muscled black women with braids more.

    thank god we can have both 🙂

  18. @ mikki AKA AnitraClark

    I give myself a hot oil treatment every other week…

    I wash it once a week and mainly use neutrogena shampoo/deep conditioner

    I only use satin pillowcases so they won't dry my hair out..

    For extra hair growth..there are two products I would recommend,

    1. http://www.suluhair.com; is a hair oil u can use a couple of times a week on your scalp…you'll get results in a matter of weeks

    2. any generic version of monistat 7 (use it 3xs a week on your scalp)

    Also, stay away from the pony tail those can cause permanent hair loss (alopecia) in the nape area and hairline area, if you were them too often.

  19. @ Humble_One: I know. It's like going to the gym without me actually going. I want to go learn at the Y, but will all the little kids laugh and point and stare??? HA

    @HNIC: I know black men that struggle with the same thing you're going through. I can't tell you how many times I've walked away from a man who says he can't love me right now because he must focus on work, which I don't understand. They let a good woman walk away. What I'm trying to say is, life goes on, even when you are not there. If your people are anything like me, they'd love to have YOU!

  20. "I didn’t use wordpress to upgrade because I already had godaddy as a host, it says to download linux which I did and I downloaded wordpress into the ftp section and it still wont go!"

    Mik I'm confused…I'll tkae it off line (but i need coffee first). I just hovered over your link and its a wordpress blog. In order to port… to appear it is somewhere else I think you MUST use the ugrade.

    As for my grati-(tude) rant

    1. I am so grateful for everything and person in my life. Even the not so positive people, they do illustrate that "as a man thinketh, so he is"…how did God know about metaphysics??

    2. How did a text from a man get through when "T" is supposed to be blocking it at the server. I am going to pretend I didn't see it.

    3. I need a massage

    4. And some coffee ..dear Lord up above PLEASE don't close this starbucks across the street. Coffee is one of my inspirations.

  21. @fung'ke-I gotta keep the perm but I think I'll try the Monistat trick.

    @those who want to go to Brazil-As in the place where black men go to cheat?

    @men-Yeah-I'm noticing you need to almost put two women together to get ass and tits.


    -my boobs grew this week. 🙁

    -tell me why men just don't get it. you can't have it both ways, you can't tell me you hate me and then turn around and call me for advice.

    -i hate getting up for the gym as well. may i suggest going after work?

    -if other Black politicians would quit f-*cking up maybe they'd stop waiting for Obama too.


    -i am getting more into fixing my blog.

    -i got to have a bit of mind foreplay yesterday 😉 make me weak.

    -i think i am going to date someone young enough for me to mold, if men do it, why can't i?

    -thanks to Mom for excellent dinner two nights in a row 😉

  22. My rantings:

    1. From Sunday night until 7:42am today I experienced the most emotionally draining and disappointing week of my adult life….thank god that's over.

    2. Last night I hated life in general…and not just mine…but the entire process and premise of living.

    3. This morning I can't even fathom feeling that way…God is good.

    4. I now only have one job again…by choice, but hey Alex got into the school and I'm financially okay.

    5. Yay, school starts in one week for me, I love learning…didn't realize how much until I went back this year…now it's as if I can't live without it…although it could have something to do with working at a college.

    6. Damn school starts in one week, shit I work at a school, f*ck I'm about to be surrounded by a bunch of horny little knuckleheads again…*sighing* ah hell here we go again…ain't that about a b*tch. (yes i managed to get each curse word in there…lol).

    7. I will be in D.C. next weekend. I would love to meet some of my D.C. blog family.

    ….well that's it for me.

    Oh and I will be foregoing fast food Friday since I went on an emotional fast food binge this week. I will be indulging in a Master Cleanse for the next fews days.

  23. Everyone in Florida has tits and ass…what are yall talking about?!? My entire family is well endowed, except my mother…she has no booty.

    Do I need to send some cornbread, tater salad, greens, hamhocks, yellow rice, homemade dressing and turkey necks up ur way….it'll fatten those ladies up in all the right places….just remind them to do their crunches and they'll be fine.

  24. @Teacia-that might work…and don't forget some sweet potato pie and pound cake. I was just putting my hands on my hips and I'm like damn. When did all this happen?

  25. Fung Ke thank you girl!! You so rock on the hair tips!! I am going to start today!

    but if im not using ponytail holders what am I using? sometimes I use hair clips but when I am in a rush the ponys work! like i said they only way i been keeping my hair growth is by keeping my hands out of it period. I haven't had a perm in about 5 years but i was still heating it up which broke it off a lot, now i keep the heat away which has done wonders in the past few months! now i just wash condition and go!

    one last question before i get introuble for being off topic, how do i give myself a hot oil treatment?

    [email protected] (please email me here)

    comeback i called go daddy. turns out, i cant use anitrasplace.com it has to be a .net which is why i couldnt see anything….

    I should be ok now.

  26. @Teacia – I will take all of that except the hamhocks. No pork on my fork. May I please have some gravy on my dressing. Send that to me, forget about the women up here. And if the women in your family are built like that you need to connect some of us brothers up north.

    @Jaclynn – Can I get whip cream with the sweet potato pie. I haven't had good pound cake in a minute.

  27. What I bet none of yaw Southerners know about is Butter ROLL???!!!! it is indescribable…. a very old school thing from my granny.

