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Work Out? Sh*t. I Already Look Good!


As many of you know via my Facebook and Twitter updates, I’ve been heavy into working out over the last 6 weeks or so. I wanted to share a post I wrote a while back on my other blog dealing with a topic we don’t address enough. I’ve noticed lately that most of us commenting on blogs are quick to talk negatively about other people and characteristics we won’t accept, when a good portion of those things won’t matter in the grand scheme of life. So for today, there’s no hilarious list. I wanted to talk about the health and physical well-being of significant others. Enjoy the realness…

As I saw an older and out of shape Caucasian fellow jogging up the street very very very slowly, I started to laugh and was tempted to make a variety of jokes to be shared with friends on AIM, Gchat, and the Book. Then I realized he was doing more to take care of himself than I was…at least at that particular moment. Aside from realizing I needed to find a new gym, I got to thinking about a somewhat mature question.

At what age do people consider the way someone takes care of their health when considering a significant other?

I’m not talking about physical appearance alone. We all know people with that speedy metabolism or natural fit look that do little more than open refrigerator and fast food restaurant doors. I must admit that I’m a hater of these metabolistically (I made the word up) endowed folks even though I don’t immediately head to Sloppyville when I don’t work out. But seriously, over the course of my lifetime, there has only been one chick who ever mentioned that she liked the fact I took care of my health. Granted, she was making this assumption based on a shirtless Facebook picture that was taken immediately after a set of push ups and crunches…but still.

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To me, physical fitness/health is one of the first things I’ll notice about a woman. What she eats on the first date doesn’t count in case she tries to pull the lard wool over my eyes.If she’s naturally slim, she may get just a bit of Slim slack but I’ll be watching those plates. On the other hand, there are those who look great with all their wholesome thickness but borderline refuse to work out and eat somewhat healthy despite the fact they don’t have the super metabolism:

“I mean…I look good. I been holdin’ it together all these years without working out, so why start now?”

Sadly, someone actually said that ish to me. Immediate softness in the pants for yours truly. Chances are if I were to take a look at her momma, I’d get some type of indication of what she’d look like in 20 years. Fortunately/Unfortunately, I’m too lazy and too impatient to deal with all that. Besides, looking at shorty’s mom doesn’t necessarily tell me the story of where she’s headed with body and soul goodness or physical health. A MILF does my body me no good if she has high blood pressure, cholesterol, and diabetes—all of which plague Black and Latino folks at alarmingly high rates.

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I’ve tried to figure out why I take it so seriously at this age. Perhaps it’s because of things I’ve experienced with regard to family members and their health. Maybe it’s because I’ve played a sport(s) my whole life. Maybe it’s because I’m scared I’ll sign a contract (pronounced marriage) only to find out that I didn’t read the balloon clause that releases her of all accountability for blowing up beyond my wildest nightmares.

Regardless of my banter, I’m curious. At what point do you start to care about how the other person takes care of their health (eating habits, working out, etc.)? Do you even think about it now? Do you even take care of your own health or do you expect someone to take care of it for you?

Hoping My Heart Never Looks like the Southeast Expressway at Rush Hour,

slim jackson


  1. lol, that's where single mom's come in first. There's no wondering what we are going to look like after we have kids 😉

    A lot of it is genetics, some of it is effort. My hairdresser is a size 2, her younger sister is a size 2, both have had children, neither have a chest but both have hips and azz. Their older sister – heavyset. And before you ask – yes, all the same parents.

    I do think it is important that you recognize even thin people can have many health issues. The older you get, the more you will see. You will also learn the older you get, the harder it is to correct body imperfections. Men have it easier though.. they build muscle faster than women, and burn it off quicker. I hate ya'll, lol kidding.

  2. As I started looking for a man who can be considered husband, health became important for me. Let's face it, you don't go into a marriage wanting to take care of a person.

    Currently, I stay on my boyfriend because of how he eats…. he's always on the run so he skips meals and eats out a lot. He's a naturally slim guy but being a black man puts you at automatic risk for so many things. He's working on it though and I am going to try to help by cooking things when he comes to visit that he can take home with him.

    Right now, I've made a change for my health as well. I've been incorporating running into my past non existent workouts and I began drinking water.

    I had purchased some Hydroxycut (because I wanted some fast results) but it started making me feel weird and I ended up quitting four days before they recalled the product- so now I have to do this on my own!

