Its Friday … and I think I’m going to try and keep this whole rant positive.  There is a Black Man as the Democratic Presidential Candidate and with his wife by his side, not only is he showing a strong Black Man … he is showing a strong Black Family.  So … all positive rants and I challenge you all to do the same.

  • Barack Obama has shown that he is not playing.  Without making silly personal attacks (such as old fart, senile, etc), he managed to go through all the major reasons why he deserves to be President over John McCain.  Also, he is just so inspirational!  I mean … as some one who has never been a politcal junky (I know … a cardinal sin while living in the Nation’s Capital) … I’m now inspired.  Luckily my brother is already a part of the local Obama chapter, so I’m off to the next meeting.
  • Look at Michelle.  Boy … makes me just fall in love with strong black women all over again.  Especially watching the biography and listening to how she fell in love.  He took her to a training session for a date.  There was no criticizing or complaints, but she saw him in his prime, doing what he loved, and being the strong Black men he knew he had to be.  And that people … is what made him fall in love with him.  Watching him give himself to others (not her) … is what did it for her.
  • D*mnit if he aint got cute daughters too.  Now, I never call children cute (never ever ever) … cause I think its soft.  But … I just thought about them little girls running around the white house … knocking over vases and writing on the walls.  D*mn … why is Barack Obama inspiring me to settle down and looking forward to my own little SBMs.
  • John McCain was positive.  Lawd … Its a very good week!
  • Its Friday, been a tough week, but its over now.  Got a new part for my bike courtesy of a very special someone … and I plan to ride around for ours showing it off. I should ride up to Philly again …
  • CNN HD on my big screen TV looks good.  I just paid off for all of it on my 0% apr credit card for it … so its finally all mine (I know I should have paid it all cash … but I was buying a house and it was Black Friday).
  • My credit score randomly jumped 30 points recently.  I’m not above 750 at my ripe young age.  Oh … what is that … a lil dirt on my shoulder … wipe me down.
  • My cold is subsiding and I’m feeling better.
  • The submissions I have been getting  have been great.  Keep them coming to  I might have to start doing two days a week.  There is just a lot of good stuff out there.
  • Sometimes I sit back and think about what this blog has become.  To be honest … this site is one of the first successful things I have completed outside of school and my career.  I have attempted to stop being lazy, throw myself into something, and make it a success.  I just have to thank every single reader, every single commenter, and every person who has helped me be a success behind the scenes.  You really don’t know how much joy I get from people actually enjoying the little bit of stuff I have to say.  In addition, just the support I get when I am personally going through stuff always is uplifting.
  • Ok … enough softness … titties!
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So … I know challenge you … with a long weekend coming up … and a historic week on our backs … lets keep it 100% positive.