Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. I remember one time when I was in elementary school I got in trouble for picking up that book and reading it. I guess even back then Mr. FAQs was charged with cracking the feminine mystique.

Let me begin by saying I am neither a hater nor c**k blocker, I just prefer for friends not to fraternize with one another. That’s not to say men I know are dogs and women I know are crazy h**s but I mean if the shoe fits…I kid I kid. At the end of the day I simply don’t want to know, and people are prone to share. I like life compartmentalized so that no one ever feels the need to share situations like the following:

Willimae: I’m mad at the lack of interest Brandon showed after we met
Mr. FAQs: :/
Mr. FAQs: To that affect I never called Alex
Willimae: He seemed so interested…musta been the a a a a aaalcohol
Willimae: Lol
Williemae: Yall are just a holes
Williemae: Glad I didn’t f**k him

I wish I could have given an answer or something for Brandon’s “lack of interest” but I couldn’t. He didn’t share anything about her to me, in fact she’s never been mentioned – just the way I like it. And yet I knew exactly where he was coming from because I to am that guy, I am Brandon.

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What I think many women have a problem/hard time understanding is that men can also go out for fun as well. Just as you may bat your eye to get that free drink, we may flash a smile and dimple to get that free a** rub.

Now, I’m no where near as eloquent as DMX but essentially I ask the same question. “What these [women] want from a ni**a?”

But of course the man is always in the wrong. I’m a chronic “non-follow upper.” Most times when Mr. FAQs is in a social setting, I get the number just to ensure that I still got it. Its a confidence booster. To women like Williemae (and before you label her anything, know that Williemae is a close friend), I say don’t take it personal.

My non-follow up habits are out of principle more than anything else. I like not being predictable and the run of the mill thirsty neegro. The act of exchanging numbers was so innocent at one point but now its generally accepted as a prelude to the bedroom. Just because I’m all up on you or had you engaged in a mind stimulating conversation doesn’t mean I want to have sex with you, it meant I felt like dancing and talking. I’m suppose to call you because that’s all I want. Wrong. If I was looking for that its places with a lot less overhead to begin my search.

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Willimae told me “dudes are wack.” And if this is the sentiment held by others, Mr. FAQs is indeed one wack dude. Like my man Sisco says, “heard you calling me name, said I was trifflin, on thing you gotta know, imma be a n***a for life!”

And Sisco’s correct. If we’re not trifflin we’re wack. This is something that I’ve had trouble with for probably all my life. The trifflin dude is the one that sends a friendly text and gets no response or some borderline rude answer. Or maybe he’ll give a call and will be labeled even more trifflin and more thirsty for the goodies. If we don’t do any of the above, we’re wack? If we don’t call or do follow up and keep it at an equilibrium clearly we lack in some kind of capacity right? I’m a believer of chivalry being dead and if the women wants something more than the man is letting on, perhaps she should make the move. But that’s too much like right.

So Willimae and I ended the conversation right there. I had no words, no advice because Mr. FAQs just doesn’t know. I had done the same as Brandon to a female friend of his own I met that very night.

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So what these women want from a n**ga? Somebody let me know!