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Rantings of an SBM


Its Friday … and I think I’m going to try and keep this whole rant positive.  There is a Black Man as the Democratic Presidential Candidate and with his wife by his side, not only is he showing a strong Black Man … he is showing a strong Black Family.  So … all positive rants and I challenge you all to do the same.

  • Barack Obama has shown that he is not playing.  Without making silly personal attacks (such as old fart, senile, etc), he managed to go through all the major reasons why he deserves to be President over John McCain.  Also, he is just so inspirational!  I mean … as some one who has never been a politcal junky (I know … a cardinal sin while living in the Nation’s Capital) … I’m now inspired.  Luckily my brother is already a part of the local Obama chapter, so I’m off to the next meeting.
  • Look at Michelle.  Boy … makes me just fall in love with strong black women all over again.  Especially watching the biography and listening to how she fell in love.  He took her to a training session for a date.  There was no criticizing or complaints, but she saw him in his prime, doing what he loved, and being the strong Black men he knew he had to be.  And that people … is what made him fall in love with him.  Watching him give himself to others (not her) … is what did it for her.
  • D*mnit if he aint got cute daughters too.  Now, I never call children cute (never ever ever) … cause I think its soft.  But … I just thought about them little girls running around the white house … knocking over vases and writing on the walls.  D*mn … why is Barack Obama inspiring me to settle down and looking forward to my own little SBMs.
  • John McCain was positive.  Lawd … Its a very good week!
  • Its Friday, been a tough week, but its over now.  Got a new part for my bike courtesy of a very special someone … and I plan to ride around for ours showing it off. I should ride up to Philly again …
  • CNN HD on my big screen TV looks good.  I just paid off for all of it on my 0% apr credit card for it … so its finally all mine (I know I should have paid it all cash … but I was buying a house and it was Black Friday).
  • My credit score randomly jumped 30 points recently.  I’m not above 750 at my ripe young age.  Oh … what is that … a lil dirt on my shoulder … wipe me down.
  • My cold is subsiding and I’m feeling better.
  • The submissions I have been getting  have been great.  Keep them coming to [email protected].  I might have to start doing two days a week.  There is just a lot of good stuff out there.
  • Sometimes I sit back and think about what this blog has become.  To be honest … this site is one of the first successful things I have completed outside of school and my career.  I have attempted to stop being lazy, throw myself into something, and make it a success.  I just have to thank every single reader, every single commenter, and every person who has helped me be a success behind the scenes.  You really don’t know how much joy I get from people actually enjoying the little bit of stuff I have to say.  In addition, just the support I get when I am personally going through stuff always is uplifting.
  • Ok … enough softness … titties!
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So … I know challenge you … with a long weekend coming up … and a historic week on our backs … lets keep it 100% positive.



  1. My Rants…

    – Thank you God for continuing to bless me, despite my ignorant ways. You ALWAYS have perfect timing and know whats best for me.

    – Go Obama family!!! Thanks for showing the world a positive example of who black people are and what they can be if given the opportunity.

    – 390 comments!!! Wow SBM that is a record. Hopefully I can read and go catch up on everything.

    – Thank you for having this blog SBM. I am sure everyone can agree by saying that it has brought some interesting people into their lives and open their eyes to many different viewpoints on a variety of subjects.

    -Thank you for posting my blog last week which inspired the ladies of SBM.net to create Black Men Appreciation Day Sept. 17th.

    – I had an extremely long week, but everything is very positive.

    -Alot of my family is in town this weekend and its great to be able to hang out with them and appreciate their company. One thing I am realizing is that each day is not promised so enjoy the ones you have.

    I think that is it for now. Maybe I will be back later with more. Just glad I got a chance to comment at all. You people are really fast with the comments. By the time I wake up in the morning sometimes its already 83 comments on each post. But that is why I love this site.

  2. -For one darn thing why am I up so early…

    -Secondly, OBAMA, OBAMA…Yes we can!!! Last night was absolutely amazing….I cannot wait until this man is in the White House AND what an exceptional family

    -So as far as actually having to do work I was on vacation until Monday and today as of noon, well I'm on vacation again (thanks Gustav)

    -Quite happy with life today and major shouts out to the person who gave me a nudge in the right direction…I'll always return the favor if you need it 🙂

    -Can't wait for Tyler Perry's new movie and five days later….


    -Wooohooo for long weekends, a family picnic, and a football game!

    Oh and my one rant…

    Please tell me WHY the GOATS screwed up the flowers on the front porch?!?!?!? Did anybody tell those creatures to walk up the stairs to the front porch???? Wow I tell you…and yes there would goats in my damned yard.

    Ok…that's all for now. I think I'll go back to bed!

  3. First of all I feel partially responsible for these grati-rants. I totally believe that that which you find to be grateful for will show up as more of the same, and like i've said before the converse of that is also true. Real quick SBM, I think you will also find that your health improves when you look on the bright side of life, which Im happy to read that it has.

    1. I'm really super excited to be living at this time in history. Alot of people toiled and died for our rights to even be saying that we're educated black folks, much less have the first nominated black candidate for president. I've been grateful to others who have paved the way before Obama was on the scene, but we owe so much to those who have gone before us. I really do believe that we are supposed to live a prosperous and frutiful life and giving back and giving thanks for all the possiblities before us.

    2. As Mikki wrote some days ago many of our mama's are great examples of Michelle Obama. I was found some really old pictures my mother gave me of when I was 9 or 10. And I couldn't believe looking at it now that my mother was close to my age NOW. And she looked incredible. She could have been alot of places and doing alot of things. But she choose me. I saw one man come around besides my father, and by that time I was almost grown and she was pretty sure she was going to marry him. I am grateful for her choices. She sure as hell ain't perfect but she's my mama and I think she did an amazing job (if I can toot my horn). lol

    3. I am grateful for all the living and breathing things that inspire me in this world.

    4. I am grateful for this blog and my brother from another mother who makes me sick sometime, but he cool.

    5. and finally I am grateful for the fact that each new day gives us the opportunity to begin again, to forgive, to ask for forgiveness and just try to be a better person than we were yesterday.

