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I’ve talked about looking valuing a person’s Fundamental Character Flaws months ago.  It’s really important for anyone to be able to determine whether or not the “problems” of your potential lover and mate are just small surface defects or deep and unchanging flaws embedded in their core.

Ever taken the time to really get to know someone?  Learn everything there is to know about them … peel back all the complex layers of their inner being to expose their pure and simple core … only to find ugly evil black goo.

Yeah … black goo.

I’m talking about the stuff in spider-man that made up Venom.  I’m talking about the type of stuff that leaked out of the eyes of the victims of that girl from Heroes.  I’m talking about some f*cked up sh*t.

It’s always a shame … but you usually have no way of knowing.  They put on such a good front … their “representative” is great.  They seem nice, they seem logical, they seem great … but that inner evil black goo is sitting there …waiting to come out.

I have been lucky to have only met a few people who had that inner black goo … but enough so that I can describe a few types of “black goo individuals” (BGIs).

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The Insult Sniper

This person will cut you down and undermine you in the most obscure and secretive ways.  She will let you know that your stupid … but won’t call you stupid (e.g. “sometimes I wish you were smarter”).  She will make you feel like less of a man instead of supporting you (e.g. “my little brother can open that jar with no problem.  Maybe you should hit the gym”).  One of those b*tches on the sneak. This person is a BGI.

The Public Spectacle

They love to embarrass you in public.  Cursing you out in front of people, putting her finger in your face, questioning your manhood … all that good stuff.  Men do this too (like “woman, shut your mouth and get me a beer”) … but is more publicly shunned.  These people get joy out of publicly embarrassing you … they’re no good … f*cking BGIs.

The Liar

Something about lying to you just gets them wet.  They don’t ever tell the truth and they feel no remorse about constantly lying to you.  The lies can be big (“your the father”) or they can be small (“he’s just a friend”) … but your not getting the truth.  Dirty arse BGI.

Pure Evil

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This person is filled to the brim with that evil black goo.  She pushes over little kids, kills chickens, stabbed a few people, and voted for GW Bush (*shivers*).  She lies, manipulates, does whatever she wants to get whatever she wants.  She’ll tell you she’s pregnant to get that Ruth Chris’ dinner.  She spits in your food because you didn’t buy her diamonds.  She sleeps with your brother just to prove a point.  Antichrist isn’t a word to be thrown around often … but you have found her.  Again, men can be this too … but I don’t date guys … so … eh.  Truly beware of this BWI … she has so much Black Goo you may be infected and find yourself pushing over strollers within a little bit of time.

So … fear that black evilness … watch out for it.  Its deadly.


  1. Thankfully I don't know these women… try to keep around women who exude positivity and inner beauty… that black goo can drown everyone around it. I have no problem with cutting off a declared "friend" if any of these characteristics become apparant…. I think I'm a pretty good judge of character…..

    SBM: I think you should add "drama" queen to the list….. women who love to keep up a fuss… everything is an EXCESS and DRAMA-filled…. from her flat tire to her alarm not going off….. always something. Now I know this girl… LOL…. She got kicked to the curb quick!

  2. I've have personally dealt The Public Spectacle. I would say something to her not trying to offensive or anything and this mofo would get loud. The first few times it threw me off because I am a laid back person. I then just patronized her behavior. When she would get loud in public I would say things like "OOOh you're a tough big girl now", "I woman you man you no boss me" or I would thank her for showing these people that she doesn't know that she aint taking no short over little insignificant sh**t.

  3. if beauty is skin deep…then ugly is to the bone.

    …well I don't feel much like blogging today folks, i's so tired. gotta work and somehow fit in reading today's chapter and doing the summary review for class and coming home during lunch to cook dinner…yeah gots a lot to do today…i's just checking in since i know how folk like to speculate.

    later yall.

  4. @Nicki Sunshine

    "I hope you kicked that one to the curb quick… can we say VERBAL abuse?????"

    Unfortunately I was in love with her. After I patronized her behavior for a while she stopped doing it. I guess she realized how stupid it was.

  5. @Humble: It's good to hear that she came to her senses…. It would've been some old "you told Harpo to beat me" Stuff. LOL. I'm just kiddin.g

  6. @SBM – Can we add a few more BGI's

    The woman that can't get along with other women.

    The woman with princess syndrome – (actually this could be a blog topic)

    The woman that's always the victim

  7. @ humble:

    "I then just patronized her behavior. When she would get loud in public I would say things like “OOOh you’re a tough big girl now”, “I woman you man you no boss me” or I would thank her for showing these people that she doesn’t know that she aint taking no short over little insignificant sh**t."

