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My musical tastes have been discussed a lot.  Sure … I love me some chopped & screwed music … but I’m not so one dimensional.

As of late … I started listening to the radio.  This was mainly brought about because I had absolutely no idea why every woman kept saying “If you like it … put a ring on it”.

So as I listen to the radio I’m just blasted by all these songs with a similar theme.

First Beyonce revels me with “Single Ladies” aka “Put a Ring On It” and I get told that apparently if you like a woman (yeah … just like her) … then I need to propose.  Also seems to hint that guys out here just aren’t willing to propose or commit … and its a general “F*ck him girl” vibe that I get.

Next … Beyonce is back with “Like a Boy“.  Now she is saying that if she was a dude … she could be grimy, distant, and a cheater … because apparently all of us guys are just horrible people.  This reminded me of something I heard before …

Ciara did the whole “Like a Boy” thing a while back … saying the same thing.  Apparently all us guys are just horrible horrible individuals … because acting like a boy means not caring about your woman … treating her wrong … and you gotta cheat … you have to cheat!

Then Jazmine Sullivan regales me with “Bust Your Windows” … because you know sometimes you just gotta show that no good cheating guy what’s really good.  In addition, you feel empowered by how she takes power from these no good ninjas.

Now the DJ takes it back and I hear Mary J Blige tell me she is “Just Fine“.  She doesn’t need a man (which she doesn’t … I’m not knocking her) and is happy to let the world enjoy in the fact that she is fine by herself and without the drama.

Not to be outdone by the girls … Ne-Yo comes in with “Ms. Independent“.  I will say that I love the premise of this song … because I want someone who can walk like a boss and talk like a boss … but its an empowerment song.  I’ve seen a lot of woman banding together around it.

And if we start traveling back in time … I got pages of songs.  Beyonce single-handedly (between her solo career and the head of Destiny’s Child) made a small empire off these songs.  “Bills, Bills, Bills”, “Say My Name”, “Bug a Boo”. “Independent Women”, “Survivor”, “Ring the Alarm”, “To the Left” … the list goes on for days.  And she is still cranking them out … BUT BEYONCE IS MARRIED!!!  Apparently he did like it … cause he did put a ring on it.  Jay Z needs to get some order in his house.

I just don’t understand why there is such a huge market for these “empowerment songs” …

Really … I have no problem with these songs.  I’m all for women feeling good about themselves, paying their own bills, and being strong … its sexy.  But gotdamn …

When we look to the male side … what do we have?  Uhhhh … “99 Problems” comes to mind.

Now … I don’t want to her any male empowerment songs … that’s not what I’m proposing.  Especially because people like me would take it too far.  I almost recorded “If you liked it … then you shoulda put your lips on it” over the weekend … but couldn’t get the studio time realized it was a bad idea.  And honestly … I’m not looking to be dancing at the club to the same song that is supposed to empower me to go conquer the world.

Why turn to this “pop music” for encouragement?  Why the bloody hell has Beyonce become a spokeswomen for the new millennium woman?  What’s wrong with Michelle Obama?

I part with this spoof of the “hot” Beyonce song … “You can smash it … but don’t ever put a ring on it”



  1. Yeah can men get a break, why are we all cheats or trying to take her money. I think at this point it damn near suprises women when a man is straight up. Sadly it's the hood rats that listen to this for empowerment and then start going all buck in the club. You are a hood rat, no one wants to put a ring on that.

  2. C'mon…. this is like asking why there's not white history month. We still live in a patriarchal society where women have ALWAYS been relegated to lesser status. Beyonce's song isn't going to change the fact that we make 85 cents on the dollar compared to men (or whatever the figure is now). I think black men just assume everything is gravy with us over here…. we're still WOMEN in the grand scheme of things. And it's still a man's world, love it or hate it.

    And I think you're oversimplifying Beyonce's message. You have men out here who just want to play house forever and ever and never want to get married because they're afraid of losing their "freedom"…. I really think she's saying that, ok, if you wanna do that, that's fine…..just don't get made when I get with the dude who IS willing to take that step. If you liked it oh so much, you should have done the things necessary to keep me. Jay-Z was the man to step up and do that for her. Sorry for the commitment-phobes that I'm sure she left in her wake (suckers). The "ring" is symbolic of that next step, whatever that step in your situation is. Don't get it twisted…. all us women aren't rushing to get rings just from someone we "like".