  3. I'm a part time personal trainer, an athlete, and a figure competitor. Working out is part of my lifestyle so it is very important for a man to take care of himself. I'm not a health nut, but I try to maintain a balance of eating right with some indulgence. Going to the gym is right up there with taking a shower.

  4. @Nikki… You may want to include weight training to build some lean muscle. I like very heavy to maintain my feminine physique. I used to be 125 lbs and a size 6. I'm now 130 lbs (with a nice round rump) and a size 2. The more lean muscle mass the fast your metabolism.

  5. Good post! This is so important.

    I never purposely seek out men who are physically fit and take care of themselves healthwise, but I've never dated someone who didn't. I guess, subconsciously, I'm attracted to a man who takes care of his health.

    I'm naturally slim, but don't use that as an excuse to not work out or eat crazy things. However, I admit that since law school, I have fallen off of the fitness wagon. I used to run several miles a day, now I can barely run up the stairs without feeling winded. I used to eat several healthy meals a day and now I eat what I can, when I can. Not cool. As soon as exams are over next week, I'm renewing my gym membership and making a plan to change my eating habits.

    As for women who don't want to work out b/c they "already look good." I think a lot of black men encourage this as well. "Why you going to the gym? You ain't fat."

    People are under the misconception that working out is purely for aesthetic purposes and that if you work out, you must be trying to lose weight. This is dangerous for black people b/c of the health related ailments we suffer from that can either be avoided or improved by exercise and healthy eating.

  6. "@Nikki… You may want to include weight training to build some lean muscle. I like very heavy to maintain my feminine physique. I used to be 125 lbs and a size 6. I’m now 130 lbs (with a nice round rump) and a size 2. The more lean muscle mass the fast your metabolism."

    Thanks VeronicaO! I will do that and I really appreciate those tips.

  7. I cannot attest to being in the gym, because I really don't need to be in there, so i'm not. I do eat very healthy, take vitamins, and live a very active lifestyle. I had a friend who when I told her, I just don't go to the gym because I can't see the point. She said, well run a mile. And I did it and walked it off like it was nothing because i'm fit, I just do not go to the gym.

    I think Slim makes the best point, you have to watch their habits. I get very upset when women i'm dating have horrible eating habits. Especially when I say things like, "I don't really eat fried foods too much, and i'm very conscious of my sugar intake." And then she's at Popeye's with the Hi-C Fruit Punch. Yes, i'm the health nut who will point out the difference between sugar and corn syrup… (yuk).

    I do not sweat calories as much as some people do, because you can burn calories. Calories are only a serious problem if you are not burning them off. They are almost like a balanced budget. Some people with slower metabolisms take in too many calories and then do not burn them, so no beer for you. Others have a fast metabolism and burn calories in their sleep.

  8. exactly @ Nikki. That's when I started caring about it as well. And my boyfriend is the same way. Naturally thin and runs a lot. I still hate all the junk he eats. I think I've encouraged him to do better, and he is. If he could only chill on the fast food….

    I am naturally thin as well, but as a woman, it is different. I have high metabolism but it is slowing. I see my potential future in my mother who is now overweight, with HBP and diabetes. Several other people in my family have HBP and cholesterol issues as well. I'm definitely on it…..

  9. I cannot stress enough the importance of working out, cannot say enough about the benefits, of both cardio and weight training not only for your appearance but what it does for over-all well being, mental on down!!!!

    I have said time and time again more people of color need to start doing some kind of workout.I look at these flabby young brawds and soft pudgy guys and be like what are you going to look like by the time you my age-35 next month 😎

    Fitness is very important to me for myself and whomever happens to be my KING!

  10. I might not workout as much as I used to and it's been years since I've taken my body through a rigorous PT session (for my Army folks). However, I roll with Dead Prez and them and "Drink water…" and "Let my food be my medicine." I have a metabolism of a 10 year old so I can usually eat whatever I want with no guilt. I've stayed 10 pounds within my current range for years. My diet is heavy in green vegetables which is why I think I'm always energetic and "animated"

    Now…as far as an SO…they don't have to be a health nut but I appreciate women who know what nutrition is, not just filling the stomach when it's empty—big difference. My mother and stepfather (vegan)have the right idea and I'd like to do the same. A lot of the ladies I encounter either do not know how to cook or their selection in meals is questionable. The type that eat out all the time get no play in my ride either. These are usually the ones you turn a blind eye to and they go from petite to puff-a-lump in 2 seasons. Also exercise is important but I can issue a waiver if she has metabs like me, active lifestyle or just knows how to balance portions.

