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Black Man’s Appreciation Day Banter


Uh … just created this so one day we could have on topic comments … just for one day.



  1. What the hell is this place? all naked in here .. I like talking in the blog of the day SBM! DAG …I was saying how we appreciate black men's FISHING POLES and you go and take it away..

    thanks dad!

  2. @What the hell is this place? all naked in here ..

    I'm getting my goofy ass off here before yaw get me fired. I can't stop laughing!

  3. @Jolie
    "What the hell is this place? all naked in here .. I like talking in the blog of the day SBM! DAG …I was saying how we appreciate black men’s FISHING POLES and you go and take it away.. "

    Seriously you are not helping me.

    @Teacia – What is the name of that calendar website?

  4. @SBM: what would be the point of doing it everyday? then there would be hardly any comments on the blog at hand.. ?? We were on topic.. figuring out ways to PLEASE AND APPRECIATE BLACK MEN! Kegel exercise are one way… doing squats is another, eating bananas is one, what other ways .. hmmmm.. oh ..getting waxed .. COME ON ..it is all relevant!

    IS it not ? would you not feel appreciated if a woman did all this for you BLACK MAN

  5. So now that I can talk about random isht … gotta catch up on some stuff.

    @Comeback: You personally asked me over email to bring back Hasani. One day later you ask me to block him. Thats just crazy. Do you love him or hate him? Can you please not drag me into your unhealthy relationship?

    @Humble: You want women's lingerie ads? You plan on buying any??? I try and put up stuff people would actually use without making it too gawdy or cheap (your boy SBM is no sell out!).

    On the other hand … as I type this guys' crotch is perfectly placed so I have to look at it and I'm thinking its gonna have to go.

  6. lol @ SBM crotchal region conundrum

    @ Comeback – yeaaaa. when he was first blocked, you were all..who decided that…I understand him, yadda yadda.

    Randomness – so, Creepa won from G's to Gent's last night. Anyone watch that show? I think he should have won. The wht guy (can't remember his stage name right now) still looked kinda coniving to me. Wouldn't trust him with my money. And shotta – yeeeaaaa. no.

  7. "@ Comeback – yeaaaa. when he was first blocked, you were all..who decided that…I understand him, yadda yadda. "

    because i do…i was thinking that "when in rome" would rub off on the dude. I only asked he be blocked for a day.

  8. @SBM
    "On the other hand … as I type this guys’ crotch is perfectly placed so I have to look at it and I’m thinking its gonna have to go."

    lol That happened to me too. That's why I made the post.

  9. @Comeback: You asked for him to be blocked for a day … and now what are you asking for?!?!?

    I don't think that some of ya'll take into consideration the seriousness of blocking someone. I understand it can be justified, but its not something to be done a whim and then just undone seconds later. It's pretty serious.

  10. @Cuzzo: I invited Fly Guy over, maybe he'll show up.

    LOL @ Comeback being bi-polar(you know i love ya girl)!!

    *sidenote* Why does it actually feel like we're in another room for real…peeking outside to see who posts.

  11. "SBM – ignore future requests from Comeback. you know she’s bi-polar."

    LOL…ok…i sing the same DA#MN song erryday!!! not one inflection in none of my notes. we wont even discuss some of the pop-soul-jazz fusion going on DAILY wit some.

  12. @ Tea – how are the workouts going? what did you call that milestone you are trying to reach again – fabulous and thirty (ok, that doesn't sound right but i can't think of it now)? or was that bree with the milestone?

  13. @Comeback: I thought you were against the calendars. You know me, Humble, Anti, WhySo, and "the gang" are down for it.

    Send in a couple shots and we'll start dishing out months.

  14. BTW … now that people are starting to add me on MySpace … ya'll weren't lying. We got more than enough to make a Calendar. With extra months to spare & sh*t

  15. @Cuzzo: Fine at 29…workouts are going good actually. Just got a new workout system yesterday that I ordered a few weeks back.

    *tray in right hand* Anyone care for some wine and wings while we mingle? The champagne room is in full effect!

  16. @Comeback: It's a good thing you don't run things and my conditions are the only conditions.

