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Lola Luv (Angel) … Real or Fake … I care?


I like titties.

I also have learned to appreciate booty … aka … an ass.

I have always loved black women … hell … my mama’s one!

Man … I sure wish I could have all three of those things … wrapped up nicely in a sexy little package.

Enter … Lola Luv … aka … Angel.

Look at all that ...
Fool me!

Ok, let me take a step back.  I’m supposed to be talking about something … not just verbally lusting after an ass so round and so well formed I might be tempted to simp propose.  No … this is about something bigger.

So I was lurking at my dear sister’s (no relation) blog … and while I had to calm myself at the nonsense opinion she was expressing … I did notice a discussion about the realness of women such as Lola Luv and Ester Baxter came up.  This forced me to go re-acquaint myself with these video vixens and almost get myself in trouble at work google a couple pictures of them.

As I looked at the pure prototype beauty of these two specimens … I recalled my discussion on the different types of beauty.  I thought about how these video women fell into the stripper prototype … what’s important to that prototype … and then about how I would love to cover their bodies in hot chocolate, cinnamon sugar, butter, and marshmallow sauce and just go crazy the fact that their may plastic in there.

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So … does it matter that these women may only have achieved their amazing feats of beauty (and I mean amazing) through expensive surgeries and the same material that built the computer chip in my laptop?  Should I care as a man?  Should I demand and ask for real women?

Pause … side point

When it comes to my wife, the mother of my unborn children, the person I want to introduce to my parents … The “Angel” … yes … it does matter.  I don’t want to commit myself to a lifelong commitment that was falsely constructed.  Who ever I choose for my forevership … I’m not choosing because of looks … cause those fade … but a good soul … man … that sh*t is everlasting.

Ok … back on track

So … these women are eye candy.  These are individuals whose money and lively hood are derived from their ability to visually capture my attention … who I look to for stimulation of my man parts … who convince me to buy sh*t I have no business buying … who get me to buy magazines with poorly written articles, full page ads for rims, and ads for clothes I no longer wear …

I don’t give a f*ck …

I mean … I’m not looking at Melyssa Ford and thinking “ooohhh girl … I sure want to introduce you to my parents”.

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I’m not passing by the picture of Buffie the Body and wondering what our kids will look like.

I hate to diminish these women, because they are beautiful, and they have put a lot of effort into building small empires, and I truly can’t knock their hustle … but let’s be real … their eye candy.

Have you ever watched an old sci-fi or action movie?  You look at the little model house that they blew up, or the monster that’s just a midget in a costume … and you chuckle.

Then you pop in something made in the last past 3 years on your Blu-Ray player … and you pause … and say “gotdamn”.  It’s all looks so real … and it makes the entire experience that much better.  You don’t say “thats bullsh*t … they used a computer to make that car.  Its fake!  I want my money back”.

I mean … for real … have you even seen a non airbrushed picture vs. airbrushed … ugh … fool me!

And that’s how I view these models … if a CGI robot is better than a toy model shot real close up … then a well formed and large backside that is filled with silicone is just fine with me.  If its real and looks as good .. all the better … but this is all about visuals.

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So … I can’t help but end this by repeating the old age saying … these women who complain about these fake boobs and booties … your haters.

You shouldn’t run out and hit the plastic surgeon … be happy and proud of what you got.  Flaunt it and I’ll continue to appreciate it … leave the plastic body construction to the professionals … you really are beautiful in ways these women may never ever achieve.

– SB “Where do I place my funny middle name” M



  1. u know, this whole dynamic of plastic surgery and stuff is so amazing to me…

    maybe it's because i've naturally been blessed with nice titties and an absurdly large ass that i got from my momma, but i just don't understand the surgery that people have to get what i got naturally. i mean, i can't lay on a bed flatly and i have back problems now… sure it's great for doggy style, if you need someone to carry your drink, or just you, but functionally speaking, it's just not worth it!!!

    sbm, i totally agree with your stance here… while platic is all fun to look at, that stuff does get jacked up and expired and lets hope that the soul you're left with is worth loving, let alone just boning…


  2. Well said SBM and ladebelle. What is our current obession with silicone and airbrushed people (male celebs have it done as well)? If you're in the adult film industry and a vdeo girl then you gotta maintain your image, but y are everday ppl obsessed? Before I choose to give my "forevership" to anyone I wanna know if this is what he really looks like? Have you had plastic suregery, what did you have done and why? Certain sugeries are def needed (dental) by all means please get your mouth-work on but others are not needed. Work with what you got, love it, and be confident!