  11. ok, i'm not going to lie… i'm not very health conscious. I don't go to the gym, nor do I watch what I eat. fortunately, i am naturally slim, so i think i've been taking advantage of that over the years. not to mention, i stopped eating red meat, and i do a lot of walking (ex: up and down LIRR/Penn Station with a big ass suitcase every wk). however, i've noticed lately that I'm packing on the pounds in the wrong places, so i'm planning to make an effort to "tone" these areas though i'm comfortable with how much i actually weigh now.

    with that said, i'm not a huge stickler about my dude's health/physical appearence. yes, i do like a fit body, but i don't really concern myself with how he achieves that. the only time i'd say something is if he or I was uncomfortable with the way he looked, or if he shared that he was already suffering from some health issue. obviously, if my boo was overweight, i'd def encourage him to work out and/or eat better, and i would prob do the same to support him.

  12. @ Nicki – Please stay away from the hydroxycut, that stuff will kill you

    As a man of larger stature, (I am between 6ft and 6'1, between 280 and 300lbs depending on the day) I've never been attracted to big chicks. By big I mean, the big that is not genetic (face it, some chicks are big and not fat). People like to call that hypocritical or whatever, but my 300lbs plus your weight is fitting to break my bed and are you going to replace it? I tend to like little brown chicks with dancer bodies. I dont know why though. My current gf, eats decent meals its that she's just so damn erratic with when she eats them.

    In college, I played football and because of the way we worked out (read: worked like slaves), I ate whatever I wanted. It took me sometime to adjust from that lifestyle after graduation but now I am seeing the results.

    A few tips for everyone in terms of workouts and weight loss, these are some of the things that helped me lose 40lbs after being in the NFL:
    1) Spread your meals over the day. 6 small meals are better than 3 big ones.
    2) Eating out is not an excuse for eating poorly. Deli's (at least in NYC) have salad bars where you can get something for around the same price. Subway's got them $5 footlongs which arent too bad either.
    3) Cardio. Dont forget to do it and if possible try to do it on an empty stomache.
    4) Work your back and legs. These are your biggest muscle groups and thus burn the most calories.
    5) Institute cheat days (1 day a week, where you can eat whatever you want). This way you'll knock out them cravings you've had all week and overtime you'll notice that your cheat days will get healthier

  13. We all know that JG* Runs The City htto://jgrunsthecity.com

    I'm into fitness (even though after fasting and running my 5k I went on a Popeyes binge) and I actually enjoy working out. I have a new found love for running, I'm still a dancer (not erotic) and I love healthy cooking. I believe you have to get ahead of the metabolism curve. If you wait and let time take over, you have lost the battle.

    I love man who is in shape and loves fitness. However, I once dated a guy who was also a personal trainer, and he would kick my ass in the gym. And during the times he was training for a marathon, he would cook white rice and chicken EVERY NIGHT. It got to be too much. LOL

  14. @Remi

    School and work destroy fitness and nutrition. Wrote a post about the damage those 2 can do to you and the feedback is pretty unanimous. http://www.threewaystotakeit.com/sloppy/


    Holler at me (slimjackson@live.com). I'm in the process of ordering materials to become a PT. Got a couple questions for ya.


    Stop bullsh*ttin.lol. I know this guy you should go see. His name is T.R. Eadmill

  15. Lovely post, Slim. Props.

    Slim – "At what point do you start to care about how the other person takes care of their health (eating habits, working out, etc.)?"

    NOW. Now is most definitely the time. I always hate when people say "I look good. Why do I need to work out". So you can feel good, silly wabbits! Of course you may think you feel okay without it, but there is no denying how terrific you feel when you work out. And everything increases in greatness tenfold.

    Slim – "A MILF does my body me no good if she has high blood pressure, cholesterol, and diabetes…".

    All of which my Mama has absolutely ERASED due to her superb healthy habits. She joined a gym God knows how many years ago and hasn't stopped since. We have high blood pressure in our family and she had it at one point. Too the drugs and everything. One day she just stopped taking the medicine (didn't want to be dependant on it) and that ish disappeared outta nowhere. (diabetes in the fam too…of which she doesn't have either…she had gestational at one point carrying my big self, but that vanished) I mean, but I know it wasn't outta nowhere it was her fantastic eating habits (I mean she has her vices…fries…I know where I get it from) and her active lifestyle. She's definitely someone I look up to and refuse to remain stagnant just by looking at her.