  28. Tecia….. hook a brotha up, ill come down to the sunshine state for a good woman with dark skin tits and ass that needs a marrying type man.

  29. @Humble-You sure could. But let me tell you, I am thinking maybe you might like something with caramel icing? Or maybe chocolate and of course the whipped cream can be on the pie. Now as for the pound cake, I'ma have to get Mom to show me again.

    @Mikki-I try to use bobby pins, but if you're not careful then your ends can get messed up.

  30. Jaclyn .. humble…. yall negros stop eatin all that crap!!

    thou I must admit, I make a mean sweet potato cheesecake with all spice whipcream toping

  31. @Hasani-I don't eat all that, but since Humble is such a good guy, I believe he should be able to eat whatever he wants and about that sweet potato cheesecake, make one and give me ONE slice for Thanksgiving. Thank you, that is all.

  32. Humble your fed ex is on it's way…holding the pork of course.

    Hasani I may cook all of that next weekend, ur welcome to come hang out at my friend's house in DC for dinner…gotta show yall how we Southerner's really get down!

    Jaclynn they ain't ready….lol.

    Nikki gurl what YOU know about a butter roll…we cook from scratch down hurr…lol.

  33. SBM, I'm all for the Friday Rants – sometimes you just need to get it off your chest. People on here might get a little heated about stuff but at the end of the day–it's just a blog and folks shake it off and go on with their lives.

    (fŭng'kē) [blak] [chik] you know you doing something right when you have haters–comedian Katt Williams cracks me up when he talks about the haters.

    Mikki, I don't think its because folks don't like talking about money but when online, folks probably want to escape from the day to day issues of money so they use their online time to surf and talk about other things.

    Humble One – I feel you on getting phone calls for an ex's bill collector. My ex put me down as a reference and they've called me trying to contact him. I'm like I don't know where he is and frankly don't care to know where he is so stop calling me.

  34. @Teacia- Thank You. I appreciate that. I'll make a pitcher of fresh squeezed lemonade to have with it. Now you need to send some of the women in your family to me and HNIC.

    @Jaclynn – right now the carmel would be just fine.

  35. Humble, by my batting average with women this past year I think its only fair that we have a draft.

    Since I am older I will need first pick at teacias family members. And because of law of averages and me having such a bat scoring record I am going to have to go ahead and take the 2nd and 4th pick in the Florida Draft as well.

    be HUMBLE about this my brotha 😉

  36. Jaclynn there's nothing wrong being a cougar 🙂 Just make sure the cub is mature.

    Teacia I'm sorry you had a bad week. Sounds like you need a mini-vacation. Hopefully your trip will be just what you need.

    Nikki- my ex loved butter rolls. His grandmother used to make them.

  37. @Jaclynn: I am so on the young boy trip…. as the bible says, "train up a child….."

    @Sheila: I used to always have to wait for my granny to cook them cause I lack patience to make homemade dough myself. I cheated and found an online recipe… since then, I started using Grand's Butter Tastin biscuits, just flatten them out and put butter, sugar, and cinannon on the inside and roll them up… WOW, then I FORCED to eat the entire dessert by myself. HA!

  38. @HNIC: Some white women love ALL BLACK MEN (NO MATTER WHAT!).

    I"m just kidding with you. 🙂 It's sounds trivial, but it always helps to list the goods and the bads.

  39. Totally off topic, but DMX has now been arrested for the SIXTH time this year???? WTF? Is he trying to go for a record or something.

  40. @Shelia-Oh yes, you know I did. He's right the hell on time.

    @Nicki-That is EXACTLY what I was thinking. *Hi5*. I also eat the butter rolls for breakfast usually in the winter though cause if it's hot I'd never make it.

  41. Thank you Shelia for addressing the issues about money. I understand what you mean but why can't money issues be on the same footing as sex, relationships, co-workers, butter rolls, and black blogs?? We can go on for hours about something totally off the wall "tits" but can't sit down and have a conversation about investing, saving, and spending? seriously thats just jacked up to me, I am all for fun talk cuz I live by it but I need to take a stand cuz I know im not the only one who could stand to get my money right…..

    Can we just have one round table?? PULEZZ!

  42. I'm looking for a MATURE young boy… cause I've tried dating two…. I'm 27 now, so they were both like four years younger than me…. Aw, hell to da NAW… so much dumb stuff came out of both of their mouths…. the first one was always bragging about where his "mama and daddy" worked… the other one actually admitted to me that he once robbed a Wal-Mart. He was a corporate guy when I met him so why WOULD YOU DEVULGE THAT INFORMATION????? When I made a face, he said, you know you like this THUG? I was out.

    Now if he looks like REGGIE BUSH, I SHALL NEGOTIATE! HA

  43. @HNIC – How about I pick 1st & 2nd you get 3rd and 4th with a possible trade?

    @Nicki Sunshine – Send those biscuits with Teacia and Jaclynn's package.

  44. @ Mikki AKA AnitraClark: I know I'm guility of totally avoiding the topic of MONEY… and it's always because mama always told me if I don't have something positive to say, I shouldn't say nothing. Right now, MONEY is not my friend. Even thinking about all the things I have to pay sends me into immediate shock.

