“Men lie, women lie, the numbers don’t!” – Jay-Z

We all lie. This is no secret. Especially when dealing with the opposite sex. Whether we want to protect feelings, lessen the wrath inflicted upon us from a mistake we made, or we fail to follow through on a promise, we have our reasons for these non-truths. Men and women handle lies differently. In my experiences I see that women defeat men hands down with the skill, accuracy, and perfection of their lies. While men are deliberate and careless with lies (on average), some dudes would never suspect their women was cheating, or even lying! To solidify my point, I thought over 5 reasons why women lie better than men:

Secret Agent Maneuvers – Women operate with the precision of a ninja and the cunning of a female 007. They will erase all incriminating messages, dispose of any anomalous items their cut buddy left in your bed at the crib, and will have an air tight alibi that over 5 sources can confirm and attest to in a court of law. Men do not follow these meticulous measures, and at times we are naturally sloppy and blatant with our covert moves, wondering how our wifey could decipher the code. Women cannot afford to fumble, and will move in silence and violence (c) B.I.G. to cover their tracks

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Knowledge of schedule – Women will know your schedule better than you! You may not realize, but your day-to-day routine follows a certain pattern. Women pay attention to detail and can extrapolate your course of action over a 7 day period, and calculate their moves accordingly. That’s why they’ll suspect you if/when you modify this schedule or behavioural patterns. She’ll even have contingency plans for when that board meeting lets out early or when your racquetball session goes an extra hour. Sun Tsu would blush at the tactics women impose!

Societal Double Standards – Women profit from society standards when it comes to cheating. When cheating or grimy behaviours is involved, men automatically assume the role of culprit. Women leverage this knowledge by putting you in a situation where even SUGGESTING that they would lie earns you a first class ticket to the dog house (No Michael Vick). We need twice the proof at times to show a woman’s griminess, where women can end the conversation with 6 words: “Girl, he’s a man! Nuff said!”

Assassins Determination – If a woman has to go to the trouble of cheating on you, or lying to you in general, they will make it have significance and show determination to carry out the mission to the END! To paraphrase Chris Rock: A man’s lie will be “I’ll be there in 10 minutes” when they haven’t even left the house yet. A woman’s lie is “The baby is yours, and I only slept with you since we got together” Do believe that the same energy that a woman will put into remembering special dates, working on the relationship, and looking good for their man, they will put into a lie and any type of justified revenge for you acting up!

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Help me out with the last one: Name one reason why women lie better than men. Do you think men lie more often better than women? Are these selections off base?

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