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I’m out in the streets … fighting the cold and crowds to be a small part in some big history! OBAMA! OBAMA!
Slim … handle this …

I was digging through my archives again and came across something that I thought would be relevant today. Sorry, no relationship drana or sex talk today.

Today is a special day. Barack is gettin’ inaugurated and taking on one of the toughest jobs in the world. He’s going to have a lot on his plate, but we knew that wayyy before he actually won the damn thing. But what about Michelle Obama? I think she has one of the toughest jobs in the United States hands down. Not only is she expected to be thee Strong Black Woman, but she is expected to be the perfect wife, the perfect mom, the perfect speaker, and Barack’s #1 supporter.

We could say this isn’t much different than any other First Lady, but let’s be serious…it’s different. To a certain extent, she’s been praised for exceeding expectations that should be pretty standard. If married, a woman in general should be a great supporter of her husband, a great mother to her children, and strive to be a great individual overall. In this particular situation and as much as people want to deny it, the fact that she’s an African American only makes the spotlight burn hotter.

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Given Barack’s long standing political aspirations, I’m sure that he was well aware of what he had when he met her. I mean c’mon. She’s a lawyer with degrees from Princeton and Harvard. With or without him, she would’ve been powerful. Combine that with the smooth-talking cool machine that is her husband,  and the media has the ultimate Strong Black Woman to critique when nothing else is going on. Move over Beyonce! Michelle Obama’s in town! Definitely joking.

But what about other Black women in politics? Condoleezza Rice, who sat in a pretty high level position in a President’s cabinet, has not even gotten close to the support and national attention that Michelle has. Granted, she sits in an administration that has become associated with the term “Miserable Failure”. I’m sure that she is equally as strong. She’s clearly articulate. She clearly carries a ton of responsibility on a day to day basis. Unfortunately, anything associated with Bush seems to have crashed and burned (for the last time!).

Nonetheless, Michelle has her work cut out for her. Honestly, I admire her, but I know a lot of women that would not wanna be her (Nor would I want to be Barack for that matter). She should have a music compilation put together. She could get permission of Tupac’s people and call it “All Eyes on Me Part III”, since Barack will obviously have Part II. So yeah, this should be interesting. While everyone is pointing out the obvious about our new President, I’ll be cautiously watching that media blitz that lies waiting in the shadows to cast that hot spotlight onto Michelle’s head. Be strong Mrs. Obama. Be strong. Then again, you were already gonna do that anyway.

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I Loves Me Some Strong Black Women,

slim jackson


  1. This day will be pressed into the fabric of history for years to come we will tell our children and our childrens children that the hope and dream of a sharecropper of a slave of an indigent was realized. it is an awesome job to take on and many may buckle under the weight of opposition/however with God on their side it will be a rough road to travel but they will make it through. in regards to the state of our country. I say once we hit rock bottom there's nowhere to go, but up.

  2. Very good post Slim!

    I admire Michelle Obama… she's beautiful and strong and is forming a great family.

    I think Condeleeza doesn't get as much support because of Bush. It's guilty by association. 🙂

  3. Michelle to me is like the new Oprah, a strong successful black woman handling her business. As a mother and future wife to an intelligent black man (I still have hope), she's a great role model and teacher of how a strong well rounded family should be. Great post!

  4. Michelle LaVaughn am I the only one who didn't know she had the hood prefix in her middle name? Robinson Obama is my idol. She is the epitome of all that I strive to be: a strong, intelligent, well-spoken, well-educated, "I-hold-my-family-down" type sistah, with a swaggalicious man of the same calibur by her side. I heart her more than Oprah.

  5. Great writing Slim! In regard to the statement about expectations, as a first lady but more so as a wife, I'm eager to see how Michelle balances out. In love, partners usually only have to deal with each other, but Black love is different. What makes Black love uniquely beautiful is its complications and a couple's dedication to overcome them. Michelle definitely has her hands full, but as a woman she exemplifies a strength individualistic to Black woman because she has a lived a life that those outside of Black culture may sympathize with, but cannot understand. Black love is something for people to admire because it features a realism that is rarely seen. I adore the public relationship of Barack & Michelle because it defies stereotypes of Black love set by movies such as, "Baby Boy." She has so much potential to change the status of not only Black women, but women of color in general.

  6. From my home in Japan I watched the Inauguration on CNN. Despite being so far from "the action" I felt like I too was a part of history. The words of President Obama's speech reinforced my faith in him as a leader. He didn't take advantage of the jubilance of the crowd to instill false hopes in us that everything would be all right, right now. However he brought us all back to the reality of the state of our nation and the role we, as citizens, will have to play in restoring The United States to greatness. He told us the truth. Already, that's a Change from previous administrations.

    The image of the "strong black woman" is more prevalent than the image of the "nuturing black mom", or "the supportive black wife". I feel (hope) that the First Lady will remind the world that black women aren't simple creatures, we're quite complex; able to demonstrate strength and compassion where and when it is needed. I especially hope that many black women will take notes. For too long we've HAD to be strong to shield ourselves from the hurtful world (fighting for jobs/respect, raising children alone, etc.) outside. I hope we'll learn that it is okay to be loving, supportive and not necessarily "strong" all of the time.

    The Obamas aren't just an example of a beautiful black family. They are an example of a beautiful American family.

    …sorry that was long and I got off topic a little. Long live First Lady Michelle!

    BTW, this is my first time posting. I enjoy reading the articles and comments.


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