    6. I am grateful for cute shoes and this 50 dollar challenge that Im bout to blow Mikki and my blog challengers out the water on. I haven't even started and thats how confident I am in my own self. And thats why Im so dope girl fresh. lol

  4. Lovin the positive vibe…lets keep it goin

    -I FINALLY got paid from the new job…and its significantly more than i had estimated…SIGNIFICANTLY

    -my job doesn't really have good health insurance for families, the HR person told me three days ago that they would start taking $300 out of my check PER PAY PERIOD (yes folks thats $600//month) and asked if I had been able to find a separate policy. Now, I don't believe in being uninsured if you can help it so either I needed my daughter's application from BCBS to go through or I was gonna have to fork over what amounted to a BMW car payment. I called BCBS to find out what the hold-up was, her app had been approved the previous day and my premium is a whopping $63.71/month!!!! Praise the Lord!!!


    -It just occurred to me that despite coming from a family where no one went to college and only a handful graduated highschool, despite my status as a single mother, despite a whole lot of other obstacles…I managed to become part of the "professional middle class"….GO ME!!!

    -I love my little girl!! Completely enamoured with her…and I hope she does well on her spelling test today!!

    -Barack Obama had me crying last night before he spoke a word…It was sooo good to see that black family on that stage and I love the thought of my daughter growing up in a time where the President looks like her father, the first lady looks like her mother, and the two little girls benefitting from their success look like her….Loves It!!!

    -I really appreciated John McCain's ad congratulating Barack, I thought it was a very classy move.

  5. Yeah ummmm so I'm here to rant and not rave:

    1. I swear I can't stand that b*tch.

    2. It has been a super long week and I'm mad I didn't realize Labor Day was this weekend until a few days ago…geesh, I woulda made plans.

    3. I really don't feel like going to work this morning…it's been nonstop crazy all week and I want to just sleeep.

    4. My daughter opted not to watch the speech last night even after I attempted to explain its significance…sometimes I wonder if she was switched at birth.

    5. SBM you really should proofread your posts before saving them…or at least step away and come back and correct before it sunrise…just a thought.

    6. I'm really disappointed in the man who's seed i'm raising…wish he would just be a bit more consistent and uhhh being nicer wouldn't hurt either. Sometimes I feel like I'm being ungrateful b/c some would die for a father as involved as hers, but he doesn't get a cookie cake for that sh*t, it's his child. I need for him to be more consistent. Period.

    7. *sighing* Well to take the kid to school and head off to work. I hate working at the school board, thank God it's only twice a month.

    8. It would nice if someone felt good about me…maybe next lifetime.

    On a positive note:

    1. I have life.

  6. This Friday's Rants:

    1. Sex in the middle of the night is better than Starbuck's first thing in the morning! Ahhhhhh!

    2. O'bama smashed it last night. I love what he and his family represent! If this doesn't bring more people to the polls, I have no idea what will.

    3. Found out that my honey is taking me out of town for my birthday! Yippee! A nice romantic trip away is what I could really use to lessen stress these days.

    4. Another promotion may be in my near future. I claim it and I receive it!

    5. I'm loving the positive vibe in here this morning.

    Enjoy your three day weekend folks!

  7. @Ms. Freckles: #1 COSIGN…gotta get me some of that…sooon…#4 DO IT BIG!!!

    one more rave: I'm going to take that amount of my pay that I didn't expect and pay off a credit card TODAY!!! GO ME!!

    @Teacia: I'm sorry suga, it'll be a better day, I promise. As for Alex, she needed to be asleep, it was after 10:00 and she's 5 years old, let that girl get her 11 hours. I thought about making my lil momma watch it, but she already loves Barack and she wouldn't have paid attention to or understood his full speech…and she has a spelling test she needed to rest up for. LOL. As for your baby daddy…tell him to GET IT TOGETHER he is misrepresenting Tally-Ho!!!

  8. Bree the heifer didn't want to go to sleep, she wanted to watch TV in her room, meaning Hannah Montana or whatever was on at the moment.

    Today isn't a bad day, just didn't feel like being super positive, I needed to exhale. And I figured everyone else would jocking the Obamas so I didn't need to.

    Later folks.

  9. @Teacia- Feel better.

    @Freckles-I want some too…and I like about 6 miles NW of Birmingham, AL…out in the country. Yep…the put a hurting on the flowers….because they were hungry…and well..the flowers are fake. 🙂

  10. -ok, one more for real, i promise its the last one….I LOVE MY HAIR..I'm so glad I cut it, love love loves my lil curly fro…and love the men whose paths I cross who take a second out of their day to tell me how good it looks and well it fits me.

  11. *sending positive vibes to Teacia*

    I am extremely grateful for the people on here who are supporting my new blog and SBM, for allowing me to piggyback off his success a lil. Its a good thing when black folks help black folks, and he has never once complained about it.

    Also comeback I dunno what you hurd but errr uhh your ass is going down!!!! (secretly crying cuz i only got 20 dollars left for the shopping challenge and i dunno what imo du!)


    Happy we are making history

    super duper happy that my boss from job 2 gave me the day off and I didn't even know it. So later on when I get off work I will be at the international jazz festival in Detroit seeing some of my favorite artist perform for free no less!!!!

    Glad some of yall are being so responsible about paying off yall debt, that just really brought a tear to my eye, and speaking of debt I paid off a student loan that I have had since 2003!!

    In the words of Teacia "One time for paying shat off!!"


  12. @Teacia – Sending positive and happy go lucky thoughts your way for today! It'll get better.

    @ Jaclynn – LOL. You are in the country forreal when you have goats so hungry that they're eating fake flowers! LMAO. My BF has deer and *gasp* snakes near his house. So I usually run to my car in the mornings when I'm leaving so I don't have time to actually see either of them around. The snakes are normally on his walkway near his front door. And I DONT DO snakes/reptiles of any kind.

    @ Mikki – I'm going to check out your blog now.

  13. Bree you still need coverage for yourself, might I suggest the HSA (HEALTH SAVINGS ACCOUNT)

    A Health Savings Account (HSA) is a tax-advantaged medical savings account available to taxpayers in the United States who are enrolled in a High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP). The funds contributed to the account are not subject to federal income tax at the time of deposit. Unlike a Flexible spending account (FSA), funds roll over and accumulate year over year if not spent. HSAs are owned by the individual, which differentiates them from the company-owned Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA) that is an alternate tax-deductible source of funds paired with HDHPs. Funds may be used to pay for qualified medical expenses at any time without federal tax liability.

