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Black Men’s Appreciation Day


Hear ye … Hear ye

The Wonderful, Smart, Sexy, and Lovely Ladies of SBM.net have decreed that today, the 17th day of our Lord in the month of September be declared “Black Men’s Appreciation Day”.  A day that is to be dedicated to letting the black men in your life get one day where we know that our efforts aren’t in vain and to scknowledge the good Black Men out here doing good.

While I am a supporter of this day and it did come into existence here on my blog … I want it to be known that I had no direct role in its formation or creation and is an undertaking by several female commenters.

To Teacia, Ms. Devereaux, and The Comeback Girl and the others responsible … Thank You.

The following letter was drafted as the official decree and has been submitted to several major media outlets … lets make this major!

It’s a time for change, a time for appreciation, a time for admiration and respect, and what better way to embrace this time than to appreciate the hands we stand on…our black men.

We need our black men. They are the hands we stand on. The next time you see a black man — city, suburb, or country, — SMILE and say hello. The next time a brother opens the door for you, SMILE and say thank you. If you are close enough, SMILE and ask “how are you doing today?” If a black man is living in your home and he gets up everyday and goes to face a world that doesn’t really want him there, when he comes home, let him know that you appreciate him.

This message has inspired the ladies of www.singleblackmale.org to start a movement of love and change.

Black Men Appreciation Day is about saying thank you, smiling, giving a gift, positive affirmation, hugs, kisses, or even saying “I admire you” or “I’m proud of you” or whatever you can think of to show appreciation to the black men you encounter.

On September 17, 2008 we will stand up and stand together in admiration and appreciation of our black men. They are not only our hands but also our foundation, and without this foundation our house will surely crumble. Remember, it only takes one person to start a movement…one person to initiate a change. Imagine the difference a multitude will make. Our black men deserve this, we deserve this. What good is a house without a strong foundation? Let’s strengthen our foundation. Together we will make a difference.

Spread the word, spread the love…September 17th is now officially Black Men Appreciation Day!


  1. To all the wonderful black men of SBM.net and the world I appreciate you for all that you do to be our backbones and foundation.

    I am truly grateful to be graced with each and everyone of your presences.

    I hope you all have a wonderful and blessed day.

  2. Happy We Love You Negroes Day!!!! Negroes we love you!!! Now ladies let's go out and spread love. I think my father is due a phone call…and even my kid's dad *cringes at the thought of showing him any love*.

    To the fellas on this site new and old, Humble, Why So, Anti, Hugh, Fly Guy, J. Swag, Eathan, Lion(whereever you are these days)…and yes even uncle fester who should not be allowed to ruin our spirited love fest, we appreciate you all as well.

    To the lurkers out there you're appreciated as well, and I got you mister.

    Did I leave anyone out…hmmmm. OH…to my sweetheart *thinking happy thoughts* I love you babe, thanks for always being there when I need it. And I promise after today there will be no more disgusting displays of public affection. :-p

  3. I'm so pleased we decided to declare a Black Man's Appreciation Day. I, for one, totally and completely looooove black men. From my daddy to the random dude on the train that gave me his seat yesterday so I wouldn't have to stand in the 4.5 inch heels I was wearing…I appreciate each and every one of you, more than either of you could comprehend.

    SBM, I'll smile at every guy an say thank you to every guy that does something nice to me today, but ya know, us southern girls do that everyday, lol.

    Happy BMA Day Fellas!!!

    Ladies, to get the convo going in the spirit of today's post…why don't we share a story about a man in particular that we especially appreciate and why…or share a story about something we did to show a man that we loved and cared about them (dad, boyfriend, uncle, brother, friend, etc.).

  4. how is it appreciation if your already dogging me out Tecia?
    is that not the root of the problem? we as black men appreciate the black woman but in return we are only appreciated "when you deem"
    mothers day I gave ALL mothers a shout out and mad love….. not just the married ones and not just the ones "I liked"
    fathers day I big upped all the single dads and even put the deadbead dads on blast as well as the "club goin moms" who make it harder for the single dads to raise our black children.

    Its not easy being black and male and having the stigma of ruin and failure hover inches above your head at all times. This corporate game is hard enough, for every time we do good in this game theres an ABW that blows up at work and makes us look bad and theres a lazy nigga on the loading docks who comes in drunk high and falls asleep.
    Then you get out of the corporate world and come home…. and this dating thang is just as harsh. its a long road my brothas… but its the only road we can walk. I'll be damned if I will become the stereotype that women claim we are or the stereotype that "society" thinks we should be.

