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To Swallow or Not to Swallow



There is a question that I discussed before.  Its a topic that has been talked about amongst friends, blogs, and college dorm rooms for years.  It has made its way into television, radio, and several facets of mainstream media.

Here at SBM.net … we are no stranger to hard hitting topics and are not afraid to talk about anything … I mean anything!

So …

Spit or Swallow?

Yes … I’m talking about giving a guy head, brain, top, smoking his sausage and speaking into the mike and … what happens to his babies, man-seed, nutty butter, man juice, unborn potential babies …

In the past I coined the slogan “Spitters are Quitters” … and the t-shirts are currently being designed as a manufacturer is sought out … but … is that really how I feel?  Is this really how “we” (Single Black Males) out here feel … ?

Why now SBM?  Why today?  Why address this now?

Don’t worry about all that … this is bigger than just me.

There is a show on HBO where a well known porn star (of course I can’t remember her name right now) answers questions, interviews people, and some other stuff (she is nude the whole show so I hear every other word).  One thing I did hear was her response to the classic “Spit or Swallow” question from one of her loyal viewers.

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She doesn’t do either.

Think about this … her lively hood is having sex … this is how she makes money.  And this person picked the most conservative of answers.  Them babies are going nowhere near her mouth.

Now … your wondering “but SBM … what about you?”

Well … please please please … spit

Yes … I … SBM … a man’s man … a lover of fellatio … does not want nor need his love juice swallowed or digested.

Let me clarify … I don’t want my girlfriend, wife, or regular FwB  … to swallow.  All else … your JOs and one night stands temporary distractions … knock yourself out.

I know … this goes against the supposed wants, needs, and desires of every man … everywhere … for all of time.  Hell … even I have promoted swallowing for others and in the past … but I mean it this time.  And its one very simple reason to explain it all …

She’s human … she will burp … and I’m going to kiss her sometime after that.

That’s it … I’m that afraid of consuming my own “stuff” … I can live with spitting.  Just the thought of a breath flavored with my own secret sauce made me throw up in my mouth a little.

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Am I alone is this one?  Am I really one of the 5 guys (I’ve had a few friends confirm that I’m not  alone) who want spitters? What about the women?  What do you do?  What does he like?

Another hard hitting topic brought to you from SBM.net  …



  1. I have swallowed once or twice… but really, it's gross. Anyone who says they actually like to do it would probably eat their own snot.. lol. I kid.

    First off.. If you aren't my man, my husband, my boyfriend, my long-term something, my mouth isn't going anywhere near your dick or your love-juice.

    So assuming we're extra familiar with each other, here's what I will do. I will give you the BEST blow job of your life and allow you to cum in my mouth. While your dick is still jumping and you are recovering from my phenominal efforts, I will politely excuse myself to the bathroom where I will spit, gag, spit, rinse, use twice the amount of recommended listerine, rinse again and then return to you.

    Trust me.. I don't really want to taste it or smell it on your breath either. 😉

    On the flip side… pre-cum is a different story….

  2. Lmao! Great topic to get the new year rolling. I've always thought swallowing was… disgusting. My ex-boyfriend used to say you don't want your wifey to swallow… thats for birds and your jumpoff. Much like running mom said you perform your art and then excuse yourself to the bathroom. Or in my case I usually have paper towel near by

    Lmao at "She’s human … she will burp … and I’m going to kiss her sometime after that"

  3. I agree with what has been said. Let the JO swallow, my girl does what she wants. If she wants to swallow she does, if she doesnt, she doesnt. Furthermore, the JO has to do more than swallow though, she might have to do some other nasty stuff wit it first; the SO has to do none of that.

    Btw, I have a new e-crush on RunningMom….

  4. Neither! If you're ready to blow…you better let me know because I definitely need plenty of time to get out of the way.
    I don't want it squirting in my eye either!

    I have (in the past) swallowed and spit but just the fact that it was in my mouth either time was enough to make me gag. I don't care what kinds of proteins or nutrients it's supposed to be carrying. I'll drink a slim-fast instead.

  5. I'mmmmmm BACK! And wow SBM, you know how to get the NY rolling….

    Well, I usually move my mouth, right when he's about to make a "sexual eruption"…which sometimes works out & in the past I had to calculate it because if I didn't move quick enough, or if he didn't say "I'm about to…" well let's just say unborn babies ended up in other places I care not to divluge, but was grossed out…

    That being said, I know my woman "love juice" is consumed, and I believe in returning favors, but I pass out IOU's cause I'm not letting it get in my mouth…

    The 1, maybe 2 times it happened, I immediately spat it out…IMMEDIATELY

  6. "Neither! If you’re ready to blow…you better let me know because I definitely need plenty of time to get out of the way."

