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I just got into my house and am running of about 3 hours of sleep and a 5 hour energy shot I took 6 hours ago … and something about standing up for 9 hours straight in order to watch history makes your body tired and sleepy and … well … enough of my complaining … I got to witness history.

As the little “Obamalettes” came onto stage (Obama’s Daughters) it led me and my friend to an interesting discussion …

SBM: Could you imagine being the guy who dates Obama’s Daughter?
Anomaly: What you mean?
SBM: How do you measure up to him? What on earth could you do to even remotely size up to the first Black President?
Anomaly: *laughs* Yeah … your right.  You would have to be the son of the first Black Billionaire or something.
SBM *laughing too* Right … or maybe the son of a King of another country.
Anomaly: *laughing harder* Yeah.  Could you even imagine being the guy to approach her? Its like she’s royalty now.
SBM: *more laughing* Right … and watch it be some slumming guy … because only he would be the one with the balls.

So … how does one approach the daughter of the First Black President … a person whose father now has an action figure, a comic, a coin, commerative plates, has started a whole industry, and image was plastered on everything imaginable today (although I didn’t see the official Obama Inauguration Tampon … that might take another month).  And don’t say “like any other chic” … because while she might see him as Dad … your Mom sees him as “Black Jesus”.

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In addition to that one … lets suppose your son is this lucky guy.  How do you look like as a Dad now (or Mom … because Michelle Obama is one bad motherf*r … just not in looks *sorry*)? You will always be “the other Dad” … always in a far second.

I would give the son a full 1 year before he asks to be dissowned so the Obama’s could adopt him … and could you even be mad?

I want the SBM lineage to continue down … but hell … I (as the dad) might change my last name to Obama after they get married.  I will admit … he would instantly become my BFF.  Golf, Basketball, Bull’s games … “you can have whatever you like” Mr. President … my bad … I mean Rock (that would be my nickname for him).

Maybe it’s my lack of sleep, maybe I’m still on a “My President is Black” high, maybe I’m so shocked it all went smoothly with little to no protest, maybe I’m mad my brother showed up 4 hours after me and still got to see everything (I was out the door at 4am) … but anyone every thought of this? Is this a real issue for some future suitor? Will the 4 (hopefully 8) years in the original Chocolate City corrupt these young minds?

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  1. well to me his children seem very normal not elitist at all. and if they keep it that way sasha and malia will have no problems dating intelligent single black ( or red or brown) men. a father is a sons first hero and a daughters first love, so I think more so then anything she would be looking for someone who is kind, smart, aware, and who has goals and dreams. with those qualities u can shape ur destiny and change lives.

    ask barack.

  2. This is too funny. I had the same thought yesterday after I made it home. The news crew were talking about the girls durning their walk to the reviewing stand and were saying about how much personality they had.

    I thought to myself, who ever tries to talk to them has to be like a doctor/lawyer combo and to have gone to some ivy league school to measure up to not only mom and dad's standards, but also to the media. You know they would have a field day with him.

    The other thing that I thought of, before you mentioned your nickname of "Rock" for him, is that he and The Rock are alike, only Obama can acutally say that he had "the millions……….*crowd response* 'and millions'" chanting his name…

    Obama, Obama, Obama, Obama

  3. I have to agree little Sasha and Malia are (1) not very elitist (2) very aware (3) have LOTS of personality…that exist based on their own merit.

    Now..because women tend to want someone just like their father…look at their father's character traits and imagine that they will have someone like that eventually. Beyond that, remember that when Obama was in his 20s-two things were going on in his life…(1) he wasn't married and (2) while he loved Michelle…he wasn't too keen on marriage…in other words he hasn't always been this "perfect" (so to speak) prototype…

    In short, Sasha and Malia will marry someone who, like their mother and father, is imperfect and capable of making mistakes but you loves them…just likely hopefully all of us will…and who knows he may end up being president too 🙂

  4. I think this is a mistake that too many guys make, not just talking about the Obamalettes, but any woman who seems like she has a lot going for herself (and does not fit into the ABW/bougie/Black Goo/full of herself model). There is the automatic assumption that they (we) wouldn't be interested in what you have to offer. I agree with the previous comments about Sasha and Malia seeming like they are being raised to be humble and down to earth…. that's one of the appealing aspects about Obama is that he still makes himself one of the people. I kind of feel sorry for them because so many guys will self select themselves OUT of their dating pool…. THAT is what is going to make it harder for them because then you have those "Hell I've got nothing to lose" busters gunning for them, while the average good guy has already taken himself out of the race.

    True, girls tend to go for men like their daddies personality wise, and those are going to be some huge shoes to fill, but I think those intangible qualities can be present across any socio-economic strata. It's just that people with those qualities tend to be the more successful people in life.

  5. Elite daughters (usually) marry up or on the same level…at least that's what D.C. rules usually dictate. The Bush daughters are the exception.

    I'm guilty of self-selecting myself out of the dating pool. I'm working on that though…just waiting for my wine tasting handbook and my pocket history of modern jazz to come in. Would you say the assumption that is made that you wouldn't be interested is warranted though? I mean from an "average 'good guy's" perspective, what incentive do they have to stay in a race like that?