    I love my shape (small waist, wider hips, big booty…kinda like a pear shape I guess), but I definitely love it more when it's toned. And like I said above, it's not all about looks, it's the way it makes me feel. It's funny how when you're feeling sluggish during the day and don't feel like working out, but when you actually get your arse up and do, you're actually more energetic afterwards, not the other way around.

    Also, great advice up there, Peyso.

  16. I think most of us start to pay attention when it happens to us. Now that I am having to "work at it", it's important to me that my man do the same.

  17. @ Slim – what am i BSing about?? i'm so serious, i need to do something to get rid of the mini gut lol. i have normal/healthy weight for my height (according to the BMI calculators), but i just need to firm up certain areas, so i can be flyer than I already am.

  18. Physical health is very important to me. I've always been an athlete, so I've always been in great shape. Post-college, though, it was very difficult to find a healthy balance between working and working out. It took months before I even found a gym worth paying for! Now that I have that balance, I can't turn back.

    As far as a SO and health goes, it's great having a partner who values health and fitness as much as and even more than I do. Fortunately, I have someone who is just as invested in my health as he is his own. He motivates me and even writes my workouts. We alternate cooking dinner so that we can both save money and not overindulge in fast-food recklessness. It truly is a great thing when you can have a support system of this sorts within a relationship. I guess one can say we have a very healthy relationship? lol

  19. It's all about Calorie intake and burning off more than you take in.

    Don't fall for the Subway $5 meals…Some of those things have more calories than a Big Mack.

    Read the ingredients and see what is going into your body. A lot of these additives are what have us fat because our bodies cannot process them properly.

  20. Excellent post SJ

    You already know that I'm a proponent of fitness. It's funny, when I talk to women about being in the gym some of them look at me as a narcissist and think that I OD. Sometimes I have to show restraint in commenting on a womans appearance or what she can do to improve, especially if she bytches about it a lot. I don't want to come off as an ass, but at the same time health is important.

    You want to make sure that your SO is around for years, and your body is a temple. We invest in busiensses, save money, and spend $$ on frivolous items. Why don't you trick on your body? You body is your biggest investment,and you should treat it as such. Women, you are the sexiest creatures on Earth. Yes some of you look great the way you are, but looks do not denote physical health. The older you get, the more those favorable pounds turn to excess. I never want to be the 40 year old dude in the gym trying to get my groove back (No Angela Bassett). So I start now at the age of 21(lies).

    Seeing my family members with cancer, Hypertension, diabetes, etc, motivate me to stay in shape, watch what I eat, and make sure that I take all precautions so I don't get those diseases. My dad passed from all of the above and more, and his side of the family is liek a roadmap for Black health issues, and I refuse to let genetics condemn me to a shortened life!

    For anyone who needs motivation to continue to work out and stick with it, I do a series called "Operation Summer Sexy" at my personal blog. I post my weight and fitness progress every Tuesday as I try to lose a few pounds, not because I'm overweight, but because I want to get in optimal physical condition.

  21. @ Slim – "School and work destroy fitness and nutrition. Wrote a post about the damage those 2 can do to you and the feedback is pretty unanimous. http://www.threewaystotakeit.com/sloppy/"

    Yeah, I did read that before and it really hit home b/c every single second of my day is occupied by something. Sometimes I forget to eat b/c I'm so busy.

    The past 2 semesters have been nuts. I take the train to my externship (which is usually nonstop busy once I get there). Then immediately go to class after that (2 of them back to back). Then meet with the client I co-represent with other 2 other students (usually takes 3 hrs), by this time it's about 8 o'clock. Go to my last class, which was Fed Income Tax and I had to be prepared b/c the prof faithfully stuck to the Socratic method and did not give you the option to "pass." Run back home, finish the work that I brought home from work or from meeting with the client, e-mail it to the attys or my teammates. Attempt to prepare for the next day's classes. Pass out. Wake up early and do it all over again the next day.

    It never ends, and it usually does not include time for exercising, or even eating at all. But I plan to change that this month bc heart disease and diabetes run in my family. I don't want to wait until I'm diagnosed with something to make changes to my eating and exercise habits.

  22. I am not skinny nor have I been described as such since puberty began almost 20 years ago(I was an EARLY bloomer) over the years weight has risen and fallen because of lifestyle issues, Depo, as well as psychological things, however I did not seriously decide to make better lifestyle choices until I really started moving in my industry, fashion. I am not sure if you all noticed but there aren't many thickems working in front or behind the camera. Thus my daily grind towards better health. I didn't not have any health requirements for a SO( though now that I'm busting my ass 5 days a week he needs to at least 3!) because generally I couldn't but I'll tell you my last two longest standing situations were with very very health conscious men, one that was a year around swim instructor & the other a health zealot, neither of which had much to say about my weight. Go figure…right?!?

