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Friday … yeah!

  • I’m slowly becoming convinced that blogging will lead to an early demise.  Damn shame really.
  • I’m coming to realize (less slowly than the above point) that I have yet to master the art of keeping my life drama free … whether it be electronic or not.  I guess its one of those things that just comes with age.
  • As of late I’ve really just been contemplating my career, my life goals, what I have accomplished, and what I need to accomplish.  Its been a lot of deep thinking going on over here.  I think the plan is starting to take form and we may have a plan for the next 12 months (version 1.0 that is) … coming soon.  Maybe in like a weeks time.
  • I hate the fact that I’m learning to form utter disdain (damn near hatred) for certain individuals.  Its tough too … because I feel justified in my hatred … but then I kind of feel like the only one who can see the obvious reasons why they should be hated … which makes me doubt my hatred.  Crazy …
  • I need a vacation … and I need one bad.
  • I’m planning my vacation … and its looks like it might be great.  I always have to do the planning because of my anal obsession with details … but at least things go the way I desire.
  • I’m not doing anymore Throwback posts (for the foreseeable future) and I might suspend the Thursday features for a minute.
  • I want to say something positive now … uuuhhhhh … Oh yeah … I got a new phone.  Its working out pretty well.  Just got 3G coverage in my city … I’m am feeling the new phone!
  • I think I’m getting soft.  Either that or I’m just thinking too much.  I no longer have the reckless abandonment for life as I did in my youth (1.5 years ago).  I feel all old … and I don’t like it!
  • I have rediscovered how great “Sippin on some Syrup” is.  To quote the late Pimp C “we eat so many shrimp … I got Iodine poisoning”.
  • I’m gonna go listen to My Dougie bout 10 times, call my people’s, make a mess of myself this weekend, exercise my ACM (Anti-Celibacy Movement) membership card, and get myself right.
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I’m done … I know you got something you wanna get out



  1. First… dang…i thought that was close to impossible.

    1. I went to bed at 11 last night, fell asleep around 2 and woke up at 5. And i have to be at work at 7 – oh and i have no time to nap afterwork before going downtown.

    2.I am tired of putting up with bs in hopes that someone will see my worth and stop treating me like i dont exist unless he needs something (hotel reservations anyone)

    3. My nails still look jacked up because of breaking one last week

    4. my stomach is all kinds of hating me right now and it's no fun at all.

    i think thats it for now… off to finish getting ready for work.

  2. good morning blog fam

    my grantirants

    are as follows

    – i woke up

    -i have two kids who love me

    -i got the job.. middle management here I come…

    -trick or treat was okay…

    -still no sister

    – I'm going to try to write a novel in a month starting tommrow….write or die!

    – I'm soooo nervous about the election!!!!!

    take kiddies to school brb!!

  3. Akua you aint neva lied about bein nervous about the election. I am sooooooo nervous about it… this is by far one of if not the most important elections in our history…

  4. Damn phrater, doesn't sound good right now, kind of depressing. Anyway, my rant:

    Yeah work sucks. nuff said
    Halloween is wack but I'm gonna go drink anyway
    Can't wait to go back up top, New Jersey
    Ready for this election to be over
    I need a hug
    Yeah I'm done for now, peace love nappiness

  5. I too, am having issues keeping my life drama free, thanks in large part to the WWInterWeb.

    Why are throwbacks/Thursday features a-cursed?? Please expound.

    My Dougie is one of my top 5 Guilty Pleasure Songs right now. 😉

    ~I had a rather dramatical day yesterday as it relates to the opposite sex…. I don't know WTF was going on. Today I'm hanging with the girls (and their girls).
    ~My ex doesn't grasp the concept that a court order is not negotiable, and that his inability to honor it is NOT my problem.
    ~Jill Scott's "Cross My Mind" kicked me in the gut this morning, but I got it out and it's ok (http://adventuresindivorce.wordpress.com/2008/10/31/emotional-baggage-fridays/)

    I'm very happy it's Halloween, tho…. HAPPY HALLOWEEN ALL!! I'm ready for some tomfoolery.

  6. Need more money

    Excited about going back to school so I can…get more money!

    Not a baseball fan but (I put on for my city) I would love to be on Broad St. today for the parade, GO PHILLIES!!!

    Can't wait for my girl's suprise b-day party tomorrow, we're getting her a stripper pole owwwww! I'm sure her husband is going to LOVE us!

    I wish it were last Friday again, that would mean I'd be seeing T.I. bare his scrawny sexy little chest (that sounded borderline pedophile-ish)

    PISSED my girl just hit me on email informing me Broad St. is BANANAS!

    Today will be good, it's going to be a chocolate day!

  7. Oh yeah and SBM re:drama free know you are not alone in that… like I said in email the other day…. i was just thinkin life was gettin to be a bit more drama free then i find out i been lied to about a wifey for six years… SIX YEARS.

    And Johnny I think we all need a hug… i know i sure as hell do. More than I need to lose my membership to the celibacy club i need a hug.

  8. Good Morning SBM,

    I don't feel like doing any work today (haven't for the past few days but today I REALLY REALLY don't) too much distraction….it's Halloween and the Phillies won the world series so there's a parade going on down the block from my office. I haven't touched any projects today yet and it's 10 AM.

  9. I have no rants that can be put out on a public forum.

    My rave – Thank God it's friday and I'll be glad when these elections are over with.

    P.S. – If you entered any of the contests on my site this past month–check your email to see if you received a response from me. If you did–you won 🙂

  10. Peyso:Where is my Que? I saw one last night…but he was wearing a pink shirt and kinda reminded me of the Alpha I know…

  11. Someone in my office just said that if Obama doesnt win she predicts a record number of suicides on the 5th… dang. but is it far from the truth?

    Slim I feel you on the doin jobs for the sake of doing them. I want more than anything to have a Career not a job. but first I'd have to figure out what I want it to be.

  12. – Im not feeling the love from my SO. feels very business-like
    – Need some social plans for this wkend, or at least something to consider doing
    -dude at my job got arrested today for bringing an air rifle to work. he was camo'ed up and SWAT came to take him away after a lady called the jakes
    – im in need of a good meal and continued healthy diet
    – OBAMA!


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