  3. "Then Jazmine Sullivan regales me with “Bust Your Windows” … because you know sometimes you just gotta show that no good cheating guy what’s really good. In addition, you feel empowered by how she takes power from these no good ninjas."

    im sorry tho..somebody who is barely 21 is not defining my womaness not NEVER on NO day.

  4. beyonce's song "single ladies" is about being in a 3 year relationship…and her being tired of his mess and not committing. She decides she is going to go out to the club. In the club she gets attention from some guys. Her old dude gets jealous..and she saying "if you like it you should have put a ring on it" meaning..if you wanted me to remain your girl, you shoulda locked me down and marry you

    So..you are completly off on what the song is about.

    Bills bills bills was about her boyfriend using her car and cell phone but not paying for spit..he was a user and a scrub.

    I like her songs ..most of them

    I dont see the complaint here. We relate to men dogging us and treating us like spit. (most of us anyway)..so we wrote a song about it.

    Lots of men write about cheating on their girls or just screwing them or using their bodies or tricking out on them (Trey Songz Last time, Eric Benet Georgie Porgie, PLIES all of his damn songs, TI's whatever you like)

    Its a sad reality

    DO BETTER and we won't have to write a song about it..lol

  5. "Why turn to this “pop music” for encouragement? Why the bloody hell has Beyonce become a spokeswomen for the new millennium woman? What’s wrong with Michelle Obama?" … surely you jest?

  6. i hope no one on here is really letting music tell them what to do

    its a form of expression

    you enjoy it

    i listen to gangsta rap but im not about to sell some "white girl"

  7. @Aneisidora – "C’mon…. this is like asking why there’s not white history month."

    Co-sign! I think you put it best with that one sentence.

    And furthermore, all of those songs aren't inventing empowerment, they're just relegating what women have already been talking about for years. We're not looking to the songs for the empowerment, the empowerment is what influenced the songs.

  8. But here is the question, when does enough become enough.

    If both sides are doing it, who will be the first to stop and start singing about positive relationships. That's why I listen to a lot of old school songs. They were more positive.

    They talked about love and commitment and treating your spouse right.

    Of course there were a few out there but the majority had good messages.

  9. there are some good love songs on the radio now too

    Eric Benet's new one..can't think of the name of it.

    Mario has a lot of positive love ballads.

    Shoot…beyonce even made a cater to her man song…she surely balances things out..lol

  10. Skanterous skulduggery. That's all this is. Black women may be double minorities but they have it much easier in this world than black men because they do not induce fear at sight.

    I see the Beyonce-led "new millennium empowerment movement" to really be a "ninjas ain't sh*t movement". I find it odd how women embrace the materialism and whore-ishness of a "Sex in the City" existence also seek to marginalize the men they wish to subject…i mean date.

  11. SBM, I can dig that playlist…about to listen to those songs now…:)

    If men acted right 100 percent of the time, there would be no reason for what you call "empowerment" songs. ROFL

  12. wow….no one noticed the love songs beyonce makes.

    On all her cd's..there is some songs dedicated to how much she loves her man

    geez..give her credit all around

    Dangerously in love, cater to you, tshirt, yes, sugar mama, crazy in love..the list goes on and on

  13. I personally love Beyonce and I feel that there is trippin going on because she stands up for wanting to be a respected woman.

    I do like no love her love songs a alot…especially speechless…ahhh..

    And I don't think this means n!ggas ain't shit. It's just saying you can't be all up in arms if I've been with you forever and you are not making any moves. Now…if I were a boy is just saying if women were men for even a day…we wouldn't be bad, because we know how it feels. it doesn't really men you're bad just how we would be different

  14. Shelia,

    For that to happen women would have to stop allowing men to treat them that way and show some self respect at the same time.

    I like how Anitdater said it "I find it odd how women embrace the materialism and whore-ishness of a “Sex in the City” existence". I don't hate on a woman dressing to feel sexy but when does feeling sexy cross over to dressing slutty.

    Women run the world, believe it or not. You all are the ones that are in control. Men make their moves based on what you allow them to do.

    With the state of music the way it is now, no one is showing respect to either side.

    Men disrespect women, women disrespect men, it's a vicious cycle.

    I think the other issue is that people allow themselves to be influenced/empowered by the music. It shows how malleable their minds really are.