    I do not approve. Letting his stuff consistently land on him is not only inefficient, but kind of an anti-climax at the end of oral delight. Imagine if a dude was givin you super strokes/power face and you were about to have an orgasm and right when you said you're coming, he just pulled his thang out stood there and looked at you? It's like incomplete.

    Wow SBM, not sure I can rock with you on your views here. My expression is one of confusion and disappointment right now.lol. We'll have to discuss this offline.

  7. Spitting is fine.
    Swallowing is a special bonus that I've only experienced twice (thank you, end of the world scenarios).
    I watch plenty of flicks and I'm rather desensitized to it, but I know women who treat it like they are being doused in acid either way. If she spits, at least I know she's a team player.

  8. I'm going to be honest and say that I've done both. I'm really not squeamish about having it in my mouth, I'm not one who needs a warning beforehand.

    I can totally understand the desire of not wanting to kiss someone and taste yourself, yet, I'd be pissed if a guy told me to wash my mouth out after I just fellated him. For me it implies that his penis is dirty, and therefore I just had something dirty in my mouth.

  9. As I sit here trying to eat my oatmeal…I am surprised my gag reflex hasn't kicked in…Here's the thing…I've never had anyone cum in my mouth. Wasn't tryna have that happen until my SO (whom I was deeply in love with) He just didn't see it happening…LOL He said he couldn't bear doing that to me. I dunno though…I'd like to try swallowing.


  10. Hello. I am a new follower who has been lurking in the background for awhile. Great topic and blog. I totally agree with RunningMom. I could not have said it better myself. An ex-boyfriend of mine once told me "If a guy cums in your mouth, he doesn't care anything about you". That has been something that as stayed with me over the years. Not saying I agree with it but i never forgot it.

  11. Slim:

    Would you prefer if it was palmed instead of allowing it to land on him. I can do with palming it and then washing my hands but…it's just every-frickin-where.

    Also, the thing with it being "an anti-climax at the end of oral delight"….I would say that…that was the climax. What else are you doing after you cum?

  12. @ Jac, #2 e-crush of the day

    I use to talk to this girl who didnt want it in her mouth either, so what I used to do was tell them at the last minute that it was about to happen and when they would move it would get all over their eyes and hair and I would get a hardy laugh out of it. Once it went directly in the eye, her eye was red for days.

  13. I never appreciated cum being in my mouth period. I don't like the taste of it. I also find that in worst case scenerio it is very difficult to spit cum out. It kinda sticks to all sides of your mouth and down your throat. Yet I find if you deep throat around that time that the cum shoots right down the back of your neck and you never feel it, nor taste it. So if the question still remains I'm a swallower. Anything to prevent having cum on my tongue.

  14. Absolutely not, ewww just the thought! I was traumatized at an early age after that rumor went around a while back that lil kim had to get her stomach pumped. That did it for me!

  15. I'm going to have to agree with Slim Jackson on this one. Its ejaculate, nothing more nothing less. Not that I care either way whether she spits or swallows (matter of fact I'd rather bust from the feeling of good pussy) but some of y'all act like that nut is gonna kill you.

  16. It depends on the guy. Obviously if I'm down there I dig you (and you've already done me) The only two guys I've swallowed were long term and only because I knew it was a turn on for them. I'm a pleaser. The others (if I even let you get to that point because I'm known for stopping and hopping on the "D" in a hot one if I can't take it because it turns me on something FIERCE) I simply spit out discretley, I don't give a show like, "oh god eeel, patuueey, gag" I'm no ego bruiser, but I'll go to the bathroom or in a wash cloth. Then I'm kissing you right after, damn right if I gotta taste it you gotta taste it!

  17. "She’s human … she will burp … and I’m going to kiss her sometime after that."

    LMAO! Thank you. This is always what I've wondered about the Swallow Supporters. Then again, I guess they're either not really thinking about that (that ignorance is bliss ish) or they think the bliss felt at the very thought of their girl swallowing their little seamen is worth the maybe small possibility of it returning their mouths in the near future.