    I know this is only temporary, for when I have my degree, I will have a great job, and therefore not be living check to check. It has the power to put me in a crappy mood even tinking about it, you know?????

  45. @Nicki-I have no idea about where this one's Momma and Daddy work and don't give a damned. His Momma heard my voice and said I sound white. I don't think I do…I digress. The only problem is we share the same sign, which means he's just as passionate, cool, sexual, and stubborn as I am. So far, so good.

    @Comeback-Girl, I am gonna find you one. I seem to attract Caps. What's your sign?

  46. Im older and much more in need of a wife piece my young grasshopper. Not only that but I have struck out with so many women this year I may have set a guinnes world record for most dates in a year.

    so because of the senority and because of the bad record I will pick 1st and 2nd … then you pick 3rd and 4th and then we can alternate until we have run through all of teacias friends and family.

    NIcki: IMO white women at my age are not compatible with black men my age. white women from 16-27 are currently the ideal mate for middle class black men in america. White women arent really an option again for black men until after 42 years old… which is an age where race and finance dosent matter to anyone as much. this is just a theory of mine however…. wtf do i know im still single.

  47. @Jacylnn: Sounded "white"… Hmm, I don't know about his mother? Why come if you talk like you've had just a little bit of education, sombody ALWAYS trying to say you sound white? Makes me sick…. I grew up with that MY ENTIRE LIFE. My mama was just a proper woman.

    I'm a SCORPIO who seems to only attact NUTS. Please help Jaclynn!

  48. @HNIC: AS LEAST YOU HAVE HAD DATES! Ha. I stopped dating this man long distance back in January and have been on ONE DAY…. with a guy who is the same height as me and I'm only 5'6" … so he's out. I'm sorry to be shallow. And I'm no buttaface. All I want is a chicken dinner and some conversation. Can I get an AMEN? HA!

    Not these ride or die white chicks I know….. only one qualification. BLACK! Ha. They take care of their men.

  49. Jaclynn I had my chart done….I'll blog about it soon…but yeah work on that Cappy thing. There is another astrological lunar requirement…he must be born in late december. I hope this doesn't make your job harder. Oh yeah and I don't want to go under about 28 and I can't go over 40.

    Oh yeah and his inseam needs to be around a 38/40. (for sink purposes)

  50. I feel you Nicki, So what I am saying if I start a site that deals with finances, in a positive fun non depressing way, yall suckas better support it like yall do these butter rolls!

    PS put me on that list of butter roll recipients

  51. oh one more thing Jaclynn…I don't want to go over 40. And I will pay a bonus if his rising and my rising are compatibile. I am a taurus with a gemini rising. (but he shouldn't have too much air in his chart).

    Also I will buy you a mercedes (in 3 years should we work out) IF we get along numerologically as well. I am a 4 life path (adding month, day and year) so if you can make all our numbers look good too..

    I'll also name my first born after you.

  52. @Nicki-People always say that I sound white. Hmm…I don't think so, let me get pissed and see what happens. Let's see here I'm a Taurus, you're a Scorpio. Hmm…I can see how we all have some problems. Now Comeback wants a Capricorn, hmmm….there's a lot of badness in here.

    @Comeback-Girl, no wonder you are having problems finding one. Inseam, late December & no younger than 28? Geez, girl -I will have to enlist help lol..Alright then, now Comeback you are in D.C. correct cause I might have a request…

  53. I dont date white women who only date black men.

    My godmother and both godbrothers are white, my godson is half white and I hate bigots… which is what you are if you dont date a person because of the color of their skin.

    Principle > Pussy

  54. "I feel you Nicki, So what I am saying if I start a site that deals with finances, in a positive fun non depressing way, yall suckas better support it like yall do these butter rolls!"

    Mikki I'm all in. I found scripture about not having debt..and thats where Im feeling Dave Ramsey too. Also if you could have some segments on design, shopping, beauty products on a "dime", people would eat it up. But Im still there to support you. just don't make saving TOO painful. Sacrafice is not sexy.

  55. @MIKKIE AKA AnitraClarK: I WILL support you sista! 🙂

    Can someone put me on the list of recipients just because if I make yaw some, I have to make myself a whole pan which means I will have to eat it all myself which takes me away from my BEYONCE LOOKALIKE GET ME BODIED body I'm trying to have before Miami- November????


  56. as far as sounding white.. my favorite was when comeback called me, spent 4 minutes on trying to describe how white I sound without saying "you sound white"
    I sound like a black person from princeton. Mya Angelo, avery brooks (aka a man called hawk) lawrence fishburn and me all sound the same actually…. and none of us are anyplace close to white.

    I do have a "hood switch" where I can sound like my peers if need be. "Waddup dun… chillin famz"

    I like my voice, some people say I should try doing voiceovers.

  57. @HNIC: There's nothing sexier than a man who is educated and can be hood (MUCH needed in the bedroom, or just when I need him to take control).. HA! (If I could make that Earth Kitt noise, PLEASE INSERT HERE! 🙂

  58. @Comeback-I'll e-mail you. And please start the financial website with Mikki I need it.

    @Hasani-I am too fierce when pissed. People would be like are you freaking serious?

  59. Nikki, thanks for the tidbit. Him and I aren't together anymore but we're still friends. If I'm ever in Florida I might surprise him by making him one. He hasn't had one since his grandmother died. I like to make stuff from scratch but sometimes shortcuts work because I'm pressed for time.