    This is what people do to the insane…If I was a guy I would walk away. I don't understand the concept of "the show". But don't you think some men get off on this. I mean they publically despise it but for this person to be your girlfriend, also says you may somehow somewhere cosign the behavior too.

  8. @humble – women who can't get along with other women somehow never think its their fault and that most women are "jealous" of them. they never notice that they usually have some kind of character flaw that keep women from wanting to stick around them…they're shady, they use people, they will sleep with the man you want, I could go on and on as I have tried to bestow my friendship on a few of them. But as I take friendship VERY seriously and consider myself a good one, I don't intend to waste time trying to share it with people who don't deserve it and have kicked more than a few of them to the curb…there are quite a few still hanging around and more being picked up here and there…and then there's my Core Crew, my two best friends that I've had since I was 5 years old (LOVE THOSE WOMEN). I wish women got along more, we have a lot to learn from and give to one another.

    can any of the ladies start a list of BGI aimed at the men? I'm feeling a little like our sex is being attacked on this blog, lol. or maybe it's just the libra in me needing balance.

    btw, am i the only one who is concerned about why everyone (including me) is so tired on a day after we supposedly had a long weekend for resting? i had a hard time keeping my eyes open in the car on the way to work…it's going to be a loooong day.

  9. I agree Bree re: women against women…however I would expand the notion. Women who can't get along with women have issues with ALL interpersonal relationships it doesn;t stop at another woman. It touches how they are able to work with people on their job, at the grocery store, their neighbors etc. I find these people have CONSTANT beef with family : mama, uncle, cousin, dog etc.

    I've written about this before relationships are relationships. When I date men, I pay very careful attention how they interact and treat people in EVERY circle. I even judge men on how they drive cause if they consistantly cut people off, refuse to signal, etc etc…they probably wont have much consideration for me either.

  10. @Breeliciious: AMEN!

    For men:

    1. The angry black man: the man that has mommy and transposes his negative energy regarding her onto ALL SISTAS…. we are not responsible for your lack of hugs!!!! LOL

    2. The M.O.B man: the man that feels like forming a valuable relationship takes a back burner to "gettin money."

    That's all I got immediately….. I've got more for ya.

  11. in addition…i would also agree that sometimes it is rather unbalanced. I come from the school of personal responsibility. And sometimes when you attract and pursue relationships with "questionable people" it doesn't say alot about the person engaging in the relationship. just my opinion.

  12. @Comeback: I agree TEN FOLD…. when you stay trying to make something work with a dud, how can you expect gold from it?

  13. 3. The Perpetual Hater: some dudes hate on EVERYBODY. I mean, why you hating on the dude at your job that got a promotion I thought he was your boy, why you hatin' on the guys who won your silly bball game @ the park…dude you haven't played in years and you don't work out! why you hatin' on Barack if you don't agree with his policies fine but don't call the man an uppity negro! r u seriously hatin' on the dude at the door in front of the club cuz he won't let u in with sneakers? the flier said "hard bottom shoes" man. DANG!!! Stop the evil hating

    @Comeback: I concur.

  14. I got a few for the men

    1. The cater to me guy – This guy thinks your his personal atm machine, and thinks everybody on earth should do for him because he had a hard life when he was growing up. So anybody that he comes in contact with better have something to give him or do for him.

    2. Emotionally challenged baby – He is always whining about how he can't open up, or he is getting spiritually wrecked by something or someone one. He is just a big ass baby and always wants some one to hug him, because he had a bad day.

    comeback where are your pictures!! The fashion challenge is finished guys i just posted my pictures


  15. black men hate obama cuz he's raised the bar and now single black women are going to be looking for men to Obamafy themselves…plus, he stood up and called their a$$es out and told them to start being men and taking care of their responsibilities. Because he has the same excuses a lot of these black men have 1. raised by a single mother and 2. had a poor upbringing but still managed to be a good husband to his wife, a father to his children, a public servant, highly educated…and soon…The President.

    Ever dated a man that was jealous of you? Not pretty…not pretty at all. To all the haters of the world: Hating causes cancer. Join the fight to find a cure.

  16. Wow. I might know one or two women in the above categories. I run away from them but one of them ended up at my family picnic. I hid in the bushes.

    @Humble-Simply wow, don't let that happen again. I think (from what I see on here) you are much too sweet of a guy to have someone treat you like that. Sadly, though, sometimes when you love someone you let them run all over you because you have your love blinders on.