    "I use to talk to this girl who didnt want it in her mouth either, so what I used to do was tell them at the last minute that it was about to happen and when they would move it would get all over their eyes and hair and I would get a hardy laugh out of it."

    HAHAHA, that ain't right Peyso. But this begs the question: What's worse for the girl, getting in the mouth or getting it in the hair? Think about the millions of girls who obsess over their hair and let that marinate.

  18. @Sheila Hmm, let me see if I can explain it better…

    I fee like people shout "I'm coming!" while the person continues to do what they were doing until the Big O has subsided or the person says "don't touch me" cuz the ish is too sensitive. When I sense that the time is near, I don't just shut it down.lol.

  19. Agree with Danielle and Jubilance.

    I was a runner prior to my last SO. I didn't want to taste it or have it any where near me. But he was such a healthy eater and the pre-cum was delicious. He didn't warn me so I got my first swallow. My SO now hates for me to shallow with a passion and trys to move me out of the way. But he has sort of a mixed feeling when I don't move. Mad that I did but turned on. The only yuck factor I get is when a nobody I'm dating thinks that I would even bless his mic.

  20. Actually according to the nurses I work with on a daily basis cum is filled with protein and minerals and can help you look healthier and younger. So it is in fact meant to be digested.

  21. I dont need anyone swallowing either b/c please believe if a woman ejacs in MY mouth, I'm NOT swallowing. Just rinse it out. Maybe even brush your teeth a little just in case.

  22. I believe strongly in fair play. If I'm going to put it in my mouth, I might as well swallow. Spitting doesn't erase the taste. Yet if I have to taste it, so do you. Your refusal/hesitancy/repulsion to taste a fluid you emit provides me no encouragement to indulge.

  23. I have to agree with Slim on the fact of letting it fall on me. Its so unsexy when I am about to erupt … I give the heads up … and then they just stop what they were doing and look at me wide eyed. Thats not hot!!!

    @Danielle: Damn … whew … that description might make me a convert. Back of the throat …

  24. I used to say I didnt care what a woman did with it after it was in her mouth, until I met one who swallowed. This woman swallowed, and just kept attacking the wee-wee vigorously until it was drained and then looked up like "Yeah ni&&a IM BAD." I lost all respect for spitters from then on that day.

  25. So to the men: Does it feel different, or is it the idea of the act? I ask because the one dude I was with for a while, he always let me know I was the best and I asked "why, what makes me the best" (my ego is rediculous) his response, "Because you swallow" (turned me on something fierce but this is not about me 🙂 I still don't fully understand though, does it feel different?

  26. I have on occasion swallowed for my s.o when I've had them… this one lady even told me that was her secret to her flawless skin (I was so flabbergasted when she told me this)

    I'm not a firm believer in swallowing tho… I mean, he could have. subpar diet and I don't want all that shit in my mouth or throat! plus it tastes disgusting… ugh

  27. I've been lucky enough to meet several women that swallowed.

    Frankly it doesn't bother me. It's kind of like how it was mentioned before, if the ladies warned us men that they were about to cum during the tongue lashing and we stopped, they would look at us like we were tripping.

    I've met some that asked me for it or continued to do it after I gave them ample warning. But it is something that you don't get all of the time. Just those special occasions.

    It's a personal preference for women.But don't trip on the ones that do.

    I just continue to eat the sweet stuff and hope she can tell I'm on a good diet.

    @JAC, you don't have to break any laws, I'll volunteer my services. I'll give you one for the team.

  28. @ Hunnie.Wright…

    No dude likes to bust one in the cold air.

    It's a harsh and abrupt contrast to the warm mouth hug we were just receiving.

    But hey, it's a recession so I'll be happy with what I can get.

  29. i have not yet gotten to the point where i can…there have been guys in the past that have attempted to get me to…but i've never gotten further than a few squirts and then i'm spitting…i have never liked the taste or texture…idk…

  30. only with a past SO have i ever done the whole swallowing thing…he liked it so i did it every once in awhile…it's not too pleasant in my opinion, but it's part of the whole, please your partner mantra that i subscribe to…havent had to make the choice lately tho. i feel like really it just depends on the guy and what he wants…but the default option would definitely be to spit

  31. @slim:
    Yes. I get what you mean. I didn’t mean for it to sound like you were supposed to be sounding an alarm or anything. A signal or something that we agree on would suffice.
    Still…I’ve tasted it and it obviously an aquired taste. Having it in my mouth is not something I could continuously do.