  60. I don't know yaw personally but the last few days since I've discovered this place, it's been fun times. I'm the only black girl at this law firm… and I have to put on certain "me" (queue the violins, please) and even though we are typing, I can come on here and have a vocab with my brothas and sistas until CLOSING TIME. 🙂

  61. Mikki, you're absolutely right to feel that way. You're not the only one with money issues but you're willing to talk about it. Will your blog on money offer tips to people on how to better handle their finances? Money is a hot topic around where I am these days because like Jed Clampant, people are getting rich here because of oil. One of my relatives just became a millionaire because of oil. One thing that they and others have been advised to do is to put aside 40 percent for taxes. The average person should try to save enough money so that if they get laid off, they have at least 6 months of funds to pay their day-to-day bills. For those getting bonuses, you shouldn't go spending crazy with it. It's okay to treat yourself but put some of it away for a rainy day.

  62. Im not educated and Im not hood… seems like Im out….

    how about a dumb as nails brotha that has watched all 4 seasons of the wire and can fake accents really really well?

    Eartha kit noise… LOL maaaarccuuss! ya thats like the movie that started it all. why do sistas love that movie but if you are anywhere close to being like marcus grahm everyone hates you?

  63. TheComeback Girl, I feel you on the age thing. You don't want a man too young or too old. I like a guy who is at least in the same generation (within a 5 year span younger or older than me).

  64. @HNIC – Ok how about I take 2nd and 4th. Then I agree – we can alternate until we are finished. Unless one of us finds a wife in her family and friends first. Whoever finds a wife first leaves the rest to the other.

    @Nicki Sunshine & Jaclynn – I was told I sounded white growing up. My mother always stressed proper english. It didn't help that my father was raised speaking the queen's english. When I got to public school it was even worse. Till this day people still say I sound different.

  65. HNIC what you brought up reference sounding white/black is a hot topic. My question is what the hell is sounding white??? Even in cyberspace, I would have to say–speak English man when you typed, “Waddup dun… chillin famz.”

  66. @Nicki Sunshine – I feel you. At my job there are hardly any blacks in management. Sometimes these mofos talk like I am invisible. I like it though. It lets me know what you are dealing with.

  67. @Shelia-I'm just like let me find something decent. Just because I have quite a bit of love to give and I guess I would like to give it now, but I think it took a long time to love myself enough to want to share. Eh, I don't know I guess it'll work out.

    Now on the work thing I am so happy to say that my department has TWO white people and FOUR blacks. I am so excited. I feel we have reached the tipping point. This is good because we can all relate and while we do sound proper, the Director has to watch her @$$ and the stuff she says.

    MONEY BLOG yay!!!! I want to have enough money in the bank to have enough for at least six months of living.

  68. Humble: if you pick 2nd and 4th you are taking away the top talent. I need the 1st and 2nd pick because I am the old man…. you know how wide the dating pool is at your age negro!!

    How about you pick 3rd 4th and 5th then I pick 6th and 7th and we alternate from there.


    you pick 1st and I get the 2nd -7th pick and we alternate from there. Im hoping you will fold under the pressure of having the #1 pick and I can grab myself a a bride with the quantity over quality rule.

  69. Jaclynn, loving yourself is the first key. When you love someone you won't allow someone to hurt them. So self love is important. So if you love yourself, you're not going to allow any man to mistreat you.

  70. 92 Comments behind…Rants about hair care, money, etc. And I really need to read the hair care comments since I went to Penny's in KY and my hair was OVER PROCESSED!! 🙁

    Too much work for today (I think I like my job). Black Family Reunion in Cincinnati this weekend; 80 degree weather and not a lot of humidity expected…maybe I'll catch up on Sunday.

    You good folks take care and have a safe weekend!

  71. @Shelia-Exactly. That's the way I've thought about it. Not too mention you have to be happy alone, because if not then you won't be able to bring full happiness to your mate. You need to be a full whole without that person.

    @SBM-I need to vote again?

  72. oh I missed weight in on the age topic.

    Miss Alaska is 5 years older than me but while you would think she should be old enough to appreciate a man she is still quite an angry sista. Now my cougar on the other hand is 40, she is just happy to have someone come by and bring her flowers every once and a while. Older women stress younger men less so its more appealing to us men.

    I myself would date a 21 year old, but I think she would be too much for my simp-ish ass to handle and would run wild all over me… they say it used to be older men and younger women but around here the younger women want money, entertainment and fun and the older women want companionship so you can see why the cougar thang is becoming so popular.

  73. you dont have to be happy alone to bring happyness to a mate. thats the biggest piece of oldwivestale type bullshit I ever heard.

    Comeback is more than happy in her lifestyle being single…. I dont think she would make a dude really happy cuttin him off every 4 seconds 😉

    I am miserable without a mate because I am not conditioned to be without one… some people are meant to be stray cats and others are meant to be house cast. Im cool with myself.. but I work even cooler as a unit.

    if you feel you would be happier with a man , its probably because you will be.

  74. "Older women stress younger men less so its more appealing to us men."

    HNIC…I wouldn't use the term stress though, but when I date a younger guy he is held to the same standards as a guy who is my age or older.

