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So an email late last night from an overseas reader, told me that today, Oct 15th 2008, was Blog Action Day and that the theme this year was poverty.  I scraped the post I had for today and threw this together because I respect what their trying to do.

I often talk about money on here.  Whether it’s me talking about having it, yearning for someone else who has it, trying to get more of it, or how I’m not spending it … but have you ever thought about what it would really be like if you just didn’t have it.

And I don’t mean “I wish I could buy that purse” not have it … I mean “It’s so cold in here with no hear” no having it …

Being a guy and living my life as a guy … I can only speak on this from the male perspective … in addition to the fact it wouldn’t be a problem for a woman.  We pay for dates and we provide … hell I think some 40% of housewives would fall under the poverty line if they weren’t married.

I was watching Seinfeld (great show) today … and the episode on was the one where Elaine discovers the guy she is dating is poor.  And not just “this month is kind of tight” … I mean the digging in dumpsters for food type of poverty.  She decided to drop him because of his financial status (in addition to fact she found out he was married).  So while it shows she wasn’t as accepting of his impoverished status … apparently someone was.

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As a man we want to provide for the significant woman in our lives (generally speaking) … so if we can’t do this there is going to be a huge strain on the relationship that is trying to be formed.

But for the woman … do you simply write this person off because they can’t provide for you … or do they actually get credit for being a good guy?  Suppose he hit hard times … suppose he just blew all of his money … or does it even matter?

In DC 1 out of every 5 people are at or below the poverty line … and while this obviously higher than the national average … its a reality for a lot of people.

Also, I know as a guy I can’t stand a woman who is too boughie or stuck up to even care about the impoverished.  Because I know anything can happen … and I don’t want to be with anyone who snubs there nose at those who have less.

Actually … new wifey test.  Within the 1st three months, one date is going to involve working at a homeless shelter.  If she aint with it … fail!

So … what are your thoughts on Poverty & Dating and Poverty in general???