    “Once it went directly in the eye, her eye was red for days.”
    Not something I would be looking forward to either.

    I will gladly get a nice warm washcloth and wipe you down if you like but I won’t be transporting anything in my mouth….again.

  32. After reading more and more comments … I feel like I might be changing my opinion.

    OK … I will admit that I have never had good enough brain to make "him" erupt … hmmmm … maybe this has something to do with it. Just dealing with theory today.

    But that cum burp is a real concern. Took me about 3 years to be able to kiss a woman after all that just happened.

  33. I was waiting for everyone to voice their opinion. Okay sucking dick is not even the same as when you suck a dick and swallow. Any girl out here trying to act like they don't like cum is crazy. And any mam that acts like they don't like when girls that swallow is a lie. Like I said once you get into that you wont even no if that man came or not. I can't imagine sucking dick now that I swallow without swallowing.
    Sucking dick is an intimate expericence and I just don't know anyone that is into dick sucking that even would notice anything like that. When he nuts he nuts but that doesn't mean that you should be satisfied.

  34. Sorry. Fashionably late to the party once again.

    I don't really think it matters whether you spit or swallow…

    If you're on your knees sucking dick, that's probably not the time to be concerned about his opinion of you…

  35. wow i find this whole discussion kind of amusing.

    i won't discuss what i do or don't do, but i will say that i've never heard of a guy saying he doesn't want his woman to swallow. but i've never heard of a guy saying he doesn't want his woman to spit. lol.

    as long as you're getting head, be happy. lol.

    i really don't see the big deal though if someone wanted to or not though. a man giving oral is 234532432 times as 'personal'. men dive head first into something that bleeds monthly. (oh and they do swallow). lol. think on that.

  36. I don't swallow, I do a mellower version of the money shot. I kinda let it hit my mouth/lips so that it doesn't go all willy nilly, then it kinda flows back on my hand/him. I think it's a delight for him to watch, and it keeps me from gagging. Plus those last few pumps drive him crazy and it seems like I'm trying to milk him. LOL then while he's in post-cum bliss I go get the warm towel, wash my mouth and hands, and come back to gingerly clean him up as well. He thinks I'm the best. 🙂

  37. This WHOLE discussion made me cackle many times!!!

    and "She’s human … she will burp … and I’m going to kiss her sometime after that." made me almost lose my gig. I hate you, SBM! I may have just found my newest verbal crack!

  38. damn. i didn’t know this was that big of a deal? i mean, i have swallowed, mostly so that i didn’t have to keep it in my mouth, but he was so delighted just by the fact that i did that i didn’t mind and kept doing it because he thought it was so sexy. that being said, it is an acquired taste (but that sh*t will never become delicious) and you can always rinse your mouth out. i mean, if it’s in your mouth already, and youre tasting it, and you don’t like it, why carry it around to spit? you’ve already made it halfway.. one gulp and it’s gone, you’re done, and he’s giddy like a lil kid. sounds like a win-win to me.

  39. Sometimes I swallow, sometimes I don't. If I'm milking you, it's because we're committed and I looove you. I can convince myself that I like the taste of your cum.

  40. SBM-"OK … I will admit that I have never had good enough brain to make “him” erupt … hmmmm … maybe this has something to do with it. Just dealing with theory today."

    WOW…just-wow. Seriously, SBM? SERIOUSLY? I was lurking until I read that. You've been deprived baby doll. WTH are those women up there (not) doing?

  41. Oh, how I am beginning to *heart* this website 🙂 Ok, so I am late but this was such a funny post. I am a proud non-swallower. Tried to swallow once, because of course the guy loved it when chicks did that and damn near threw up. So I decided never again. A year or so later, I was in a friends with benefits situation and my "friend" says that he wants me to swallow. As I am giving him my most evil side eye, he says that women should get over it because we cum in guys mouth all the time. Giving him the GTFOH eye roll, I agree to swallow but only if he taste his juice first. Well, lets just say that he threw up shortly after words and we never had that discussion again 🙂

  42. Women should just keep on sucking. Shooting my love into someone's mouth is a way to show her she's worthy. Spitting is plain disrespectful.

  43. I really don't care if she spits or swallows my thing is let me finish I don't think women like it when they're about to cum and a man pulls out right before. To me its something that makes it more special when a women swallows though verses acting like it's acid and it's going burn your mouth off.


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