  75. your not OLD yet, so you cant really fit into the motif. Im talkin cougar age… like late 30's start to stress men less. The reversal of sexual roles is the thing I notice most. the 21 year old thinks Im supposed to beg her for sex by buying her things and supplicating…. the 41 year old is asking you for sex and is happy having a good companion.

    I love older women at times. why cant older women look and be as firm as younger women?

  76. @Hasani-I agree. Though you're a simp I wouldn't run over you. Furthermore, I am happier with a mate, yes a trained house cat who cooks and cleans just wants to cuddle up and watch a movie and what not and I don't know if that works for all but it does for me. Also, ain't nobody ever in life gotta beg me for sex. The last older man I was with was like you love sex way too much to be so young, the last actual bf I was with said it would be the demise of all my relationships, eh tomato tomahto.

  77. @HNIC – I'm 30 so the market is not exactly peak for me right now. I will take 3rd and 4th and you can get 1st and 2nd. We can alternate after that. I just remembered that 1st and 2nd may have too many issues.

    @Jaclynn & Sheila – I think you have to be happy alone but at the same time you have to be open to let someone else into your life. There is nothing wrong with being by yourself. I just notice sometimes that some people that say they are happy by themselves are by themselves because they are too selfish and grandiose.

  78. Whooooooa, it's gonna take me a minute to catch up with all the madness.

    Humble…seriously though I'll ship you something on greyhound from next weekend…I think it only takes like 7 hours to get to you, and it's much cheaper than Fedex.

    …the rest of you…WOW, there's a lot going on.

    Sheila yes this mini-vacay will be exactly what I need. Also, hopefully Comeback won't ignore me reaching out for a meet and greet…lol.

    Ummmm Jaclynn sweetie…calm down okay. 🙂

    Hasani…man ol man…I feel your pain mister. I hope you figure out your path, just remember that peace is needed for prosperity….and I got you on the draft picks.

    …now where did I leave off…comment #74 here I come!

  79. @Teacia-I am calm. I promise. I have not done anything wrong in a minute and oh did I tell you someone from Duval e-mailed me…

    @Humble-Absolutely. I am currently alone by choice to avoid the foolishness, but this you should know.

  80. SUBJECT NUMBER 283: What do yaw think of long distance relationships???? Think they work? I dated a guy that lived in Baltimore, we met in Miami and we used to fly back and forth to see eachother at least once a month… I thought we were great…. I was on my way to move there to be with him… then the day after Valentine's Day, it stopped. He went off on me…. I wasn't feeling great about the relationship because he kept asking me to do a threesome (WHICH I REFUSED TO DO) and he said I would if I really wanted to make him happy….

    WHAT'S UP WITH MEN (question number 752?)

  81. HNIC you've made my day. 🙂 Most people don't think I'm as old as I am. My pastor's wife thinks I'm 10 years younger than my actual age. One person recently called me a straight up liar to my face and asked my cousin to confirm my age. They were in shock because they still couldn't believe it.

    Humble One – Hold the presses. 🙂 Never said you couldn't be happy and in a relatoinship. Jaclynn and I were talking about loving oneself. If you don't love yourself how can you truly love someone else? You can't. You're then subject to allowing someone to do anything to you–which results in low self esteem and other issues. It's hard to have a healthy relationship if you don't love yourself.

  82. @ Humble_One : You are right… plus it allows me to just sit back and listen while they are telling ALL OF THEIR BUSINESS. HA! I am the mysterious black girl who always "dresses nice." Sometimes I wonder about that compliment. Am I just being a paranoid black woman though?


  83. @Nicki Sunshine – no disrespect, but you were dealing with an ass. Your happiness should not be at the expense of someone else. That was selfish on his part.

  84. @Humble_One: Thanks man. That's what I was thinking…I kept telling him dude, I wouldn't do it to you… Hell, I'd already let him go in the back door (WHICH I SWORE I'D NEVER DO). What the hell??? Trying to turn me out or something?????

  85. @Teacia: Girll I was blown the hell away… Seriously, is that ALL YOU WANT??? Never mind that I'm a great woman… Never mind that…. I won't let some other woman get all "in my bizness," so kick me to the curb! WTF!

  86. Nikki, homeboy didn't want you to move where he was. That would have messed up what he had going on. Thank goodness you found out before it was too late. Long distance relationships are hard but can work but each case is different. I was in a long distance relationship when my boyfriend at the time was in the military and he got stationed elsewhere. It worked for awhile but I was in college and just wasn't ready to get married at that young age so it ended.

  87. @Sheila: I was thinking the same thing… There had to be something shady going on… cause how can claim to "love" someone in one breath but in the next breath, have a coniption because they will not do a threesome???

    Sex CAN'T be that big of a deal! (not that kind of sex anyway) LOL. He had to be up there doing other things….. HA! But then, he always took me around family…. It was sooo confusing.

    Needless to say, that I miss you text from him last week? Random. We haven't talked since our departure on 2/15. I bet you miss me. HA! KICK ROCKS!

  88. Man … There is too much going on today.

    So …

    Jaclynn loves sex.

    HNIC is right in saying older women love sex more than younger ones. Young ones want you to advance and jump on them … and older woman will pull it out for you and get u in the mood *remembers wistfully*.