    It seems like selective listening. Just like SBM said about the UGK song “I choose you”.

  15. I'm a huge fan of Beyonce, but I must say that her songs are popular because it's still what majority of women experience today and they need that kind of empowerment. If that wasn't the case, we all would be singing a different tune. That's why I aree with true and Shelia on this one.

    We could create a nasty roster of songs that men sing about women aka hoes and b*ches, so don't hate. To each their own.

  16. It's funny, i don't hear any one (GUYS) complaining about songs like: "Lick the wrapper or a Lollipop"… (Whatever it's called) or let's see"

    Drop it like it's hot

    Back That Thang Up

    Rump Shaker

    Pop That Coochie

    Shake What Ya Mama Gave Ya

    Money Maker

    And whatever other Crap is out there, that is sung by the male persuasion

    But as soon as someone talks about a ring, guys clear the dance floor (I witnessed it)

    Guys have always dominated the music Industry with Raunchy songs and lyrics… I'm not the biggest Beyonce' fan, but at least she isn't singing "My Neck, My Back"

    That's why I'll stick to my favorite perverted artist who self-proclaimed he is no longer perverted 🙂 PRINCE (at least he had his a$$ out for the world!!!)

  17. DC Diva,

    I agree. Some of those songs I don't like. Others I like just for the music.

    But I agree about the words behind it.

    I remember I once had a friend who had to turn off the radio cause R.Kelly's Ignition was on because she didn't want her young daughter listening to the lyrics.

    There isn't a day that goes by that I'm not surprised by some of the lyrics to some songs that are played in the mornings.

    That's why I hated listening to the radio when I lived in Memphis and ATL. A lot of negative music that was glorified from the younger crowd.

  18. "Drop it like it’s hot
    Back That Thang Up
    Rump Shaker
    Pop That Coochie
    Shake What Ya Mama Gave Ya
    Money Maker"

    I love the classics. Especially when women dance to them in both kinds of clubs.

  19. I think your "analysis" of those songs is a bit off.
    “Single Ladies” isn't just about if you like me you should marry me. The point is that the dude who USED to be her man is acting all salty when he sees her with somebody new, somebody who is actually all over her. Don't be salty… if YOU were into me like that, then you should have put a ring on it. Seeing as there's no ring on this finger, well "don't pay him any attention!"

    The two "Like a Boy" songs (Bey and Ciara) aren't necessarily saying all men are that way. However, you're being totally ridiculous if you don't admit that those characterizations of men come from SOMEwhere! You only have to listen to men when they tell each other they're acting like a woman, or a bitch, when they exhibit the opposite behavior. On the flipside, men who make songs about bitches who ain't shit aren't necessarily saying all women are bitches either, but you like those songs I guess.

    There have been a lot of folks bugging over J. Sullivan's song. How about not dealing with women who commit crimes of vandalism instead of thinking a song is going to send women out to parking lots with crowbars? Clearly the song is extreme but no one seems to focus on how hurt the protagonist in the song must be and how sad it is that the only way she can "get back" at her ex man is to hurt his possessions.

    I seriously doubt that people are "looking for empowerment" on the local hip hop and r&b radio station. But there are songs that appeal more to women, from a woman's voice and point of view. Hit makers know that. Women want to sing out loud while on the dance floor or driving to work and what's wrong with that? We don't always want to rap along to 50 or Jay Z while clicking our high heels.

    So-called male empowerment songs aren't necessary because the music industry is so heavily tilted in favor of men and misogynistic songs. Try to doubt it and you're delirious. I don't even know why you brought that up. That's like white folks asking why there isn't a White Entertainment Television station.
    Sorry for the long comment.

  20. Jazmine Sullivan will get the snot kicked out of her if she comes near my car.

    Ne-Yo is a changeling fruitcake (good songwriter), but I hate his song too…especially since undeserving low life chicks are running around singing it. As a matter of fact, most R&B songs nowadays are poor shells of what they once were (actually about love and feelings) to the same silent civil war men and women are conjoined in. Most dudes in R&B are a great disappointment.

    Beyonce needs to fall back. I'm not putting a ring on anything/anyone that I "like." Get real!

    I guess this is why I'm sticking to WHUR and 102.3 more than the "Hot, homes of Hip Hop and R&B" and keep plenty of fresh albums on my thumbdrive to rock in the car. Oh yeah…and a crib full of vinyl albums from yesteryear that never get old.