    Im handsome, well groomed, well dressed, Extremely well built by hard work.. when the world claims we are a bunch of hairy thugs who dont shower and wear white T shirts and baggy jeans…. eat pork rinds and drink malt liquor every day.

    Im well spoken, giving, highly personable and very happy goofy and skippy when they think that we are all angry, cold, and talk like we just got out of county lockup.

    I spend time with other peoples children. not just my god children but my buddies who are single fathers with deadbeat tricks for baby mothers. I run a boyscout troop… I could run it in a rich white neighborhood but itsted I travel a bit further to a black hood insted. so we can take these black children and show them they can do more and be more… even if their parents are too busy buying gucci glasses to buy them a pair of shoes.

    And I write for a website and a magazine in an industry where I am the only black face. "some people" may want to clown me for that.. but any way you want to slice it, I am a black man bucking the stereotype and being successful in a venue where I have to be the pioneer.

    and you know what…. all my brothas can do this. and I applaud the hell out of you negros today for existing everyday and for bein in this struggle along with me.

  5. see I didnt even talk about $$ either…. and we all know how much I bring home a week…. damn thats against the stereotype too!
    why? because that $$ thang is irrelevant as far as who we are and what we are. As a black man I know I can have a low paying job Im happy with and be called a "scrub" and a "failure" by "certain angry people" and then the next day have Two fantastic high paying corporate jobs and all of the sudden be a better brotha…… even though inside was always the same man.

    and theres a ton of brothas who work for merryl lynch… I wonder how quickly they will turn into "deadbeats, scrubs and no good black men just because of corporate americas agenda, despite them all being hard working black men as well on the inside?

  6. I appreciate ch'all black men. happy appreciation day. I think its already been said that really our appreciation should be expressed each and everyday, and not to just other black men. The best indication of inner goodness is the ability to be kind to all; including other women.

    Happy Black Male Appreciation.

  7. First giving honor to God, my mother, and all the little people. Thank you ladies though, this was very sweet, its nice to see us hear something other than "niggas ain't s*@t"

    1. TheGoodalpha on August 30, 2011 @tdfisk You’re right about the healing part. How will the plaent and its intricate, yet fragile and interconnected climate / ecological systems get a chance to route back to natural equilibrium if we keep pushing its boundaries, without fully knowing the consequences? The Precautionary Principle if you are not sure of the consequences, which could be severe, then you should stop what you are doing. Corrupt government, the shadowy power figures need illuminating, in more ways than one. Amen

  8. @Bree: "Ladies, to get the convo going in the spirit of today’s post…why don’t we share a story about a man in particular that we especially appreciate and why…or share a story about something we did to show a man that we loved and cared about them (dad, boyfriend, uncle, brother, friend, etc.)."

    Last Sunday was Men's Day at Church… I go to 8 am service and was running sooo late; I discovered the dress I purchased had a hole in it, I hadn't done laundry, so I just had to put something together and throw it on.

    I sped to church and upon getting there, one of our greeters, a black man, smiled at me and said, "lookin good sister." Despite the fact that was I was harried and not looking/feeling as a good as I'd like to (I'm a stickler for being EARLY), he made me feel good, with just those few words. 🙂

  9. Yes I would like to add my appreciation to every black men who is out there doing their thing. No, I don’t want show my appreciation to the brother’s who are in jail for not taking the time to think about the consequences of their actions, or the black men who are having multiple babies out of wedlock. To the black men who don’t get out of bed every morning to make an honest living. We shouldn’t have one day on the calendar to mark this day. Everyday should be “Black Men Appreciation Day” Look to your father, and your brother’s, son’s husbands for the strength they continue to show everyday. To walk in their shoes is a struggle everyday. “God Bless” them for continuing the struggle for being real men.