  14. 1. Praise God! I'm awake and I'm healthy!

    2. I am getting on the wagon. Damn it fels good being black right now. The Obamas are helping us get so much positivity coverage on the teleivesion. AND I'm proud.

    3. Today is moving day… pray everything goes smoothly. I'm am sleepy (but I'm awake!)

    4. Found my ex boyfriend (the one that de "flowered" me LOL) on myspace… we've been texting and emailing then…. nice to have some nostalgia.

    5. I am thankful for this blog….. you guys are all fabulous. Especially greatful for the black women on here, doing big thangs (*smile*). You are an inspiration.

  15. 6. Oh and who did I forget???? My family….. My mom who has the be the strongest, sweetest person I know (everyone loves her) and my dad, who GOD delivered out of an aneurysm… last October. This is a blessing…. Granny, Grandad, Aunt… everybody.. they're great yaw.

  16. Michelle Obama's speech was moving, Hillary Clinton's speech was strong, Joe Biden's speech was necessary, but my oh my Barack Obama's speech was out of this world. SBM like you I was inspired by this man, his values, what he's accomplished thus far, and what he will accomplish in the near future. I can't believe I'm witnessing such significant history in the making!!!

    @Bree, please check out Kaiser Permanente they have a better option for insurance at around $227/month. I was looking around for a family member, and I co-sign HSA for consideration as well.

    Thank God for blessing my aunt with another year of life on such a historic day yesterday.

    I'm looking forward to getting my facial today!!!!

  17. @Jaclynn: Hey doll, I'm excited to be in a new place… but this process SUCKS. This iwas my first apartment (my current one) so I didn't have to move much….. I ordered the funiture so that was delivered and all that… now I have to actually PACK!!!!! Eck.

    thank GAWD for movers!

  18. My Rants or Riffs

    1. I love my mother and father

    2. It's cool that everyone appreciates the Obamas. Even up to my 20s people made fun of me and my brother for growing up in a household with 2 parents that graduated from college. We always got jokes about being the Huxtables.

    3. Yesterday was a historic day. But I hope people understand that the change we need does not come from one man put from a revolution from a movement of people.

    4. Someone keeps calling my house as unavailable or private name and private number When I answer I dont hear anything.

    5. I need to use my engineering skills to create a device that can make it easier to find women similar to the ones on this blog in real life.

  19. @ humble that was a nice tribute

    @ everyone re: Jesse Jackson can I just say something. I'm a little floored regarding the comments about him last night on this blog. I heard him preach two sunday's ago on the HU radio station. And he recounted how they had to take buses and stop strategically at churches to go to the bathroom etc. And how their money wasn't always welcomed in many white establishments. I think he, Sharpton, Young, Dick Gregory and many more living freedom fighters deserve our respect.

    I think some of the "old black guard" just wanted more involvement in his campaign. Many of them didn't even find out he was running until he announced it publically. I can understand that a little.

    but all of them have set aside that feeling to move forward the larger agenda.

  20. @Humble-Wow. I am so glad to see a black man recognizing the two people who influenced him the most. I am sure you are a wonderful son and they are probably quite proud of you.

    As for the private name and number thing…try Privacy Director. Don't they offer that in Detroit?

    @Comeback-I think they deserve our respect to, but I think they might need to respect the people a little more….hearing the man who buried the word reuse to describe us is horrid.

  21. @Teacia: When you get to work I challenge you to write all the things you are grateful for I guarantee it will make you feel better! HELL, just check out a couple of weeks ago when you said your daughter got a scholarship! Thats something to praise him for!

    I'm not preaching.. I just know that I have about 110 things I could complain about but as long as I'm still standing on HIS word I will continue to praise him!

    Happy FRIDAY!

  22. westindianladee…facial sounds good. I need one too.

    mik-i am scared about this challenge but I got to fake this confidence till I make it. I may even take a little road trip. luckily gas doesn't count against the budget.

  23. GO OBAMA! I love Michelle! I love the girls! I love being black, this is a great black moment.

    And I agree, McCain was positive. I think that the lil Ad he had was great. He didnt have to say a word about it being historical. (ok enough about McCain, I still am very close to hating him).


    check out this Obama A Milli remix if you havent heard it – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dkZRO3Ml6aA

    lets all be happy and light today! 🙂

  24. @Comeback – Thank you. I agree with your Jesse comment. I keep getting the feeling that the majority wants us to totally catch amnesia about the past through Obama. If they only realized that we as a country can't move on with this issue until they reconcile with the fodder of their success. It's painful for both sides but it has to be done.

  25. lmao comeback I was shopping the other day looking for a top, and i thought what the hell was i thinkin lol, this is really all your fault you know!!

    we gone have to get REAL creative this weekend, all in good fun tho

  26. @Mikki: trust and believe I have coverage for myself. Thanks for the info, I actually used to work in the healthplan benefits administration arena so I'm pretty well versed on insurance, HSAs, and FSAs, and that's one thing I don't play with. I've had asthma pretty bad all my life and in addition, I feel like insurance is a seatbelt and not something I intend to let myself and my loved ones go without. My company has GREAT coverage for me, they pay 85% of it and i pay the remaining $60/month for health, dental, AND vision. It's just they don't pay for your family and they're coverage for families is EXPENSIVE…that was the issue. but thanks for looking out love, i really appreciate it!

    I'm about to go check out your blog later…but first i'm gonna get a little work done…may as well earn this money they just gave me, lol.

  27. good morning all

    I Like your blog ..have it as one of my favs and even rant and checked it soon as I sat down at my desk


    did anyone want Obama to stfu already..maybe its because I had been drinking and was impatient…

    great speech tho….I went to hear it down at Sideline..(why.I dont know)


  28. "lmao comeback I was shopping the other day looking for a top, and i thought what the hell was i thinkin lol, this is really all your fault you know!!"

    ummm i'd like to recollect your dam#n memory when you had the budget at 25 dollars. And I was like WTF. You remember that? and you gave me 50 like that was doing something.

  29. Oh your welcome Bree, I know exactly what you are talking about I have had asthma since I was about 11, and thank God for health care, because I have had some serious threaths of death on serveral occassions. The last serious attack put me in icu for a week on a breathing ventilator, it was very scary. I was like that lil fish in the asthma commercial outside of the bowl.

    anyways I am glad you got it covered.