  21. Beyonce… with her kindergarden lyrics is not the new leader of the women's empowerment music… her music caters to gay men far more than it does to women… that single ladies song is the dumbest ish I've heard in a long time and if the beat wasn't so infectious I wouldnt even bob my head to it in the club. I dont know why you dont understand why these songs are popular. Or maybe you said that to be sarcastic.

    Music in itself is about encouragement. Put a beat to every possible feeling you can have as a person. Music makes the world go round so why should one aspect of life be excluded from being expressed musically.

    If that's the case, let's stop making booty shaking music, oh but oh no a man would say that cant happen because what would the skanks dance to in the strip club?

  22. PS More songs I heard in the short hour or so, just to make a point

    Put it on ya
    Take you Down
    Bust It Baby
    Sexual Eruption
    Mrs. Officer

    But guys you have your anthems too, you know the one's that get you crunk…

    Swagger like Us
    Put On
    Live Yo Life (that's mine…)
    Dirt of Ya Shoulder
    I'm So Paid (I think)

    ….so let us have ours….

  23. True: “DO BETTER and we won’t have to write a song about it..lol”

    Sheila: “If men acted right 100 percent of the time, there would be no reason for what you call “empowerment” songs. ROFL”

    Just remember that’s a two-way street.

  24. I don't mind the misandry in music too much. If a woman wants to sing about "your belongings are in a box to the left" or "you were a player when I met you, but I'm shocked that you cheated on me", or "I'm independent, I have my own job!", that's fine with me.

    But Jazmine Sullivan is inspiring a lot of women to get sent to the hospital and to the dentist with that stupid "Bust Your Windows" song. Those are the most hazardous words uttered by a musical artist to women since Jay-Z told women to "put a little in the baggie, and a little in the purse."

  25. The problem with today's music is that its not speaking to grown folks, its speaking to young woman and men who have yet to find their place in this world and that's troubling.

    None of those songs fit me which is why I rarely listen to the radio.

    and please record that song so I can play it to for my fellow girlfriends. They look at me like im crazy but I have said the same thing for years. Look at me funny if you like but if u got one, and its a good one, and your not putting ur lips on it then there is a problem.

  26. "But Jazmine Sullivan is inspiring a lot of women to get sent to the hospital and to the dentist with that stupid “Bust Your Windows” song."

    I'm saying…I've only been inspired to bust windows out of somebody's car all of once. I can't go through with it though, cause it's kinda just wrong. Now I did pull a knife and I won't hesitate to cut you.

    So gentlemen, I'm curious…would you rather have your windows bust OR your leg cut?

  27. AngelBaby: "So gentlemen, I’m curious…would you rather have your windows bust OR your leg cut?"

    Preferably neither, which is why I do my best to stay out of those situations. I'm not the type to hit a woman.

    But just remember when you cross that line, be prepared to suffer the consequences of your actions since you don't know how that man will react. And also remember men are bigger, stronger and faster than you, and can absorb more physical punishment. I don't care if you're Laili Ali, or how ghetto you might think you are, any man who weighs more than 170 lbs that is seriously attacking you will pummel you into the ground.

    Most men would never hit a women under any circumstance. Some will. Proceed at your own risk.

  28. True: "lol…I didnt realize how many men hate our “anthem” songs"

    If it is any consolation, I hate 95% of what's on the radio.

  29. no woman on here said they would do the busting windows thing

    lol..she probably wouldn't even do it

    its just expression


    its just music …..we be so serious about it…its entertainment

  30. Damned. Ladies look out Hugh's a violent one.

    I'm just saying…men are always doing ridiculous ish and I swear to you women do forget how much strength they have. When you really f up I know I'll hit kick, punch, whatever. Shit fight to the death then dial 911.

  31. True,

    Maybe the singer wouldn't do it but someone with a easily shaped mind would take it to heart and feel "hey if she says she will do it in the song than maybe I can too."

    I take no chances. The truck will be parked in the garage during breakups.

  32. I'm not sure I can still claim this is a man's world, but let's assume it is.

    Why is the radio the single biggest source of "Womens Empowerment"? What happened to real forms of communication? Sure "What's goin on" was pivotal, but I kinda feel like marches on washington and public outcry was a little more important.