    @All the women: We have a vacancy in the months. Anyone looking to step up?

  17. Thanks for keeping me in laughter yaw.

    @Cuzzo: "Randomness – so, Creepa won from G’s to Gent’s last night. Anyone watch that show? I think he should have won. The wht guy (can’t remember his stage name right now) still looked kinda coniving to me."

    I agree, he looks like a sneaky rat… or something… something's not right with his teeth, too sharp. (OUCH!)

  18. lol @ Nicki's description. yes, and when he would wear those glasses, he looked even more devious. i know this because i've worn glasses to make myself look innocent, lol. did it work? i dunno.

    @ Tea – pass the wings chile.

    @ SBM – I'm opting out of the calander.

  19. @Comeback: I'm no pimp … of course the ladies will get a cut and proper credit. I'll even host a party or something for all of ya'll.

    Sadly, since you have been dropped from shooting a month and your application for creative director has been denied, you won't be getting a cut. Sorry.

    @Jolie: What … you want to be in the calendar … I'm shocked. When am I going to get the shots or see you on MySpace (its very competitive nowadays)?

  20. ladies I have a VERY tasteful calendar coming out called A Year Of Pu$$y Power and true to the name, EVERYONE gets to profit share. All shots classy and tasteful…with a few booties on harley's and kawasaki's-owned by women of course.

  21. @Cuzzo

    "ok Humble is up in here so that even’s the field. Can we braid your hair Humble? A massage maybe? Manicure? Exfoliation Mask?"

    A massage and a glass of Simply Lemonade would be nice. Thank You.

  22. Yall I think Hugh is also coming to the party, with his sexy personal training structural design engineering azz!!!

    Let's get this party started right…let's get this parted started quickly right…set it off on the left yall, set it off I suggest yall, set it off!!

  23. "so what we pose to talk about here???? i need a topic ….to ACTUALLY get off topic."

    Comeback Girl – ROFLMAO

    "I don’t know what’s funnier, the fact that he felt the need to create this place…or that we followed him indoors."

    Teacia – I know…here I am over here too…LOL

  24. @Jolie: the charmed leprechaun was hot, woulda been nice if you said she was all the way at the bottom.

    @Humble: would you like some wings with that lemondade mister?

    I so want one of those costumes for Halloween!!

  25. *shimmying over to Humble* At your service.

    *kneading shoulders*

    @ Tea – which system? those infomercials look tempting but I lose momentum after about a week or two.

  26. My bad Jolie…I see it now, and you put it in bold…my bad homie.

    Cuzzo: 10 minute trainer…it's just a bunch of resistence bands and 7 different workouts for different areas, 10 minutes each, but you're supposed to do 3 different workouts a day. I tried it this morning…HARD!! Yeah I definitely feel the burn.

    Oh and it even included a YogaFlex…and I LOVE YOGA!!

  27. Yoga and Pilates helps women appreciate BLACK MEN BETTER..

    back off topic:

    OH Nicki: i get a hot costume EVER YEAR .. I really am thinking about being "fresh from wonderland" this year..


  28. @ Nicki – no, what's chester talking about?

    @ Tea – yea, i saw that one. I actually bought slim in 6. let's just say i keep having to start from the beginning.

  29. @Jolie: Wow. You are a fantasy, ain'tcha????!!! I may have to bite off of you whenever I EVER GET A LONG TERM MAN….(Sweet baby jesus, I'm trying to be patient)

    I read somewhere that they like that stuff. LOL

  30. @Cuzzo: The interviewer asked him if he had relationships with teenagers (or something like that) and this fool says, "what age do you consider a teenager?" Let me find this clip. You have GOT to see it.

  31. LOL…Cuzzo I HAVE Slim in 6, bought it when I was in Tally back on 04 about a year after my having the kid. I lost 40 pounds of baby fat that summer, trust me if you stick with it it works.

    I was just looking for something different this time around. I still have it, so I would do the ab and stretch sessions from time to time.

  32. @Jolie: Ok … with that costume suggestion I think I can reserve a spot for you pending review.

    @Comeback: My calendar is gonna have motorcycles too. In addition to my own Red & Black Beauty of a Honda … we will also feature several other sport bikes with complimentary rides for all!