  30. I am so blessed to have had both my grandmother and mother with me last night as we watched Barack Obama give his acceptance speech. To have 3 generations of women there to see history in the making touched my heart so that I cried–yes I did and not afraid to admit it 🙂

    I am about to go to Sams and stock up on some water because the hurricane is headed our way but I pray that it doesn't hit LA directly. Better to be prepared than not. If they evacuate New Orleans, people from there will be headed here and with bad weather the electric might go out, so we all have to be prepared JUST IN CASE.

    I hired me an assistant and its hard to believe that I've come this far that I would even need one. I want to pinch myself to make sure I'm not dreaming. I'm so used to doing it all that it'll be an adjustment delegating tasks, but I'm sure I'll get used to it soon enough.

    I'm working on my 40's CD with 40 of my favorite songs so that I can give copies to the guests that attend my birtday celebration in a few weeks.

  31. @mikki: yyyeaaahhh, atlanta is KILLING me..literally. A few months ago I had to call an ambulance because i had an asthma attack for over 2 hours and almost collapsed in the walgreens parking lot trying to go inside and buy some promitene mist (i HATE that stuff by the way, but I had used up all my inhalers and was out of refill prescriptions) it was awful!!!! my chest got so tight i was really too tired to even try to keep breathing, i thought "i could just pass out, they can probably resusitate me" but my daughter was with me, I thought it would be bad form to collapse and die right there in front of her…the things we'll do for our kids, lol.

  32. Goodmorning SBM Fam!

    1. My birthday is monday. WOO HOO!!! As I'm rounding off my 20s (I'll be 28) I find myself becoming a little more grounded and in tune to what I want. I told myself that my 20's would be my time to act up and by my 30's I would have learned from it all. I'm learning from it all now and each day I surprise myself at the woman I've become.

    2. I have a wonderful family that loves and supports me no matter what. It could be the result of being an only child but I've never questioned if I was loved for a moment. It feels so good to be in a position to give back to them.

    3. I have the most incredible man I could've ever hoped for. He's off work today (spending the day preparing for my bday festivities) and woke up early (6 am) just to give it to me so I could enjoy my last day at work as a 27 year old. LOL. Ok that's not why he's the most amazing man but as I was typing it I had a flashback. Focus. He's amazing because he loves me unconditionally. To see myself through his eyes strengthens me. Every a-hole I've dealt with was worth it because they prepared me for him. I'm looking forward to spending the rest of my life with him….

  33. Humble I am postive it wasn't me heck all the advances I have made I still can't even get the digest, I gave up so im just gonna go and make a mint facial, watch bscott and call it a day.

    Yay Shelia for making me the money girl! woooooo!!

    Daisy that is so sweet, I need a boo that i can say stuff like that about….. sigh, oh my bad *think happy thoughts* Happy birthday to yall!!

    and Bree you had me dying laughin about that promitene mist that shit is the worst!!!! Talk about killin yourself slowly lol. U know I always run out of inhalers, shit I been without one for a couple months, actually trying to learn to breath on my own lol. But errr uh thats not good, we need to have like a stock of them damn things in the back room or something, Docs are retarded tho, I asked for like 10 refills and they give me two!! I am like damn yall sould know by now I use my inhaler like I drink water!! wtf Now im mad having flash backs lol.


  34. jolie

    last night it was all obama supports..so mostly working class..and middle aged to older..some white folk in there too holding their signs….

    No cuties…are there ever?

    I had comraderie with a bunch of working women..it was cool…

  35. @Comeback: i don't have allergies, well i didn't until i moved here. my asthma was very manageable b4 i moved here, i used my inhaler probably 3 times/month, but moved here and it upped to about 3 times a day. Atlanta has very bad air quality and very high pollen counts (last spring the pollen count hovered around 5,000 and a count of 100 is considered high)…so its been pretty rough on me lately

    @Mikki: promitene mist is the worst thing ever invented and i swear it removes a layer of flesh from the roof of my mouth…the reason your dr gives you so few refills is cuz if u're using them so often then your asthma is not "manageable" and they want to get you on some preventive medicine (advair, simbicort) plus, they want you to come back in to see them so they can bill your insurance and collect a copay (haha). I got into an argument with one dr. office…"why exactly do i need to come in to see you to get the same prescription i've had for 15 years? i promise you, there is nothing new about my asthma…it's still the same asthma, so culd u please call the pharmacy and request the same dam.n medicine…thanks" LMAO…btw, I try to keep an inhaler at my desk, in my purse, by my bed, and in my car at ALL times…unfortunately…they are ALL empty right now…*sigh* let me call my dr. while i'm thinking about it.

  36. Awww thanks for the b-day wishes ya'll (a little of my TX coming out of me).

    Happy early b-day to Shelia too. Virgos are the ish!

  37. Bree you are freaking preaching to the choir! I have argued with Docs and I still get no resolve, girl this will be a 10 hour long convo so let me shut it down now before i have an attack typing about it lol.

  38. @mikki…hahaha!!! wait…no laughing, that triggers attacks as well 🙁 damn asthma!

    @ all the Virgos: happy birthday to you! happy bi-ir-thday!!!

  39. @ Bree…I hate to get all Deepak Chopra up and through today, but maybe there is some truth in what you wrote here: ", atlanta is KILLING me". If there something you don't like about the place, maybe its manifesting in your body.

  40. @Mikki…soooo, i just went to your blog…OMG GET OUTTA MY HEAD…i've been thinking all month and a lot this morning that i should start a blog to help my sistahs become financially savvy…look, if u ever need a ghost writer or someone to help out with the emails/advice…let me know. i can shoot u my resume and some writing samples if'n u like, lol

  41. Ok, so let me try this out:

    I'm grateful that I live a stone's throw from work and spend less that $100/mo on gas and can come home during fingerprinting sessions at the school board to satisfy my blog addiction.

    I'm thankful that this work day will be over at 2:30pm and then I can come back home and sleep for hours on end since my daughter will be at my mother's.

    I'm happy that my homie Jason is in town this weekend along with the rest of my friends, guaranteed to be good times had by all.

    I'm grateful that we haven't lost sight that there are wonderful black men and families on TV who get exposure and it doesn't just extend to the Obamas *just in case yall forgot*

    …man that last one could have gone completely different in my head, but i made it positive…lol.