    @Mikki-I can't wait to see the pics! I should have done the damned challenge cause I ended up doing the challenge any damned way!

    Can we add the guy who acts as though he's the toughest thing ever and will kick your ass should you not act exact as he says? I think he's the worst because he is a hater and he thinks you are his personal ATM machine. And from my own personal knowledge he has lived the hardest life ever. THEN you meet his family and realize that he's quite possibly the most pampered thing in the state.

  17. Happy Tuesday all!!!

    the man who just has to deal with 15 different women, im talkin bout the evil man who makes you think u belong to just him..and that he couldn't answer the phone right away cause it was on vibrate, dont get it twisted…you talk to him daily and may even see him daily..but you find out not only has he been cheating on you..but he is sleeping with like 5 women (true story ..)

    This man convinces you he is sooooooo in love with you…meanwhile..he tellin someone else the same thing..his ego is driven soley by how many women he can bed down and get to believe in him

    Oooh..I hate him…then has the nerve to stalk you when you dont want to talk to him any more

    wtf ?!?!?!?!

  18. I got one for yall, my best friend created an account for her ex boyfriend on facebook and titled his name "i'm a liar and a cheater"

    someone please tell me why all his old friends from highschool been e-mailing him like hey what up doe!!

    only 2 people out of everyone has noticed his screen name and questioned it, and one girl has even tried to holla? is that telling or what?? or is everybody just stupid.

  19. @trust2me: WOW…. I can attest to that one too….

    How about the man that "calls everyone baby: Dude, who the hell are you talking to???? That is not your sister…. that is not your dude…. I'm not that stupid.

    @Mikki: This is hilarious! LOL.

  20. " when you stay trying to make something work with a dud, how can you expect gold from it?"

    @ Nicki…I meant to reply to this. I think part of it is a self-esteem issue. Cause I think if thats all you think you deserve…you gonna try and make it work until you can't.

  21. The Professional Liar is so good, he can fool you and anyone that comes in his path whether it's a personal relationship or business related. His game is so tight he'll have you doubting the sky is blue because in his words, the sky is green. The Professional Liar is like a wolf in sheep's clothing.

  22. lol comeback yea I am ok, the receptionist at the front desk tried to kill me. I had to threaten to pass out on the floor before I could be seen. She was on the phone chatting it up with someone about payroll !! I am like lady did you not hear me say I can't breath!!

    she was like well mam is a lot of sick people, mind you i didn't see anybody with blood gooshing out anywhere, I was so mad and you know when people make you mad while your having an attack it just elevate itself. I wanted to slap that lady so hard. Once they came n got me they took good care of me and walah here I am today!!

  23. @Comeback: I agree… it frustrates me to no end…. Putting your needs aside for someone else to feel good.

    The TRAIN UP A WIFE MAN: I had a man who wanted to change EVERYTHING about me…. He said I shouldn't show emotions….And blah blah blah… But not really using those words… he was a slick talker… Oh, and let's not talk about the guy who always wanted me to wear a twist set (when I had long hair) because he had an obsession with mixed people. LOL.

  24. this one is for the guys

    what about the woman who pretends to be something she isn't until she really gets you to love her..then she does a 180..

    she stops having sex

    she complains about how much rap music u listen to

    she starts nagging you about marriage

    she was so cool at first…6 months later and after you in love with the coochie..she has become a nightmare

  25. i'd like to add

    the complainer – a woman with the constant victim mindset. every bad thing happens to her, and her only recourse is to complain and whine…but take no action to improve the situation. Finds fault in everything, and everything is someone elses fault. Constant sullen look on her face. You could snatch stars out of the sky and she'd complain cause they were white dwarfs, not red giants.

    80 percent of the women in detroit lol.

    damn that was serious.

  26. mikki

    i feel you

    I had a dude i met when I was "thicker" (Truth of the matter was…I was an unhealthy weight for my frame)

    2 years later im at a healthy weight and wearing my hair natural

    He always talked about me gaining the weight back..no matter how many times I told him that it was unhealthy..


    he wanted me to go get my hair straightened..


    so shallow..and so ignorant

  27. I have seen BGI's for a long time in women. But I have experienced it with men also. When I see a man act in this man I call him a b*tch made dude or a girlie man. Grown and mature men and women don't act like this. A person who acts likes this has HUGE insecurity issues, and is starving for attention.

    I agree SBM, when you see this characteristic in someone the best thing to do is leave them alone. But if you like Humble_One and in love with the person then its kind of hard to walk away.