    @Teacia: Mad you missed the word "bottom" in bold letters. Do better.

  33. Jolie albeit cute it doesn't show enough skin…how about Miss Golddigger…now that's a good costume..lol!!

    …although I'm feeling the 21st Century Pin-Up fit as well.

  34. @Cuzzo

    "shimmying over to Humble* At your service.

    *kneading shoulders*"

    Awesome, feels great. You ever thought about giving doing this preofessionally?


    "Humble: would you like some wings with that lemondade mister?"

    No,thank you. I would like some fresh mangos.

  35. @SBM – Will baby oil play a role in this calendar? Can we get Esther Baxter, Bria Myles, Melyssa Ford, or Serena Williams inolved in this calendar in any way? We already have the talent so I figured they would make great creative directors or assistants to the creative director.

  36. "@Comeback: My calendar is gonna have motorcycles too. In addition to my own Red & Black Beauty of a Honda … we will also feature several other sport bikes with complimentary rides for all!"

    not hot enough seriously you should have exotic cars too, even a cessna or two.

    Firing range perhaps..(just a fake one though) whereby no one has the risk of damanging the third extraocular muscle LOL

    *** i got work to do–Vanessa Williams style*** minimizes screen.

  37. @Jolie: Thank you ma'am! I'm digging the Indian Princess… shows off my best feature (the long legs!)… Lord knows I didn't get in the boob and butt line that long. LOL

    @Teacia: Thanks, ma'am! I wasn't thinking Indians (all my greedy butt could think of was hams and turkeys. LOL) I swear all I talk about is food….

  38. @Comeback
    "Firing range perhaps..(just a fake one though) whereby no one has the risk of damanging the third extraocular muscle LOL"

    Are you trying to appeal to the constituents of McCain/Palin?

  39. Ooooh…Halloween Costumes…one year I was a dominatrix. I loved it. I like the Indian princess.

    @Teacia and Humble-Here ya go…since the farmer's market is open…

    *hands mangoes to Humble*

  40. Can I just say I know we're appreciating men today but I wanna say you all make me laugh and smile alot…I was seriously walking around with like a stick in the ass then came you guys! ๐Ÿ™‚ Aww so much love today.

    Jolie…girl where is you?

  41. @Nicki: Well…it wasn't my idea…but down here Halloween's such a big deal. I wasn't going out, but they put it together for me I needed to be a "sexy" something…I mean it happens. This year I'm just going to be myself!

  42. @Nicki-Unless you are getting married soon, you've got plenty of time! Beyond that occasionally you can find a nice gentleman here. ๐Ÿ™‚ I know a few. Tehehe…I am in such an excellent mood today!

  43. maybe you can be in my calendar why so!!!

    WOOOSAAAA its ALOT ALOT going on here TODAY GOT DAM!N.

    Jac..I promise promise promise to have your chart no later than tomorrow.

    where is mik

    Humble…AK PIPEline…now your thinking!!! LOL

  44. Ok so check it, I got this paper due at 7pm, but I haven't even begun to pull it together. I have to disect Batman…yes the movie from political and philosophical point of view. This shit is proving much harder than I expected. I've been at it all day(kinda sorta obviously) and I am only one page into the four that are due.

    I'm reading the assigned text, "Batman and Philosophy'" but hell if I ain't still confused. I might be emailing the professor asking for an extension on this one.

  45. @Jac: Trust… no time soon… Oops, speaking negativity, backspace and delete that comment…..

    Waiting on the candidate. Open to receive my blessing. *smile*

    Can I get a grown man please, Jac? Don't be hooking me up with no freaks!!!! LOL.

    @Teacia: That sounds like a strange assignment. Professors kill me!

  46. …oh my bad, did I say the movie…well I meant comics, books, movies, cartoons,graphic novels, and television shows…it's a comprising of all Batman related outlets, most of which I have no clue about, so it makes detailing the politcal and philosophical dilemmas that much harder.

    *sigh* back at it i go.

    @Jaclynn: Politcal Thought and Action. It's a political philosophy class and they are correlating the fall of Gotham to the chaos that insued after Katrina. I guess they're trying to parallel how government would fix a broken society while dealing with the social dilemmas that may arise.