    @ Mikki: one time for paying shat off!!! kudos girl!!!

    @ Jolie: I'm just going through a little "withdrawal"….it's been a long week, i'll be fine.

  42. @Teacia: um, those are my kudos…I'm the one paying shat off! LMAO BTW all…JUST got my confirmation number…one credit card bites the dust!! yippeeee

    @Mikki: i left a post on your blog…thanks for the additional work diversion.

    Ok guys, I need to get something out to a client today, gotta take a break from "multi-tasking" to earn my end of the year bonus and subsequent raise…yes, i BELIEVE in the power of earning potential. See u folks after lunch!

  43. Bree Thank you girl I will check it, I was out of commission for a second while i was writing a post on student loan debt. But thank you I welcome any and all extra help for writing, thats how you keep it fresh I sure can't think of everything. This is all new to me and everybody has been extremly helpful while i have been making the transition (shout out to comeback).

    Let me know when when you want to do a post, I am trying to make this thing bigger than Obama!! lol

    comeback I just thought of a post inspired by yours and bscott, making beauty products with stuff in your kitchen!! how is that? lol.


  44. @Bree way to go on the paying off a credit card. that is awesome

    @Humble you almost made me try to act like a phone sales person there talkin bout the unavailable calls comin in… it's my day off man

    and I am going to have to go with Teacia today and say there is no way i can be 100% positive so here goes my rants and i will throughin some raves too

    1. i have a four day weekend and i can't do anything but lay in bed b/c of my back. i cant hardly move

    2. My best friend from h.s. is finally free from the air force and is in town for two days which is awesome but see #1

    3. my mother is not 100% racist but she has some bad views on life. She refuses to try and see things from other peoples views. If you call her or anyone a redneck or hillbillie she gets totally on the defensive but if someone calls a black person a "porch m…." then she is all "maybe they were just joking" and it drives me crazy because it prevents us from having open conversations about a lot of things.

    4. i am the most blessed 24 year old in the world having parents that love me enough to let me live with them rent free while i pay off my debt

    5. as usual i was reminded last night that i have amazing friends who care deeply for me and will always be there for me. I think i am starting to get to the point where I am really okay with the idea that quality friends are better than a high quantity of friends

    6. i woke up this morning hoping my back would feel better so I could help my mom out around the house. i think i might be sick

    7. i hate one of my closest friend's girlfriend. i really hate her. they have been dating for 8 months and i cant stand her and she knows i cant stand her. so when i walk in the bar and i sit on the other end of the bar and make a point to avoid her and she insists on coming up to me at the end of my long day and asking me again why i dont like her and i cant give her a chance i want to punch her. b*tch i cant give you a chance b/c you lied, you are a drunk/drug-addict and you suck at life…

    8. i am going on vacation in 2 weeks and i am SO excited. i can't wait to lay on the beach and do nothing.

    9. my baby brother called me the other day and asked how to spell "night" he was filling out his availability schedule at work. he is 21 years old. i worry about him.

    10. this weekend is taste of madison and if i can walk i will get to see a lot of old friends. very excited.

    11. did i mention i am going on vacation in a few weeks? NC here i come.

    okay so i think that was more positive than negative… or i hope it was…

    have a great day ya'll

  45. Uhhhh no, I thought Mikki said she just paid off her student loan from 2003….but kudos to you to chic!!

    Hell let's all become debt free up in this piece.

    ….well back to work i go. *sighing*

  46. "comeback I just thought of a post inspired by yours and bscott, making beauty products with stuff in your kitchen!! how is that? lol."

    walking up to the mic accepting the beauty post challenge…***holding up a bottle of mayonnaise*** I'd like to thank you Mikki for this challenge. but you know i have that A.D.D. thing and it might be christmas by the time this post materializes but i will FOCUS and try and get it to you by thanksgiving. ***kisses***

    trips off stage

  47. "my baby brother called me the other day and asked how to spell “night” he was filling out his availability schedule at work. he is 21 years old. i worry about him."

    lmao…wooow, i couldn't leave w/o responding. pray for him girl, just pray for him.

  48. Aww dam.n I totally skipped over mikki paying off the student loan debt..that's a big f*ckin' deal…way to go girl!

  49. one more positive…

    if you go to google, and type in "sally shag" my blog comes up on the first page of search results all because one day i was watching bad t.v. while complaining about the jackhammer outside my bedroom window. i think that rocks.

  50. Comeback you are silly as hell I swear it, mayo? ok seriously I do wanna know whats in that mint facial, some reason i wanted to lick his face??

    He is so damn pretty and let me not start on his hair!

    A couple weeks ago he had eva from top model at his house, I love that girl she is so cool and down to earth, and that man of hers well im so jealous!!

  51. Mikki paid off a student loan debt? had to go back and re-read that. I should read all the comments at least 3 times before leaving mine so i make sure i dont miss anything.

    WAY TO GO MIKKI! ya'll are going to seriously inspire me to buckle down and take advantage of my situation and get sh*t paid off sooner than later

  52. @mikki: I grew up with Lance Gross and knew him when he was at Howard. I never thought he was cute in high school til I came to DC and everyone thought he was the sexual chocolate of the NE. Its funny he used to get made fun of for how dark he was… sad.. He is fine now .. and his best friend David Oliver.. also a HOWARD Alum just came back with the BRONZE Medal!


  53. comeback step into my office please, i just thought of a business opportunity that you may be able to assist me with….

    Remember those cool pictures you used to draw on cards, those black women??

    well Brad is making me a budget sheet link to put on my blog and I want your design to be on it (like click on the girl and it takes you to the cutesy buget sheet) Brad is really good at making graphics but he is a man and well…..

    thats all i have to say, I would pay for whatever designs you can give me

  54. Jolie I have a thing for chocolate men, I don't really know Lance (Read at all) they just seem to be so cute together, and he is always everywhere she is!! I'm like damn how she get him off the couch? lol

    can u hook me up with his friend ??

  55. @true2me: You went to Sidelines? I was about to go there but got tired at the last minute. My little brother was actually volunteering that night. Plus, I live in the condos right by the Blvd.

    Would have been funny if we had unknowingly bumped into each other. Lol … then I could have thrown the $8.

