second chance

SBM: “How was your date last night?”
Lisa: “A complete waste of time!  I don’t know where I keep meeting these whack guys at!”
SBM: “What happened? Ya’ll have been talking for like 2 weeks, you said he planned a real nice evening with you, and you two had so much in common. Was he boring?”
Lisa: “Nope.”
SBM: “Was the conversation whack?”
Lisa: “Nope, we vibe well.”
SBM: “Uh … is he really a pimp and he wants you to walk that Green Mile for him?”
Lisa: *gives me the side eye* “WTF … no”.
SBM: “So what made your date soooo horrible?”
Lisa: “His shirt had a ketchup stain on it from work!”
SBM: “So … ?”
Lisa: “What type of chic do I look like? You get one chance … and you better come correct!”
SBM: “You told me he was coming from work … give dude another chance!”
Lisa: “NO! I’m zero tolerance with these negros!”

R. Kelly peed on a girl … he got a second chance.

Whitney Houston got married to Bobby Brown, started smoking crack … but she got another chance at making music.

Soulja Boy made a second album.

Kanye West got a second chance at life.

OJ is still on the streets …

Ok … so those were all horrible examples … but there is one you just can’t argue with … God.  God will take you in any type of way.  Also, if you come to him, then go and f*ck up … he will take you back and forgive you.  Jesus forgave the person who got him killed … that’s deep.

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So can someone please tell me how we have all become more demanding than the all mighty himself?

As a result of my obsession with “dating, relationships, sex … and all that good isht”, people come to me alot with the “first date” analysis.  Something I see time and time again is very little tolerance in “mistakes” when it comes to looking for a significant other.  Whether its slightly dry conversation, wearing some mis matched socks, nails that weren’t done just right, or exchanging numbers with the waiter during desert (alright … that is a dealbreaker) its becoming apparent that people aren’t willing to let the small things go.  If the person doesn’t wow, stimulate, seduce, and make you wet arouse you … they aren’t getting called back. No “let’s see how this goes” or even “they get one more chance” … instead its “I know what I want” or “there are other b*s on the corner fish in the sea”.

SBM is a proud advocate of the second chance when it comes to early stages dating (not so much later … but thats another post).  Bad convo one time doesn’t mean their conversation sucks, and an ugly outfit on time doesn’t mean they can’t dress.  It takes a lot for a first date to completely turn me off … because I understand “off days”.  Sh*t happens …

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Let me clarify though, not everyone deserves a second chance.  If you met someone online and barely talked to them, if its a blind date, or this is the girl the escort service sent you first time your holding a conversation for more than 15 minutes … feel free to get up and walk away as soon as they misuse “depreciated” in a sentence.  But lets be real … few people date like this anymore.  If you out with this person, you’ve probably shared a few phone calls, shot back a couple emails, and talked about something of substance.  If they managed to make it through the grueling preliminary rounds … then they deserve to get a pass on that ketchup stain.

I will admit … that no matter how hard the preliminaries, how good their phone and email game was, or how bad you want a man ready you are to find someone special … there are some certified dealbreakers that get no second chance.  Here are a couple I’ve developed over the years:

He/She leaves you at the spot … and you didn’t drive.

They go home with the bartender/waiter/random dude in the back.

They tell you “Life on the outside is tough.  I just got released last week and its crazy how much has changed in 15 years”.

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You realize that your first cousins half way through dinner.

She tells you “Its so hard remembering to go to the woman’s bathroom … after the surgery”.

She invited you back to her place … but lets you know that it will cost double since its a weekend.

They brought their mom along.

If things are just horrible and everything that attracted you to this person over the phone has evaporated … then burn it up and keep it moving.  But for an OK date … for a date that slightly disappointed … for a date that “could have been better” … don’t call it quits so soon.  Maybe it was the lighting in the room …

Just so its known that I’m just talking … the first date with my gf was … so so (she knows this already … so I won’t be cursed out).  It was … OK … but … eh.  I agreed to a second as per the SBM policy … and lo and behold … she was just a little shy.  Second date went great … and the rest is history.

Anyone ready to give up their elitist and judgemental ways? Anyone guilty of giving up he chance at something great over a guy in a pink shirt or a girl with a broken nail?  What other deal breakers did I miss?

– The originator, none greater … SBM