    HNIC & Humble are about the same age. HNIC has like 50 dates and two chics … so I decree that Humble get 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, and HNIC gets the next 4. Besides … hate to say it … but HNIC would say something that no black woman would be able to stomach and then f*ck it up for Humble.

    I agree with Sheila, you need to love yourself.

    Teacia, did you agree to this auction of your friends and family? Did you catch that?

    Uh … Nicki … Hold it down at the firm. And stop with the "yaw"! My friend who went to NC A&T says that sh*t … irks me to no end.

    I talk "white" all the time. Stupidest sh*t I ever heard. Me and my friend damn near cursed a girl on the streets of Black Bike Week for saying that. Wait … we did cuss that b*tch out.

    Jolie … I didn't know anyone else was ranting on Friday. Can a black men get some credit for something!

    Funky … u put p*ssy cream in your hair. Man … glad I rock the bald cut. Forgot the stuff we go through.

    Mikki … u gotta install wordpress. Can't just load it.

    Comeback … There u go again with the "requirememnts". Did you really list an inseam measurement so u can get banged out on a sink? Just make it work … your a smart and resourceful girl.

    My Dougie … My Dougie … My Dougie … I'm Fresh … I'm Fresh … I'm Fresh … Flyer than a motherf*cker! Damn … thats really never gonna get old.

  89. @Teacia: Amen to that. I love when woman knows when to say It's time to Go. I have so many friends who stay when they good and well shouldn't. I try to turn them onto this book I read, "he's just not that into you," a while back.. and it makes it so much easier to leave.

    When a man asks you for a 3some, he's just not that into you. HA! (that's from MY BOOK!)

  90. Nikki…leaving is easy, staying away is the hardest part…."its called a breakup because it's broken" is the second coming of divinity…lol.

    Man I think I may need to break out my copy and read over a few chapters….hmmmm

    And yes SBM I was aware of the auction, there will be pics with mini biographies….i got this!

  91. @SBM: Ok, I'll try to tone down the yaws… but it's hard… kinda embedded with by hurs and thurrsss. *smile*

  92. @Teacia – I am tired of eating frozen vegetables so I will be waiting on that plate. Make sure you send some of the women in your family up here too.

  93. Teasia: Let the CHUCH say AMEN! I just simply delete EVERYTHING. And since I don't know numbers by heart and don't answer numbers I don't know. He can't call. LOL. And I DOUBLE DOG DARE him to show up unannounced.

  94. @Nicki: Forgot to address the 3some. Its a fantasy of mine and most men … but I couldn't seeing me demanding it from a girl like that. Just like she would catch the cross eye if she did the same to me (don't need all them penises around each other in my opinion).

    Anal on the other hand is a whole different story …

  95. @SBM: Hilarious! I told him how would he feel if I asked him to do the same thing and he told me shame on MY DIRTY ASS????!!!! What kinda response was that?

    ANAL is NOT PLEASANT! I think I already went outta bounds doing that. LOL

  96. Thank you comeback thats a great idea "how to shop on a dime" problem is I don't know ish about shopping, not clothes not food not shoes, so i can't be the one that gives that type of advice.

    I guess I could learn but eh….

  97. rants….

    **My SO and I can't "do it" for quite some time. He got into a motorcycle accident and crushed his pelvic area.

    **I'm a 3yr med student and I hate it. People always ask me what I wanted to do, well I never knew what i wanted to do, I wasn't given that option. I never had a vision that wasn't really instilled or given to me. I have a secret respect and admiration for those that know what their dreams are and have the determination to follow them. To me, that is so awesome.

    **My parents are some pretentious people. I love them but I don't like them.

  98. Negative:

    My rant is that I found out a co-worker who's 1 level above me makes 20,500 more than I do, and I do so much more work and have more responsibilities!!!!!!!!!!!!! DAYUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I'm looking forward to hanging with my friends at the bbq tomorrow, and my car will get her 60K service done, should look and feel like new this weekend 😀

  99. @Belle: "**My SO and I can’t “do it” for quite some time. He got into a motorcycle accident and crushed his pelvic area."

    ****DAMMIT. Be strong girl. ******

  100. @Belle: Hmmm … never thought of my motorcycle actually stopping me from having sex. I feel like I have to rethink this whole Biker Boys mentality completely.

  101. I agree with Shelia Westindianladee…get them resume's out and whatever you think you should be getting on your next interview start about 25k higher (if you're walking around with situational balls…go to 30k)…

    have the battle is knowing and ASKING for your worth.

  102. SBM my cougar gave me a "non sex 3sum" AND always puts out the anal. I do not like 3 sums. I have said it before. shame we arent close no more since I started seeing miss Alaska 😐

    I gave up peace and quite and anal for "home cooking" what was I thinking?

    OH Humble is 30?????????? Damn ya my bad I been on way to many dates this year. He can have 1st 2nd and Ill take 3rd he can have 4th and Ill take 5th but he can have 6th and 7th and we will alternate down the line until we have all of the busty black woman in florida in our dating pool. Not like we would pick the same women anyways… I like my women totally the opposite of most black men. rail thin, dark skin , weave and lots of makeup overly smart 🙂

    ok so whens the draft?

  103. Just when I was aiming for a 10K raise within my organization or extranal. Comeback, I like the way you think…

    Now I REALLY have to catch up on today's postings..