  28. @why so serious?: i can't stand people like that IN GENERAL men, women, AND babies! LMAO.

    @Mikki: oh hell naw @ the receptionist "there are plenty of sick people here" can that be considered good customer service…B*TCH U WORK AT A HOSPITAL…the core competency of your establishment is CARING…CAN U PRETEND TO GIVE A DAMN AT LEAST! UGH!!! I'm glad you're better.

  29. @whyso?-LOL! Are they asking for the Milky Way too?

    @true-ridiculous! I dated someone who was like I love you as you are but then would be like could you go to the gym

  30. @Jaclynn: someone was bold enough to ask you to go to the gym??? WOW! That's bolder than my, "if you love me, you'll do this threesome guy." LOL. I won't get back into that… we've discussed him on NUMEROUS occassions already.

  31. jaclynn

    the loser dude with the 5 women he was sleeping with

    i found out cause he tried to "trick" us into a threesome…..


    Niether one of us knew about the other one.

    He told me he had a female friend who wanted to hang with us and vice versa

    got us drunk

    I fell asleep, woke up to some noises and…well….Thankfully im not locked up

  32. @Mikki…it's called "huffing" and wow…I actually saw someone doing it in Winn Dixie one day, the police chased him out.

    @Jaclyn….errrr…um….wow. How about we add the "Bold A$$ [email protected]@a" to the list for you: the dude that thinks his d*ck is so good or that he has so much swagger that he can disrespect the hell out of us and still get us to do whatever he wants. Had this homeboy who was trying to f*ck me AND my roommate behind each other's backs. Well at least he thought it was behind our backs…dude we've been friends since the 9th grade, try that on some hoes that just met! LMAO. Let me just say, that shyt was VERY entertaining.

  33. @Nicki-Yep…it's sad. Thankfully none of the men here aren't like that.

    @Bree-Foolishness and fuckery. I just went on and told his Mama everything. I ain't going to jail but I will fuck up your reputation.

    @Teacia-What's up girl?

  34. Hey Teacia, just when I get a chance to start getting caught up on the blog you are busy now…*sighing*

    Well I start classes today also. I am taking a Jazz dance class and I have to go walk around the city and find some damn ballet shoes. Where the hell would I find those? Would Target have them?

  35. @Breelicious: I'm amazed that someone actually tried to huff in the store… I saw this thing awhile back on HBO about these kids in Mexico who huffed… and while it wasn't supposed to be funny……. you know. I was just WOWed at little kids acting high.

    @Jaclyunn: Thank GAWD. Mine was an out of towner too. Eck.

  36. @Comeback

    "also says you may somehow somewhere cosign the behavior too."

    Never approved of the behavior but I loved her and she had other positive qualities that made me not leave her for this. Its not like she did it often but she did do it. I am a very patient person but after that experience with her any red flag I get from a woman I'm calling an audible on the play.

  37. @Breelicious

    "the dude that thinks his d*ck is so good or that he has so much swagger that he can disrespect the hell out of us and still get us to do whatever he wants."

    I've known and know dudes like this and they do it because they can. If they never got away with it before they wouldn't do it. The funny thing is that a dude that would respect her and not pull this type of nonsense won't get a chance from her. I am still confused on how women put up with absolute bulls**t.

  38. Ok, I think I'm caught up.

    ..imho there's nothing wrong with asking someone to go to the gym if they're at an unhealthy weight, if they're doing it for vain reasons then you could take offense…it probably still wouldn't stop me from asking though…lol, but i'm vain and proud of it.

    Ms D…i don't know where you're at but I found a few dance supply shops in the Chi.

    Here is one that I think is downtown and their shoes are only like 20 bucks:

    Motion Unlimited Dancewear – http://www.motionunlimiteddancewear.com
    218 South Wabash Avenue, Chicago – (312) 922-3330

    ….but Target has ballet flat, not ballet shoes…sorry chic, hope this helps.

  39. After thinking about it … I definitly left out a couple of key profiles. Maybe I'll have to revisit next week or something.

    The princess (aka super selfish all about me) type is definitely a key one. Also, the drama queen. How could I forget her?!

  40. @ nicki and jaclyn

    im glad that someone caught the star reference…had to switch to nerd mode for a second – doing some computerizing. i forgot to switch it off lol

    I got a question though. Say that you want your girl to lose a bit of weight. How do you tell her? I know it's a touchy subject…and requires a lot more tact than usual

  41. @ Teacia: Thanks girl!!! That store is only a few blocks away. So it works perfect!