    I'm going to try and focus now…later yall.

  47. @Teacia: I actually wouldnt mind doing that. I wish more professors tried to find a way to correlate popular media into classroom objectives. Im not feeling the four page minimum though.

  48. "I guess they’re trying to parallel how government would fix a broken society while dealing with the social dilemmas that may arise."

    thats alot of ur paper right there…chaos theory.

    of course the yaya in me would find some gender disparity to throw up and through.

  49. @Humble: If you got the connections to make it happen … they can do whatever they want in the calendar.

    @Teacia: There will be no GoldDigger costume in my calendar … sorry

  50. @No More: next up Stars Wars and Philosphy. That paper is in November though. Apparently that's much easier since George Lucas actually made the movie to make a political statement and runs together better philosophically.

    Yeah I love my teacher's approach, the book is an easy read…breaking it down, not so much.

    And the 4 page minimum is nothing. I got a 10-12 page paper also due in this class where I have to make up a question, the one I've decided upon being, "Is a Democracy Fundamentally Better than a Non Democratic Society?", choose a analytical principle work in political theory, I chose "Aristotle's The Politics" and argue whichever stance I choose to make for 10 damn pages…lol.

    Oh and I have him for 2 classes, both have the same amount of papers due. Our midterm, 3 essay questions, take home 2-3 pages for each question due a week later. Bullshat I know!!!

  51. @Comeback: but that's just one sentence, having a tough time coming up with the dilemmas and philosophical correlations…my fragile mind has gone blank…and i'm usually so good at philosphy and theory.

    I think this site is making me stupid…hmpt.

    Ok for real, focusing now.

  52. @Tea-I feel like I could help you with that, but I am over here trying to get another job in a different office (for extra money and a flight to Never Never Land).

    @SBM-I am about to get on the phone and get this women for Humble because I think he needs to relieve some stress and only they can fix it.

  53. @Why So Serious: I kinda want to get an R6 myself. Would be great if a woman would just be like "I appreciate you" and got me a brand new Raven (all Black) R6.

    Now thats appreciation!

    How long you been riding?

  54. "I think this site is making me stupid…hmpt."

    I disagree…I actually thought about chaos but thought that maybe it was too left field…but when you mentioned it…I thought maybe she could explore it. Im not a batman fan, but maybe you could parallel why chaos is ACTUALLY neeeded, the reasons why chaos sits behind all order. You could discuss its predictiveness, relate it to the present catastrophes and work from there.

  55. @SBM
    " If you got the connections to make it happen … they can do whatever they want in the calendar."

    I thought you had the connections? Maybe Teacia can get Harmony? Will we need baby oil for the calendar?

    "Humble…AK PIPEline…now your thinking!!! LOL"

    Not exactly what I was thinking. But I will GLADLY take that oil over the other.

  56. dang it sucks to take a break from the blog…

    …i just got here with the mangos Humble, am i too late!!

    Teacia, my brother is a comic book junkie, if i can get in touch with him maybe he can help you

    …um, why did the conversation get so pg-13 after we moved over here…i thought this was the champagne room?

  57. i forgot to address this earlier…cuzzo did you seriously "smh" at me for not "waiting for a relationship" before i have sex?

    Chile puh-lease! LMAO

  58. Ok I am back from class. I tried to catch up so I think I got it.

    Teacia, is taking a class I would never take, and having to write alot papers. She wants two months in this so-called calender that SBM is making.

    Comeback, wants Hasani banned, but then wants him back.

    Humble is CELIBATE? Are you serious? So he can't take the talk about sex.

    SBM is commenting more than ever today and getting his calender together and discussing bikes.

    Jac, is wanting another job with more money.

    Cuzzo is?

    Jolie is looking at costumes, that everyone wants.

    Nicki is watching R.kelly.

    And I am wishing I can get the steps in my dance class.

    So why was the party moved again?

  59. @teacia…that's what you get for going to a PWI, if you were at an HBCU, you'd be writing about the philosophies behind Jesse Jackson hating on Barack Obama, LOL

  60. @Humble: I can think of reason we would need copious amounts of baby oil. I mean … this is a calendar for black men now! What kind of guys would we be if we didn't work in baby oil.