    Also, even these songs just focus on how bad men are? I mean … damn …

  33. The thing to keep in mind in all this is that music, movies and TV are ENTERTAINMENT. I'm sure our mamas taught us all at the age of 5 that there's a difference between reality and what's on TV. I don't know too many people doing much of ANYTHING that gets portrayed in songs these days (but if you can gas up your jet for a chick, go right on ahead….'scuse me).

    With that said, even ridiculous songs like "Bust the Windows" have their place…. sure it may "inspire" some woman to go and actually do that, but that b*tch was crazy anyway, just like the kids who go shooting rampages didn't get crazy by playing video games. I think the vast majority of "inspiration" it provides is for women to imagine doing that to some dude's car who did her dirty, and that's quite enough satisfaction.

    Very few singers keep in all the way real (Jill Scott comes to mind as one… 'tis why I LOVE her), but honesty, do we really want them to? It's entertainment…. an escape. If "Single Ladies" gets a few more women off the benches and on the dance floor, mission accomplished. Guys quit being so serious and take advantage, cuz next week you'll be complaining about women lined up on the walls.

    On a lighter note, I hope you all have seen the SNL skit with Beyonce and Justin Timberlake doing Single Ladies…..Aw dang I was gonna post the link my boy had on his site but it's been taken down already. Here's a still photo: http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/photos/uncategori

  34. Angel Baby: "Damned. Ladies look out Hugh’s a violent one."

    No. I specifically said, "I’m not the type to hit a woman." All I did was point out the physical reality of the situation. If you want to bust out windows, it's your prerogative. You just better hope that man respects social niceties and doesn't believe in striking women.

    Men are bigger and stronger than women. I don't know why this is even offensive. Even a man knows there's a line that he doesn't cross with another man who is considerably bigger than he is. I'm a very strong guy, but I wouldn't talk trash to Shaq.

  35. SBM

    music is probably the greatest form of expression …to say how you feel..whether you writing a "ignorant" song about how u had to hustle to feed your family or whether you writing a song about needing to go to rehab cause you are so in love..or whether you writing a song saying Im not tryin to be a video girl

    My point is…music is so open that you can say anything in a song..I mean anything

    and I love music for that reason

  36. Yes Hugh…blah, blah, blah…I understand all this. I get that you wouldn't strike another woman.

    I wouldn't bust out windows at all. Not really do anything to offend a man…not stealing his food, or whamming his car or anything of the nature

  37. Cosign Hugh…

    I've never done physical harm to woman in my life but there is a point where violence perpetuated by a woman to a man results in the same consequences as man vs man. Self-Defense is just that regardless of whom the attacker is.

    Depending on my mind state, I'd take you on with a knife anyday. Leave my car out of it.

  38. @ShawnSmith – I agree with women needing to set the standards on how a man treats them. You have to teach people how to treat you. Expect and demand respect; and don't tolerate anything less. That's my motto and the motto that I teach young ladies I mentor.

    When it comes to music, I find that it's a man's world in that aspect when a lot of the songs are disrespectful to women. Not just the music but the videos. Unfortunately, some women (mostly younger ones) are singing along with the B's & H's in the lyrics and a lot aspire to be video vixens.

    I really don't know anybody personally that lets a song dictate to them how to live their lives.
    On the flipside, since I love music and review different genres, I do think there's a song out there to fit almost every situation. But its not about the music influencing the persons life…its about listening to lyrics that mirror that persons situation…which is in my opinion different.

  39. @ Hugh Jazz – you're absolutely correct. It is a two-way street.

    Ref the Jazmine Sullivan song–this seems to be a hot topic with men…all I can say is you guys need to stop dealing with crazy women in the first place but if you can't…tip for today: make it look like she's the one breaking up with you.

    I definitely don't condone a man hitting a woman, but if she's about to stab your butt or go upside your head–you better protect yourself.

  40. CPTCallamity-I wouldn't at all stab a person, just pull the knife (Unless you were sleeping) And you have to have really, really f'ed up. Like on a level unknown to most men.

  41. I was listening to Jazmine on the radio today and apparently she has actually been getting mail from guys who have had their windows broken because some girl was listening to the song … so don't tell me its just a song …

    Women are really letting these songs dictate real life. I remember reading a comment on a blog (I don't think it was mine) who literally was in the club, about to dance with a guy, and though "If he likes this … he really should be putting a ring on it", and then decided to not dance.

    And I don't even have enough time to assess the damage of "To the left".