    Just kidding …

  56. So McCain picked

    1. a woman

    2. From Alaska

    3. Gov. for about 2 yrs but before that a city council member

    4. a former beauty pageant winner

    uhhhh WTF>? Have I been punk'd ?

    He's got to be kidding .. OH well OBAMA 08

  57. **Hello beautiful people 🙂

    **Just started my 8 wk rotation in pediatrics. Belle love's the kids but ummm I don't think this is for me. I need more action, blood and trauma. We'll see how this goes.

    **Parents are renewing vows at Martha's Vineyard this weekend. I'm not looking forward to some uptight folks but oh well I get to go the beach and Biscuits

    **My boyfriend's pelvis is healing quite nicely but we still have 2/3 mos to go until some "action" can occur…ahhhhh!!!

    **My new phrase (thanks to Jaclynn & Teacia) is "Obamafy yo'self fool" lol. PLEASE VOTE.

    **Michelle Obama is a natural and gets blowouts!!! I need her stylist.

  58. Good afternoon all!!!! I wrote my first comment about a week ago but here I am again today. I'm off today so I can join in the ranting positively:

    1. I am abundantly blessed. (Financially, mentally, friends, family)…. I'm don't want for nothing.. 🙂

    2. My great-grandmother celebrated her 94th Bday yesterday and I'm grateful she's still in her right mind. Oh, I'm lucky to still have both of my great-grandmother's.

    3. My vacation has officially started and I am in Atlanta visiting my big sis. She just bought her first house and I'm soooo proud of her.

    @Nicki, I am in Kentucky toooo and I can't wait to move. As soon as I can find another job I am sooo out of here!!!!!!

    4. I found out that I'm getting a bonus on my next job.

    5. I love the Obama's. Everytime that family is together on stage it brings tears to my eyes. It is just something about those lil girls possibly growing up in the White House that does something to me. I don't know if I look at them and I see myself and my sister in them. But whatever it is it gets me everytime.

    That's just some of the positive things that I can think of right now….

  59. I should have proofread before I hit submit but I meant to say

    I don't want for nothing… 🙂

    And I meant to say I'm getting a bonus on my next check..

    I guess since I'm not at work and on chill mode it shows in the typing…. LOL

  60. Hey y'all some friends of mine as well as myself are supporting Obama. For those of you in the DC area who were at Park last night you had a chance to purchase our t-shirts. Here is the link if you are not in the DC area: http://www.yp4obama.com
    There are also events that we are having across the country. The next one is in Atlanta and the rest of the city and dates are below. SORRY SBM! This is not spam just trying to get OBAMA support!

    The shirts are HOT!

    PLus HASANI hasnt posted a novel today .. so there is room for my first and last long as* post.

    Dear Obama Supporters:

    On Thursday, September 25th, 2008, the members of Young & Powerful for Obama cordially invite you to experience: “Young & Powerful: The Final Countdown,” a private fundraiser and networking function in support of Senator Barack Obama at the famous Geisha House in Atlantic Station (a restaurant owned by The Dolce Group).

    Co-hosted by The J3 Group, Inc., Young & Powerful for Obama (Atlanta), Young Lawyers for Obama (Atlanta), and Generation Obama (Atlanta), this event will feature the next generation of Atlanta’s up-and-coming “Movers & Shakers, ” all uniting in an effort to raise funds for Senator Obama’s historic 2008 bid for the White House.


    About Young & Powerful for Obama

    Young and Powerful for Obama (Y & P) is a group of young professionals that share one common theme — being great role models and community leaders. With a commitment to service and upward mobility, members represent a multitude of backgrounds, such as political organizing, fundraising, lobbying, education, public policy, architecture, journalism, law, entertainment, business, advertising, medicine, fashion, marketing, and the for-profit and non-profit sectors.

    Over the past year-and-a-half, Young & Powerful for Obama has raised over $50,000 in 7 cities for the Obama for America campaign. The grassroots organization of held its first kick-off event during the Congressional Black Caucus' Annual Leadership Conference on September 26th, 2007, in Washington, DC. On October 18th, 2007, political elites including Illinois State Senator (13th District) Kwame Raoul, and Illinois State Representative (33rd District) Marlow Colvin, came together and took Chicago by storm. Both events were a huge success and furthered the momentum for future benefits (dubbed “The Tri-Fecta” Series) in Atlanta (April 3rd, 2008), Philadelphia (April 22nd, 2008), and New York (April 24th, 2008).

    Learn More About Us Here: http://www.yp4obama.com

  61. Right…. The McCain Campaign is just trying to be slick and attempt to appeal to those women who wanted Hillary……

  62. Mikki u know u can't get outside emails at work…lol

    80's baby…yeah it's a spin off from "break yoself fool"

    It's cool Bree…everyone is doing big things financially. I know this isn't a huge deal but I now own my all of my furniture…no more finance charges and late fees…lol.

    And yes the chic is all the things mentioned above…I was home watching it like she's from Alaska…do they even follow the rules of our government.


  63. LMAO Teacia sometimes it decides to play nice, just depends on what day it is

    its like playin the lotto sometimes u win, and some time u say aww fuck i just dropped my rent money on them dollar easy picks, "your screwed"


  64. They definitely bet not mention the whole Obama is not experienced EVER AGAIN because who the heck is this chick anyway????? And what experience does she have to be VP????……. I guess they said bump credentials we just looking for a female…… LOL

    It's not working!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Everybody know we all need to BARACK the vote in 67 days!!!!!!!

  65. i think it was a very smart pick and McCain was not lying when he smiled and said congrats "but its on tomorrow" (paraphrased). She touches everything that represents change and innovation, its like McCain dipped his little net in the water for fish and he picked: (minority, youth, gender, the oil pipeline connection, women with children, inexperience (which is a plus because she represents anti-establishment), it really is all there. And she's attractive.

    interesting interesting…it wont be a boring fight.

  66. OMG….my dr office is trying to F*CK UP MY GOOD FRIDAY!!! They're starting on me with that "we can't give you a prescription because you haven't been in to see us" bullshyt again…DUDE…MY LUNGS STILL LOOK LIKE CRIPPLES, I STILL SOUND LIKE DARTH VADER WHEN I BREATH, AND I STILL CAN'T BLOW INTO THAT FREAKIN TUBE AND MAKE THE NEEDLE GO ALL THE WAY BACK…NOT SINCE I WAS THREE YEARS OLD!!! NOW GIMME SOME DAM.N ALBUTEROL SO I CAN BREATHE!! See, I need to find me a drug dealer and talk with him about diversifying his porftolio to include inhalers.