  61. @Bree: If she were at an HBCU … nm … lemme know hate

    @Humble: If you never rode a motorcycle you should start with a 600cc bike. If you know what your doing, you could get the R1. I've been at it a year and don't want an R1. I act way too stupid on my bike as is. But them 30 second miles do feel good though.

  62. Bree I have given that fool the mangoes..haha but yours would work in addition…you stand on one side and I'll stand on the other and we'll alternate feeding him…he'll like that.

  63. @Bree: I'll leave up to the creative director when we find them … but wouldn't the smell of that almond oil with all them women walkin around half naked and in "costumes" just cause … uh … problems.

  64. Yeah … I think separate "Banter" posts are the devil. Everyone is just goin extra crazy.

    I miss the days when I could have various people e-feed me mangos …

    Guess real-life grits will have to suffice.

  65. @sbm

    raven **drools*** I got a 99, but it looks brand new ๐Ÿ™‚ Been riding for about 4 summers. I want to get it to the road course, but that might have to wait for next year. Either that or the Tail of the Dragon/ Deal's Gap in Kentucky

    @ humble

    although the R1 is GORGEOUS, don't start off on a literbike. Learn to fully use a 500 or 600cc first…although learning to fully utilize a 600 takes years. And always wear that safety equipment…road rash ain't fun, so i hear.

    *** looks at gorgeous day outside, like puppy dog in pound ***

  66. @WhySo: I got a 04 CBR F4i. I love my baby dearly … but I've gotten close to putting her on craigslist and running out and getting me an 2005 R6.

    How do you ride out there in Michigan? I feel like it gets cold enough here in MD.

  67. @Bree-I think he needs something more…

    *wipes juice off Humble's mouth*

    Pineapple? Papaya? Grapes? ahhh chilled grapes…Bree anymore ideas?

    Should we feed SBM too?

  68. @Jolie: Can you fit a size small helmet?

    @Bree: If it doesn't smell … cool. But something about of sexy, oiled up, intelligent women in addition to the sweet smell of almonds would have me losing my professional demeanor … and your comfort and enjoyment is paramount. Whew … just thinking about it got me a little worked up. Bout to make a phone call and propose some things.

  69. Bree: "@SBM…can i use almond oil, it’s just as glisteny and better for your skin"

    You can use Crisco for all we care, we just want to see you shining in the photos!

  70. I been gone for a minute now I'm back with the Jumpoff

    hey, im back from lunch and doing work stuff.

    @ Bree – I took my smh back. I'm mad u laughed at the idea of a relationship though.

    @ Humble – u OK? looks like the ladies are taking care of you. refill on the lemonade?

    @ SBM – you want some mango too? YO TEA GET YA MAN SOME MANGO.

    @ why so – u need anything? here, put ure feet up. relax. scalp massage? can I clip ure toenails? pull out any ingrown hairs?

  71. @Hugh-Running to the store to get anything that makes women glisten….

    @Cuzzo:"@ why so – u need anything? here, put ure feet up. relax. scalp massage? can I clip ure toenails? pull out any ingrown hairs?"

    Girl I literally screamed. LITERALLY…I'm on a phone call. Wow.

    *singing* just let me cater 2 u…cause baby this is ur day…I got slippers, dinner, dessert and so much more…

  72. @sbm

    in MI, you pretty much got 5 months to ride – april to sept. After that, you can thug it, but it gets cold in the mornings.

    i might make a move to cali…year round biking…yaaaaahhhhhhh

  73. @Comeback…i didn't laugh at the idea of a relationship…i'm actually a huge fan of them…you're the resident astrologer you should know that libras thrive in relationships. i laugh at the notion that i need to wait to be in one to have sex. Look, I don't (and haven't yet on this here blog) knocked anyone for doing what they wanna do…if'n you want to wait until he's your boyfriend to find out whether or not he can break your back, go right ahead. I'm not personally opposed to it happening that way (and it has for me), but if it doesn't…that doesn't mean anyone should be shaking their head at me. ***Sticking my tongue out at you both***

  74. @ Jac – I know they like that stuff. I would offer to scratch his balls n what not – but that's a lil over the top. but as an offender you wouldn't think that now would you?

