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The inner joy I am experiencing today and experienced last night will be hard to beat for a long long time.  It was better than the aquafina flow, better than super head, better than finding the perfect mate … it was just … remarkable.

President Obama (has a nice ring … don’t it) has proven that as a people there is nothing we cannot accomplish.

And I don’t just want to make this a victory for Black people.  We as a nation have gained someone with the charisma, vision, and motivation to really enact some change and correct the mistakes of the past 8 years.  I am very proud to be an American and can now look at the next 4 years with a true sense of hope.

But as the title says … there is a bad part.

While I was watching the coverage last night on CNN, one of the anchormen started talking about the impact of an African-American President.  Apparently he teaches or is in somehow involved with schools in urban communities.  He said (paraphrased) “I don’t want to hear any complaints at all from my students.  They can’t say anyone is holding them back anymore.”  Essentially … he was declaring that racism and discrimination were over.

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While driving to DC … my brother’s friend said “You know their gonna start saying the N* word now.”

A few days ago I had a vision … a powerful one.

I saw across the country … people glued to the TV watching the results … white and black cheering in unity.  Suddenly, Barack is announced as the next President … and then every Caucasian person turns to their African-American counterpart … looks them in the eye … and says … “Happy?  Racism is dead.”

So … that to me is the possible bad part.  Because a black man has managed to obtain the most powerful position in the free world … there is a good chance white america will officially consider racism dead … although its not.  There will continue to be injustice, discrimination will still exists, and there still is work to be done … but who knows how this is going to affect “relations”.

On a positive note … I finally feel the youth will have a great and real role model to look up to.  WIth the possibility of being President, black yoth everywhere will start trying hard, striving for more, and accomplishing great things.  This may be the single starting point of the “revolution” … and I guess it was televised.

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Oh yeah … because this site is about dating and sh*t … uhhhh … Black Love in the White House.  See …


  1. i was crying and cheering, and i had my 4 year old there too. he doesn't fully understand but the fact that he sat for twenty minutes watching with me shows that he knew it was something amazing.

    i've had the same hope for african american youth, especially young boys. the inspiration that they have now to see someone that looks like them make it, overcome in this country. that's been on my mind all year, that hope is given to our young people. there are no more excuses for anybody. i'm taking this motivation and about to get on my grind! yes the revolution was televised worldwide. best believe.

  2. Obama in 08. I'm from Mississippi and I have been crying all night and morning. However I just got off the phone with my father who still lives in Mississippi and white ppl are getting their guns together. So racism is not dead because it still lives the hearts of many but I have hope because of Obama.

  3. First off: YES WE DID!

    Second. This: “Happy? Racism is dead.” Yeah, I wish someone WOULD come up to me and say that. The very fact that the man had to endure probably one of the worst attacks to his campaign is proof that racism isn't over. I'm thrilled that he overcame that, but this isn't a magical potion to racism. The racists who watched (through gritted teeth) President Obama elected the 44th president are STILL racists as I type this. Obama being elected represents hope to me. Inspiration. But, it doesn't represent conclusion. It's a beginning. We're taking a step in the right direction. And anyone who even hints at this one event being the end of racism is insulting the millions of people who have struggled to obtain civil rights in the past and the people who are still struggling for civil rights today and well into the future. This event marks the path to forward and I'm really eager to get there. TOGETHER.

  4. I wonder, was every other city as crazy as DC was? I mean mobs in the street of all races, just yelling "Yes We Did" and high fives for all.

    It was beautiful …

  5. Since I grew up in Chicago, this was one of the 1st times when I wish I was there last night. Dallas had mixed emotions. This is McCain/Republican country..and they aren't happy with the results. I am looking forward to seeing how President Obama begins to unite and win people over.

    I have to admit that I thought about affirmative action. It reminds me of how people resisted that change also.

    This election is a transition of a younger and accepting generation that is looking for the future. The journey has just began.

    That's my 2 cents worth.

  6. SBM – I'm still hyped about this. I haven't done any real work today…between talking to my mama, grandmother, brother, friends etc today…I finally made it back to the computer. I had your page up 2 hours ago and now you have a new post…lol

    Last night we not only celebrated our first AA President, we celebrated Black love as they kissed on stage for the entire world to see–so in between tears, I cheered–Yes!!!

  7. as a kid who has experienced some not so nice things with being one of maybe 5 black kids in a classroom…i rebuke it all.

    in fact though it existed…and i have a few stories…but to me as real as it was. Im not claiming it.

    There are some white people out here that would take a bullet for me quicker than a black person would. And in my life I know of at least 2.

    To me racism could also be an indication or inability to culitivate relationships with people who don;t look like us. That does not discount history. Its real. I got stories.

    but for the right to vote…1965…we have two white jewish men to thank. we need to learn a little of our own history and sig. relationship whites (jews particularly) had with our collective struggle.

    that is all.

  8. "Last night we not only celebrated our first AA President, we celebrated Black love as they kissed on stage for the entire world to see–so in between tears, I cheered–Yes!!!"

    YES! This was a huge moment, too. Immediately after thinking about how well "President Obama" sounds to my ears, I thought about the lovely image of a Black Family. Of Black Love. The mini Obamas running around the White House. LOVE IT!

    I (sadly) didn't get to attend the rally in downtown Chicago, but please believe Chi-town was SHUT DOWN after the rally.

  9. In PA it was pretty much the same, especially since the nation's eye was on us for our decision. So I heard the horns and people cheering and fire crackers and such (I live in the burbs) so I just sat on my patio and listened and cried tears or pride & joy.

  10. See my comments to your last post, herein incorporated by reference.

    And in case you didn't get it from those comments, my point is that racism isn't dead…. it's still very much alive and squirming below the surface with some people. But I'm pleased as punch at this MONUMENTAL progress!! The dream isn't dead, either.


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