    @Belle: can you help a sista out…I'll give you the number to my pharmacy! LMAO…j/k once i got through the stupid staff, my doc took care of it.

    @Teacia: hahaha…I said the same thing about Alaska…"um, is it even really a state…in the U.S.? Do they still put it on maps" LMAO!!! Oh and congrats on paying off the furniture!!! That is an accomplishment, that's more cash flow to you and lil' miss Alex every month (oh and some money available to buy me a bangin' ass 30th bday gift next month 😉

  67. @Mikki: FYI, i build financial models for a living…sometimes I do various spreadsheets for my friends, let me know if you need some help putting together any…I also did one for that NACA program I posted about.

  68. Yeah the debate matchup with Biden is going to be no joke. he was actually my choice for President but I jumped on the Obama bandwagon when he pulled out of the race. I can admire anyone who curses on live television…and he's smart.

    This is going to be an interesting fight indeed…but weeee reeeeady…we reaaaady…weeee reeeeady for yaaaaaall!!!

    Thanks Bree…I actually sold the big and expensive ass set I had and bought something else cash price that suits my space and budget much better…and came out on top.

  69. I love to go to cnn and read the comments that people leave…. Initially, I just wanted to see what they were writing about Barack and of course they all had soooo many negative things to say about him not picking Hillary as his VP….. And now the comments are rolling in this morning and plenty of Republicans are voicing their concerns over McCain's VP choice……. This is really going to be interesting….

  70. @ Belle – How sweet. Celebrating love always is. This time you get to experience their wedding. Michelle O has some pretty hair. I didn't know she went natural either.

    @ 80s Baby – cherish the moments with your great grandparents.

    @The Comeback Girl – McCain is trying to appeal to those Hillary supporters. It's going to backfire on him though. I bet you Hillary's pissed. She's not going to let "that" woman be the first VP before her so she will be busting her butt to campaign for Obama now.

    And Oh Yeah Biden is going to eat her up and spit her out during the debate. When it comes to foreign policies, etc–He is the man.

  71. "@The Comeback Girl – McCain is trying to appeal to those Hillary supporters. It’s going to backfire on him though. I bet you Hillary’s pissed. She’s not going to let “that” woman be the first VP before her so she will be busting her butt to campaign for Obama now. "

    I don't think its just about Hillary-there are so many other women he could have chosen…he hit too many other balls out the park. But Obama's people are working over time because once they peel back the layers there won't be much meat on the bone.

  72. Bree your rants about thet Doctor is cracking me up, I can hear myself in your rants, thats such a hawt mess!

    we need to start a new movement.

    comeback I got it!!

    this is gonna be so freakin sweeeeeeeeet!

    Bree good look, can you do one on retirement investments? I need something to show 401k's or mutual funds making 10-12%

    Right now my retirement account is NOT working for me at all, and i want to save what little money is in there now, then figure out how to make all my investments have a high rate of return.

    you know what im talkin bout?

  73. hardy har har har…@ SBM

    Anyways..I was already too tipsy to take another drank from a dude ..and anyways…you dont know what i look like…Do you? ..and also..broke as I am..i would have gladly taken the 8 dollas

  74. ok my baracka-wear and other t's are on its way. Im in a tshirt buying state of mind…SBM where is your merchandise…Im sure you got "how to be a smart @zz" picture book somewhere in the back of your mind.

  75. yes my dear friend Bree is our expert financial advisor…she's SUPPOSED to be starting a consulting business…what's up with that chic?!?!? gurl your too talented to let it all go to waste.

    …well I'm headed to the house to sleep the rest of the day away…ahhhhh.

  76. @Teacia: haven't you been seeing me post about "working on this woman's business plan"? My business is slightly up and running, I'm working on one plan for free (that I just finished last night) and starting Sept 1, I'll be scouting for paying clients. I just had my boy DJ design me a funky fresh logo.

    That said…anybody looking to start a business and in need of a business plan or if you need to have the one reviewed, or help with the financials…let a sista know. i'll be back with the website in a few weeks.

  77. You know Mikki…I'm starting to notice the guys take a lot of days off here. LOL..it's like we're always here alone…just like a black man to be trifling.

    Just kidding guys, we know you're hard @ work and we miss you!

  78. NOO…this one is more funny…and also Eyes and Ears. Shat…just listen to the whole album

    And Comeback, come on…it's a good song w. bilal..well the first half

  79. @ Nicki: Ummmmm, I'm in Frankfort…. I know I know… I'm even worse off than being in Louisville…… As soon as the weekend come I'm headed somewhere…. I can't do Ky on the weekends AT ALL!!!!!!! So like I said as soon I can get that job I'm GONE!!!!!!!

  80. I've been welcoming the freshmento my school and ihave had an epiphany that i want to teach in college so thats ms.Professor to you! lol

    this will be one of the most prolific elections in history. soo excited my mom will be working the inauguration, the last debate will be at my school, its gonna be a great election time.

    I'm loving life.

    This celibacy thing is going better.

    I think i'm on an acclerated track for my degree, yayyy mee!!

  81. @Jacylnn: there’s so much stuff… I got overwhelmed and every time I end up starting, I quit!!! I am lacking perserverance.

    @80’s Baby: Are you in Louisville??? It’s so ho-hum…. BORING!!!! I am on the same track you are.

  82. Ok guys so I just got home from Detroit (long drive) but I made it to the international jazz fest opening day and it was sooo nice, I got really close to the front and I was able to see really good, got some good video. So i saw diane reeves, lalah hathaway and rashaan patterson and they all were great, Took pics with Lalah and Rashaan too!! of course i looked start struck but its all good, this was the highlight of my summer, and best of all it was free! way to end a friday, I am all smiles!!!