    @ Hugh – you cool? u need a beverage? can I rub ure temples?

  75. @Jolie: *sigh* … even when I try and be nice I get shat upon. LOL. My extra helmet is a size small … that simple.

    @Cuzzo: No comment. I see how family do …

    @Why So: Yeah … its a little better here. I would say it starts in late March and can go into October. You should come with me and my friend to Black Bike Week next year. Just ride over to MD and we'll strap you down (although I might just ride to NC next year).

  76. sorry comeback, i didn't realize i was responding to cuzzo, i'm cross-eyed today…and i take back the "you both" comment. and the "resident astrologer" comment

    cuzzo…:-P, that's how you KNOW you family, when instead of calling each other names and going off you stick out your tongue, LMAO

    @Hugh…LMAO @Crisco shuttup!

    @Jac…yyyeeeaaah, I'm not going to feed SBM, I'll let his woman handle that, but I'll give him a rrrreeeeaaal good camera angle to look at when he's taking my photo for the calendar

    @SBM…calm down suga…the weekend's almost here, lol

  77. Well DAMMIT MAN!!

    Comeback a great idea…that's the approach I've been taking, almost done. Had to step away and put on my serious hat if I was ever going to finish this damn thing.

    SBM…stay in your lane sweetie, there's only one head that fits that helmet. And if you were nicer you wouldn't have to WISH so hard for that R6.

    Bree…you's a fool, just cause.

    Jaclynn…you's a DAMN fool, lol.

    Ms. Dev…maybe you should get a few instructional videos to supplment what you learn in class.

    Cuzzo…that negro doesn't even eat mangos, but I got a pot of hot grits waiting on him.

    Jolie…I love you and all, but your head is too big for any helmet of his.

    And as far as the glistening goes I got some Ecstasy Body and Bath Oil by Carol's Daughter that does wonders for the skin…glistening all day long.

    Ok, well I think I'm caught up now…later yall!

    Oh and being at a PWI is hard but it has its privileges, like my seminar program in January…whooo hooo! And this class was a requirement, not a choice here…oh how I wish I had a choice in the matter.

  78. @ Bree – gosh that's y I took the smh back. I TOOK IT BACK! (actually in the same sentence) everybody hear that – I'm not smh @ Bree. u and ure tangents woman. *sticks tongue back @ Bree and skips away with Comeback* (did comeback even say anything about that? *shrugs*)

  79. " Bree – gosh that’s y I took the smh back. I TOOK IT BACK! (actually in the same sentence) everybody hear that – I’m not smh @ Bree. u and ure tangents woman. *sticks tongue back @ Bree and skips away with Comeback* (did comeback even say anything about that? *shrugs*)"

    @ Cuzzo…yes…"keep it right and keep it tight" is my motto. Bree makes good points however, i can tell if a man can handle me with all my clothes on, standing up. My 3rd eye can read pen!is power or lack thereof.

  80. "Comeback a great idea…that’s the approach I’ve been taking, almost done. Had to step away and put on my serious hat if I was ever going to finish this damn thing."

    @ Teacia

    you wrote that paper THAT fast…oh my GOD..you ARE good. I would have needed to commune with nature, Go to Starbucks, look at some cute shoes, call my Mama, and get a pedicure.

    and then maybe go to the library…did you not work cite anything??? you usually need to cite text. But you sound like a bad mamma jamma.

  81. @cuzzo…look here play cousin, taking it back would've been hitting the backspace key…posting it anyway then adding a disclaimer may as well be saying it…but i take no offense, i'm in a combative mood today

    @Comeback…as can i, but sometimes, i like to just have fun…im a grown a$$ woman, why shouldn't i? i, of course, ain't condoning slutting it out…but hell, can a sistah get herself some just cuz she wants it without the ball and chain? MAN!

    Look, maybe I'll join the celibacy club…but it won't be until AFTER my birthday, cuz I got some serious plans to put my libido to use on my sweetie pie (who consequently isn't my boyfriend, but i don't want him to be)…how's that?

