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Happy Labor Day


Your not working … and neither am I.  Instead of something insightful … here is a little ignorance for your enjoyment.



  1. You know the best part about you posting this vid, is that I was JUST yesterday eating lunch with a friend of mine, and I was asking her if she remembered the coontastic-ness that is BET uncut and this video in particular was the one I was trying to recall, as the uncut king until Nelly's "Tip Drill" ended up on the scene.

    I still have YET to approach a girl and ask her "what that thang smell like". Maybe because in general I like to notice the odor from that "thang" as little as possible!!! Vinegar and Water anyone? Now to go find out the dude singing the song, it was like fat Jesus or something like that right?

  2. OMG I just realized that was some ish made in Nap Town that I believe the club got shut down for awhile over. I used to go to that spot WAY back in the day (before they started filming videos and killing people in the parking lot). Aye dios mio. I must go shower now.

    My people…..dammit.

  3. This n**ga shot this video with his camera phone. BET Uncut was rap city for your local wack rapper. I am glad BET took this off. Although I do miss the girls in the videos on there. Its funny how the girls in Uncut differ from the girls on the mainstream videos. Shout-out to the girl dancing on the bar on the left in the beginning of the video. lol

    @SBM – remember ludacris P-poppin and big delph VIP?

  4. im just really all around mad at this nasty ghetto butt trollopness that they call a song. But esp at the first few minutes of the video. I understand that this may be a stripper song and whatnot. But why are the fully clothed women jammin to this around the end of this "song".

    WTF all around for everybody..including you SBM. 🙁

  5. dont hate because Sara Palin is hawt. Its how the republicans are planning on stealing all the black male votes. we are all haters and dont wanna vote for obama and that damn smile of his… we wanna vote for black mans cryptonite.


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