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Michelle’ Orphalee McMullen … Missing


One of our commenters, Akua, is desperately trying to find her sister who has been missing.  Posting this flyer is the least I can do.  If anyone has any information … don’t hesitate.

Thank you Comeback Girl for organizing this.

Akua … you and your sister are in my prayers.



  1. Thank you for doing your part to get the information and pictures up of a beautiful mother. No matter what the circumstances or her character, she is first and foremost a missing mother and there is a little child who is wondering where she might be.

    To read more about Michelle I would recommend:
    http://blackandmissing.blogspot.com http://mothersarevanishing.blogspot.com http://peace4missing.ning.com

    Let's hold out the hand of hope to Michelle's family that she will be found safe and sound.



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