  82. @comeback…that's the other thing you learn at an HBCU, how to BS a paper at the last minute (and they usually end up being good)…GO TEACIA!!!

  83. Comeback: yeah, 3 pages down..one to go, gotta tie it all up. I'm work citing my ass off. We're supposed to used the Batman and Philosophy book. There are like 30 articles in there, so I'm citing the articles in reference to my points and theories.

    Jolie: lol..you cool, i wasn't breaking out the blade for you, and your head is most certainly too big my sweetie's helmet erryday of the week. thank you very much.

    Cuzzo: exhaling…i'm good, back to the paper i go.

  84. Nobody's getting cut.

    Let it be known that SBM is a genuinely nice guy and at the same time is capable of restraining himself.

    Besides Jolie … you think I'm the only person I know with a bike? My friend (currently doing Grad school at HU) lives in my complex and has a bike but no second helmet.

    I swear … crazy black folks!

  85. @comeback…i wish it wasn't like that though, my best work was under pressure, but man it's so not good for the stress level, and i just don't get along with stress.

    @cuzzo…um, is that a swinging door policy? I'm just wondering…just in case, ya know. Heh Heh

  86. "Comeback…as can i, but sometimes, i like to just have fun…im a grown a$$ woman, why shouldn’t i? i, of course, ain’t condoning slutting it out…but hell, can a sistah get herself some just cuz she wants it without the ball and chain? MAN! "

    ok don't get your britches in a bind. Yes you are grown and we will be glad to have you after your bday. We will teach you all the wonderful ways of channeling sex!ual energy…you will be a yoga-feng-shu-pottery-metaphysics,cooking master.

    by which time I may have to step down in the name of church boy.

  87. Did this negro just call me crazy…ooooh heeeeell naw, Cuzzo hold me back nah, hold me back!!!

    *scolding* Bree cut it out, act like you got some home training up in here..lol.

  88. et al: I was asking if anyone of the bikers had an extra helmet. I DIDNT ASK SBM SPECIFICALLY! I believe Why so and Humble have them if i am not mistaken.

    I know how to STAY in my OWN LANE … best believe ..

    Plus I like an Aries..

  89. Jolie it was a joke…it was actually targeted at SBM, you just got caught up in the frey, no hard feelings believe me.

    And we all know about your Aries admiration…wait, so did you decide to meet up yet?

  90. My friend left this on my Facebook wall…funny!:

    Scott Daly wrote at 9:56am

    Do us whites folks get a day like that ? We need love 2 u know .. Lol

    Wall-to-Wall – Write on Scott's Wall

  91. @Cuzzo & Teacia: I callz itz like I seez it!

    @Bree: Hey … don't listen to them. None of us guys is judging you … you aint out here doing nothing crazy (well … u are even more of a freak than me … but I'll assume your not).

  92. @comeback…you so crazy. i actually did the celibacy thing for a full year…okay it was eleven months. it's amazing the phases you go through…months 1-2 you're trying so hard not to think about it that you're thinking about it, in between month 4 and 5 you are like "I GOTTA GET ME SOME NOW" by month 6, you're over the hump and haven't really noticed…around month 8 you really want to get some but you've waited for so long that you just don't want to give it to just anybody. I definitely feel acts of self-deprivation are beneficial in building character. (unless you're depriving yourself of food, water, a job…stuff like that, lol)

    @teacia…huh? what'd I do? SBM put the camera away, quick!

  93. @Jolie-Girl…maybe I can buy you a helmet or maybe you know you can get by some other means…

    @Teacia-LOL Carol's Daughter…I'ma try it out. I have a trip I am trying to make where a little oil might come in handy. ๐Ÿ™‚

    @SBM-Buy helmets for all of us and when are you going to have a reunion. First ANNUAL SBM.net…FAMILY reunion. No drunk uncles and light on the incest. Whew! Meet and Greet for work going on now. I refuse to go until 4:30 boo reggins.

  94. @Jaclynn: I ain't stuttin his azz, he be showing out for yall, lol…ain't that right Rone baby…lol.

