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Soft A$$ Negroes
Soft A$$ Negroes

Ok … so I have a dirty little secret that I must admit.

I love those stupid reality shows.

It started with Flavor of Love … the first season.  I had fought it for practically the whole season, and my ridiculous course load at the time made it easy … but then I had a break in my work … and there was an all night marathon … and I gave in.  I sat for some 5 hours straight and caught up … after that … I was hooked like cooked crack good head.

After the first season was over … I kept going.  There was seasons 2 and 3 … then there was “I Love New York”.  I tried “Rock of Love” … but couldn’t relate.  “Charm School” had me mesmerized … and the list goes on.  “G’s to Gents” kept me glued too … and even Snoop Dogg’s journey through Fatherhood got put into the DVR.

Wait though … I got a point.

So … for all of these “I am one person who is just so awesome that you group of good looking men/women should embarrass and fight over me in the hopes that I will choose you” … it all seemed like bullsh*t.  I mean … I don’t think I ever expected any of these couples to actually stay together … and I never believed the chooser or contestants.  It all seemed like a bunch of fakeness that was done to forward the careers of a few people.

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All that … was until now …

“Real Chance of Love” … a spin-off of “I Love New York” season 2 … has given me hope.

Background: Real and Chance were are two brothers and also two members of a rap group called the “Stallionaires”.  They both competed on “I Love New York” … with Chance making it to the final round.  Real was cut earlier … apparently because the “oh so caring” New York didn’t want to put these poor brothers against each other (really … that chic liked the “bad boy” and that was it).  Real is an essentially a good guy who is caring and loving.  He actually cried when eliminated because he is a soft ass n***a in touch with his feelings.  Chance is the “bad boy” and a wanna be playa.  Both have to be some of the most metrosexual and soft looking negroes I’ve seen in years interesting dressing guys I’ve seen in a while.

So … the difference with this show …

Its almost hard to say … but these guys are actually treating these girls … well … like real women.  There are three HUGE things that jump out to me about this show over the others … that give me hope for these two metro looking soft guys brothers.

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They are actually disqualifying girls who are good for ratings

There was a girl on early called “So Hood” … and damnit if she wasn’t really hood.  She was overly sexual (always putting her ass on somebody and practically dry humping Chance … I think she is a stripper).  She loved to argue and fight (the classic f*ck that b*tch and whatnot).  They actually let her go after about 2 episodes because she might be “too much”.  That is shocking … because reality TV is almost never allowed to kick off the crazy loud one.  And while they did keep another … anyone named “So Hood” should be on practically until the end.  Man … I missed so hood.  If your reading this right now … holla!

So Hood ... I Miss You
So Hood ... I Miss You

The women (contestants) are actually standing up for themselves

This has happened a couple of times and I was shocked every single time it happened.  Girls have actually been refusing the “chains”.  One actually told them the only way she is accepting the guy’s chain (meaning that she was chosen) if he cooked her breakfast.  WTF!  On these shows the contestents are sorry and sad individuals begging and pleading to stay on the show … so this is just nuts.  The girls are actually demanding respect and to be treated properly.

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The women aren’t that good looking

On reason I got so hooked on the “Flavor of Loves” was because of the video ho quality women that were competing.  For once … the women on the show actually aren’t that hot.  I mean … there are some lookers … but nothing that would make me look twice.  With real looking girls … that all aren’t trying to get the cover of King afterward … damnit if these sexually questionable looking brothers don’t have a Real Chance.

So … why does this matter …

It kinda doesn’t … but I like the show … and now I want my own show.  While me and my brother don’t share the same metrosexual charm of these two negroes … and we don’t have a budding musical career … maybe that’s the answer to finding me a good women.

Maybe that’s the answer to every searching single male’s predicament … a show where 20 georgous to mildly attractive women compete for their affection …

What do you think?  Do they have a chance?  Is a “pay for show” service


  1. Yeah I must agree, REal Chance at Love is my guilty pleasure, I do enjoy that ninja television. It's mainly because it's funny, like these are real people doing dumb sh*t. Everyone should be given a tv show, for at least two episdoes just to know what its like.

  2. "Maybe that’s the answer to every searching single male’s predicament … a show where 20 georgous to mildly attractive women compete for their affection …"

    isn't that what blogs are for the "everyman" LOL…***slaps my own hand..bad Comeback Girl..Bad Comeback Girl***

  3. I watch! I missed the last episode though. I'm rooting for K-O for Real and Rabbit for Chance (bc he seems to like her the most) buuuuttttt, I just seen her in the "Pop Champange" video – suspect!!!

  4. I jumped on the I love New York bandwagon and Flavor of Love 3.
    These reality shows got too predictable after awhile so I doubt i'll be watching real chance of love. Now that you say the girls are average and stand up for themselves I might take a peak I might sneak a peak. considering chance is supposed to be so hard he does dress a lil too metrosexual.

    btw- i went to my mom's house and found my collection of ignant rap cd's (cash money millionaires, 504 boys, lil john, some pastor troy etc)… they have been on heavy rotation lol

  5. Damn…I didn't know the Gap Band got back together…

    On the real, this is one of the reasons I'm glad I don't have cable.

    Viacom is a plague to all…

  6. I saw Real and Chance on I Love New York… not a fan of either show, not even Flavor of Love and I am a reality show junky. I have to agree with CPT, it's a plague.

    @ Slim: As a black woman, there's something about the Real Housewifes of Atlanta that pissed me off but I kept watching. Very entertaining no matter how ignorant these suppose "socialites" act.