  23. 23. VeronicaO
    May 5, 2009 at 12:02 pm

    @Vanessa… BMI is a useless calculation. If you can try to get someone to take your bodyfat by skinfold.

    So true! I want to do that underwater body fat test because i heard thats the most accurate. You can buy an at home skinfold tester and do it yourself too!

  24. My mother is sometimes mistaken for my sister. That itself has been enough motivation for me to stay active and in shape physically.

  25. I was once that chick that could eat anything and do nothing. Even when I stopped dancing (like JG, not erotic) I didn't put on the pounds. I went two years with no physical activity and then…. I turned 25. *Sigh*

    I have only gained a few pounds but it's noticeable. When your man is asking if you want to go to the gym with him and looks at you side eyed when you say no, something has changed. I've always loved exercising and being active but when you're a single mom with a fulltime job in grad school and other activities, there really isn't any time. And when there is, you just want to sleep. But I got a membership this past February and was doing well until a month ago when my schedule got all messed up.

    I go at least three times a week for weight training and cardio (love the burn) and dude has this routine he does at home so he's going to start working me out 🙂 so I can do it when I don't have time to go to the gym. That's what I like. I need a man to be healthy and physically active so we can motivate each other. No one wants to take care of someone when their ailment is due to the fact that they had no regard for their health. Dude is in his early thirties with cholesterol issues already, and his diet is always good. He's just inclined by genetics. But he knows this and does what he has to to keep it in control. Get in the habit of taken care of yourself now, and then you won’t have any big physical worries later on. It is a lifestyle.

  26. @Nyela Goodness

    Hubbykins must think you're the greatest.


    You need to spread the word about fitness as quickly and efficiently as possible.lol.


    Life effs up life. Contradictory isn't it?


    Interestingly enough, it sounds like work had led you toward better health and physical fitness. Stay away from those quick fix diets and stuff though.

  27. "“@Nikki… You may want to include weight training to build some lean muscle. I like very heavy to maintain my feminine physique. I used to be 125 lbs and a size 6. I’m now 130 lbs (with a nice round rump) and a size 2. The more lean muscle mass the fast your metabolism.”

    Thanks VeronicaO! I will do that and I really appreciate those tips."

    You know Sunny, I'm a little hurt that when I said this same thing to you last week, you were like "i'll just stick to my running"…but it's cool though, I see how you do me.

    I've always worked out, had a kid and worked out but was content as long as I didn't explode…but the last 2 months I have been on it hard, and 2 last weeks especially. I'm down 14lbs…and only have 5 more to go to reach my goal…and then I may extend it another 5lbs. Being 5'2 and 140 is kind of thick(size 6), but I want to be toned…if that causes me to lose a little more weight than so be it.

    But I normally only date men in really good shape, mainly because I'm a shallow B, but mostly because if you don't care about taking care of you then why would I?

    At rapidly approaching 30 health has become a major part of my life, my diet has changed SIGNIFICANTLY, but I feel 20 times better, and have 100 times more energy. And seeing as how I'm a parent of one it is ALL very necessary.

  28. Furthermore, I want to dispel the myth about Black women not working out. ALL of my friends and I do mean ALL of us workout at least 5 days/wk…and those who didn't, do now.

    I guess getting fit is the new black…I would also like to contribute some of that to the Obamas though. It definitely inspired me to see such a healthy representation of Black America front and center.

    That is all folks…headed out to the gym now(lol).

  29. @ VeronicaO and streetz – thanks for the info… i'll have to look into that. i'd be curious to find out the results.

    i'm supposed to be getting a physical next wk, so we'll see how healthy (or unhealthy) i am. either way, i'm going to aim to get to the gym as soon a i start law school (free gym in my building, holla!)

  30. Veronica O: "You may want to include weight training to build some lean muscle. I like very heavy to maintain my feminine physique. I used to be 125 lbs and a size 6. I’m now 130 lbs (with a nice round rump) and a size 2. The more lean muscle mass the fast your metabolism."

    Can I take you to the gym? I'm sick of training women and them not believing me when I tell them about the efficacy of weight training, and that they won't look like a man if they start lifting heavy.