    And this is why I LOVE the Black men I know, another comment left on my page:

    "Thanks for the love.
    But you know the Black Man wouldn't be shit without the Black Woman.

  95. PAPER FINISHED!!!! And with 45 minutes to go…I think the same thing happened on Monday. Ahhh no more assignments due until October 13th. I think I may get a head start on them and just knock them out over the next couple of weeks, especially since the midterms are due the following week, which will amount to 6 two page papers. I ain't got time for that kind of headache.

    Thanks Comeback for redirecting my energy in the right direction, and you guys for actually asking about the paper. That one sentence got my brain juices flowing.

    See yall after class…ah hell, it's raining. I ain't leaving the library until 5 minutes before class.

    Anybody out there?!?!?…lol

  96. @SBM…i'm more of a freak than you? wha? what'd I do?

    @comeback…yeah that was one great year of self-reflection and focusing on self-love…and its amazing how much more productive i was it helped me a lot…A LOT. Good luck sweetie, I hope you make it.

    @teacia…CONGRATS LUV…i bet your paper is DAT SHYT!

    YAAAYYY! I got my first bday gift today (from myself)…two pair of super sexy stilletos!!! I'm a little perterbed that they thought it was okay to leave $200 worth of shoes on my doorstep…

  97. Yep…this is the bus…all ABOARD!! Just turned in my paper, class cancelled due to bad weather(so he says, i'm convinced that my professors are lazy bums), headed home!

    One time for new shoes!

  98. @ Jolie LOL

    did you just have some type of progesterone injection… your libido seems like its on FIRE!!!!!…!!!!! whats goin on with the FAA analyst. Did you ask him about taking you for a little mile high tour.

  99. @comeback: he calls everyday but honestly now that i'm sober I dont see feel the "spark". We havent solidified any plans this week you know its Black MBA Conference week here so I've been doing things with that mostly.

  100. let me find out why miss Jac is hot in the pants. She's a "1" too. interesting. Girl where your dam#n businesses and super ego..i see though she has more stable numbers in her chart.

    but she is a Taurus like me so that might explain some things.

  101. @jolie
    "YES THIS IS IT. Would you like a mango? A massage? Someone to sit on your face (where you at JAC) or all of the above!?"

    Is the last comment how you show your appreciation of black men?

  102. humble are you gonna get all high and mighty on me? I appreciate all people but especially BLACK MEN because they do so many things RIGHT and we just dont hear enough about those things. THE END

  103. @Jolie-Girl, I'm @ work…working away.

    I am here, but I have that reserved for just one special black man lol…

    @Comeback-I'm a leader? Wow…explains a lot. What else I got going on?

  104. Oh Bree girl so many mens here this weekend but I am sure your bday weekend will be fab. This week we have the Black MBA conference and the HU v. FAMU game!!!!!!!!!!!

    OWW OWWWW… AWwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww HU!

    We are prolly gonna lose BUT FAMU men will be in town and coming out the woodwork as well as Howard Alum and Grad Students.. yay!

  105. @jolie
    No, i'm not getting high and mighty on you. I just thought it was funny you would show your appreciation by sitting on a man's face. lol. I do appreciate you. Thanks.

  106. @Humble-Actually I think she meant me and there's reciprocal action going on there. But hey, who am I to corrupt…

    and where's my work distraction?

  107. @Jolie…yeah, that should be off the hook, year before last the MBA conf was here in ATL the same week as the BofA classic (FAMU vs TSU) and as a FAMU alum (and since my bday is classic weekend) that shyt was off da hook! Not to mention, my company "sent" me to the conference and put me up in the Westin for the week even though I live in Atlanta! YUP…That year was the hotness.

    Enjoy the FAMU men, luv…they are something to behold.

    @Teacia and 80s…i love elina's red hair, that girl is gorjeous

  108. @ Teacia, I’m watching ANTM…. I don’t know I just can’t get into the show anymore….Maybe it’s just getting old…. But with the makeovers seem like they just gave the black girl long weaves??? What u think about the makeovers?

  109. Fantastic post however I was wanting to know if you could write a litte more on this topic? I'd be very thankful if you could elaborate a little bit more. Cheers!


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