    @ Comeback: It's not a bad idea… if i knew any single male bloggers in Dallas I'd be up for a little real life dating competition. Could be very interesting 😀

  7. "It’s not a bad idea… if i knew any single male bloggers in Dallas I’d be up for a little real life dating competition. Could be very interesting


    reign i been pitchin a variation of that idea since the great flood. SBM dont wanna hear it.

  8. "… and we don’t have a budding musical career …"

    And they don't either, really! lol I mean, are they serious with those songs?!

    But, yeah Real Chance of Love (and the other prequels that preceded it) is my guilty pleasure. I'm also shocked (shocked!) that these ladies are standing up for themselves without the threat of getting kicked off because of it. I love it. I had to give Rabbit a through-the-TV high five for that "cook me breakfast" remark. I like her.

  9. @Slim: The Real Housewives of Atlanta was another guilty pleasure. But I swear … watching the arrogant b*tches on TV just makes me want to stay single for a lot longer and has helped crush my love of ATL. And I can't help but think of the irreversible damage to black folk … even moreso than Flavor of Love.

    @Satya: I'm telling ya … this one really might be different. And I've actually regressed to listening to non-ignance. I say regressed because ignant music is something I didn't get into until I was older.

    @Comeback: And this is why there is more strife between us than the middle east. I'll "third eye" this comment and assume your trying to call me some sort of … blog pimp … or e-playa … which we both know is so far from the truth. I'm sorry Comeback … maybe in another life we can go out … LMAO

  10. I watched the reality shows, whenever I'd flip across them during my epic channel surfing. The only one I was really into was "Charm School". That one was great. The others…meh. *shrug*

    I just could never get down w/either of these dudes. I cannot stand corny guys and these two are the outright epitome of corniness. I'm glad to hear the formula has switched up a bit though. I wonder if Real and Chance had any creative control and asked for it to be that way. If so, kudos to The Brothers Corn.

  11. "@Comeback: And this is why there is more strife between us than the middle east. I’ll “third eye” this comment and assume your trying to call me some sort of … blog pimp … or e-playa … which we both know is so far from the truth. I’m sorry Comeback … maybe in another life we can go out "

    oh calm yo @zz down..i was ACTUALLY playin…foo

  12. @Comeback: Ohhhh … your talking about the calendar I was gonna produce … wow … I was off.

    Well … no calendar with the SBM brand will feature men of any sort. You can talk to Hasani about a Comeback Girl one … but the SBM calendar will feature the hot and smart women that peruse this site.

  13. Reality shows are my guilty pleasures as well. No matter how mind-numbing and ridiculous they may be. But after all the Flava’s and New York’s I had to give it a rest with Real and Chance. I haven’t really watched too much of this installment of fuggery.

    But I’m glad to know that the women are a bit more ‘real’ in this one than previous shows. There may be hope for the reality show yet.

  14. @Comeback: Why don’t you organize it … 80% of the family resides at your house now. Sure … I still won’t show up … but I’ll call someone and you can put me on speaker phone.

    @Jada: Welcome and yeah … the ordinary girls thing is pretty serious. There are a few that are approaching “dimehood” … but nothing like Flavor of Love.

  15. I thought Real was super cute at the beginning of I Love New York but yeah he is a p*ssy and his hair makes me want to puke.

    These shows are all so addicting.

  16. @Reign: I mean … send over some head shots … we can get you in the calendar too.

    I’m tired of fine and dumb women being put in front of me to slobber over … is it so wrong to want the girl I’m drooling over to have rudimentary understanding of quantum physics … or at least be able to use “Hyperbole” in a sentence? Help me realize my dream.

  17. "Viacom is a plague to all" Thank You CPT Callamity

    as the seemingly only up here in the film/media world I thought I was the only one who though this way…

    For starters SHOWTIME name one show on this network they ORGIANALLY created that you watch on a regular or buy the season DVD's?

    They (Viacom) brought BET and kept the model the same..nuff said

    Even their second tier channel sucks (The Movie Channel)

    By far HBO (AOL and em) is that $hit and Viacom aint $shit!!!!

    The only thing Viacom got right was getting the NFL back on to CBS to balance out FOX crap coverage (never saw a network who thinks it graphic bumps and bugs are bigger than the show or can sell the show)

    Oh I havent watched a reality show since the first Real World…I need a compelling evolving story with Archs-dips-role reversals and things of that nature I just cant watch "real people trying to be themselves" with twenty cams around-everyone these days is way too media savy so they know when they are "on" and you best believe these people hire PR to "feel" what they can let out of their closets..its all too calculated..so why not watch the pros do that all, shit at least I know The Wire is fictious.

  18. OMG, I almost woke my Mom up laughing at you!!! SBM, you truly know how to make my boring ass stay at home entertaining! I will admit, I did watch Real Chance at Love more than once ( ok like 5 times) and I couldn’t believe these fools got their own show (just like I couldn’t believe NY got her own show) in anycase, I’m all for a dating in DC show….it should make for great entertainment and like 4 spin-off’s!!!

  19. At first, I was like you…

    I gave the gargantuan side-eye to these cats who had better perms than a lot of women but thus far they've grown on me and convinced me that not nearly all the stuff shown is staged.

    Now I find myself trying to find out what next and who got kicked off… but unfortunately by eliminating some of the attractive T & A that was on there – I'm not rushing to do so.

    Regardless, I don't think every single male would be able to thrive and pick a true love in that situation. Some might be dazzled by the beauty (or the booty). The others might be charmed by the contestants who are trying to win instead of those actually looking out for love…

    Either way, I know I'd like to take my chances at that! Good blog fam…

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