    @ Humble: You are definitely a patient man. Would you still deal with a woman like that now?

    @ SBM: Yeah the drama queen should have been first on your list.

  42. @whyso-I would say just tell her you feel she's beautiful as she is but you think it would do her health some good. Don't be all negative, because I know I would appreciate someone telling me hey your health is suffering

  43. "I got a question though. Say that you want your girl to lose a bit of weight. How do you tell her? I know it’s a touchy subject…and requires a lot more tact than usual"

    personally Im going to ALWAYs take offense with the some exception. If I met my man at a more athletic weight and then gained a some love pounds, then yeah you can suggest I have a bran muffin instead of the peach cobbler. But if you met and pursued me "curvy" then you betna suggest nothin. for real.

  44. the subtle golddiggers are my fave to hate

    they dont downright ask a man to pay her bills first..but

    they EXPECT you to…BEFORE you even get the nookie…their mentality has been screwed up by other women whose mentality have been screwed up

    they think the only reason you should be nice to a man is because he is paying your bills..other wise..they hold off on sex and more

    True story, in high school a girl had relations, we all went to the mall, the girl had no money..the other girls made fun of her stating "You gave him some cookie and you aint get no money"



    and they L OVE To brag that a man is paying something of theirs..and they aren't screwing him..making themselves out to be a player and somehow better than the women who are "screwing for free"

    they are at best, low level prostitutes

    oh..and liars…cause everyone knows they are indeed screwing ..lol..giving head or something..but they want you to THINK they aren't doin anything but being themselves and a man gives them what they want

    Those men are SIMPS by the way…Im goin to teach my sons to not pay a woman's rent unless they are married..eff outta here…dont pay her car note unless she is your wife….

    I dont believe in that man paying my bills mess..only my hubby is allowed to do that…I just dont feel right

    dont mind my man throwing me help here and there..but nah…

    That is nothing short of prostitution…

  45. @Why so serious: First off, why do want her to lose weight? Is for her health or more so because of how she is starting to look to you? That will determine how to talk to her about it. People have to want to look good and be healthy for themselves. I have a hard time asking someone to get in the gym. Why would they do it for me and not do it for themselves.

  46. @True-I think that's right unless you see she's falling on hard times. If you see your woman really struggling then I think you should step up and that's not simpish.

    Now I can see a man paying bills but I think a woman should at least bring her money home.

    I mean I found out over the weekend that my cousin's wife quit her 100k + job and came home and said oh by the way I quit…I'd've put her out.


  47. @why so serious

    "the complainer – a woman with the constant victim mindset. every bad thing happens to her, and her only recourse is to complain and whine…but take no action to improve the situation. Finds fault in everything, and everything is someone elses fault. Constant sullen look on her face. You could snatch stars out of the sky and she’d complain cause they were white dwarfs, not red giants.

    80 percent of the women in detroit lol."

    So I am not the only man that runs into these type of women in Detroit. The Complainer also never heard of responsibility. I believe that there is a genetic block that keeps them from understanding or assuming it.

  48. "The Complainer also never heard of responsibility. I believe that there is a genetic block that keeps them from understanding or assuming it."

    Im sorry there is a bit of irony even in the suggestion. To notice someone is being a complainer is doing what ???????????????????????????? complaining and not taking responsibilty to surround themselves with more positive people.

  49. @Ms. Devereaux

    "Would you still deal with a woman like that now?"

    HELL NO! Never ever ever again. I broke a lot of my rules for her and won't do it again.

  50. @Comeback

    "To notice someone is being a complainer is doing what ???????????????????????????? complaining and not taking responsibilty to surround themselves with more positive people."

    So at what point do you stop dealing with that person? First, second, third complaint? What if it is the one same complaint? Do you just not associate with someone as soon as you here them complain? How do you usually deal with this?

  51. @Humble: Glad to hear! I hear the Detroit dating pool is pretty bad.

    Ha! I have my "the complainer" moments. My ex use to get in my ass bad about that. Obviously I am no longer like that.

    The other thing is that most of these qualities we are talking about most men and women know when they are doing it. I think people do what you allow them to do. So, yes they will test you with all this ish and see your response. If you check their ass they will either govern themselves accordingly or roll on to someone else who will put up with that ish.

    So I guess you really can't get upset at a person for acting like this if you allow them to do it.

  52. @True; what if he is staying there more than 50% of the time??? I have no problem cooking but DUDE, you need to be putting in on groceries or wine or something. You can't just be coming over here eating all my food up!!!!!!