  31. Veronica: "BMI is a useless calculation. If you can try to get someone to take your bodyfat by skinfold."

    Completely useless. According to BMI, Reggie Bush is overweight.

  32. @Hugh… My body is my greatest marketing tool at they gym. When I tell them I can squat 195 and DL 260, they are ready to follow me to the ends of the earth. LOL

    I wanted to comment on something someone said earlier. Writing from my bberry so too lazy to scroll to see who. Someone said something about blaming black men (in a nutshell). I just wanted to say that black men to the detriment to the health of black women perpetuate this ideal of black women should be "thick". I can tell you how many black women want to "tone" but are scared to lose their butt bc their SO likes it nice and round. They just want to lose their stomach and they look at me with disappointment when I tell them there is no such thing as spot reduction. I have an athletic and toned figure, but I still maintain feminine curves, but to some black men I'm not thick enough. I think as a culture we need to deal with some of our own perceptions on what is healthy.

  33. @slimjackson:

    I'm taking my time…I am willing to give it to next summer to be completely slim…and since I began in February I plan to be halfway there by my bday in October.

  34. I guess I'm what you call tall & thin or skinny. I've always been thin my whole life but I hit 30 and started working out. I've always been active in something. Skating, soft ball leagues whatever. I'm a size 4 and thanks to a lot of working out and protein I am a size 4! I used to be a 2 even after having a kid. I don't know what its like to be fat but I not trying to find out nor do I want to be in pain because I let my self hit the flo'. However, I do not ever date men who are out of shape, fat and do not exercise or play some type of sports, often. I just don't want to be bothered with some unhealthy person who'd rather sit instead of move or just will end up in poor health because they chose not to maintain their health. That's a burden I'm not taking on. I've been called shallow often enough by some friends and family because I am only into fit people like myself but thats not shallow at all to me.

  35. @VeronicaO

    Oh and don't forget some sistas don't want to get their hair sweated out SMH. I've hit the gym the same day and the next after getting the hair done. Now that's sad oh and all that thickness most of the time only looked good when those tight ass jeans they wear are on. When they come off lord some of 'em got a jiggly, cellulite, saggy mess.

  36. Man usually im hard on the women but this times its the brothers fault on this one for letting these big broads think its cool to be big. MESSAGE ITS NOT COOL TO BE FAT BLACK WOMEN BLACK MEN DONT LIKE IT ONLY BROKE MEN LIKE IT PERIOD. I had one broad tell me " I dont want to be skinny i get enough attention now" i hit her with the "chopper suit" face

  37. wish I had to read the response now, I'll respond then read later

    I just gained 10 lbs..lol

    Some say its good looking on me …okay everyone says its good looking on me

    what they dont know is I suffer from high cholesterol…

    So when I was eating right and working out, I was naturally 127 lbs…

    Being small didn't bother me that much nor does being slighly bigger than I am now *shrugs*

    but I do need to watch my health…

    Does it play a major role, no..i'm kinda shallow. Long as you aren't fanatic about it (cause I love to eat) and dont get on my nerves one way or the other, then we cool. But eating and being obese because of it I can't handle. I'm kinda shallow. So if you eat bad but stay slim, you can get it better than the obese person who eats right now but just can't lose the weight


    Health is important, hopefully we can practice some healthy habits together, but I wont stop my man from having that triple cheeseburger 🙂

  38. oh.and I hate the dudes that be all sloppy fat telling me "You dont have no ass" or "look at your pouch"

    Eff outta here…what about your third eye, your saggy chin..wtf…I truly thing guys think that women should be all in shape, and they can look like spit!!

    When I was going to the gym, and being really small, I had a guy pull up and say "what you working out for" Ignant fool…lol , plus he was ugly

  39. I think I started caring more about my health and the health of my girl would have to be once I started working after college. When you are in college its true, girls do put on the freshman 15 and such, but its not that bad. Once you start working and seeing people that have been in the corporate world for year, thats when you really see the dangers of not taking care of yourself.

    You start to notice little stuff, like the woman that is eating the snickers and taking the elevator compared with the chic thats eating the apple and taking the steps. I even look at the guys that drink like 5 cokes a day and look like they couldnt find the gym if they were dropped of in front of it. You also start to hear people talking about back problems, surgery, blood pressure, etc and that is when you start to think…Man this cant happen to me.

    So to answer your question I think people really start to care once they start working in the corporate world and see real examples of what happens if you dont take care of yourself.


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