  10. okay, i may stop by throughout the day to shout out particular black men that i appreciate…i've got this huge litigation case to read and i could definitely use the breaks. I'll start with my daddy…

    I appreciate and admire my daddy. He's been married to my mother for 22 years in November and although he isn't my "real" father, he's never once treated me like a step-child nor has he ever referred to me as such. I actually think he honestly believes I'm his kid even though he met my mother when I was 7 years old. I remember the night we met like it was yesterday, I was wearing my favorie pink nightgown and about to go to bed, my mom was about to go on a date and she let me come and say hi to the gentleman caller (something she very rarely did) and he engaged me in a game of checkers…actually 2 games I won one and he won the other. Since then, life has been wonderful. He stepped up to the plate and took care of two children that didn't belong to him as if he had been there to cut our umbilical cords birth…not to mention the slew of cousins my mom was always housing. My father is a man of honor, the spiritual head of my family, he is consistent, he keeps his word, and he has been more supportive of my mother than I have ever seen anyone be to anyone else. I grew to admire him even more in the last year of my great grandmother's life. After my dad left the Army he started driving trucks and would be on the road overnight. He was also taking classes for his Master's in Theology as well as electrician courses. This was his schedule: 9:00-12:00 Theology Class, 12:00 – 3:00 Tech Classes, 4:00-7:00 Sleep, 8:00pm – 6:00am truck driving…even though he would come home at 6:00 every morning after having driven across florida over night on 3 hours of sleep, he would come to my Granny's house and make breakfast for my mother who had spent the evening taking care of her and then he would go in and pray with Granny and have Bible study with her…he did this every single day. I'm so overwhelmingly grateful that God saw fit to bless my mother, brother, and I with this man. My life has been enhanced by his voluntary and committed participation in it and I love him so much!

  11. "Ladies, to get the convo going in the spirit of today’s post…why don’t we share a story about a man in particular that we especially appreciate and why"

    I'm considering at my father's brothers request to let my father stay with me for awhile. I think it could do the relationship some good to patch things up a bit, however my mother has vowed to never speak to me again if I do it. But Im thinking she has her own forgiveness issues to work out-and she's just bluffin. 🙂

    anyway, I appreciate my father, flaws and all. I know that he's had quite a few "demons" to slay. Some in which he still is working on, but I guess no parent is perfect. And maybe we come into our parent;s lives to be their teacher too..not just to be taught.

  12. Happy Black Man Appreciations Day! To all the wonderful black men in my life that dont judge me for being the ignorant white chick who has to ask stupid questions like "what is that rag you always put on your head before bed" okay i promise I haven't asked that in at least 10 years but ya'll get the picture.

  13. SBM:trying hard to hold on to those happy thoughts…24 hours man, is that too much to ask for these days.

    Bree:I'll be back to express my gratitude when my moods swings back upward.

  14. Are you serious SBM?
    bro… I would KILL to have things simple.
    I dont want to have to work hard…. just normal
    I dont have to have to worry… just maintain
    I dont want to have to argue when I come home… just be happy
    I dont want to have to have two fulltime jobs just to garner the respect from a potential mate that I deserve… I want it always.
    I dont want to have to think about how things are going to get when this economy goes bad this winter, and then worry even more that my skin color will hold me back even further.
    I dont want to be called little obama every time I go to city council and given a hard time as being disingenuous just because I am a black male, id prefer just to be viewed as part of the team and just a good citizen.

    nah man, I do agree that part of being black is this whole "stryfe thang" but seriously, Id like to be able to have things easy if I could… Im old, I like boring.

  15. "Fingers in ear people.

    Life is easy when never challenged. Who wants things easy?"

    Like when your drunk uncle comes to family get togethers and starts cussing everybody out and then cries and wants to be nice later on in the evening. That kind of finger in the ear??


  16. @Comeback-"Like when your drunk uncle comes to family get togethers and starts cussing everybody out and then cries and wants to be nice later on in the evening. That kind of finger in the ear??"

    That's exactly how I feel…it's not easy, but it doesn't make you wanna be nice it makes you wanna hit him in the head, make him leave and tell him not to ever come back…or is that just me?

  17. Yes HAPPY B-MAD Day! This day came up so quickly. I remember when we were talking about it. I should've put it on my calendar because the blog that i wrote today is so anti. Oops!

    Nevertheless, HAPPY DAY TO ALL YOU BLACK MEN! 🙂

  18. I just don't understand why he's even still commenting. I wouldn't want to be somewhere where people OBVIOUSLY didn't want me around.

    I'm really trying to hold on to the love folks, but it's getting harder by the second.