    @Jaclynn: I am obsessed with Bridezillas… there was a woman on there who did just that. She was planning a wedding and decided it was too stressful and up and quit her job without tellin the groom… he's the fool for marrying her.

  53. jaclynn of course if she falling on hard times…but of cours im talkin bout the woman who just wants a man to pay her bills..or acts like she fallin on hard times so her bills can get paid

  54. I have had my complainer moments too. I am having a lot of them lately. Someone should make me stop.

    @Nicki-I'd've killed her. Then took the ring back.

    Now, now the love blinders will make you do anything.

  55. @Jaclynn: You ain't said nothing but a word. He was an older guy and she was a young bride and he was talknig about how his friends were jealous so I think that fool was looking for a trophy anyway.

  56. I need my CELIBACY CLUB members to pray for my strength. LOL. I'm going to see my ex at the end of the month.. the one that broke the virginity. I haven't seen him in almost 10 years…. My mental wants to show him the "tricks" I've picked up…. but I DON"T NEED TO!!!!! It's long distance. AHHHHH~

  57. @Ms. Devereaux & Jaclynn – We all go through complaining moments. Some people express it some people dont. To not complain means that everything is perfect. The problem is when you keep feeling sorry for yourself or dont address the issue that you keep complaining about.

  58. As fas as the post goes I would LIKE to believe that I'm none of those things listed in the original post…but I'm sure I have my drama queen moments as well as the complainer ones.

    …I don't know, it's a little unrealistic for anyone to be completely void of any of the traits listed in the comments section. The ones SBM outlined above are just tragic and unnecessary for anyy reason and can and should not be condoned under any circumstances…but the other things mentioned by my beloved family is lightweight stuff. We all have our things ya know.

  59. nicki

    if a dude spending 50% of the time there on your invite, then he is your guest…if you dont want him eating all your food..dont invite him all the time..go over his house sometimes….lol

    further..as a good man..he should offer to buy groceries, pay for that 100 dollar meal at maggianos or whatever…without you asking…if he just mooches….or all he DOES is come over and eat your food without ever putting up any money to do anything…..then you should reconsider the situation …lol

    if We go on dates..and a dude is spending 100 plus each time…then I dont mind at all cookin for him with my own money..my cooked meals probably cost less than 15 dollars…plus if they payin for movies…or he got your car washed etc..

    but nah..thats my house…my name on the lease..my rent, my responsibility….thats how I feel….people look at me like :-/ when I say that ..but I dont think a dude should be obligated to pay my bills …I dont think that way

    besides..if someone pays you rent..legally you can't just put them out..whether they are on the lease or not…shoot I think in some areas..they dont even have to pay you rent for that

    I just prefer to take care of myself until im married THEN you can take care of me 😀

  60. " need my CELIBACY CLUB members to pray for my strength. LOL'

    @Nicki I just broke out my rosary beads and hail'ed Mary some strength for you. But your mental needs to calm down because SOMEBODY WILL GET HURT. And this is from sister club member since May 1st 2008.

    @ Humble..well I don't really itemize complainers on my "i hate list". People are people and sometimes they get their panties/boxers in a bunch from time to time. I usually can sniff if a person is really negative from jump, its in their conversation, its in the way they work (if i encounter them on the job)..and I exit stage left.

    Everybody else gets a pass because we all fall short. But you can't really complain about complainers because you're doing the very thing you hate. And people attract who they are generally.

  61. @Nicki-This is getting too much. I think that's serious simping. And I'm praying for you. I am in your corner here.

    @Humble-You're right.

    @T-You're right as well.

  62. @true2me: Good perspective. I was just throwing something out. Unfortunately the only one eating my groceries right now is ME!!! LOL.

    I will definitely take him out and pay for him the same as me…. I don't want him to "expect" it though…. I went out on two dates with this guy… on our second date, the server brought the bill and he said, she put the bill in front of you… And I just looked at him…. awkward laugh…. then he goes, "you're paying next time, right?" We haven't been on another date. LOL.

  63. @Comeback: Bless you child… sending you sista love… I NEED IT!!!!! And I don't want to get hurt… he is a damned good catch… but so am I. I just want to have fun… and enjoy company…. And maybe something will grow???????? To be continued.

    @Jaclynn: And thanks to you too doll…. I really appreciated it.