  6. You are in my head, SBM, because me and my fellow Inauguration-viewing folks had the exact same convo. I was looking at the Obamalettes as they walked down the steps with grace and class (those coats were SHARP! I want a grown-up sized one) and brought up the same thing. I was also sitting there thinking how those two are going to take NO mess from any guy seeing as they have the epitome of success as a father. Women usually look to their fathers as the first example of a man anyway. It's always what everyone goes back to when women have problems with men in order to explain their bad habits…their father. Or lack thereof, as the case may sometimes be. So, I was thinking of the reverse.

    Barack's probably impossible guidelines notwithstanding, the girls will have strict guidlines of their own, simply for being raised by the man. Wow.

  7. you guys over hype alot. they will hook up with whatever guy pushes their buttons…. same as any woman ever born since man started walking upright.
    theres a normal scrub bangin chelsa clinton and her dad was president and mom is sec of state.
    by the time obamas girls are old enough to date and marry… it will be 2025. do you know how far of a distant memory obama will be by then?
    he will be then what Bush Sr is NOW.

    I went on a date with a woman whos father is former vice president of her state in ukraine. shes in america just dating "normal" people now… and i am normal.

    your over rating class… like seriously. if obama isnt pretentious why would his kids be?

  8. Not sure if I lost this point in the post (I'm still kind of delirious from the lack of sleep and trying to stay alert at work), but I don't think the daughters are going to be the problem. Given Barack's humble background and his demeanor … I think they will personally turn out alright.

    But Shawn touched on it the most … these girls are Black Royalty. In terms of the media, friends, and that woman on the corner with one tooth … everyone is gonna have something to say, a thought on it, or just that sense when around them.

    Also, I personally worry about meeting my future wife's parents and proving that I'm a "good guy". I can only imagine the thought of meeting Barack … let alone having to go see him for the holidays. As I said … his picture will be in more homes than Black Jesus.

  9. Lol@ Black Jesus. Jesus WAS black silly!

    Anywhoo, this is the same thing my mom was saying as we watched the Innauguration. I would not want to be the first boy to step to them girls! Hopefully since their parents are so grounded and level-headed, they'll make sure that 8 years (Im optomistic) in the White House will not corrupt their little minds.

  10. "your over rating class… like seriously. if obama isnt pretentious why would his kids be?"

    I think this whole phenomenom goes beyond class, though. I'm talking about the girls' definition of a man period. With the example they have as a father (AND a mother), I'm thinking it'll be mighty hard for them to take any ol' man seriously. Not just money, but a determined man period. A man who wants to better himself and doesn't remain idle. They will probably grow up to be very determined women themselves because of how they were raised so I'm not even sure it will even HAVE to come down to Barack's guidelines in the first place because they will have inherited those on their own. I think that's the advantage of seeing your parents accomplish so much (again, not just financially) at such a young age with so much more accomplishments to look forward to in the future.

  11. Worse case scenario would be the girls would feel so sheltered down the line that they regress and rebel into dating hood boogers.

  12. Funny my family and I were talking about this too. They are going to have to marry the Prince(s) of some country or something. Furthermore, since girls usually date guys who remind them of their father's or have similar characteristics…ole dude(s) better be running for president…

    PS My mom asked me to send her a pic of President Obama to put on the fireplace next to MLK (we don't even have out family photo up there…lol)

  13. I believe that the Obama girls will be approachable due to the levels to which their parents are going through to keep them grounded. So far, I've heard that they will still be charged with making up their beds and cleaning their rooms. I believe that they will have date individuals that resemble their father. I just hope that I don't wake up one day and see horrid pics of them like Bobby and Whitney's girl smoking and drinking with friends. Let's hope they keep it classy but jazzy!

  14. i think men with weak game and or low self esteem are going to ALWAYS have an excuse to feel intidated if its not their father..it might be a top notch 32,000 dollar a year school. It could be their Mama who graduated from Harvard. It could be the high income "earning-ness"…its anything a man will use.

    too me those things ultimately don't matter to people who are being themselves. I've heard through the grapevine that Obama, Michelle and a whole bunch of other "super black elite" are actually real people and very down to earth.

  15. The Obamalettes will probablly wind up with someone from the cabinets kids. Watch out for Rahm Emanuel's kids. They're around the same age. But you're right they are black royalty! Michelle is a bad mama jamma!

    @HNIC- we are not overhyping class. It is a reality that people usually date someone on their level. The girls will date guys that have educated parents and are upper middle class. Thats all they will be surrounded by. And women who have had positive male role models in their life will select a mate that has similar characteristics of said male.

    LMAO at "hood boogers" =)

  16. I don't see a problem; MLK Jr's kids managed to date and marry, as did the Kennedy kids and the kids of any other public figure this country has put on a pedestal.

    It would be daunting, no doubt, but such a non-issue by the time the girls are dating that I don't foresee any real problems.

  17. Listen… people are people! Seriously… you acting like there are different classes in the US. Your acting like a rich girl never falls for a poor uneducated guy because she LOVE him. I mean comeon' this is 2009… Now my question is… will it be a white guy or a black… a mix an asia spanish ect… who wants to get in on the pool! LOL!

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