  19. Teacia you can do it girl…push, push, push…the love on out.

    And you're right if I obviously dampened everyone's mood and people treated me like the black plague I don't think I would attempt to make it worse, I would put a positive spin on myself…but who are us normal people to say?

  20. ***opens door to the church,looksk out over the countryside***

    well so far we had two black man stop by along with SBM to give his opening remarks. Humble, Why, Hugh, Fly, Anti, Lion, Tiger, Bear, O My???

  21. Good Morning Folks!

    "Like when your drunk uncle comes to family get togethers and starts cussing everybody out and then cries and wants to be nice later on in the evening. That kind of finger in the ear??"

    lol @ Comeback – I really did giggle out loud at that one.

    A black man bought me lunch yesterday.

    SBM.net – Keep the 'preciatin' going.

    *proceeds to put fingers back in ears*

    black brotha
    strong brotha
    there is no
    one above ya
    I want you
    to know that
    I'm here for you
    forever true

  22. @Comeback-Isn't is strange we appreciate them and they don't show up?

    Now if they had wanted to do something for us..we'd've been around first thing..well maybe not first thing but you know soon.

    Chart ma'am?

  23. @Comeback.."And maybe we come into our parent;s lives to be their teacher too..not just to be taught." this is sooo true. I didn't realize this until I became a parent…and until I started appreciating my mother for the woman she is and not just for being my mom. As children we are less forgiving of our parents and we pretty much demand perfection, it's not until we're adults that we realize they are people with fears, insecurities, faults and who make bad decisions. Kudos to you for taking pops in…don't let your mom dump her baggage on you…and she will so not stop talking to you!

    @teacia…hold up your finger…not the middle one, the index one…that things is soo powerful on this here blog…let me tell you what to do with it…scroll past his comments…i promise, if you step over the puddle on the sidewalk, it won't ruin your shoes, LMAO

    ok..back to reading i go…i'll be back to honor another black fella.

  24. "Humble, Why, Hugh, Fly, Anti, Lion, Tiger, Bear, O My???"


    I love a black man who knows what he wants and goes after it with all his might. OH and there is nothing like feeling the weight of a black man on top of you as you smell his neck and grab his head .. (let me stop)


  25. @JOLIE: "OH and there is nothing like feeling the weight of a black man on top of you as you smell his neck and grab his head .. (let me stop)"

    OHMYGAWD. This is NOT helping the Celibacy club members. LOL.

  26. yes, hear ye hear ye

    i appreciate my black man

    and my two little black mens lol

    umm..yeah this a nice blog so I guess I appreicate this blog too

    and umm…all the black men who post here..yes..thats great too


  27. LOL @ Jolie!!!

    "OH and there is nothing like feeling the weight of a black man on top of you as you smell his neck and grab his head…"

    …don't you just LOVE that!!

  28. @Jac…maybe we need to talk about shaven kitties or giving head…they'll show up then, lmao

    @jolie…oooh girl…and the looks on their faces when they first get in there…and the way their breathing changes…and the way their muscles pop out of their shoulders while they're….whooooo, let me get back to this litigation case.

  29. OH and I love how black men appreciate the curviness of a black woman every bump and hump and how they honor it with their lips, tongue and fingertips..

    awww SHAT .. I needs me a black man to appreciate!

  30. i will be appreciating the hell out of one next week on my birthday…watch out Mr. NJ, I hope you ate your wheaties! LOL…Jolie, you're worst than Teacia, such a bad influence on me! (snicker)

  31. I wasn't gonna say a thing but now I'z gotta say…I wished a black man happy appreciation'z day…he asked me what he got…yeh…where's Mother Comeback? Nicki, I'z sowwy boss.

    @Jolie-heh, heh, heh…so true, so true.

  32. @bree: yes a strong back. I just want one to uh.. break mine .. yup .. break it. Black men are just the greatest they really are and I think I like the mama's boys the best. They just really know how to treat a woman. ATTENTION: there is nothing wrong with loving ya mama!

  33. yo…for real, thanks to the deepest depths for the appreciation day. **receives positive energy**

    I will continue and improve on being an appreciatable(add the new word) black man for my family, friends, community, and world overall.

    why so surrrrious

  34. Oh, so yeah our(read:me and bree) friend wrote a song entitled "Black Love," it's my favorite and I have put it on my page in honor of the love I have for my black men(although Shaun is talking about black women, just switch it around for the fellas…lol).