  83. Ok guys… I'm up EARLY wandering around and there is the commentary on youtube by a black man, and he's basically angry because sistas choose to date outside their race. You've got to see it. It's hilarious. I had no clue! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ufqnvvcaHIk

    I have a rant. Moving day was yesterday, or it was supposed to be. When I reserved my movers on Wednesday, the appointment was for them to come at 3:30 pm. She told me not to panic if they are not here at exactly 3:30 because there were two other moves behind me. My mother and grandmother were over at my apartment helping pack, and they kept asking me where they were (mind you, it's now 5-ish)….. Long story short, I call my brothers and dad (5 cars deep!) and we load up our own cars. Mind you, when the movers come, I'm paying them hourly and I don't want them slow poking around like they are obviously doing on the other two before me.

    At 6:30. I call the moving place: this is how the conversation goes:

    Me: I'm calling to check the status of my movers.

    Them: Let me call and see where they are at and I'm going to call you right back. (I guess they had caller ID)

    About 5 minutes Later:

    Manager: Hey honnie, my movers have been moving someone into a retirement facility and the elevator is stuck so they've been moving things up 4 flights of stairs. What is your schedule looking like? Are you flexible?

    Me: Ok…..(anticipating some MESS). I'm pretty flexible today, as long as they will move today.

    Manager: It's just that they've been moving since 7 this morning and I don't want a mutiny (gives me a sista girl, you know what I'm saying laugh)

    Me: (I'm not laughing). Alright

    Manager: What are you looking like tomorrow?

    Me: Um, it'll have to be first thing in the morning. And I expect some kind of discount….. When I made plans to move I made plans for TODAY!!!!!

    Manager: We'll see what you can do… do you have a lot of stuff.

    Me: Not anymore… I have asked my people to help me because I had no idea your movers would be this late.

    Manager: Ok baby. we'll see what we can do for you.

    Me: (confirming) Tomorrow morning at 8:00 AM and a DISCOUNT!!!!

    Here's my issue, my phone call was at 6:30 pm yesterday. Why didn't they have the decency to call me before I even had a chance to call them? Why did I have to ask for a discount, shouldn't you offer it. Mind you, I have my old apartment until September 2nd, but she didn't know that… what if I needed to be out yesterday?

    I hate to say this but this is part of the reason why I'm always going to white establishments… not to say that they don't screw you too, but I feel like some of my people should take business classes….. I'd love to support my black community and business owners but why do I feel like there's a lacking of professionalism?

    I'm sorry to right a book guys…. just venting, while I'm sitting here with NO TV… Yeah, cause I moved the digital box and dvr yesterday…. I slept on the couch because the bed is all turned up. ARRRRGGGGGHHHH (shaking fist!)

  84. holy shit… forget about michelleobama. that god damn sara Palin is swelteringy hawt

    I thought I was a perv at first when I thought so, but I checked her background and shes a beauty queen so I guess its ok to think shes hot.. because she was vted to be so.

    Im so happy they picked a good looking as hell white female to run on the republican party….

    cuz no way in hell are all the old white man ging to vote for a cute chick. I heard a white guy saying today "well at least obama is half white" oh man we are sooo gonna win this election!!

  85. Okay… it's 8:58…. still no movers… they should have been here at 8. OHMYGAWD, I'm having a fit on the inside.

  86. Aww Nicki thats so bs I totally feel you girlfriend! thats a hawt mess I feel a free move come on, and a elborate story about how they just cost you like 500 for not being on time lol what say you?

    comeback yes Lalah Hathaway! I have pictures of us together!!!

    I am like wooooooooooooooow

    she was soooo nice and so laid back coo

  87. Nicki good luck with those movers… dont get frustrated like i did though an try an move your dresser down 4 flights of stairs yourself when none of your movers show up – cause then you will end up spending labor day on your stomach with back pain… ;o)

    and if they dont show up soon i would refuse to pay at all.

  88. @Mikki: Thanks girl….

    @QB; My back was killing me. those jerks finally came at 9:30 this morning. Can we say she only took $28 off my bill, she charged my credit card!!!!

    Not to worry, I have filed a complaint to the Better Business Bureau and there's also something here in Louisville that they wanted me to go on and recommend them… Can we say not???? After they see these two reviews, I need them to give me back my money THEN some. I am a letter writer and a complainer… I won't curse no one out cause that's what they expect us to do, I'm gonna get them in their business, knowhatImean????

  89. Nikki can't you call your credit card company and tell them to decline the charge? say you are disputing it with the company trying to charge you?

    Jaclynn stay safe sweetie

  90. @QB-Thanks. I'm home in Birmingham, but I have to say this stuff is kinda heavy…I just don't think I can go through it again…plus I'm trying to deal w/ ex-bf…whom I'm starting to think is out and out doing and saying stuff to hurt me…*sigh*

  91. @Miikki and QB: I paid $250 freaking dollars. I didn't even think of calling the credit card company. I didn't know I could do that. Thanks!!!!

  92. lol..I'm journeying into the past to congratulate you. The site seems to have become a pretty big deal, and hey, I'm going through years' worth of posts so that's saying something. Kudos for working through the madness. I learned to stop reading through most of the comments fairly early on; I don't blame you for feeling drained by some of them.

    My rants:

    – The hell am I up so "early" for? I didn't get home til about 3:30, and here I am not taking advantage of my day off to stay dead to the world for at least 8 hrs in a row. Sigh..maybe Monday.

    – Somebody needs to give me a cookie for making it my mission to go through 2 years' worth of posts. Or tell me to get a life. Either will do. Sadly, no one cares. Le sigh encore.

    Oh wait…this was supposed to be a positive one. Ma bad!

    – The change of plans for the future actually has me kinda psyched. It'll take longer to get my Masters if I go down this route, but at least I'll have many more options with HR than Organizational Psychology. And I won't even need an MA, but I'll eventually get it anyway. What would be the bomb diggity is if I could get into the gov't anytime within the next 3 years. CSIS, holla at me!

    – I'm really telling these people peace out no later than next August. Bump this crap about "growing with us". On a positive note, that'll make me all tingly an happy inside, because phase 2 of my life will be initiated shortly thereafter.

    – Ok, I need to either get back to reading or actually get up and clean this room & the rest of the house.

  93. In a bad economy, any vocation is good enough. One of many careers available is in dentistry. In dental offices, you will generally find dental assistants, dental hygienists, and dentists. Dental assistants’ approximate salary is $17 an hour. They don’t earn as much as dental hygienists or dentists, but they are in a meaningful career. Further career statistics can be researched on the internet. Visit this website: dental assistant pay


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