  64. @Teacia

    "I don’t know, it’s a little unrealistic for anyone to be completely void of any of the traits listed in the comments section"

    I agree but I think the comments are made in regards to the worst of the worst. If you cut people off at the first inkling of some of the comments made I think you are being judgmental and kind of grandiose.

  65. @Ms. Devereaux: Thank you!!!! I'm praying I don't fall short… the good thing is yaw: He's a good guy…. He's not gonna get mad or anything if we don't go there…. we've talked about it prior too… but I've also sent Kwame Kilpatrick like texts which probably shoots any of my "looking for something serious" out of the water…..

  66. @Jaclynn: Girl, I'm a Scopio. COMPLETE fiend…. It's a day to day struggle, like any addiction. Well, I'm not addicted, like Eric Benet, but you know what i mean.

  67. " I think you are being judgmental and kind of grandiose."

    I personally think you have a RIGHT and OBLIGATION to be grandiose with your time and company. I don't do friendships for charity reasons, usually I want to grow and be better and I hope the same of my friends. But if we are not well aligned at least about basic outlook…why would anybody commence such friendships.

  68. @ Nicki: Girl shut up!!! I am Scorpio too, so trust I feel your pain. That is why I have to keep joining the club again every month. I fall short too much. Plus it doesn't help that everyone around me is getting it.

    Addiction is the correct word, its like something in you just make you want it even when you know its bad.

  69. @Ms. Devereaux: Seriously.. I wouldn't want someone reading them out loud. LOL

    @Comeback: Right… it's like once he gets to a certain part, kissing my neck, stomach whatever.. my brain, says F IT.. You may as well…. plus he's sent me pictures and he's sexy-ER…. plus he's an engineer… from a good family.

    Excuse me while I go shower…. plus he's just nice…. I haven't been a round a nice one in a minute. Can't you tell???? LOL

  70. @Jaclynn: I'm glad to see that it isn't just me…. It's gotten me into trouble….. meaning I let people have it that should not have gotten A WHIFF!!!!! Off some kissing… PLEASE!!!!!

  71. @Comeback

    "I don’t do friendships for charity reasons, usually I want to grow and be better and I hope the same of my friends."

    Thats fine. I personally dont make friends based on what they can do for me.

  72. @ Nicki: it’s like once he gets to a certain part, kissing my neck, stomach whatever.. my brain, says F IT.. You may as well…. plus he’s sent me pictures and he’s sexy-ER…. plus he’s an engineer… from a good family…Damn that's a hard one.

    I have moments when I am sensitive to touch. Meaning if he rubs my arm I want to give it up…LMAO!! Its bad I know but only for the right ones. That is why I have a 'don't touch me rule' at certain times. Just a simple kiss can turn into something more with the right one. But I am holding strong this time…NO MORE HANKY PANKY.

  73. @the Ladies: Aye that's the rub! Is a rub at the right moment all it takes? Where do I sign up to become a professional arm and tummy rubber?

  74. Word of the day: grandiose

    …oh how I love this word, don't get to use it much…thanks Humble for drudging it out.

    Uhh Ms. D…stop that foolishness…embrace your inner whore…lol…don't listen to these chics…lol, j/k ladies…well kinda.

    Anti my man…wat it look like?!?

  75. @Antidater

    "Where do I sign up to become a professional arm and tummy rubber?"

    Cosign. I also wouldn't mind tending to backs, necks, and non-abrasive feet.

  76. @Ms. Devereaux: Not rub my arm????!!!! Wow, ma'am. I'm thinking I may not be able even have one at my place AT ALL!!!!! LOL.

    @Antidater: LOL. It has to be from the right person at the right moment.

  77. @Nicki-You're right it does have to come from the right person at the right time…and please don't kiss that back of my neck or down my back…I'll do whatever you want.

  78. @Jaclynn: LOL. And please don't bite my bottom LIP. ALL BETS ARE OFF….

    Engineers can get it… LOVES a smart man. 🙂

  79. i was one foot in, one foot out of nsbe. I shoulda did more…hindsight is 20/20

    and yes, if there is something good in the world, an engineer was partially responsible. mwahahahaha. we're crawling on this board; great multitaskers lol.

  80. Region 3 in da house! I am thinking about Nationals in Vegas myself. We may need to have a SBM roundup at the Blackjack table. lol

  81. @Teacia-I'm not an engineer but I think it counts.

    @Nicki-Try it.

    Ladies I think they'll discuss us at the roundtable. That's why they don't talk on here! They had this planned all along!