    Like SBM said beauty is fleeting. Not to mention plastic surgery is not a one time deal most surgeries ex: breast implants and butt lifts have to be touched up periodically. Do you really wanna keep spending $ on more plastic?

  3. @Satya What's really the difference between dental work and breast work?? They're both for purely aesthetic purposes. You can still eat with a jacked up grill….

    So SBM, you're saying that plastic surgery on your "Angel" is a deal breaker? When plastic surgery is done well (i.e. right), you have no clue the person's had plastic surgery. Better check the middle school pictures to make sure that perfect button nose is really hers….and if it's not….? Then what?

    Also, I wish I could take a poll of every woman who's going to comment on here today bashing plastic surgery to see if they have kids (and are single or not), because after that it's not about getting what someone else has, it's getting what you USED to have.

    I'm just playing devil's advocate here and saying that you shouldn't sit up and say you can't IMAGINE why ANYONE would get plastic surgery. Bottom line, we live in a culture where LOOKS MATTER.

  4. I agree, these women are beautiful to look at. I have no problem with them. My issue comes from the unrealistic man… the one who wants me to wake up looking like that… the one who doesn't want me to wear my headscarf to bed (yep, dated someoone like this!) 😉

    I can't knock their hustle. Although I wouldn't feel right about enhancing my boobs or butt, the fact that someone else will really doesn't matter to me.

  5. Everyone likes what everyone likes.

    There are those that like a little meat on their bones, there are those that like rail thin. It all boils down to how one feels about ones self.

    Some people feel that in order to gain more attention, that they have to go for the enhancements. But then you have to question what are they really attracted to you for, your looks or for the person that you are?

    Beauty is only skin deep.

  6. I think women should stop doing all this extra sh*t to be so called beautiful, be yourself. In the end of it if I can't get along with the real you, then it won't matter anyway. I'm not knocking the video chicks hustle but thats not for me, I need a real woman not a blow up doll.

  7. Took a totally dif. POV. I actually don't mind it. Beautiful women. Beautiful bodies. real or otherwise. Its sort of like magic. And I believe in magic. And if I couldn't get my work out to work out like i wanted to particularly in my old age LOL 45 maybe..i'd be all over some plastic surgery.

  8. @Anesidora: Its not really that plastic sugery is a deal breaker … but you would lose a few points for it. Things like a nose job or a little lipo aren't major things for concern … but you have women like Lil Kim who have had too many surgeries and I couldn't be with someone like that.

    I guess its my personal rejection of this super barbie doll look … however its implemented.

  9. I appreciate this blog. Im not gonna lie as a young black women seeing all these big booty big breasted video girls had be thinking.. dang maybe I should get some plastic, then I dismissed the idea when I thought… what for? Its easy to get caught up.

  10. It goes beyond fake titties and ass with me. I've never been a fan of either and for that reason, can't watch most pron with white people in it. Plastic Surgery is deception (unless it's follwing a severe accident), which is also a reason I'm warming up to women with natural hairstyles (but still maintaining some level of mainstream sexiness). Weaves and contacts are guilty of the same deceptive practices of implants and injections. I've got some lady friends that swear by these accessories and it does nothing for my daydreams.

    Gimme dat real real!