  42. SBM—for me its just a song and to many others…unfortunately there will always be some crazies out there that will take a book scene, movie or a song to heart–if the person is borderline, all they need is a push. These people who take all of those to heart aren't independent thinkers.

    My question would be–who on this blog is easily influenced by books, movies and songs that they listen to?

  43. @Sheila: Yea … but there is someone who is affected by it. I have officially even decided to cut back on the "ignorant" stuff I love so much … felt like it was slowly affecting me for real … and thats no good.

  44. I get extremely turned off when women try to "live" some of these songs or put them in their Facebook/Myspace/Twitter status. Mary J., Jill Scott, Beyonce, Keisha Cole, etc. have collectively impacted my life one way or another via some chick who took it to the next level.

    But yeah, Beyonce's music is somewhat hypocritical. I guess that's not too different than a lot of people….

  45. I’ve been reading this blog for a little while now and I am a fan, however, I have never felt compelled to comment until now. I think it is ridiculous how men are taking these songs so seriously and twisting the meanings, especially since there are so many more songs that cater to men.

    First of all, these songs have nothing to do with the feminist movement. They are just songs that these women wrote expressing things that a lot of women can identify with and relate to. As a feminist who has a degree in women studies and is about to finish law school, I can tell you that these songs have absolutely nothing to do with feminism.

    Second, although Beyonce (Destiny’s Child) has a few “ladies anthems”, she also has quite a few love songs in which she sings about appreciating her man and men in general, i.e. – “Cater to You”, “Déjà vu”, “Suga mama”, “Upgrade U”, “Flaws and All”, etc. So I feel like the analysis you have given of her music is unfair and also untrue.

    Third, the song isn’t saying, “if you like me, you should marry me.” The exact lyrics are “If you liked it, then you should have put a ring on it. Don’t be mad once you see that he want it.” Obviously, even though she is using the word “like”, I think common sense should allow people to understand that she is not just saying “if you like a woman, then marry her”. She probably used the word “like” because it just sounds better in the song. Further, you misinterpreted what she was saying. She is talking about the guy who breaks up with a woman and then sees her with someone else and gets upset because she has moved on. He didn’t want her, but doesn’t want her to move on, hence the lyrics “Don’t be mad once you see that he want it.” I think it is fair to say that she clearly did not intend that you should marry someone only because you like the person. That is ridiculous and I do not think Beyonce is stupid.

    As for all “If I were a Boy” and songs like that. Clearly they are talking about “boys”, not “men”, so if you are not a boy, it should not bother you. If it does then you probably have some boyish/childish tendancies and the song is hitting home.

    Lastly, angry lovers have been damaging property for ages. People did not start busting the windows out of cars because of Jazmine Sullivan’s song. Although I do not agree with expending that type of energy on someone who would hurt you emotionally like that, to say that it is because of this song that women are breaking men’s car windows is absurd.

    Sorry for the long post. : )

  46. Aight Remi,

    You dazzling intellectual you…(seriously. you would eat most men alive in a debate)

    Music is open to interpretation. What a song means to one person can be totally different to another. And I think you'd have to agree that music often moves people to take certain actions. This is typically within reason of course. I just get annoyed when I'm having a conversation/listening to a conversation and a chick always finds a way to reference one of the above artist to support why she should take a certain action, or why she won't.

    Granted, being a pop artist means you need to be popular and current…if the trend in the streets is to make a guy put a ring on it, then why not write a song about it.

    I really don't like the song, strong woman talk aside.

  47. "I just get annoyed when I’m having a conversation/listening to a conversation and a chick always finds a way to reference one of the above artist to support why she should take a certain action, or why she won’t."

    In other words being an annoying cliche of a woman. Sort of like 85% of the chicks on these social networks has lyrics from some song or "Phenomenal Woman" on their personal message?

  48. what songs should a woman have on myspace if not "phenomenal woman"?


    SBM..this topic is good and interesting enough to keep us posting for a couple of days. Since this works well, i see why u would want to cut back on daily posting

  49. CPT Callamity: "In other words being an annoying cliche of a woman."

    And with those ten words, the whole theme of this post was succinctly articulated. It's not about the men that don't like the song or rational women who aren't superficial. It's the dim-witted women whose only exposure to the written word is their Facebook page and Zane books, who form their whole worldview off of popular culture. Ask any guy commenting on this blog who had the misfortune of being introduced to them, these women are out there.

