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I am pleased to say the response to my call for writers was greater than expected.  So, starting tomorrow, and lasting probably 2 weeks, I will be having about 3 guest posts a week.  I want criticism, comments, and feedback from all to see who people like.  Email me, comment, be as nice or as nasty as you want.  This is no holds barred people.

And don’t worry … me and Slim will still be here while the posts are going on.  And I got some surprises … females!

And a new poll!

In Economics there is a very important concept that comes up a lot with consumer spending.  The Propensity to Consume tells us that if I give you a dollar … your not going to spend the whole dollar.  Your going to save some portion of it in your savings … and spend some ofther portion of it.

I hear you asking yourself … “What the f*ck does this have to do with dating n sh*t?!”  Hold on … let a n****a warm up.

So … every guy, big or small, short or tall, p*ssy eating or not has a propensity to holla.  Just like my previous example, if you put 100 fine, banging females in front of any Single Black Male, he is not going to “holla” (read: attempt to sleep with, obtain a number, or marry) every single one of those women.  The ratio of women out of that 100 that he tries to hand out vitamin D to … is his Marginal Propensity to Holla (MPH).

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The Marginal Propensity to Holla is defined as such:

For any man, given 100 oppurtunities to “get at” a woman he finds attractive, the percentage of women he attempts to “woo” is his propensity to Holla.

A man’s MPH says a lot about him.  Every guy has someone in the crew who is always “on it”.  This is the person who will introduce the crew to a big group of girls, who you put in the front of the pack, who doesn’t care if he is hearing no or yes … as long as she is talking.  This guy has no fear.

On the other end of the spectrum you have the sociall awkward guy.  This guy will be in a club, liquored up, have a girl just putting it on him, have her grabbing on his neck and playing with his ear … and will still come up with 5 whack a** reasons not to talk to her.  This poor fellow fears women, might have a problem with premature ejaculation, and is in terribly need of some self-confidence.

But beware of any guy with a high MPH.  A guy who will try and talk to anything with a p***y any woman can spell trouble for hig guy friends, and the women he persues.  Lets look at some of the negative traits of the 100 MPH man.

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1. Too much time spent at the club

The club is the 100 MPH man’s stomping ground.  He can literally talk to a girl, fail, then turn around and talk to her friend … and actually have a chance.  If one room is looking bad, he’s got another room.  He has all kinds of tricks in his bag, and even if he leaves one to book (get a phone number) another, he doens’t need to feel bad … its the club.  This also means he spends way too much money, and we all know the club is time better spent reading n sh*t … right?

2. Obsessed with his looks

Women like shiny things … or pretty things … or muscular things … you get the point.  This guy either spends 2-3 hours a day working out, half his pay check on clothes and hair products, brushes his hair 2 hours a day to keep them 360 waves fresh, or takes longer than your sister to get ready to leave the house.

3. Totally consumed with … “the chase”

He likes to holla because he likes the chase.  This means your sister, wife, and mother are all up for game.  It means you will get left at the club if he drove and a girl is trying to go back.  It means he will click over and forget you on the phone when a chic calls.  It also means he will continue to flirt and get number even though he is “with” you (that one is to my women).

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Personally, about a 40% rate is good.  You need to learn that every woman isn’t worth talking to and wasting your time.  Be choosy!

To the women, does this apply to you?  Do you … “holla”?  The guys … where do you rank?

– Your lovable SBM