  11. as a mom who has stretched out boobs a little pudge and a disproportionate ass..I'd have to say I think about ways to enhance my physical probably daily

    The fact is men love ass..and people treat you as if you have an incurable disease if you dont have one (trust me I know)

    Some of the comments I hear about celebs are:

    1. Lauren london is soooooo pretty …man if she had an ass…she'd be perfect

    2. Ill..jada pinkett is shaped like a boy

    3. Eva needs to gain some weight..she too skinny

    and it goes on and on

    Its like you are flawed beauty wise if you dont have a badonkadonk or at least some excessive amount of fat in your rear

    How is a young woman or girl or anyone is supposed to feel hearing these comments…like less than

    dont matter how smart you are, how you carry yourself, how fun you are to be around

    in the end your worth is determined by how much ass you got

    men wont talk to you unless you got ass

    you aren't all that unless you got an ass

    thats the standard of african american beauty and it sucks to be an "outsider" trust me on this one

    so yes..I hear you men say "just be natrual"..or "I like natrual chicks"

    but you are leaving something out..you like natrual BIG BOOTY chicks…

    not the slim goodies such as myself..I'll be single my whole life because there is only a 6 inch difference in my waist to hip ratio


    But i dont even care that much anymore..im so tired of it all

  12. @true: I know what your talking about … but your definitely talking to the wrong n****s. Ass is nice and all … but your not defined by the ass. Sure in the club its gonna be more important … but there are plenty of happy and bunned up lil assed women.

    Also, people are gonna hate on celebs no matter what they look like. Just like people say Jada looks like a boy, people talk about Angel and Buffie.

    "I don't want no fake ass"
    "I aint taking that chick to my house … thats a one night stand at the ramada type of girl"

  13. sbm

    from my experience…it seems even outside the club…its like first feature…ASS..if she got an ass..then i'll find out if i like the rest of her..

    true..there are some men who like slim women..but its like 1 out of 20..lol

    im currently a size damn 2…white women would envy me..black women would laugh behind my back

    its all good though…lol

    I wouldn't put plastic in my body tho…

    its funny..my dude loves ass..who doesnt

    but he is adamant about me not taking hormone pills or anything to alter my natural what my momma gave me shape.

    Says if I took something artificial and got a heart shaped butt..he wouldn't look at me the same ..cause thats not me

  14. True: In the same breath though, women don't want no man that is not 6 feet tall. Luckily, I have reached this sought after apex, but what about the 5'9" and trying dudes? What about the 5' 5" good guys? All because women want to wear heels. Besides…I see a lot of no-booty having women that have secured their men, especially slim goodies. As a matter of fact, I seldom meet single slim women. Obviously it doesn't matter to some.

    Now I am a bit shallow…I like a balance of titties and ass. Sorry. You all don't have to answer to a sporadically independent thinking blind member that is very discriminating. I don't entertain most white girls because they genetically lack booty meat by default (although thanks to food hormones they are stepping their hiney game up). Fakeness is a definite no-no. Lee Press-on Asses are outlawed.

  15. CPT…

    I guess women do knock the short dudes…me and my cousin was making fun of a friend of hers the other day…great dude..he just mad short…lol

    oh..and penis size…i feel sorry for baby d**k dudes..but somebody love them

    thats what my dude says…somebody gon love em..whether they fat, skinny, tall, short etc

  16. True, I feel you %100. I too am a slim black women fighting the sterotypes of what a black women is "supposed" to look like. I cosign with what you said about the difference b/w how black and white women feel when it comes to a slim sista.

  17. and its a shame

    i personally deep down dont have a problem with my shape and size..i actually like it

    I have been allowing peoples comments to affect me…and Im trying to change that

  18. We as women need to stop worrying about our bodies. Men don't. These men that swear we would be better with more t&a are not exactly dimes themselves.
    I'm in the skinny girls club as well, with no t&a at all. I'm still fly as hell and very nice to look at.
    We don't live in a music video. Therefore, I don't have to look like a video vixen. I don't need a dude that drives a candy painted car with rims that match his age.

  19. Fly…
    Men don't care because a lot of time, with the right effort *cough..game* a dude can charm a lady. I've seen some fat lopped over dudes that pull women. I myself am only about 170lbs, so I'm probably 15-20lbs pounds shy of what most women desire. Remember, many of ya'll want to feel "safe, secure and protected."

    I fit all ideal body weight and BMI standards, but some women still view me as too thin. Does it bother me? Nope. I've been the same size i have through college while the rest of my friends have fluctuated or puffed out and are now trying to trim and tone it up. I thank my lanky Southern father for the figure.