  104. MY RANTS:

    I'm at school in the middle of august when school doesnt start until september, the semi- SO and i have broken it for good because he was a piece of s**t.


    I'm going to the gym regularly and i'm seeing improvements.

    I was given another day. 🙂

  105. Lord Jesus. SBM please…don't say it like that. It's just…I'm just…I don't know.

    @Nicki-I like you more and more each day! But wow…all that I'd've cut someone which I just learned I get from my grandma.

    Finally, pantylessness has gotten me into so trouble today. Damn you Teacia. As for the 3some thing. Males always prefer 2 chicks right…well what about women: 2 men, 2 women, 1 of each, what is the deal?

  106. nah, Id do another 2 man 1 woman 3 sum before I do a 2 woman one HNIC 3 sum again.

    but both are just as bad, I love 4 sum.. even numbers everyone can concentrate on one person as their "major" while having a minor in another person on the bed, but 3 sums you have to split your attention and nobody can cum 🙁

    I disagree with comebacks demand for salary negotiations. One thing I have learned in my life is that you always want to take the 1st or 2nd offer. I have climbed at every corporate job I have ever had and always wind up making more money in the end than when I started. Your make money in the good ol boys network by being good… not by being a bitch on wheels and demanding things thus labeling you a cancer. if you come in the door as a cancer you will always be noted as a cancer.. no matter how much you do for said white man and no matter how much $ you save him…. your still be that difficult nigger.

  107. "I disagree with comebacks demand for salary negotiations. One thing I have learned in my life is that you always want to take the 1st or 2nd offer. I have climbed at every corporate job I have ever had and always wind up making more money in the end than when I started. Your make money in the good ol boys network by being good… not by being a bitch on wheels and demanding things thus labeling you a cancer. if you come in the door as a cancer you will always be noted as a cancer.. no matter how much you do for said white man and no matter how much $ you save him…. your still be that difficult nigger."

    Its not about being a bytch. Its about being confident in your worth balanced with the ability to cultivate strong relationships. Cancer's don't stay in ANY SITUATION for long. If it overtime kills the body temple (if not addressed and treated successfuly) imagine what it does to a corporation.

    but hey I have almost 10 years of industry experience (half of which spent at one company) with this successful application. Perhaps I don't know what Im talking about

  108. and I have climbed the ladder at multiple companies and have far less of a pedigree than you.

    with my last job climbing further.

    Find me someone else who has gone from a spot as low as I started….. mailroom/ janitor / Loading docks

    and work up to a tier 3 non engineers support role team lead??

    its like who do you want to coach your basketball team. Shaq or doc rivers? shaq did everything based off his sheer ability. DOc rivers got what he got by the way he did it.

    Im not knocking you. you and omorosa are more successful than I will ever be…. wait… nevermind I make more money than you.

  109. "Just when I was aiming for a 10K raise within my organization or extranal. Comeback, I like the way you think…"

    Mikki knows how to get out of mad debt…I would say making money is my talent. I'd ask for 20 or 25, I'd put together a status report of all the things that you have accomplished in the year, and if you can tie money savings or earnings to each item I would do that too. Even if you work for a non-profit…their goal is still to be solvent…so I would focus on the items that has added value leading to increased membership and revenue.

    If you go in with quantified value you will get what you want. And if you don't, shop resumes and use that status report to build into your resume..I bet on my mother you would get what you asked for (or very close to it).

    I would also read "As A Man thinketh"

  110. "Im not knocking you. you and omorosa are more successful than I will ever be…. wait… nevermind I make more money than you."

    You're right I'm just a fluke…your overall success and outlook in item 20 (upthread) really speaks to the attitude one should have particularly in this economic climate.

  111. @SBM-Be nice, please ol' please, they gotta do this. If they don't one might not make it. I think they will be the first on the blog to get married and procreate!

  112. Nobody called you a fluke.

    just like we cant call shaq a fluke. but you must realise not every black person is going to have your pedigree and most of us are not going to have the "smartz" that you have.

    it would be like paris hilton talking about she dosent understand why fat people are fat. what paris hilton does to stay thin wouldnt work well for people who are already fat. But someone like me who was fat, telling people how to lose weight and stay healthy… that is more credible and realistic.

    same way you were out of touch the other day when you said the rather insensitive comments about job security and money in this economy… your encouraging others to take an overly aggressive approach that will give them short term gains in a long term life.

    I made my money by being nice to people and making the correct allies.

    you made the same money by being a gifted tyrant

    each is effective

  113. "a gifted tyrant"

    ROTFLMBAO…how about a smart woman who has built very effective relationships and is able to also quantify her worth in meaningful terms to her company's bottom line.

    I had great mentors who wrote the patents for alot of the systems that I work on today. I have also been in the right places at the right time.

    or maybe that is tyranny from a man's perspective.

  114. Im a man… and so are "the good ol boys."
    so unless you are in a fortune 500 company thats some how headed by all black women and your going to hire all of the people from this blog………………..

  115. I'm very excited to write it and I can do it now if ya want.

    For real though … cut the bullsh*t out. Everyone was playing nice. I'll block both ya'll asses.

    My poor ulcer aint having it.

  116. you hater! I feel we are being stereotyped!! just because Tiffy and I are not agreeing dosent say we are in a flame war.