  35. Errbody in da club getting typsy.

    Anyways…does anyone here ever get the urge to have that rough sex? That oooh get…don't stop Daddy please no never..harder right there…?

    AM I the ONLY one?

    Do the men like women to be a little rough?

  36. Dedicated to all the SBMs from all the women who appreciate you:

    The Essence of the Man
    by Shelia M. Goss

    Is it his smile that keeps me coming back,
    Or is it the smooth sound of his voice?
    Is it the smell of his cologne as he walks on by,
    Or is it the teardrop I saw fall from his eye?

    Is it the way he caresses my body,
    Or the way he holds my hand?
    Is it how he lifts my spirits when I’m down,
    Or seems to know when to be just a friend?

    It’s the essence of the man.

    His walk
    Smoother than a panther on the prowl
    His hands
    Sliding against my soft skin
    His fingers
    Roaming, making me melt with each touch.
    His tongue,
    Slithering, lingering, touching my g-spot.

    What keeps me coming back?

    The lists goes on and on.
    To sum it all up, it’s the essence of the man. http://www.sheliagoss.com

  37. Tnank You, to all the women on the blog and all the women not on the blog that are like the women on the blog. lol. It's cool to know that black women have not gave up on black men. I am glad that men like the ones on this board are appreciated.

    Once again, thank you all and all of you are appreciated. Although we have our disagreements they are superficial when compared to who you all are overall.

  38. @Humble: Aww…. that was sweet. "Although we have our disagreements they are superficial when compared to who you all are overall."

    I haven't had the rough thing yet, but I sure would like to try. LOL.

  39. @Tea-I ain't. I'z telling the truth and I want their opinion.

    @Jolie-I knew I liked you…

    @Humble-Thanks. We haven't given up on you, because you haven't given up on us.

  40. @Jac…have you been missing around here?…i think we all like it rough more often than not…see previous post named "making love"

    ya'll stop talking about s.ex before i mess around and take a lunch break to someone's house where i don't need to be…he's only two train stops from my office…whoooooo give me strength.

  41. @Bree: "ya’ll stop talking about s.ex before i mess around and take a lunch break to someone’s house where i don’t need to be…he’s only two train stops from my office…whoooooo give me strength."

    —-Go towards the light, Caroline. LOL.

  42. @Jac
    "Do the men like women to be a little rough?"

    What do you mean by rough? If you mean beating up fast and hard then yes. If you mean whips, choking, and stuff like that then no.

  43. @Bree-Girl I know. BUT…I am realizing while love making love and getting feet kissed (you know who you are)…I like that knock me down, spread 'em and do your thang…for now!

    Maybe it's all this celibacy schlong talk?

  44. Comeback: “***opens door to the church,looksk out over the countryside***

    well so far we had two black man stop by along with SBM to give his opening remarks. Humble, Why, Hugh, Fly, Anti, Lion, Tiger, Bear, O My???”

    Sorry, been busy this morning. These bridges aren't going to design themselves!

    I'll check back at lunch.

  45. "I love a black man who knows what he wants and goes after it with all his might. OH and there is nothing like feeling the weight of a black man on top of you as you smell his neck and grab his head .. (let me stop) "

    …Jesus be a FENCE …be a fence b/w me and celibacy.

  46. "Sorry, been busy this morning. These bridges aren’t going to design themselves!

    I’ll check back at lunch."

    ooooh i think just….yep. CLEAN UP on Aisle 4!

  47. @Jac: This celibacy stuff leaves Nicki a thick girl…. I've now taken up a love for Doritos in place of schlongs….

    This isn't gonna work.

    Look at Jesus, I keep telling myself. 🙂

  48. @ Jac: "Do the men like women to be a little rough?"

    Yes. When its over I want us both to be lying naked trying to catch our breath. Some scratches on my back from the woman too.

  49. @Humble-OOOOHHH Did you say beating up..? That's that real gangsta shit you talking…*taps foot* and NO BDSM.

    @No More-Hmmm….deeper honey..deeper…and you can get you scratches.

    @Hugh-I co-sign Teacia…a man designing bridges and I..it's an engineering thing I guess men making stuff work and all that ish.

    @Nicki-Girlllll whew…

    I am literally kicking my legs.

  50. @teacia: GOMH! (get out my head)

    I was about to say the same thing..