  20. @ Anesidora… there is a huge difference between normal dental work and getting plastic surgery… gingivitis and other forms of tooth decay have been linked to brain function and other cancers so it's definitely critical to get your dental work done…

  21. @True: I definitely appreciate what you are saying being a tall, slim woman myself. The things black people say about thin women used to bother me, when I was younger, but now I could care less. I realized that no matter what your body looks like someone is going to have something to say, and I never have any problems attracting men (not that makes me feel more attractive). For all those who do not like slim women, there are just as many who do. I get compliments on my shape from men and women (including black women) on a regular basis. I was able to model, and do other things that I would not have been able to do if I was shaped differently. More importantly, I like the way I look, regardless of how anyone feels about my appearance. It’s easy to get caught up with what the ideal black woman’s body is supposed to look like because we constantly hear about it, but no one should hold herself to anyone else’s ideals. Beauty is within the eyes of the beholder, and when it comes to your body and image, you are the beholder; no one else matters.

    As for Angel Lola Luv and other video vixens, I can’t knock them. Their jobs are to be eye candy, and it’s no skin off my back whether they have had plastic surgery. If they did not look the way they do, they probably would not be as successful as they are. I personally think they look good.

  22. @SBM: Lil Kim is a monstrosity…very sad really, cuz she was a pretty girl to begin with. Folk like that just have ISSUES that go way beyond what a surgeon can "fix".

    @ ladebelle: thought you were talking about braces.I got my son braces ASAP cuz he's too fine to have a jacked up grill (yes, I acknowledge that my son in a lil ladies man….nothin I can do about it). A yuck mouth is an entirely different thing.

    Gotta cosign on True's comments: Ass rules the world (at least black people's world). I can't lie…I like hearing the "daaayyuuummms" when I wear some derriere hugging attire (which is damn near everything on me). I could not imagine what a fake ass would feel like, tho….seems like it would have to be more durable than a breast implant.

    And Slim, I seriously doubt you're gonna pop a titty…not unless you're into some real extra ish.LOL!

  23. First off ALL humans use SEEING as a tool. Without it we would go way wrong and take too long before realzing we were wrong. After all if the friut is looking briused and smushy we dont even bother picking it up (it also gives an idea of what the firms mgmt thinks of its consumer base).

    Women and Men use “sight” almost as exlusive insight that time and mo time can only reveal.

    Women love to kill men for our never dying infatuation with the buttocks however women use sight as well and that leads to a whole host of bad choices that a man would never make …peep game:

    “Never trust a big butt and a smile”

    Well whats the femme version of this line?

    Or is the 6-5 tall darkskin…in his Saville Row two piece!!NUFF SAID he cannot have ANY flaws…I have never knew a bad shorty whose man was NOT treating her right and he was AVERAGE in just about everything he did including looks.

    Yet I know men madly in love and shorty is NOWHERE close to being the hoods top model…

    Every shorty today that complains about men if I do see a pic…dude is mos def a Thug/Corp “poser”…of late its the Corp Poser that yall seem to fall all over for.

    So yea checking a dude for his “stats” or his being “tall” isnt the same as me checking for a shorty with a phatty


    refer to the BBD line…as men we are skeptical about ALL women…esp the “badder” she is. She may be “cool” but we aint with her cuz she cool..shes got a phatty, yet go ahead and act a fool-she can I have told a few big butt women “I am not putting up with your BS cuz you got a phatty”….

    Yet I know so many women in love with their “dreamboat” man is who is aside from his well paying gig is a louse.

    Heck the current economic climate probably got some of yall really seeing what your man was about.

    And if yall think women dont use looks and get in way more trouble cuz of it I’ll say this: When dudes heard about Terry Mcmillians husband being gay we was like “word?…oh well” BUT when we saw him we all screamed “dude look loose “..just cause women may look at us men and not judge us with body parts is no diff at all.

    If my “things or accessories” (lies, half truth and omissions all count) and her inability to question me cuz the D is in and of course now she doesnt want to rock the boat. She’s in far more BS than I ever got into just by going after a chick with a phatty.

    We dont base persona off of looks, Women yall have us in the wedding just cause of what you SAW.


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