  82. lmao Bree, she did not care at all lol.

    but the actual doctors and nurses was extremely nice. this one was kinda odd, when she came to get me she was like sooo are you the girl who was sniffing cleaning products??

    all i could muster up to say was yea lol but dang why i gotta be sniffing?? I was cleaning!!!

    not sniffing just for the heck of it, that is so white people ish!!! (no pun yall)

  83. @Nicki-Girl yes and he also wanted a threesome with me and the other chick he dating at the same time. He’s the aforementioned loser whose pic I am trying to post if SBM will allow

  84. I swear as much as I heart my professor he is boring as h-e-double hockey sticks. Who knew public administration could be soooo boring.

    And on top of the material being boring, he is so soft spoken that anyone can hardly hear him. *sighing* I can get though this…only 29 more class sessions to go.

  85. ok back from class…

    @ Anti/ Humble: In order to sign up to be a professional arm and tummy rubber ( funny as hell), as my girl Nicki said it has to be the right person at the right time. It can't be just a random dude. Thinking about that just made me remember a story.

    True Story: On three different occasions I have been in the club and men have came up to me and literally just started rubbing up and down my arm. I was in totally shock. I have never had strangers come up and rub on me like that. My friends always tease me about unusually soft my skin is. I never paid attention to them until these random strangers would rub my arms in the DAMN CLUB. So I ask in a calm and bewildered tone…' why the hell are you rubbing my arm?' Dude just smile and say your arm look so smooth I just had to touch it…WTF!!! So again it has to be the right person at the right time.

    @ Teacia: I have to let the inner whore go. She is a beast and I have to contain her. CELIBACY CLUB UNITE!!!

  86. @ Teacia: Damn… a soft spoken, boring professor. Thats nothing but a great way to put me to sleep. I cant stay awake in class when someone soft spoken is speaking. I ALWAYS fall asleep. Actually I fall asleep anytime I not engaged in any activity. So good luck in that class…lol

  87. Yeah he just goes over the reading assignment verbatim…not really sure why I'm even going to class. I'm going to give it a few more sessions before I decide to start skipping classes and just showing up on test days…still undecided.

    Ms. D do what's best for you miss lady…lock it down if you have to…I surely understand.

  88. @Ms. Devereax: The random rubbing of the skin is off the chain! one of my girls has the softest skin… it's always glowing. I had to ask her for her secret!!!

    I'm in history class right now and I wish I wasn't. My teacher keeps sucking in his breath after EVERY sentence…. very distracting from his BORING points…. I swear I go to the whitest school in the world. I need some man candy to give me a reason to pay attention!!!

  89. @Ms. D-I have soft skin too and I always use Bath and Body Works lotion…hence someone licked me on the street one time…I was like get a way oooh …. wait come here.

  90. My ex-husband is the Master Insult Sniper. Seems like his sole purpose in life is, was, and always will be to make me feel bad about myself under the guise of trying to "help me out". And unfortunately he's damn good at it…. knows exactly what to say to get to that exposed flesh between the front and back armor, right there in the side where you bleed to death without anyone knowing (Gladiator style).

    I need to go drink now……

  91. skipped the comments.

    I know you guys missed me… but I have had family up and my baby brothers (godbrother) wedding so the past 5 days have been a whirlwind.

    so About the blog post. Ive dated many of these type of women the past year.

    But you have to think about age too. the reason why many of my friends claim i should date no woman older than 26 is because of the amount of mental damage or issues and black goo thats inside of women the older they get. I mean… women can have SERIOUS fuckin issues. bad men are just dogs…. but women can be bad AND fukin nutty.

    Im glad I dont have to put up with women who are broken, but I feel sorry for these guys who have to try and "fix" a broken woman. at this age…. I just consiter ALL women broken and damaged, i just have to find a woman whose damages I can handle.

    thats why I usually look for doctors and phds and women who work in the lab at princeton. if you have been hard at work getting your education you have less time to become broken.

  92. I WAS trying to watch to GOP Convention….but these folks are so @ssed backwards that I can even stand it anymore…sitting there looking all privileged and sh*t, they don't/can't relate to the average American.

    They really are in la la land off in that piece…this country is in the shitters and they refuse to accept any responsibility for it…no apologies, nothing. They must think we're all a bunch of idiots. I'm just getting mad watching it…and that traitor Lieberman, has he no shame…the things he wouldn't do to FEEL accepted.

    *and exhale*…but i digress.

    Night all

  93. You noticed teacia. your a woman who manipulates men… you ALWAYS are mindful of where all the men are at all times.

    but dont worry I missed you all too.


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