    HUGH: Build me a bridge all the way to DC .. DAMN! Smart,busy bridge building BLACK men just make me MELT!

    ***seriously pondering moving to milwaukee***

  51. Jac…no, the post was titled making love but it was about how we just want to be fugged sometimes

    and @everyone, ya'll is a mess

  52. um…why r my some of my old flames (aka back breakin' brothas) coming out of the woodwork today? the cocoa butter scented chocolate brotha i mentioned earlier just IM-ed me to say "hi" (i gotta stay away from that dude), ole boy in Tampa (yes Teacia, him) just asked me to go to Chicago with him for a weekend, and this other fieldhand colored tasty boy in NY mentioned meeting me in DC when I go up next month…WTH IS GOING ON!!!

    Jac and Jolie…I blame YOU for getting me started and thereby emitting the energy that these fellas can sniff out even hundreds of miles away…**pulling out my chastity belt and joining in the hymn with comeback***

  53. @ why so: about 50/50 for me. But I think in a love making session it can start off soft and then get a lil rough and maybe end a lil soft or rough.. I just think VARIETY IS THE SPICE OF LIFE!

    I sound like a Spice Girl..

  54. @ Jolie – 🙂 thanks.

    @ Bree – I am still with you and Comeback. *kumbaya my Lord, kumbaya*

    thanks jac – right back at ya chick 😉 (ure still an offender)

  55. @No More-Man, I am a sucker for that crap. Now you must know…there are rules to it…but I won't mention them I think you know! It's all about reciprocation and equality…

    Which brings me to the point of men talking about they don't lick the kitty..wtf? Stop lying cause your boys are doing it too.

  56. "so what’s the ratio of fugging to “making love”…what percentages are ideal?"

    I think it depends on the man ur with. if your with someone who is passionate about stuff in which you disagree (little nuances. not enough to be completly incompatible) ..just a very opinionated mofo..there might be a lot mad angry se$xual relations.

    But if your with a nice boy next door. Who doesn;t like to rock the boat, just look at you all day…then it would be more makin love.

  57. okay…i'm changing the subject (but first i'd like to mention that i have stopped dating a dude for not blowing my back out regularly…i mean, what's the point of being in a relationship with someone if they aren't going to bang you out from time to time…geez)

    i also want to show my appreciation for my daughter's kindergarten teacher. i don't see a lot of black men teaching and i especially don't see it often in elementary education. for some of the boys and girls in his class, he may be one of only a few positive black males they can look up to. kudos to him. he sincerely cares about his class, he expects greatness from them and does not tolerate mediocrity, he maintains relationships with the parents with understanding that parent involvement is what truly enhances a child's learning experience. he gives me email updates throughout the day, as needed, on my little one and is very responsive to my inquiries. he's even provided me advice on how to handle certain situations with her behavior at home and at school. way to go Mr. Sanders, thanks so much for being the positive brotha you are!

  58. uuhhh, thanks nicki, but i'm not in the celibacy club…i'm allergic to celibacy! hahah

    no, seriously, i did it once and would do it again if i felt the need, but these days, i feel the need for…well, nevermind, lol

  59. Celibacy…I don't know how you ladies do it. When I think of a long, brown, meaty, thick, juicy member pulsating in my…oh laaawd keep me near the cross.

    SHAT!!…clean up on Aisle 5!

  60. In honor of today I will be a lot more receptive to requests dealing with someone causing "trouble". Some edits have already been made to the comments section and I want to keep today's dialog as a shining beacon because it really does do my heart good to see the effort put in by the lovely ladies here.

    As a result though, I ask two things.

    First: Any requests or issues be brought to me directly (email is still the best).

    Second: Can we have one day where we don't get super off topic. The comments of today will live on in perpetuity for years … so it would be nice if it wasn't marred with the randomness we usually talk about. Use yesterday's post for that.

    Thank You All …

  61. Oh lawd lawd lawd.

    Umm..Comeback..can't a happy medium be struck up…someone like…well I'm not sure right yet but who can beat it up and then stroke it sweetly?

    Teacia: Girl…2days. Calm down. SHAT! Legs kicking again.

  62. @Bree: Aw. LOL. I think I'm confusing comments now.

    @Teacia: You are cracking me up with this clean up business. LOL. It's very easy because THERE ARE NO CANDIDATES IN KENTUCKY!