    She gave advice and I gave counter advice

    just like above someone said love yourself before you can love someone else and I disagreed and said some people are just ment to be housecats and love.

    ya know… not EVERY comeback HNIC post is an argument ya know… we happen to get along very VERY well Ill have you know!

    I just know when I was sitting at the poker game at a directors house last fall, they were dogging out a sista who works in my group. they called her a cancer and a trainwreck. and said she was "my problem now" when she got asigned to my group. Ol girl SHOULD be making 80k a year she is so gifted as far as what she knows…. but its her attitude and fukin MOUTH that keep this chick in her current role. your talkin about a sista who hasnt had a promotion in 6 years of working at my company. and has not been able to change departments either because nobody wants a cancer on their team.

    I dont feel bad for her.

    but I wouldnt want any other sistas limiting themselves the same way by bein "assertive" aka bitchy and difficult.

  117. @ mikki i thought you were trying to port your existing blog over to new your domain?

    Hasani what am I saying thats so aggressive and insensitive. I laid off last week only to keep the peace.

    Sure the economy is not really growing in an outstanding and amazing pace…what I said is that that doesn't diminish sectors that still see growth. It doesn't stop people from creating amazing products and services (that aren't going to china or india).

    That doesn't mean that come Monday morning you go to your boss's office and hold a gun to his head and demand 20k. It does mean that you begin to think differently about what you bring to the table and how you impact revenue. That thought process makes a better worker. I would much prefer someone who knew how and when they brought money into my company than someone who didn't. Those two people work differently, they think differently (and often more creatively).

    People with bad attitudes (cancers) dont stay around long. Once its seen how they infect overall morale and job performance they go bye bye.

  118. lmao comeback, uhhhh yea i really will try to work on that for ya! I already talked to my bestie, she is the queen of discounts and deals. She is a born shoppoholic and she can find a deal on every thing name brand, she said she is going to help me with it, so I am really happy.

  119. cancers stick around. My omorosa is too talented to fire…. but shes to destructive to promote. SHe is too driven to ever make a mistake enough to warrent termination but she ruins every single group she gets into.

    you can have your opinion and I can have mine, we can leave it up to the readers to decide if they want to catch bees with honey or with a flame thrower.

  120. Maybe if the antics of you two weren't slowly giving me an ulcer I might let it slide … but since ya'll are … kinda changes things.

  121. Thanks for your opinions ladies, hopefully no one got banned, lol. Basically, I like my job and haven't been here a year yet, so I don't want to go job hunting if it's not necessary. My resume is updated and ready to go just in case 😉

    I send a weekly status to my manager so he knows the deal, shoot, he has given me kudos and passed the word on to my Director. So I have enough ammo to present my case for getting a raise and all, but discovering that big salary gap right from the horse's mouth made me a lil pissed to say the least.

  122. SBM good luck on the GMAT. I took it awhile ago and kicked ass. I recommend if you want to take a prep course go with Manhattan Gmat. They are really good. Which schools are you looking into?

  123. Westindianladee I wasn't banned…do you think the gap had a lot to do with how your peer negotiated when he/she came in the door ? Do you think managers are going around making sure everyone's pay actually match as a goodwill gesture?

  124. ok which is more traditional of how we built black culture…..

    running up and claiming what is rightfully ours


    Slowly working our way towards what we want through hard work, making allies, plotting and executing

  125. I wish I was a black woman, I would be a VP by now. at least you could use femenine wilds to help your situation and you arent looked at as stupid big oafs by corporate america. But Id want to be a hawt black woman with big boobs and a slim waist.

    At my main company. We have a manager who is the stereotypical curvy blond/blue and is just as flirty and charming as a woman can be. But she is so nice her team works hard for her and you never hear any complaints. You always want to push her issues through fast/priority since….well… shes hawt 🙂

    but I guess that makes her numbers look better and why she is so successful.

  126. I'm really starting to get that itch again…has it been a year already…maybe I'll scratch it as a birthday gift to myself…choices, choices…I wonder if I will include him this time…maybe if he's good. Then again the last time that didn't turn out so well…I guess I'll just scout it out and take it from there…boy is he lucky…lol.

    I can't believe I missed the wedding…I really need to clean out my closet…well off to the reception I go.

  127. My rant….

    – I can't believe I haven't read this site all week really. I need my daily dose of drama.

    -This school year is going to keep me hella busy. Am I ready for it?

    -I like this dude way to much too soon. But I can't help it he checks all the boxes. Or is it just a dream and I can't see through the smoke.

    – I need to write a blog for my own damn site.

    – This weekend I wanted to sleep…still haven't done that yet and its Saturday.

    -Conversation I am tired of hearing are as followed…' The N-Word, Black men dating white women, no good black men, independent women'.

    -Things I would like to talk about…' violence with young kids, hunger in AMERICA, missing fathers, unemployment, helping each other make it to the next step.

    -Thank you SBM for a positive post.

  128. @Muse: I hope I kick ass too. My aspirations are for pretty good schools. MIT is probably my top choice, but I really want to go to school in the south. I'm tired of winter. So tired …

  129. How come most women with good breasts don’t have an a$$. And A lot of women with nice a$$ don’t have breasts. Actually, I thank God for keeping the number of these “women with it all” very low.

    Find the Italian women in your area. They may not be fitness queens, but what women got, they rock!

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