    Busting out windows may not have originated with Jazmine Sullivan, but that song will be the impetus for a lot of women to think it's acceptable.

  50. @True: Thanks. Its almost hard trying to decide what to conquer next with all the additional free time.

    @Remi: The truth is most people don't go over these songs with the type of analysis that you or I would. Yes, I listened to the words and realized there was more to the song … but 85% of people don't. I hear girls always taking the hook out of context … and literally turning this into a battle cry that they start living their life by.

    At this point who do I blame for the stupidness … The artists who are piddling it … or the women who don't even listen to the full song and suddenly jump out and start making life decisions?

  51. I dobut she belives half the stuff she is saying in her lyrics is just wouldnt fit her background. I do think she is riding the wave of the mindset that is out here for that type of black woman she is speaking to. and obviously she is reaching them. I have had more sistas quote a beyonce song to me this year than I can shake a stick at.

    forget beyonce and sex in the city/lipstick jungle/cashmire mafia/girlfriends ….. where is the suave black male playboy for us to look up to? For spiritual guidance only thing I have to watch is "what women want" (my personal fave until he goes soft at the end) and Boomerang. but thats it. its almost like america HATES the playboy.

  52. True you need to check out some of my books (and no fellows I don't male bash. Men who read my books all tell me they appreciate I show them in a positive light.)

  53. @Slim Jackson – LOL @ eating most men alive in a debate… I agree with what you are saying. Music is art and is open for interpretation; however, I think with the songs we are discussing the interpretation is clear. They're R&B pop songs and are simply not that deep. However, you do make a good point.

    @SBM – I can see where you are coming from. Although, I've never heard any woman take the lyrics of those types of songs out of context, I'm sure some do as you have stated. There are silly people who just hear what they want to hear in lyrics and go by that blindly, but I’m hoping that those people are in the minority. Maybe I've been too sheltered. =) Also, I notice you reference women, but the same could be said for men. However, I’m not going to get into that right now.

  54. @Remi: I hate to say it … but it might just be a little sheltered. That song is hotter than pigs grease and has women making life decisions. Not everyone can "live above the influence".

    Hell … even a couple of commenters (I love you all) stated that these songs are important in our male dominated world and are key women and power and … whatnot.

  55. @SBM – LOL. Although I like Beyonce's music, it's so hard for me to see a grown woman using her songs or any song for that matter to make a life decision. That is just plain ridiculous and foolish. I don't think there are that many foolish women out there, but maybe it could just be where I have lived and the women I encounter. But then again, the same could be said for you. Maybe you just encounter a lot of foolish women.

    Also, I haven't read any comment that stated that these songs are that serious. It seems like most of the women who have commented on here tend to think that these songs may speak to certain feelings they have had, but, overall, think the songs are not that serious.

  56. Where to go on this one? The Radio well there are only 24 hrs in a day…pop music there are only 365 days in a year.

    Again I wonder what has prompted the ladies to chime in with the song so hard? Are they the women in question, are these the ladies that chose then allowed a man that was not keeping it real to drag them on and on?

    If so you are only mad at yourself really.

    As for the women that arent the subject of the song…well guys do live thru the action heros and sport stars and various entertainers..yet when songs of lost love pop up I dont chime in, why? I never lost a love. I can respect the lyrics, composition and everything else but if its not my story I cant get into it like that putting it on my ringtone and myspace page. Men wanna live thru songs that have us winning and overcomming not lamenting the bimbo we thought coulda been our wife…that bitch dont get a song!!!!

    Now for the women that truly were THIS close to the gettin married or were but divorced I feel you…but if yall was shacking up since 96 and two kids later he still aint on one knee…ya ass coulda left / or kicked him out after the first kid!!!

  57. WOW…i just happened upon your blog and you are indeed a funny brother. I do agree though, empowerment should come from within, you should NOT need a Beyonce song to make you feel empowered. I totally never understood that about women. I consider myself an independent woman of sorts, I am a single mom, make a decent salary am a recent college grad, have all of my own teeth, am world traveled and yet seem to always stumble across the "wrong" brother, i do accept part of the blame as to the outcome of certain situtations, because there are always tell tail signs early on that he was not going to "put a ring on it" and i just did not move away fast enough. As for Beyonce, she knows what sells, she's got her ring!


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