  63. @Comeback-Kegels are the best thing ever. I mean it's like being in superior control…feels so good. AND they are the coolest exercise ever because you can do them all the time.

  64. @theLadies: Thank you very much ladies. It's good to know that brothas are being recognized and appreciated! God bless appreciative black women!

    * sheds a tear *

  65. "(but first i’d like to mention that i have stopped dating a dude for not blowing my back out regularly…i mean, what’s the point of being in a relationship with someone if they aren’t going to bang you out from time to time…geez)"

    "I don’t know how you ladies do it. When I think of a long, brown, meaty, juicy, thick member pulsating in my"

    Can we please chanhe the opic of conversation. Being that I am a male in the celibate club it does help me hearing women talk about thick members pulsating in their… or how you like to get your back blown out. S**t!!! It doesn't help at all.

  66. ok SBM – uh, a black man…a black man…aw hell

    Jesus was a black man
    Not a white man with a tan

    Am I the only person who's ever heard this? Is this off topic? If I have to ask then it probably is.

    Ok. I have one. The maintenance men in my building are all black and they always help me. I appreciate you Charles, Vaughn, Michael, the short guy, and the light-skinned guy. oh, and the door men too – 'preciate ya!

  67. I appreciate all these young tenders walking around this here campus with their "ey girl, let me holla at you fo a minut shawty"'s in my direction. I appreciate the security guards who give me ride on the golf cart to my car for no reason other than they know it's hot as hellfire outside and they don't want for my flawless makeup application to melt.

    And most of all I appreciate the young thing in the drive thru window at the Burger King 2 blocks from my place of employment and my residential dwelling…he makes the best Chocolate Oreo Cookie Fudge milkshakes around, and he always does it with a smile.

    yes it just does my heart great good to know that i'm still too fly for a young white guy…lol.

    **heading to BK to spread the love**

  68. Ahhh hell, why we gotta move the party indoors…it ain't raining outside.

    **NOTE:This had nothing to do with any requests of mine**

    Well inside we go…this is his house.

  69. AWWW No, im not crying..i just got something in my eye.

    I truly feel appreciated lol. Shouts out to all the lovely women of this site that provide entertainment and quotables for my days. Special shoutout to Teacia who mentioned me by name…what can I say? I LOVE the attention.

    Now I'm off to get my steak and back rub.


  70. Well this is sooo ironic because I just told my ex that I appreciated him for being a good man and that it wasn't all bad. Well HAPPY BLACK MEN'S APPRECIATION DAY!!

  71. *apologetically* My bad Jolie…I know how much that room meant to you.

    Over to the champagne room we go…yeah I like champagne room better.

    @Eathan: love you lots fella…join us for wine and wings in the champagne room if you get a chance.

  72. My job isn't as exciting as many believe it to be. I do structural design. Architects design the bridges, we just make sure their crazy ideas work.

    But thanks ladies, I do feel "appreciated" on this inaugaral BMAD! It's a welcome change of pace from being told to take a bow and that our belongings are in a box to the left.

  73. @Hugh Jazz: I really don't care what you are designing. You can design dishes for all I care. The fact that you design ANYTHING is sexy (read: four play) enough. LOL.

    I'm going back to the wine and wings room. 🙂

  74. I appreciate my black men, all black men, short fat tall skinny ugly broke paid under paid employed or unemployed. They are Ebony kings and from time to time we find our selves saying "Nigga's aint shi*" Today I digress…massages and shrimp alfredo on me brothers.. come get it…

    Thank you to every black man who ever loved a black women…


    Akua- The Sankofa Queen

  75. Nicki: "@Hugh Jazz: I really don’t care what you are designing. You can design dishes for all I care. The fact that you design ANYTHING is sexy (read: four play) enough. LOL."

    Well, I can design that too…

    Teacia: "Hugh, join the festivities commencing over in the Champagne room"

    I'll check in at 3:00. I spent too much of my lunch break on ESPN.com and reading online newspapers.

    Remember the words of Chris Rock and the late, great Gerald Levert: no sex in the Champagne Room!

  76. I know you people will not call black men rude when white men have been that way to all people for hundreds of years. Read your history and find where white men raped and sodomized black slave females and called us ninnies. Now tell me again what you are are saying. 5-13-2013


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