Tongue Rings


So my vacation starts today … and I haven’t bought any gifts … but just because I love all of ya’ll so much … I still wanted to put something out for you poor individuals still stuck at the office today.

But … Its gonna be short and sweet.

Let’s start it with one of my favorite Three 6 Mafia songs (well … for this month). The classic … “Tongue Ring”

Now … my question to everyone … does a tongue ring really make a difference?

This goes for men and women.

Does a tongue ring make recieving fellatio better? How is cunnilinus when there is a stud in the tongue of that … stud? Is giving harder? Kissing?

Someone … anyone …

**sidenote** … I’ve got to go fight some people at the mall for some gifts.  Bah humbug!

Just Kidding … Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays


  1. well sbm, as u know, I have a tongue ring. I've been told that you can feel it while kissing and "speaking into the mic"…

    however, if ur head game is off, this will not make a differnce at all…

  2. I always think tongue rings are just a safe haven for germs and bacteria. I can't get past all that. I could never get one and I don't think I'd be able to let one near my sensitive areas.

  3. I've given, but never received, with a tongue ring. And really, I don't think that would ever happen anyway. *sideways glance at men with tongue rings*

    And I gotta agree with my separated-at-birth-siamese-twin Ladebelle….my game is on point, so never had anyone tell me there's a difference…..

  4. I had a tongue ring for 5 years just recently getting rid of it.

    I've rocked the mic with and with out it never had complaints.

    I think it was more so just something to do.

    I've never dated a man with a tongue ring…i hope not 2 he mite try 2 lick my face…lol

  5. I am one of the saps at work!!!! 🙁

    I don't have a tongue ring so I'm not sure if it will make a difference.

    If I see a man with one, I'm bolting in the other direction. Sounds a little Sisquo-ish.

  6. "If a woman has a tongue ring, she'll probably suck your d*ck.
    If a man has a tongue ring, he'll probably suck your d*ck"
    (Chris Rock)

    I'm not messing with a dude with a tongue ring. It tells me one of 2 things:

    1 – he's 16
    2 – he doesn't know what year it is

    Grown people still getting/wearing tongue rings? come on now. I got rid of my labret (area between your lower lip and chin) piercing right before I left college.

  7. Still stuck @ office, but only 'til 3pm!

    Tongue rings? I don't have one, so can't answer on the "giving" tip. And the thought of a man with a tongue ring makes me dryer than the Sahara gag.

    Wishing ya'll the dopest of Happy Holidays! 🙂

  8. Dont worry, I have full day of work today. Secondly, tongue rings can work only if girl giving has practiced and become adept in using it

  9. I have no idea because I wont date a dude with a tongue ring let alone let his tongue get close to my juices…

    so I'll just peace out on this one.

    Happy Holidays!

  10. Orange Mound! Memphis stand up!

    Sorry, had to get that out of the way…

    But co-sign to Cuzzo. I think C. Rock said it best.

    Season's Greetings and Happy Holidays to all!

  11. I had a gf who didn't have one … then she got one … then she got rid of it.

    Personally … it didn't get better. Hell … I think it got caught on my head one day and hurt … a lot!

  12. Well, I've only had limited experience with tongue rings. They seem to not be as popular as they used to be. Anyway, the first time I ever came from cunnilingus was with a guy who had a tongue ring. I'm inclined to believe that the tongue ring played at least a part in me reaching the mountaintop with that particular guy.

    I think my head game is good enough that the fellas are enjoying it even though I am tongue ring-less.

  13. I agree with some of the comments above. I would never date a man with a tongue ring and secondly I think you either got the "know how" or you don't. Tongue ring wouldnt' make that big of a difference.

  14. I keep telling people that tongue rings aren't worth a good gotdamn!

    If you can't give good head without one, a piece of plastic or metal in your mouth won't improve it. I've failed to see the obsession with this oral jewelry.

  15. I have one and I don't think it matters. The only reason I haven't taken it out is because I don't have a need to. Maybe when I get my J.D.? My bf said that he likes it and I'm the first girl he's ever been with that had one.

    Hope that helps.

  16. tongue rings do make a difference. my boyfriend and i got ours together. and it's not a big difference but it is different in a way but in a good way. and girls who say that they have never even tried. don't knock it til ya tried it cause you may just end up liking it. and no tongue rings aren't just for sex either pericings and tattoos are made to express yourself. i get so tired of hearing guys are gay if they do this or that and the same for girls quit being hypicrital and get over yourselfs do you not have anything better to talk about but how gay some one is. well fine i'm gay yes indeed i'm very happy!!! thats the meaning of the word so guys are happy with their tongue rings.


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